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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  August 18, 2018 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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actually does. hollywood science fiction often depicts the soldiers of the future with all the talk of a space force from donald trump and fighting robots across the silver screen our imagination has plenty of places to go. now on the surface a new grant from the pentagon for extramural biomedical research and development doesn't sound so bad the object is to create soldiers who can withstand even the harshest circumstances take a listen develop technologies to maximize the physiological performance of s.o.f. operators including enhanced in durance enhanced senses tolerance to environmental extremes and enhanced overall fitness in order to maintain operational posture ability in high stress scenarios without noticeable augmentation and without hampering personnel mobility additionally the ability to accelerate the effects of
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sleep through methods requiring less time a vivid picture i know the prototype. three piece. now let's give this a little context this won't be the first time that the u.s. military has engaged in this kind of research.
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now at the time these grotesque experiments using american g.i.'s and civilians essentially as lab rats at the time they were taking place the public knew nothing about it it was all classified now the public documents indicate that these new experiments will not involve human beings only human simulators however anyone who is familiar with the not so well publicized but very well documented history of u.s. military research they'll certainly raise an eyebrow kaleb up and r.t. new york. russia is a hit again that's the claim in a new article in u.s. magazine the atlantic and says the kremlin has set its sights firmly on meddling in the upcoming election. the russian government has one overriding objective with the united states to weaken america so that it loses its will and ability to counter
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russian objectives the article goes on to explain russia's alleged three step plan to break american democracy. unleash the russian. second by corrupt us politicians and support those who think favorably of putin and the atlantic also claims that this channel helps to undermine democracy by inviting on guests who question mainstream narratives they name brandon strucker as an example he's the founder of a movement encouraging democrats to walk away from their party the atlantic fails to criticize other channels that also have him on as a guest. well i i myself was a lifelong liberal democratic voter i would say kind of a democrat by default because i'm a gay man and i think that the expectation for a lot of minority groups is that we are supposed to vote democrat and that we are supposed to be liberals friends strake is spent years as a liberal he now says he's concerned by what the left has become well before the
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election i was already starting to feel uncomfortable with where we were headed in terms of identity politics and p.c. culture. the political climate how lionel told us what he things was behind and he rushed off the coals like the atlantic's. nobody ever calls these people to task they're paid for by volume or how many likes to do you get how many clicks hey that was a great article factually incorrect. factually a baseless and also the mentality just feeding frenzy of this this monster dis mob this monster that you must feed constantly with us no russia no nato no bad guy no bogeyman so there's many reasons why the bookie made the straw man the specter the evil image of russia must be maintained because it fills because somebody talked about one time the power of the nightmare it was going to b.b.c.
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documentary and you need something to see here you need something and historically in this post in a cold war a red baiting this russo phobic hysteria feeds into this is well and there's an audience for it very much like you are still to come here on the program graffiti in barcelona tourists to jump from the hotel balconies into a swimming pools and explain that story just. what politicians do you suppose. they put themselves on the line they did accept it or reject. so if you want to present. some want to press. it to the right. it's likely. to get people. interested.
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chose seemed wrong. when old rules just told. me it is yet to shape out just because the ticket and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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thanks for joining us here on r.t. a graffiti has been appearing in the spanish city of basra and encouraging holiday makers to jump off their hotel balconies mockingly says that the practice known as a balcony is fun the balcony can refer either to jumping into a pool from a balcony or climbing from one balcony to another the dangerous activity is growing in popularity with tourists or some hotels have banned it and even introduced a fight. with a probe graffiti that sprung up in barcelona certainly sparking some on online anger with people pointing out that this year alone six people died for forming this
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stunt most of them from the u.k. or ireland the u.k. foreign office has warned brits against engaging in the practice and the victims were typically drunk and lost the balance and we got reaction from tourists in barcelona. thankfully i see where we need to go so i am. i ok then do so so like many messages that i finally like against this i guess the same in them like they want to have the city for them they know it's important to maintain jobs to make some money out of your word and i think if you are some kind of sex life again after so many tourists trying to yawn that it's not comfortable for and have ever since i. think that's nice and to see that it's still so much. that. for most students i guess. this is the main source of them. but not something. i
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think. if i would live here and i see guys ruining my city. hall style sometimes destroy. us network c.n.n. made a blunder while covering an opposition rally in nicaragua wrongly using a photo of a pro-government demonstration the slip up did not go unnoticed online some pointed out that a flag in the background belonged to the country's ruling party a list of the demonstrators are actually holding portraits of police officers allegedly killed by the opposition and some of those who took part in the rally also chimed in saying they were seeking justice for the victims of terrorism. regrettably this isn't the first time u.s. networks have got confused. seasick all right the russian sorry the georgian security forces have said. that the french people are going back over to the side that. concerning widespread reports of ballot stuffing and irregularities in the
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vote count in sunday's parliamentary election in his ruling united russia party lost a large. overtone into the situation in nicaragua it all began in april with demonstrations in several cities against cuts to the social security system protesters demanded the president's resignation and an early election at the same time a wave of pro-government marches demanded action against those disturbing the peace over three hundred people have died in the rest of since april. now a nicaragua based author stephen sefton told us that fact that you will blunder by the western media that's typically go unnoticed. c.n.n. of publishing that fake show two claiming that it's actually an opposition demonstration. constitutes a massive insult. to victims of the opposition and to the families of those victims they don't they don't care if they get shown to be completely without credibility because only then massoud. isn't going to take you know they make
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any correction will daily register with the mass audience at c.n.n. . ok the same with the new york times or the washington post or the guardian or the b.b.c. or any of the. western media is very very influential with me still don't continue to downright lie as if nothing has happened in western corporate media they portray everything back to front so were two words you have these kind of alice in wonderland kind of through the looking glass. coverage in the media in the western media. occupy london appears to be the latest victim of facebook's recent spree of shutting down pages of social justice movement had its page taken down for several hours at the movement says this is not the first time that facebook has try to censor its content now occupy london is
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a social justice movement founded in twenty eleven it is a part of a global movement organized hundreds of protests against financial elites. the movement says its founding values are equality and diversity now occupy london has a significant social media presence with around one hundred fifty thousand followers on facebook now some say that certain pro palestine posts by occupy london might be to blame for facebook's removal of the page riaz to facebook for a comment the social media giant has since apologized to occupy london saying it was all a big mistake by george by one of the movement's activists is not entirely convinced . if you would just you know sort of blip a mistake out of the blue it probably wouldn't mean very much at all but the problem is this is part of a massive rear guard action i think by the establishment you know anyone can go online and see the evidence this themselves chris hedges is a pulitzer prize winning journalist it's been one of those exposing most the details of this but effectively what's happened is that in the name of dealing with
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fake news and many progressive websites that have been a major part of you know bernie sanders jeremy corbin etc. they used they found the traffic going down. websites like alter net truthdig that you know mainstream progressive web sites is in a traffic jam by seventy percent literally and these algorithms devised in private nobody can inspect and have a huge impact on what information the world gets to see about what's going on and that's a hugely significant i see going forward the relevant thing today in terms of discussion is still a very powerful force online and has millions of people engaging with its posts and so it's very important that they and others like them on not in the name of fake news effectively removed from most people's internet searches and i think this is a huge issue going forward bearing in mind that google and facebook are very very close to the american establishment you know the washington post is owned by jeff bezos who was a is an answer but not surprisingly he's very keen on using the washington post to
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make sure that the internet allows his all to coves to come up at the top of such as a no on. the program for this hour here on our t.v. international the hope to see you in about twenty five minutes for a new program here on. the ways of the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. closer to home most of us that's a lot of sympathy i want to. and i want to ask us on this but if many of them look
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for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities how to best person as bank. was it what all of it at best and i guess i'm in a lot of class on that one that. they have to watch as they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all. both of you what if you could be about to be. a sense it struggles of many couples. the pushkin political spawn host of the output of up to the bulk of the. folks i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six
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percent market saw thirty percent one of your some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first check and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only. her there was never great was founded on the rape in the murder. nothing changed so we said in. response to these situations that we're dealing with. people get shot every this day she is just people kill each other blacks were
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killing children. so it was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to see and shot down law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for. this this can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to rat like this is a reason. to deny the comedy show where americans in american covering american news are first some reason called foreign agents imagine imagine this headline armed
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gunmen at airports secretly follow around peaceful americans who are not accused or suspected of any crime and who aren't listed on any terrorism watch list i think the proper response if you were to read that headline to seeing that revelation would be so i don't know i'm god not the germany shock that. one instead that headline could have been in our american newspapers this week a new t.s.a. program has been revealed called quiet skies it's existed since twenty ten and in. it federal air marshals follow ordinary american citizens collecting information about their movements and behavior where there's no like where's the line in the sand when you go oh oh we're inside one of those dystopian military state horror shows. because for me personally like when i go to a quiet place and i really think about it and i really just take
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a minute i think about it that line is is when armed gunmen are following around peaceful unaware americans who haven't been accused of crimes like that's a lot like you right over that and you and you step over and over stares topi in military say oh oh oh oh whoopsie oh no. really good here why is this guy through civically targets travelers who are not under investigation by any agency and are not on the terrorist screening database. this means you are right this is you i'm talking to you guy at home sitting there go on they own me they don't mean maybe i haven't done anything wrong here i'm talking to you that you like wipe the idea of wrong out of your head do you have any idea how many people who haven't done anything wrong or in our jails our prisons our court systems
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millions millions here is some of these suspicious activities that the documents show air marshals are looking for when observing someone subject was abnormally aware of their surroundings observing the boarding gate area from a far excessive fidgeting excessive perspiration rapid eye blinking rubbing ringing of a hand strong body odor sweaty palms using about the room a lot. using the bathroom have you seen airplane food all right we're. clear all of us using the bathroom walk even in the airport even in the airport if you want to score like a piece of fresh broccoli you have to like me the guy in a dark corner but between a brookstone and a mcdonnell's or he opens up his coat or a veil like a vegetable of some so origin. then once you agree on a price he puts it inside
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a toblerone box just so the world just the world doesn't find out that there's a black market leafy greens loose in the airport. to tobler over to the choc'late no one once in less it's duty for a year. and then it's worth its weight in gold. and excess in fidgeting they literally sell devices at airport kiosks just for fishing. i could therefore. even see airborne. no this is utter horse in late may an air marshal complained to colleagues about having just surveilled a working southwest airlines flight attendant as part of a quiet skies mission subject wearing too much make up she's clearly hiding something all right so subject passing out cans of liquid to passengers could be toxic fluid all right subjects' stayed on flight for multiple trips from back and
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forth from chicago to new york and i thought suspicious i don't know what is subject seems too concerned about whether people's feet are in feet or in the aisles so you know one could say it borders on obsessive compulsive tendency to take her down to go down. these with hundreds who trained how to shoot things in a plane like this this is a real image of the trip i mean completely unrealistic this is the fraud that the mannequin would be coralie's grave guy got who are feet by step down. and secondly you look at that leg room are you kidding ok. well you know this. is that seat reserved for the queen of england mother because. i mean the u.k. to get your gun out when your knees against your chats and off. anyway these
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douchebags also find it suspicious when his target has a cold penetrating stay there or wide open staring on this why the open staring eyes that's interesting because a few weeks ago and i'm not making this up i happen to be on a flight with congressman adam schiff. now is that guy's not a terrorist i don't know what one is. but don't worry don't worry though nancy pelosi has her eye on it all right she is monitoring the situation. something else these gunmen are looking for is a telltale sign that you're getting ready to blow up fellow human beings exaggerated emotions and exaggerated emotions though i'm sure our mass media hacks and con artists have something to say about that babies and other young children. we are.
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living in the one nine hundred thirty s. all over again. folks in a very dramatic development. we're. i did a lot of do the lie. to tell mother could. go viral. but i will say this c.n.n. and the other networks did cover this story about quiet skies they did not fail to reveal this insane invasion of privacy during the quick march toward a totalitarian state take a look there's absolutely no intention to surveil ordinary americans instead its purpose is to ensure passengers and flight crew are protected during air travel no
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different than putting a police officer on a beat where intelligence and information presents a need for increased watch and deterrent no different than putting a police officer on a beat yeah yeah it is cobb's don't follow random people around who aren't suspected of a crime and see if they're blinking all right. i'm not saying no cop has ever beaten someone for going into my store for using the bathroom too much but they're not tasked with taking notes about bathroom habits d.s.t.v. difference i mean it's tough to overstate this are two men who literally follow us around to make sure we behave ourselves. it sure is a free country and this is at the airport i'm free to use the bathroom no more than once. i've read to have body odor if it's the appropriate amount i'm free to be aware of my surroundings to
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a certain extent. i believe it was founding father patrick henry who said give me liberty within reason. at. the words of washington university law professor john turley had this to say there may be indeed constitutional issues here depending on how restrictive or intrusive these measures are intrusive alright we we've got not so bright guys with guns ready to fire at a moment's notice because i happen to look a bit fidgety yeah maybe i am fidgety alright because maybe i'm going on two hours of sleep and maybe i've already had three cocktails and maybe i was just at airport security all right. so. the guy i got in the exchanges aims with me i mean i don't care if the mother is an intrusive i
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don't want him following me well despite all my anger about this you may feel differently once you hear how impressively effective the program has been requested by congress to twenty seventeen report noted that the agency which spent eight hundred million dollars and twenty fifteen has no information on its effectiveness in deterring attacks wow. who can't argue with those got a result there oh only eight hundred million dollars for a veritable telling of no information i think we could all agree that's a bargain. according to the government's own department of justice standards there is no cause to be can. doctoring these secret missions well at the conclusion of that c.n.n. segment that i just showed after bring it on the former inspector general for the department of transportation who seemed downright excited about the whole thing i'm sure the c.n.n. anchor will point out this is
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a horrific abuse of law enforcement it makes a mockery of our freedom and it puts us firmly in the category of military surveillance state take us home so you know i will say that any time anyone talks about rapid eye rapid blinking arrival and i feel if i find myself blinking quite a bit more it's just lovely in response mary thank you so much i appreciate it if. i'm having a problem loving response right now blinking segments like this which is pretty that's i mean pretty similar to all the mainstream coverage of this new revelation this week or more insidious than they seem it appears as if they're asking the right questions is this an invasion of privacy why weren't we told about this sooner but by acting like this is just a little thing to be discussed it makes average americans believe it's no big deal it's the same as discussing if you want on your pizza all right. kind of like
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the other person not really a fan. this is the mushrooms all right. these are the telltale signs of a fascist surveillance state and the only thing. and the only thing i hate more than a march on pizza ok to sum it up as edward snowden says that these programs were never about terrorism they're about economic spying social control and diplomatic manipulation they're about power how do you want to be. a welcome welcome i'm going to candela take the news from behind lead start with
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good news palestinian protest i head to mimi was finally released after eight months. she was locked up at the age of sixteen for the crime of having a viral video basically she slapped an israeli soldier after the i.d.f. had shot her fifteen year old cousin in the head nearly killing him and apparently the israeli military were jealous of how many heart of logies her video was getting so they arrested her and her mother always good to throw the mother in you know just just in case so i'm pretty sure the israeli military were sitting there at their laptop slug i don't get it sushi didn't even have that many followers i spend all day on the twitter and the book face and i'm interacting and i'm like. i do a mix of politics with poppy dog videos to tell.


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