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well maybe while still remaining on syria but going to focus on some kind of imminent war on iran especially as we know john bolton is no national security advisor go chill go is a golden bowl and this this and mike pompei of who is the secretary of state. it's hard to know who amongst them is the most extreme. but iran has been a major target much more so than syria much more so than iraq because iran was one of the pillows of western power american power in the middle east and when most a deck the democratically elected leader of iran was overthrown in in the nineteen fifties by britain and the united states and the shah was in store that was when the pillar was reinforced but the pillar collapsed in one nine
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hundred seventy nine with the revolution in iran and that has never been forgiven getting or wrong the major ambition of the above and that's why we're coming into a very dangerous period when trump mosse ratify the agreement that a bomb assigned. with iran along with. the e.u. under which iran committed to its self as it frankly always had committed itself to a peaceful nuclear program in return sanctions would drop and so on we have dangers you know the dangers that the presented to us that is so unnecessary why why are we. why we threatening countries like iran which hasn't invaded anyone for about four hundred years but don't threaten us
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why is anachronism like israel allowed to have it seem punitive. why do we why do we believe these why do as you describe why do we journalists write down what governments tell us why don't they question them don't they it's just a few years ago but exactly that was as terrible mistakes happened in two thousand and two two thousand and three that led to the disaster of the invasion of iraq over iraq what why is this being repeated these are questions that demand to be on so that not just by journalists but by the public in democrats particularly in countries that rick still regard themselves as democratic
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challenger and step be that well from john bill joffe to the break. heather's financial survival guide i don't buy a i prize common features. of the friday as the last of my eggs from the future fresh out watch kaiser. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be to limit the penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict just found innocent the idea that we more executing innocent people is terrifying there's just
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no way to parent and that we here even many victims' families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want to that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. welcome back i'm still here with legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger john did you ever expect to see what looked like did told in korea no i didn't expect. although a short of expect with the koreans them so. if we've been following him and we don't follow him we follow the big power is that. impose that them so particularly that odd spades on that country it's
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a very popular move by the president of south korea it's i would i would have thought is clearly a popular move in north korea the koreans korea is one of the most homogeneous societies in the world i mean you can you can find very few countries so it's almost like france related it's one big family the idea of them divided. is absurd they recognise that but what this demonstrates is that a regional solution is is possible not only possible it's probably the only way to all these two worlds so-called flashpoints and problems there's a credit is being given to donald trump's administration of what he's if you want
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to give him the nobel peace prize why not give in to a few of those below the incoming one journey details that massive military expansion in that area yet it's always you know everyone is celebrating because the share price is old boeing raytheon locate and others have gone down how can these regional peace deals be done in the face of all of that military industrial complex pile if this deal is being it on and i think both koreas have to be very careful of not walking into a trap as well the trap could be that north korea is to psalm to completely and north korea knows that by having. you clear weapons that's prevented it from being another iraq canal the libya from big attacked i don't think there's any question about it so while it's desirable look north
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korea is dissolved of nuclear weapons and and all of korea is denuclearized it also has to be the american law is the two in fact the the formula is rather more important than the latter how that happens is going to be a very tricky part of the negotiations coming up because korea as far as the united states can is concerned is is really a front line on a number of countries but especially if front line on china it would is russia and china borders russia and china are of course but it has its sad so cold anti missile system if you just said to be pointing at the north no one believes it's pointing at china so these are very precarious days ahead but i think they quite
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hopeful days and i'm sure if you still have friends in the national security apparatus of the united states but do you think there are people in there taking a rather dim view very david i will oppose this as you point out all the arms companies will oppose this although the japanese have said publicly they supported but and no doubt the chaps these people supported no question about that but whether the united states stays in korea. literally leaves. it's a crucial fact to hear that surely there really is the end of the korean war surely there are interests and we should remind people who don't because it's seldom mentioned the other goes britain was involved in the killing of twenty percent of the population of korea how far would the united states go in trying to remain there if peace breaks i don't know but for them it may well get out of
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control this will become so popular if it isn't already in korea that. they my eye might find great difficulty with the local population and even the local political elite south korea you know does this sort of hybrid it's a it's a vassal state of the united states but it's also bred people like the the the present president and people like kim jong and all those who. who saw i did tone with the north as their prime political purpose not as a servant of the united states perhaps that's a clash that we've yet to see. happen and perhaps that's coming but the process has started that's that's the important thing and regional processes like
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this have a high success rate. they have a high success rate in in. i remember in uganda when the african states following the the the whole devastation of video mean and you guys and that was a regional solution they were left they were left alone. in latin america when countries very rarely have been left alone by the united states. they've had regional groups that have banded together in economic formations and if you like protected each other maybe that's why they hated to go chavez so much because he promoted that he promoted that regional solution
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to two to a region so perhaps we're seeing the beginning of something like that of course if you go to the middle east they would be a regional solution. if they wasn't the united states supporting one state and its impunity and its priority in its occupation of part of it if there was goodwill in the united states to make that a regional solution then to be very difficult there there are a many different competing tribal forces but those tribal forces of mostly been. reignited. by the the the imperial palace as resort in libya and in two thousand and
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eleven so again i suppose i'm saying that although it's probably it's a remote at the moment in the middle east but to see glimmers of it in korea is hopeful well if trump has enemies of a career because he may what the big grand gesture he now has the curious enemy of the d.n.c. that is suing him russia is the us democratic party i think this is serious because i had to recheck it he is suing donald trump russia and julian assange and mickey mouse it's it's it's just of so absurd. i'm as the ruler inquiry progresses you know as if the goal is a road in that within the road to stop response say the house intelligence committee have ruled out have found off the months of you looking into a conspiracy between trump and the russians it was the probably the
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clinton cables the hillary clinton cables particularly the protests the ones the protests the ones that showed that hillary clinton the absolute embodiment of the democratic of stab a shrine. that her foundation that she knew rather she knew that the the the force of the saudi arabia qatar were backing isis they were backing these extreme to harvest movements and he had she she and her foundation benefit. from huge donations into into the clinton foundation and she did and went on the secretary of state to so-called negotiate the biggest alms deal that america's of unknown with those states so
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that's the that's important information that tells us how power works that's upset them in russia of course fighting isis and al-qaeda in syria but does that mean then that basically julia is in his weekly leaks organization can never be forgiven by that is bush will never be forgiven not be we were talking earlier about good journalists and the forgive them that's why they're good journalists that's part of being a good journalist but such a sound has suffered so much for being for wiki leaks big so good. if you being in touch with it yes into you directly at the bulb and i haven't i've been in touch because he's denied visitors. that he can't make phone calls he's got no internet it's the pressure a pressure of zone him and every bit of his extraordinary
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resilience is now being called upon its it's one of those miscarriages of justice to malda to. grotesque injustices but that it should manifest right in the heart of london is that the scrapes saw isn't even allowed to go to a hospital and come back because they won't let him back. he has the right to safe passage out of that embassy he has a justified fear. of the united states extraditing him and putting him on the kind of hellhole that chelsea manning into would. probably throw away the key with julian assange. he's done that too well and so if these leaks the leak the
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leak actually i mean we can leaks doesn't know where the leak came from but the leak almost certainly came from within the democratic national committee the same body that is now conducting this ridiculous action against against wiki leaks and the rest you might as well the same thing would be directed against the new york times or the washington post were to publish the pentagon papers back in those days when they did real journalism if anyone needs the support of democrats of journalists of those who believe in basic freedoms freedom of speech freedom of knowledge freedom to know freedom of real journalism it's him. thank you.
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that's it for one of your favorite shows from this season will continue to show your favorite episodes and away back from season one is if there's a time until they come to us but social media is easy. me me me me me me me me that's a very rough for her i knew so it's rough climates and you have to win fights to be able to the flag. it was gunshots on top of them and so many friends they would have been going to make an announcement and you know not. don't think anything will back up for me you know i don't want to see it but a body in the true and is ready to participate in the good is both to me good to me
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that. you don't think about this leave this soldier on don't you just do it feel like here and you know i do and other patients. to be giving him he said a. couple enough and facing. him in the. hospital he reviewed the script so for me talking to the school. i know i'm going to get a laugh out loud get it go out on the list and get it started. and then a lot of it i think about tom and i scared but i'm going to look at him as i can
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but i was up the money into the magazine but i mean you. know give me a long long i left my money on. this age so you'll be the school there when you go places so this is a long. long way from what should be made by. other people more gulf on whose life was on the growth of drugs. how much. food is good. good.
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good. good nice. stories right here on. the rebuilding of war syria is on the way and on the program we visit one of the worst cities to witness the reconstruction. money later today with syria. both. oh my god i love. you palestinians killed during a protest on the gaza strip by demonstrators attempted to break through the border fence with.
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just moments now after midday on this saturday august eighteenth welcome to the program here on international. the syrian army reestablishing control of the country a new war is being fought against the destruction that was wreaked by militants and terrorists the rebuilding of key infrastructure is now underway so we traveled to syria to witness the recovery efforts first time. much of the city of aleppo still ruins reviving it to its former glory is a task of gargantuan proportions and of immense political and economic importance the citadel of aleppo has become the symbol of the city's resistance.
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but aleppo is much more than just a maze of antique streets and attractions from history books. the militants have stolen computer units with chips for the machines they destroyed the factory on purpose they wanted to syrian industry as a home and specifically in the street in aleppo reviving this that. was. one rebel told this area they beat and basically very. hungry. yeah. but now that the former
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industrial hub is slowly getting back on track things are finally looking up for the people of aleppo. two years ago during the war we couldn't even open our shops the shelling snipers were everywhere you couldn't live under such circumstances we cover the roof of the building back then so that we could take cover it was unbearable we took shelter for about half an hour whenever the shelling started we just locked ourselves in here thank god now we can work peacefully day and night we just hang around. just like the good old days the under joe a little the atmosphere is really good around here the weather is nice everybody is feeling safe and it's only getting better you can see getting better day by day lanham up let them be i was lucky enough not to leave my home the wind this is the district the rebels couldn't get to at the time there was a blockade once but it was firmly lifted now saying god things are better despite all those things we've been through we're no better than one of them when you know
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it's safe you can return home if your house lies in ruins you can still fix it the main thing is it's safe now. historically the city of aleppo has been the economic capital of syria and now with the war drawn finally some traders are coming back to the streets. of reporting from aleppo in syria. meanwhile the u.s. state department says it will redirect american stabilization of funding planned for syria to other foreign policy efforts washington says that this will not affect its humanitarian assistance program i mean while the saudi arabia has pledged to contribute one hundred million dollars to syrian reconstruction efforts however that money will only go up to the northeast of syria that's a region under the control of u.s. backed kurdish forces and while some programs are cut others are still remain in place the u.s. saying it will stay in syria for some time yet to battle terrorists we're remaining
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in syria the focus is the ensuring defeat of isis we still have not launched the final phase two defeats the physical caliphate this is actually being prepared now and that will come at a time for choosing but it is coming joshua landis head of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma so there are multiple competing interests in syria. the united states does not want assad to become too strong there are hoping to keep leverage in order to try to push iran out of the country to get a better deal for the kurds and and of course they're also worried about what's going to happen if they're province where there are very complex negotiations and and russia is at the heart of them so there are many competing agendas in washington and as long as president trump is not spending a lot of money there i think he's happy to keep a few thousand troops if that increases america's leverage the united states does
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not want to spend a lot of money and that's quite clear and many people have been complaining bitterly about deaths typically in iraq and other areas that have been quite badly destroyed they've been pressuring a saudi arabia which just said it would spend another hundred million in syria stabilization they've been pushing france and and european countries to try to get them to spend more money rather than washington this has been one of president trump's constant refrain is that others have to pay for this process. of my putin is traveling to germany today to meet and polemical the two leaders will discuss a number of pressing issues and i know holkins reports from bond that. this is the second meeting between chancellor merkel and president putin in a matter of months the last one being a visit by the chancellor to the city of sochi back in may her message has been very clear this is a working visit don't expect any concrete results the media though have already
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been speculating as to what can be gained from these talks can progress be made on key issues on who can come out on top now while remaining realistic merkel has emphasized the importance of having a relationship with russia and having functional dialogue and communication syria will be one of the key topics where this will be important as the scale of the conflict simmers down differences between leaders very much remain and mrs merkel views this as an opportunity to find some common ground he says with what's going on and a meeting on syria between germany france russia and turkey kidneys feel that it needs to be well prepared there's the reason why there is no date for it yet we are working on him prepared three meeting a very dreiser's and afterwards who will decide whether such a meeting makes sense all the tudors have previously clashed on multiple occasions mrs merkel has been one of president putin's fiercest critics in this but that though in recent times the two leaders have been pushed closer together into
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a political marriage of convenience both have been affected by american economic tariffs russia has been hit by u.s. sanctions with more to come on the back of the novel shock scandal and merkel has been criticized by trump as being a russian captive because of gas supplies the latter will be a key topic with the north stream two pipeline project pushing ahead despite both criticism and controversy at last the ukraine which has been a saw a thorn in the side of russian german relations since twenty fourteen will also be discussed the implementation of the minsk accords and peacekeeping operations as well as leaders of the u.k. u.s. and france have come and gone chancellor merkel has remained a stalwart. she will take this opportunity to reinforce our position as a european leader mr putin will take this opportunity to take steps towards ending russia's isolation through those economic sanctions and despite their major differences of course they do have common ground on leave iran nuclear deal on
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bilateral economic issues as well and through. russia and mr putin's knowledge of germany they have always maintained at least the relationship. while we don't know each other well enough but i'm amazed by her ability to live through. this because it is known in the russian president likes to drink the german beer and sometimes there is a possibility that we can make exchanges toast i've also gotten very good smoked fish. angular from time to time since
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a couple of bottles over the. germany years not only stop off on saturday before he gets there he's paying a social visit attending the wedding of austrian foreign minister. and businessman of all. the ceremony taking place at a venue in austria styria region and guessing where the protein will offer a dance to the bride or what present he might have for the couple others the foreign minister for daring to invite him. the u.s. department of defense plans to spend up to fifteen million dollars on enhancing the physical and insurance performance of soldiers but as.


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