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for my civil liberties and the rule of law in order to rid the country of a president who they think is to serving the interests of america and as a civil libertarian yourself have you lost some friendships over this and are you a little embarrassed when trump quotes you. well i have lost friendships over it i would put it differently i've learned who my real friends are and i've learned to the phony friends are many people misunderstand my position they don't know that if hillary clinton been elected president they were going after i'd be saying the same thank you making the same arguments and they would have built a statue to me on martha's vineyard because what i'm saying helps trump people have refused to associate with me they told others not to associate with me. they have tried to shun me in every possible way but i have a thick skin and it's affected my wife she's lost some friends which is ridiculous why should my wife lose friends she doesn't even agree necessarily with what i'm doing but the emotions of own people feel so strongly about this that they're
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prepared to give up friendships over differences in interpretation of the constitution that's all this is about difference isn't interpreted in a lot alan you didn't have to speak out you don't have the right that both i did why do you want why did you choose to i didn't choose to i had to i'm a civil libertarian and my position is i have to always pass the shoe on the other debts about what i've written it merely when i have to write it for donald trump i can't apply a deferent a separate standard i wouldn't have written it if the a.c.l.u. were involved in defending the rights of donald trump but they've chosen sides and they're on the other side completely i wouldn't be doing it if other civil libertarians or criminal defense lawyers i'm the only man standing i'm the only guy who's making this trip an anti trump pro civil liberties position and i have to keep making it i think i owe it to myself i owe it to people who want to hear what the constitution says and i don't think i can remain silent to be silent would be
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hypocritical to make my what do you make of the man a four decision trump said he theo's very sorry for well managed for would not have been investigated probably not prosecuted if he had not been close to truck don't believe me on that listen to judge ellis the presiding judge of the case he said. that special counsel wasn't interested in metaphor is crimes they were just interested in squeezing him and getting him convicted so that maybe he will either saying or composer composing means obviously elaborating embellishing on stories prosecutors don't want witnesses to embellish but witnesses often do because they know the better the story the bit. do you think the president will pardon them it's possible he certainly has talked the talk apartment him he said he's a decent guy is a good person that he worked for reagan and he worked for this and that so it's certainly possible he's not going to parton cohen that's for sure he's declared war on cone conus declared war on him with conan trump it's
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a zero sum game and they're going to fight to the end. ok are you as a citizen how concerned are you about russian interference with american elections very concerned and that's why i call on day one for a nonpartisan expert commission like the nine eleven commission to look into the whole issue of russian interference with american elections it would've been much better it would be transparent there wouldn't be political there wouldn't be targets on people's back but this time we have a report we know what russia was doing and we could stop them from interfering in the three thousand and eighteen elections having a special council did not serve that purpose so i care deeply about russia collusion i think russia did pollute our metro with whom they clearly want the truck to be president they didn't want to be the president they're continuing to collude they're now going after you know republican think tanks that are anti trump and russia is the villain here and we should have
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a commission to probe that the one good thing about the motor investigation is that they've indicted twelve people will never bring them to trial they're not coming to disneyland any time soon to be served rested so i think it's going to be a pyrrhic victory but nonetheless it's true that russia did try to fear with our election the coup didn't somebody but the question is with whom inclusion of course is not a crime it needs to be an act that violates the criminal law and the only time collusion is mentioned in the criminal law is when for example football teams collude in order to raise prices or violate and i was there competitors why do you think what do you make of the white house counsel mcgann spending thirty hours with more well i think in the end it probably backfired on the white house i think the white house in good faith thought that if they allowed mcgann to provide the information that would help bring lee investigation to close but it's going on and
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on and i think now the current team probably is but sorry i'm just. that they allowed him to testify or or sit down at length because you know even though he says that trump did nothing wrong he can fill in blanks he can help put together the jigsaw puzzle that the special counsel is trying to put together so in the end i'm not sure if it will help trump or hurt trump but it's not something as a criminal lawyer in retrospect that i would not what do you make of rudy giuliani saying truth isn't truth but what he meant is so clear what he meant if a person testifies truthfully or speaks to the prosecution and says truthfully i didn't know about the meeting at the trump tower i didn't tell call me to go easy on flan i didn't say we're against as i said but if he's then contradicted by other witnesses even if he's telling the truth he can fall into a predicate perjury trap so what he was saying is the truth is always determined by
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prosecutors who can decide which truth to believe of course in science there is a true sceptic or vision but there is a truth but in a criminal justice system it's often the prosecutor and ultimately the jury and the judge who decide which truth to believe when you have to think. so you're saying. he's right but he put it very in artfully i would have put it where he put it i think if he had explained it more carefully that even if you tell the truth you can end up being charged with perjury if somebody else tells a different truth that the prosecutor believes that's the way i would put it allan thank you so much the book is the case against the v.g. trump the guess is the felix frankfurter the professor of law america is that harvard law school thank you so much alan those old goat oh it's a pleasure thank you be well stay right there we'll have more politicking right after the break.
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aeroflot russian airlines. in a world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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aeroflot russian and lights. let's see.
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going back to politicking with the metaphor of conviction in the michael cohen pleading guilty to charges related to money he spent on behalf of trump during the twenty six dean campaign many democratic lawmakers are calling for a delay in this supreme court nomination hearings of brett kavanaugh which is scheduled to begin september fourth there are calls however being inorganic the role of republicans let's talk about that and more with david jolley former republican representative from florida. what do you make of the democrats calling to hold to the supreme court hearing for kavanaugh until all is blows over. well look strategically larry it is the best argument they've got and they're tool box right now to suggest that this is a president who might be facing some type of legal culpability or liability the recent plea deal by michael cohen might touch on donald trump i think that could be
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assumed at this point so if you're a democrat opposed to the nomination of kavanagh this is your best argument to the american people to delay it at the end of the day though the votes simply aren't there republicans control the senate and if they stand as a bloc in favor of kavanagh he likely will be confirmed and all this is in the shadow of the merrick garland delay orchestrated by mitch mcconnell i mean you really are seeing a power play by republican senators to control the court right now put on your lawyer had some legal experts suggest that michael cohen's plea deal makes the president an unindicted coconspirator. i would agree with those who say that and very importantly about the michael cohen deal is this is happening in the southern district of new york this is not happening happening now as part of the bob miller investigation so even if the mole investigation were to be shuttered even if trump
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were to try to intervene in the investigation the southern district of new york case against michael cohen continues and what was most damning yesterday was that michael cohen confirmed that he made these payments to stormy daniels and to others with the knowledge of donald trump's involvement at the direction of donald trump and frankly donald trump has come out since the plea deal and said yes he reimbursed michael cohen with personal funds why that matters is cohen and prosecutors and a federal judge all agreed this week that a crime had been committed and donald trump has now suggested he was part of that crime so the idea that he is today an unindicted coconspirator i think is a is an accurate description of the president and states you tweeted that trump is done. how do you mean i believe yes. i believe he is i think the validity of his presidency from here on out will always remain in question but i i
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actually think we may be seeing a bit of the unraveling of this presidency and what i mean by that is it will be hard for donald trump to escape culpability coming out of the cohen case at the same time under the moeller investigation this week we saw the man afford conviction which though not directly touching donald trump the actual conviction we know that manna for male timidly end up cooperating if he's offered the opportunity to do so by miller very importantly this week larry very importantly bob muller's team asked for a delay in sentencing for michael flynn which means michael flynn is continuing to cooperate with bob mueller as well what we. no has happened up to this point is the president and states has engaged in behavior that meets the threshold of impeachment that was used for bill clinton had a likelihood of a republican congress actually abiding by that threshold is slim but we could see the house flip in november and all bets are off. david your republican.
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colleagues former colleagues more and more of them standing up to trump. so they are clinging to power and they have a decision right now to make whether or not to continue to insulate donald trump or not you know there are a lot of questions even today whether or not impeachment charges a bill against bill clinton went too far or not there are arguments on both sides but what you did see is the democrats on the hill surround bill clinton and stand by him even suggest that trying to impeach bill clinton was undermining the election that the american people voiced their choice for for bill clinton republicans up to now have suggested they're standing with donald trump as this continues to unravel they're going to have a decision to make whether they go down with him or not i think everything we've seen to date suggests that republicans on capitol hill are going to stick with this president i think it's going to end poorly for both the president and his party
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from one said against him in the middle of the if they have a new and shoot somebody in any of his base is that still hold. i think it does he wouldn't lose his base but what he has miscalculated is it would be a crime and under the criminal code he is subject to a court system not to the political system if this president has committed a crime even even if indictment has to be deferred till he leaves office the reality is the wheels of justice may grind slowly but they they do grind exceedingly fine and they will catch up with this president politically he holds to his base of about thirty five percent i think november will be a litmus test on whether or not independents remain supportive of this president i anticipate if you were to look at the numbers right now republicans are going to have a very bad november and it is soley because of donald trump's identity and his imprint on the party today heard in iowa first degree murder charges filed against a twenty four year old undocumented immigrant for alleged killing molly to bits.
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will lose in will lose even providing of a lightning rod for trying to deflect. look trump and the republicans broadly going in november really can only talk about border security and build the wall it is a base argument that seems to always work they can't talk about obamacare repeal they can't talk about a tax bill that's becoming increasingly unpopular so they will talk about about border security and they will play up people's fears and the story line out of ohio is a perfect example the individual who murdered this young woman frankly his nationality the status of his immigration was not a factor in his decision to brutally murder this woman he is a cold hearted more.


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