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levy was right but he put it very in artfully i would have put it he put it i think if he had explained it more carefully that even if you tell the truth you could end up being charged with perjury if somebody else tells a different truth that the prosecutor believes that's the way i would put it allan thank you so much the book is the case against him teaching trump the guess is the felix frankfurter professor of law emeritus at harvard law school thank you so much alan is zero zero zero zero it's a pleasure thank you v well stay right there we'll have more politicking right after the break.
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aeroflot russian airlines. in a world of big partisan locks and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth and the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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their reforms russia and lines. the future are laws that say the collapse gap when the soviet union collapsed because of the us meddling in boris yeltsin and all that's going on they had this skyrocketing alcoholism and so shoulder toss trophy and here in the us because you have this enormous financial and reengineering to take all the money being printed and put in the pockets of a few folks and leave the vast majority in a state of zombification this is the collapse gap he was talking about the u.s. and the soviet union both collapse in the one thousand nine hundred ninety period it just took a stake in the us as he describes it you know longer to realize that collapse.
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going back to politicking with the metaphor of conviction in the michael cohen pleading guilty to charges related to money he spent on behalf of trump during the twenty sixteen campaign many democratic lawmakers are calling for a delay in this court nomination hearings of brett kavanaugh which is scheduled to begin september fourth there are calls however being ignored. the role of republicans let's talk about that and more with david jolly former republican representative from florida. what do you make of the democrats calling to hold to the supreme court hearing for kavanaugh until all is blows over. well look
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strategically larry it is the best argument they've got and they're tool box right now to suggest that this is a president who might be facing some type of legal culpability or liability the recent plea deal by michael cohen might touch on donald trump i think that could be assumed at this point so if you're a democrat opposed to the nomination of kavanagh this is your best argument to the american people to delay it at the end of the day though the votes simply aren't there republicans control the senate and if they stand as a bloc in favor of kavanagh he likely will be confirmed and all this is in the shadow of the merrick garland delay orchestrated by mitch mcconnell i mean you really are seeing a power play by republican senators to control the court right now put on your lawyer had some legal experts suggest that michael cohen's plea deal makes the president an unindicted coconspirator. i would agree with those who say that and
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very importantly about the michael cohen deal is this is happening in the southern district of new york this is not happening happening now as part of the bob miller investigation so even if the mole investigation were to be shuttered even if trump were to try to intervene in the investigation the southern district of new york case against michael cohen continues and what was most damning yesterday was that michael cohen confirmed that he made these payments to stormy daniels and to others with the knowledge of donald trump's involvement at the direction of donald trump and frankly donald trump has come out since the plea deal and said yes he reimbursed michael cohen with personal funds why that matters is cohen and prosecutors and a federal judge all agreed this week that a crime had been committed and donald trump has now suggested he was part of that crime so the idea that he is today an unindicted coconspirator i think is
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a is an accurate description of the president and states you tweeted that trump is done. how do you mean i believe yes. i believe he is i think the validity of his presidency from here on out will always remain in question but i i actually think we may be seeing a bit of the unraveling of this presidency and what i mean by that is it will be hard for donald trump to escape culpability coming out of the cohen case at the same time under the moeller investigation this week we saw the man afford conviction which though not directly touching donald trump the actual conviction we know that manna for male timidly end up cooperating if he's offered the opportunity to do so by miller very importantly this week larry very importantly bob muller's team asked for a delay in sentencing for michael flynn which means michael flynn is continuing to cooperate with bob mueller as well what we know has happened up to this point is
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the president in states has engaged in behavior that meets the threshold of impeachment that was used for bill clinton now the likelihood of a republican congress actually abiding by that threshold is slim but we can see the house flip in november and all bets are off. david you're a republican why aren't your colleagues former colleagues more or more of them standing up. to trump. so they are clinging to power and they have a decision right now to make whether or not to continue to insulate donald trump or not you know there are a lot of questions even today whether or not impeachment charges a bill against bill clinton went too far or not there are arguments on both sides but what you did see is the democrats on the hill surround bill clinton and stand by him even suggest that trying to impeach bill clinton was undermining the election that the american people voiced their choice for for bill clinton
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republicans up to now have suggested they're standing with donald trump as this continues to unravel they're going to have a decision to make whether they go down with him or not i think everything we've seen to date suggests that republicans on capitol hill are going to stick with this president i think it's going to end poorly for both the president and his party from one said against him in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any of his base is that still hold. i think it does he wouldn't lose his base but what he has miscalculated is it would be a crime and under the criminal code he is subject to a court system not to the political system if this president has committed a crime even even if indictment has to be deferred till he leaves office the reality is the wheels of justice may grind slowly but they they do grind exceedingly fine and they will catch up with this president politically he holds to his base of about thirty five percent i think november will be a litmus test on whether or not independents remain supportive of this president i
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anticipate if you were to look at the numbers right now republicans are going to have a very bad november and it is soley because of donald trump's identity and his imprint on the party today heard in iowa first degree murder charges filed against a twenty four year old undocumented immigrant alleged killing molly. will lose in will lose even providing of the lightning rod for trying to deflect. look trump and the republicans broadly go in the november really can only talk about border security and build the wall it is a base argument that seems to always work they can't talk about obamacare repeal they can't talk about a tax bill that's becoming increasingly unpopular so they will talk about about border security and they will play up people's fears and the story line out of ohio is a perfect example the individual who murdered this young woman frankly his nationality
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the status of his immigration was not a factor in his decision to brutally murder this woman he is a cold hearted murderer who should be held accountable for that regardless of his immigration status the reality is there are more u.s. citizens committing murders than there are those who are here without proper documentation but the president and his party will choose to focus not on the murder itself but on his his immigration status as a way to scare the american people. david as always thanks for your time today good to be with you thank you larry in july of this year brett kavanaugh was nominated by donald trump to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy there has been a push by democratic lawmakers of many progressive groups to block kavanagh's confirmation with many stating that his placement on the high court would put a woman's right to choose in jeopardy one such group operates under the banner rise
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up for oh they're planning a series of marches at events with speakers like senator elizabeth warren cecile richards and actress alyssa milano lauren is one of the leaders of the movement she is a journalist and columnist and she joins us from denver what do you as cute what are you asking people to do in this rising up movement lauren. hi larry thank you so much for having me we are fighting against the attack on reproductive rights through that this justice and what he will mean in terms of not just the question of overturning roe but gutting it however given the news of the past twenty four hours i feel that this conversation is one that all americans need to have with their son of ours for cardless of ideology we have a president who is now an alleged coconspirator to a federal crime and the idea of how even entertaining
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a confirmation hearing of his nominee who by the way does not believe that a sitting president can be indicted is not something that any of our senators should even begin to entertain following a meeting with cavanaugh on tuesday republican senator susan collins who's not made up her mind yet told reporters the judge agree that roe versus wade is set whole law why did they get that. you know larry settled precedent and lot of the land and these kind of code words that not only cavanagh is using but some of the senators who are meeting with them are using is frankly treating americans as if they're idiots the supreme court is the thing that sets precedent and pret cavanagh has not had the ability to overrule precedent with his past roles as a judge if he becomes justice make no mistake roe will be got it reproductive
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rights at the state level will begin to disintegrate even more than they already have and in many places right now abortion is legal in name only there are so many women who does not have an actual choice areas where being a wealthy woman means you can get access and drive say two hundred miles to the one point five clinic in your state or take off of work or get child care for the children you already have poor women women of color and women who are more marginalized than already just being women a woman and what that means in this country don't really have an actual choice about abortion as things stand and brett kavanaugh will further disagree disintegrate a woman's right to choose whether or not that means overturning roe isn't even the question but on top of all of that he's nominated by a president who promised to nominate a justice who would overturn roe so i think we have all the information we need there seventy percent of americans should roll. to me. so it's very that's the thing the court needs to be responsive to the
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people i don't understand why it is even a question whether roe would come up for debate you're right the majority of the country supports a woman's right to choose and also the majority of the country does approves of brett kavanaugh this is the least popular supreme justice nominee of his in history he's less popular than robert bork and harriet miers and if those of you watching don't know those names exactly they were not confirmed to the court you know we deserve as americans a court that is responsive to public opinion and our senators need to listen to what the majority of americans feel and not just shove through rush through this confirmation hearing on september fourth when we will not even have a full national archives review of brett kavanaugh its records until october on that basis alone this confirmation hearing should not be happening in september do you think democrats should doing enough. never larry never but i do
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think that i'm seeing a calculus change on this and i guess what i would say is there is this sense of inevitability around the supreme court around american government in general a sense of alienation that your individual voice doesn't have enough of the say and i would argue that is the case i wish you could say i could say it wasn't true but we can come together and build to collective power the people who don't want this confirmation to go through who don't believe this president deserves at all a supreme court nomination of any kind that we have the numbers and we need to change the calculus so that it costs our senators more to vote yes then to vote no and a change is happening we're moving the needle i believe this is the most fundamental progressive fight of our time and also that it is winnable we just need all the democrats and one republican that the idea that republicans can only lose one vote this is absolutely a winnable fight it's going to take a lot of effort but i think we need to leave it all on the field here anybody who
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cares about building a truer more equitable democracy whether you're concerned about donald trump's embrace of authoritarianism or his lack of compassion for the marginalized by all of that is at stake in this fight so even when there's a lot of dumpster fires raging and an ongoing issue of understanding where to focus our energy i believe it comes down to this and that these next few weeks are crucial and that this confirmation hearing absolutely should not even be happening and the question of him become firm to comes down to every american showing up and speaking to their senators because we deserve a court that reflects the public will and not this man's will for decades this is a thing that cannot be undone thank you. thank you so much laundered thanks so much for being with us and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking and maybe you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet leave king's things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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era for russian headlines. you know world of big partisan movies lots and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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tariff long russian airlines. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial
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merry go round listen to the one percent. that's nothing to ignore middle of the room sit. around the real news room. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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ah. the door of donald trump's former attorney michael cohen who pled guilty to tax fraud and campaign finance violations has never launched a probe funding the pay his clients legal fees. michael cohen truth dot com that we're hoping that you will get some help from the american people so we can continue to. be the audience is that they don't know if they are ready to donate labor. coming up to the smalling the democratic party cross fall over another suspected hot but seems the culprit turns out to be close to home and. in europe at least in the picture a city of cordova has dubbed it now the french ship cargo over recent spike in gang related violence is that residents living in fear. of virtual new law in the u.s.
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state of louisiana makes anti pipeline protests a felony the first charges of already be brought in fights against activists who potentially face a long prison terms we've got the story. there so put it this morning there just in ten am here in moscow this friday the twenty fourth of august my name's kevin and thanks for tuning in this hour first with scandal raging around the guilt of his former associates president trump has hit back in an interview with fox news with a warning that any move towards his impeachment would lead to substantial financial losses for the u.s. . i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job if i ever got a ph i think the market would crash i think everybody would be very poor. going tom looks like not everyone will be very poor donald trump's former lawyer michael
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cohen who implicated the us president in breaking campaign finance law in twenty sixty has asked for donations to cover is legal defense it's paying off too it seems he's already raised hundred fifty thousand dollars next this caleb maupin reports it's not always bad news to be dismissed by the president. and donald trump was a host on the reality t.v. show the apprentice he really took the show's iconic catchphrase to heart you're fired you're fired. now that donald trump is the president getting fired by him isn't exactly a career setback take the case of michael cohen this is michael collins lawyer urging people to support michael cohen with an online fundraiser for hoping that he will get some help from the american people so we can continue to feed the audience isn't it they don't appear ready to donate some people might be laughing but the cash is flowing and then there's peter struck the disk raced former f.b.i.
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agent who sent him to trump messages to his mistress now he's raising money online he's already raised four hundred forty three thousand dollars half a million dollars on a go fund me just for hating donald trump has cancer patients on the side that are like hey we hate him too can you pay for my treatments i know you really hate him we could tell and then there's andrew mckay the f.b.i. director who was fired without benefits now nick cave has already managed to raise five hundred thirty nine thousand dollars and if you want to get more creative than crowd funding you could always write a book i'm a rose i'm an adult newman's new book unhinged tells stories from inside the white house thirty four thousand copies were sold within the first ten days and before on the rose it was james komi the fired f.b.i. director now he wrote a book about donald trump and within the first week six hundred thousand copies flew off the shelf writing books about donald trump is a smart move this year every single title on the new york times nonfiction best
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seller list has been about donald trump so if donald trump yells his natori a sketch phrase that you don't sweat it it could be a ticket to making more money than he paid you to begin with what people have to realize one of the about a donald trump has been more. a source of jobs for more people who have done nothing more than become or exist as a disgruntled either former trope of fan or employer associate i mean right now it is a cottage industry to see how much you can hate donald trump be trade donald trump and cash in in the mean time i have never seen any thing like this and obsession a fixation and obsessive compulsive disorder a focus to big way should i can think of no other way no no psychological construct
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that can best describe this unnatural and unhealthy. focused rage and not just in that one let me clarify not over a particular policy program platform vision idea no it's just ham as described by lionel well the us to mccormick parties uncovered an attempt meantime to hire kids vote today to base this just months before those crucial midterm elections seems that the smalling war is not what it appears. this is attempt is further proof that there are constant threats as we head into the midterm elections and we must remain vigilant in order to prevent future attacks first it looked like just another meddling story in the endless stream of meddling reports that we've come across lately and the democratic party said that it had
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detected an attempt to hack its voter base and of course total panic ensued in the media check it out d.n.c. just confirmed n.b.c. news has alerted authorities to an attempted of their voter file the takeaway really is is this continues to be a major issue democratic party's voter database targeted with a sophisticated hacking attempt to target really was the voter database any attack on a political party or campaign is important for us all to take seriously but there is a twist here it wasn't meddling or hacking it was just a test according to a source the democratic party or the democratic party of michigan used to volunteer hackers to test its systems security while this was confirmed by the national committee the source also said that the state department did not notify the d.n.c. the national committee before hand let's take a look at what was said we along with the partners who reports at the sites now
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believe it was built by a third party as part of a simulated fishing test the test which mimics several attributes of an actual tax on the democratic party's votes to follow was not authorized by the d.n.c. vote builder nor any other vendors now the timing of all of this is worth noting it's coming just as we're getting closer and closer to midterm elections and the media is going crazy frantically searching for external factors but they've turned a blind eye to domestic factors which could be where their answers are a correspondent d.c. the best go to reports of told us election time print claims of being exaggerated. the meddling issue is. first of all i think has been overblown in the first case you know when they found evidence of. you know russian based. organizations that were buying ads and things on facebook it was such a tiny amount during the two thousand and sixteen election that it was laughable so
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you know i think most people most sensible people realize that the election in two thousand and sixteen was not significantly impacted by meddling it was effected dramatically by a really bad candidate running a really bad campaign in. the year of french police have described the city good noble not the alps as the fred chicago these days they've expressed grave concern over the rocketing crime right to the sea even seen some french politicians try to avoid the place. weird so many things happen or not the old now we are afraid you're afraid to go out in the evening why we can steal your jewelry you can grab your bag we have
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never seen anything like that the police used to be more tough but now even they are afraid. to out. her. out of their lives if the crime rate is significant in grenoble compared to cities of the same size the city is plagued with drug trafficking there's not a single week without a knife attack or criminal settling their schools. had to have renewed the fact that interior minister came to visit for cool in the assail region we thought he would visit grenoble even for a short visit you in the future we will of course make additional efforts in this area. click on that so i'm talking preserve phrase because there again he's both male and
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female who just come and rob them in broad daylight and no one even moves because they're scared to death the police are afraid of those crooks because they have kalashnikovs they're on to the teeth with the weapons of war and the municipal police have nothing while the national police are barely efficient it is the criminals who are the law in this city. popular commendations service said b.m.p. supposed to be there to help you fight. comfortable place to stay almost anywhere in the world when he wants it and the owner can personally choose of course the caviar there who would like to host or not however the spectre's raised the issue of people being denied booking because of their north african names maybe it seems journalist but a whiny man had g. says that when he tried to book an apartment in march say is reservation was cancelled without explanation now his friend who.


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