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tv   News  RT  August 27, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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i was i was. was. i. the second day of demonstrations in the german city of kemet software local was stopped to death in an incident involving people of quote various nationalities we look at how similar concerns say the migrant integration is being handled in neighboring fronts also this hour the it's handy for donald trump's former lawyer tracks when there's a claims about the information his clients could provide to prove truong russia occlusion. u.n. investigators say top military officials in milan ma should be prosecuted for genocide and crimes against humanity they're reporting now this is a campaign of violence directed against wrecking let's.
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live from moscow this is national with me an issues that they good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel says vigilante justice will not be tolerated as often thousands protested the killing of a german man in the city of cabinets he told the visited the city. it was here in front of the iconic head of coal marks in the east german city of kim it's that fouls and of right wing and left wing german demonstrators came out to show their own happiness with the current situation here in the country it all started in all had its root in the starving to death of a thirty five year old german man in the early hours of sunday morning a twenty two year old iraqi man a twenty three year old syrian man are in detention over the slaying are the
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moments and it has spurred emotions in this part of germany and across the country as well. i was. behind me just near to where the head of col marks was where those demonstrations were staking place the center point of those demonstrations is a candlelight vigil that's continuing through the night into tuesday morning this is the spot where the thirty five year old was stabbed to death the large crowds of monday evening showed we should expect more people perhaps to come out here on tuesday. local media reported several people injured after the rally tend violence police have yet to release further details on the suspects or other victims of sunday's violence the latest protest in chemist's prompted opposition figures to criticize integration policy in germany however chimney isn't the only country in
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europe struggling with the migrant issue recently a senior figure in the french republican party wants that european culture is under threat political analyst rayna roth first believe such public protests are to be expected when the state fails to protect its citizens. well we can see that the tensions grow higher and higher in respect to the migration issues and the related security issues and the frustration among certain parts of the population grows as into the seemingly is not possible with existing security system also the judicial system to probably take care of the growing challenges that it becomes a real threat that citizens who are already really frustrated and aggressive
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take to the streets and. try to punish. people who look as if they were refugees or migrants and attack them of course this would be a normal process so that the situation deteriorates in that direction that. protesters also become violent in the streets they take security in their own hands and this is of course not a good solution for democracy and for. a law based state. u.n. investigators say top military officials and should be prosecuted the genocide and crimes against humanity directed towards range of muslims their minority group in the southeast asian country who are not seen as citizens the patterns of gross human rights violations and serious violations of international humanitarian law
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that is found amount to the greatest crimes under international law that's we found include rape gang rape sexual slavery forced nudity and mutilation ministry forces in the predominately but this country launched a violent crackdown on the hinge of muslims a year ago in response to rebel attacks on police. hosts the action forces more than seven hundred thousand people to flee the country the un considers it to be the world's fastest growing refugee crisis the global bodies reports concluded military needs would never justify pinning down entire villages assaulting children gang raping women and carrying indiscriminately welch have the u.n. fact finding mission on man ma su kyi there were some and believes the atrocities are a consequence of systematic and institutionalized oppression. this is. just waiting to happen and therefore the fact that we assemble.
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clearly shows a gradual build up of discriminatory policies against a very specific community there you know yes and therefore. this may have reached a high point. a problematic situation. because although. it was just a time which is only time that erupts into. this. horrific tragedy. the un report also blames the country's de facto leader. for not using her role of moral authority to stop the atrocities she has previously won a nobel peace prize along with the u.s. congressional gold medal and has been a darling of the west media for out the last year she repeatedly denied any ethnic cleansing took place when you use terms like ethnic cleansing which i think is
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a little extreme it just plays into the hands of extremists and not a fact finding mission appointed by the united nations would not help help the situation it would have created great cost hostility between the different communities do you ever worry that you will be remembered. the champion of human rights the nobel laureate who fail to stand up to ethnic cleansing in her own country no because i don't think this ethnic cleansing going on i think ethnic cleansing is too strong of an expression to use for what's happening at the state council or. would have been able to who do more than what she has done. was clearly derelict of her responsibilities and we were just a disappointment that if you don't use more authority. to do something about
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this either to start to stem drug policies that needed to be there to address. the a ten a for donald trump's former lawyer now says his clients cannot provide information to prove trump russia collusion in stark contrast to earlier speculation caleb maupin reports from new york. the attorney representing trump's lawyer michael cohen has been going around the mainstream media indicating that he's getting ready to release a bombshell about trump russia collusion now the press has been salivating like a hungry hound anxious to get their hands on the smoking gun the trump russia probe has been waiting for i can tell you that. mr cohen has knowledge on certain subjects that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy to tell the special counsel all that he knows davis isn't just speaking in
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generalities he said he had information about the d.n.c. being hacked he also said he had information about the now infamous meeting between donald trump jr and two russian nationals supposedly about digging up information about hillary clinton now he says he's willing to share this information with the special counselor except now he's backtracking he says it's all a big misspeak i should have been more clear including with you that i could not independently confirm what happened i regret my ira now the attorney for michael cohen isn't just retracting his own words he seems to be throwing cold water on something that c.n.n. treated like a breaking news explosion the reporting of this story got mixed up so michael cohen does not have information that president trump knew about the from terror meeting with the russians beforehand or you know there's no sources with knowledge tell myself and call that michael cohen claims then candidate donald trump knew in
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advance about the june twenty sixth meeting in trump tower crucially these sources tell us that cohen is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel robert mohler c.n.n. stands by its report why let the truth get in the way of a good story but for donald trump who has been screaming the f. word for months that word is fake by the way this fits his narrative perfectly michael cohen's. clarified the record saying his client does not know if president trump knew about the trump tower meeting out of which came nothing the answer is that i did not know about the meeting just another phony story by the fake news media so why is this such a big deal well if the story had panned out it would have meant that finally bob muller had some significant evidence it's been over a year and a half since the special counsel has been sent out to investigate issues related to trump and russia collusion so far he has uncovered some foul play from some former troubles so see it but nothing related to russia it looks like michael cohen is
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lawyer had everyone convinced that finally there would be some real evidence surfacing but alas it looks like we got faked out again still no evidence back to square one but it looks like the investigation has no sign of stopping. r.t. new york. but it seems there is some evidence that's come from the hands of trump himself. i noticed the similarity between this flag that trump's color and this other one from russia it appears is from may have been trying to color in the flag of russia
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at some point someone will notice that by calling in a blue stripe into the red and white stripes the u.s. flag today president trump was starting to create a russian flag now that's what i call the floyd dance leap from color to blue stripes on his u.s. flag we all know we don't have red in white stripes but russian flag has raged i want to bring strikes from subconscious trying to communicate we should listen. to. the syrian government says it's ready to recapture the last major rebel strongholds of at length damascus has been deploying additional forces to the front line of the enclaves though it still says this waiting to pass you a course of reconciliation however the day was snubbed by the keen minutes and great controlling the area to rare al shaab its leader warned other factions
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against talking to damascus. meanwhile the russian defense ministry says the u.s. is expanding its strike capability is near syria the pentagon has denied that claim moscow says its intelligence shows just how this intend to stage a chemical attack it says the west could use that to justify action against a mask if a strike on k. for zite or using poison laden missiles is planned within the next forty eight hours there are some players outside the region are preparing yet more provocations on syrian soil involving chemical weapons with the aim of destabilizing the situation there and undermining the positive dynamics of the ongoing peace process
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. more the missive warns that it's the white helmets pro rebel group that will be there first with cameras and tweets as they usually are whenever there are rumors of chemical attacks and we reached out to them for comment and as is also usual the u.s. and its power stabbed ready with guns drawn we now see plans for the syrian regime to resume offensive military activities and it was. we are obviously. about the possibility that it may use chemical weapons again if the syrian regime uses chemical weapons we will respond very strongly it's getting very hot in the area america's just pulled up another guided missile cruiser packed with tomahawk missiles the weapon of choice when attacking syria
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also u.s. strategic bombers heavy duty stuff have just arrived in the neighborhood the russians also acting moving more and more ships to the mediterranean rumors say submarines too and it's cool dreadfully reminiscent of what happened last time. neal weeks before the alleged chemical incident in ghouta the incident that provoked a british friends and us missile barash well mia weeks before that the russians warned that rebels were preparing to stage
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a chemical attack now they're warning it will happen it. which begs the question why oh why would ask who has almost won this war why would he launch a chemical attack and invite disaster now there is no value for syria or its allies in using chemical weapons against any of the terrorists syria is already winning syria has already won along with its allies along with russia and with iran and hezbollah they have already essentially defeated the tech feed terrorist cleanup time the other thing you've got is we have so many times been told that the organization for the preventive prohibition of chemical warfare has emptied syria of all of its chemical weapons this happened a few years ago but we keep getting told syria is making chemical weapons. iran's taking legal action against the us government teva donald trump's decision
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to re impose sanctions but the move sets both countries on a collision course responding she is multi. economy gratian against my country because muggs done much too little iran's filing with the international court of justice was an attempt to interfere with the sovereign rights of the united states to take lawful action including the imposition of sanctions which are necessary to protect our national security. well just earlier this year donald trump pulls the u.s. out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear pact between iran and a number of world powers announced unilateral to restore sanctions against iran they include restrictions on buying american currency as well as trading metals including precious ones now the sanctions were met with resistance from washington's key allies including many european countries the even updated us
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blocking statutes to limit the impact of the sanctions on the interests of european companies doing legitimate business in iran it came into a fax just over twenty days ago iranian political analyst saeed stuff focus session believes the u.s. is losing its key allies with this aggressive rhetoric. but the u.s. is trying hard in order to force to iran to comply with the u.s. demands the u.s. demands include harnessing and limiting iran's power components that iran's missile in this is a regional influence and clout they have failed to or you know. that quote of iran's power components now they are trying to you know pressure to iran to agree to their terms through at least a dozen actions hostile actions in the area of economy but this time around this situation is completely different from what it was before the nuclear deal and
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now it is been isolated even though you're all p.m.'s as key partners and allies nato allies of the united states are standing up to the u.s. in order to diffuse the pressure on iran. to u.s. nationals in vietnam have been sentenced to fourteen years in prison over an attempted case they were among twelve people sentenced all of the members of the professional national governments of it now which was declared a terrorist organization by the country's authorities back in january the war in vietnam and is more than four decades ago but apparently for some the struggle goes on. the vietnam war one of the world's bloodiest conflicts and the american defeat ideologically opposed plugs into decades of fighting came at a cost of fifty six thousand u.s.
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troops who were in a bit to overthrow the communist regime of north vietnam but the casualties among civilians were much greater at least two million people died in the wool. after hopes of tightening democratic grip across the vietnamese state slipped away and up to one hundred forty one billion dollars was spent on military operations the us folded who had been exhausting rule at home and abroad. in one thousand nine hundred seventy three thousands of antiwar protesters would later contribute to the end of u.s. military involvement and two years later the south surrendered with vietnam forced to unite under a socialist flag. however it would take years for vietnam to heal from the wounds of the us campaign. napalm bombs and toxic herbicides left the country scarred. and its citizens suffering. fast forward to twenty eight
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and us fan i'm relations have turned a new leaf. even prospering. however there are some people who can't let go of the past among them the provisional national government of the third republic of viet nam most of them share one thing in common they all supported or fought for the south vietnamese army and had to flee when the war ended in one nine hundred seventy five they dream of a regime they never had a chance to see. and they're proactive about sharing their agenda they have their own prime minister and even newspapers about they cause printed in japan malaysia and thailand recently they've caught the attention of more global audience is. the ministry of public security should announce the organization of the provisional national government of vietnam as a terrorist organization. they plan to buy weapons in and attend to carry out terror attacks for their plots were uncovered and they were arrested by vietnamese
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security forces. twelve members were charged with subversion attempting to broadcast anti state messages described as a coupe two of those behind it were american nationals. as vietnamese descent. has been revealed they open the pan letters to the u.s. president with a q. even based in california it may be almost half a century since the end of the vietnam war but under the surface there are still rumblings with some still willing to fight for a cause they never saw come to fruition. as we just saw one of the two u.s. national sentenced is hand james nieh again the u.s. embassy in vietnam has released a statement saying it will continue to provide him support some local say the group people logs too just doesn't understand that times have changed their lives we have one thing on my own this reactionary group which carries out acts of sabotage against the vietnamese government is deplorable the government is determined to
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maintain peace and stability so that the country can develop and prosperity be brought to the people in the groups members should not delude themselves into thinking what they do is right what they don't understand the times have changed they don't understand the position of they put themselves in when they conspired against the country i think the sentences were too lenient. french president has set his plans for europe's defense speaking to the country's ambassadors he underlined the region security can no longer rely so heavily on the u.s. . a lot pre-commit europe can no longer rely solely on the united states receipt curacy come to us today to take responsibility and guarantee european security and consequently european sovereignty mr michael went to outline a number of crimes to the united states which are very similar to cripes that the european union has with the united states and particularly the trump administration
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there things such as the trade wars that we've seen in recent months this is the high king of steel an element in tariffs with countries around the world also the fact that the trumpet ministration his withdrawal from the paris climate accord it's also withdrawn from the iranian nuclear deal aren't of course there has been doubts from the trumpet ministration particularly from president trump himself over nato itself which is the security force bowings the u.s. and europe now he's talked in the past saying that he thinks the u.s. is doing too much so all of these concerns appointed mark can say we can't now rely on the u.s. for security we have to do something about it ourselves what is that what he's talked about this close defense cooperation here in europe but he's also said that europe needs to look beyond its borders and to look to other countries such as russia in the feature. film for stamp this reinforce the would imply revisiting the
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european architecture of difference in security. new dialogue on cyber security chemical weapons conventional weaponry territorial conflicts space security the protection of the protozoan simply take it with russia i want to launch exhaustive reflection with our european partners in a broad sense with russia but defense relationship russia mr michael said depends on europe and russia finding a mutual agreement in progress when it comes to the minute's peace agreement on the continuing conflict in. praying so it seems that as the u.s. continues to isolate itself from longstanding such as you european union that could be no paving the way to new relationships with other countries to manage. well political analyst nicholas mickiewicz thinks that may take may have to transform due to internal fact is what is changing now is first of all what donald trump has
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said during his political campaign that he thought that nader was obsolete i think you know the ripples of what donald trump center in his campaign and his position is micro is getting going on quite well with donald trump so i think he's testing this out on the american public don't forget that this is a very important for micro who is preparing the next european elections i don't think it means that it's going to be the end of nato but definitely do see that nato as an institution dating back to nine hundred forty nine is cracking from different different places from the u.s. that's where it started off a number of you france is going into the next trip in the dark and so this could this could maybe be some sort of rethinking of what the defense of europe and the knives between the u.s. and europe would be. soldiers and sailors of the russian pacific fleet have been put through their paces during trails on the come katha peninsula they will games required hitting targets up to five hundred kilometers away here's
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a look at some of the highlights. so i forget for more updates on any of all stories altie dot com missed just a click away i'll see you at the top of the hour with the latest headlines.
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i four men are sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. this is boom boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart thank you for joining us today is a visit a day there's
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a bevy of big international business and finance news out today we'll get to it for you including looking at the world's largest companies saudi aramco and the stall the initial public offering the i.p.o. and we'll look at oil prices and more with david greenberger of greenberg capital plus molly barrows our legal journalist from from the national trial lawyers magazine looks at which companies are benefiting from what some call slave labor in u.s. prisons and we pump start the broadcast today with breaking news on the bilateral trade deal between the united states and mexico from the oval office of the white house u.s. president donald trump announced a proposed new united states mexico trade agreement with mexican president and change in the actual mr trump has the mexican president on speaker phone the deal with these to be approved by the u.s. congress mr trump said we are getting rid of nafta because it was a bad deal for the united states president net nato said he hoped that now the canadians could join the price try party deal while the two leaders seemed at odds
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of the inclusion of canada what was called a framework agreement between mexico and the u.s. is seen as a for middle both feet for war we're joined by our to correspond at manila chan manila thank you for being with us you've been following this all day all day what's latest well you know you've nailed everything there so far apart and of course where else did it start but on twitter the president's favorite outlet so the outgoing mexican president enrique pena nieto solidified that vague tweet president trying to put out this morning by joining trump on speakerphone before the press listen to what pena nieto had to say. if you're going to. we can make a good plan b. you might be good no matter. who we are you going to do what we want you going to be.


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