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tv   News  RT  August 28, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we want to be. the last rebel and terrorist stronghold in syria is surrounded as all parties involved in conflict prepare for what could be a final showdown in this seven year long war. thank. god that three days of violence on the streets of germany leave twenty people injured as tensions boil over to your intro and counter demonstrations over the plight of migrants in the country thanks about turned the attorney of trump's former lawyer reels in his claims that his client has evidence the kremlin helped put the donald in the white house.
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a very warm welcome it's seven pm here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international with me the key erin our top story this hour syrian army troops have been seen moving towards the front line of the last stronghold of rebel and terror groups in the country the northern province of it live these are pictures from the ground there changed by our route please video news agency soldiers can be seen riding on top of lorries carrying tanks artillery and other military equipment officers say their troops are ready for their final battle against militants but so far they're waiting for the order and they're not the only ones ready for what could be a decisive battle for the future of syria or let's find out more about this now our correspondent mark garcia of joins me in the studio more thanks for coming in again now we have seen a large military buildup in the province of why is this province so in. since while
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it is shaping up to be the end the last showdown between jihad ists and the syrian military it's their last remaining srong hold they have nowhere left to retreat we're talking here about tens of thousands of islamist and rebels the most powerful faction in egypt being h.t.s. al qaida rebranded in syria and then defiant cranking out and lists propaganda. they're in mind that many of them aren't even syrians from all over the world from china from central asia from the caucasus from morocco to baghdad out on
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jihad in syria and again they have nowhere left to retreat but the biggest danger here is the danger of an international escalation because out of the blue we have u.s. military assets we're talking here about. cruise missile carrying systems cruise missile delivery systems being stationed off the coast of the coast of syria guided missile destroyers as well as strategic bombers an aircraft that could wreck a lot of damage on syria if brought to bear and this is days after the united states and its allies britain and france wanted a joint statement that they would strike syria if there are reports of using chemical weapons the russians though is saying that they're warning that chemical attack is imminent except it will be the rebels who carried out we've been hearing of about this military buildup what do we know about this exactly well both russia
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and the united states have been beefing up their assets in the region we have a huge russian naval presence into some observers a record presence in the middle mediterranean off the coast of syria the united states has been stationed in ships in the persian gulf as well as an air base isn't on the arab peninsula arabian peninsula and you know it's this sort of escalation is incredibly dangerous. the u.s. continues to expand its presence of cruise missile carriers in the middle east which is connected to the preparations for another false flag incident allegedly involving chemical weapons russian reports of u.s. military buildup in the eastern med and nothing more than propaganda it's not true that does not mean however that we are prepared to respond should the president direct such an action the united states for its part denies that it is intentionally building up forces in the area but says that doesn't mean it isn't
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prepared to strike could syria if there are reports of a chemical incident. on the bright side the two sides russia and the united states have opened up a channel of communication they're talking about averting the potential chemical attack that may happen in syria but the danger here the danger remains the danger of a wider international escalation between nuclear superpowers because militarily objective the speaking the rebels don't stand much of a chance against the syrian military in its current form what could save them is a foreign intervention against the syrian arab army one that one that would come if there was indeed a staged chemical attack or will be keeping across the situation in the coming hours and days but for now mike as your thank you ok we can go live now to our guest on the work after rector of the no stars think tank focusing on the
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middle east mr workout thank you for joining us on the program as always good to see you. do you think we are about to see a new round of escalation in syria. yes we understand that the that a battle is imminent or an escalation is imminent how that develops we don't know whether it goes. very fierce in the form a very fierce confrontation between. on one side and its allies and syrian army and its allies on the other side we don't know we hope that it goes as it went in other areas like most recently in da in southern syria where faction leaders understand that this is a force that they cannot. compete with or fight effectively and they see if they are people their cities a lot of destruction and death so in that case you know people could go back to under government control as soon as possible to normality basically soon as
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possible and we understand that many of them. are hoping to achieve such a feat. this escalation is it not truly of bowl of ing or is that one particular slide this pushing for such an escalation. well the. syrian state and its allies russia and if you take the wider a stand up process participants turkey and iran as well have been trying to contain this area try to separate. extremist muslims from ultra extremist muslims i people. who are identified as per security council resolutions to be terrorists in egypt if it targets this hasn't been happening the factions on the ground were quite wary of the possibility of internal
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fighting. areas where job is clearly the commanding on the ground are not clear so there is a lot of integration between the fighting's sort of fighting factions and so on this complicates matters now if turkey being the main player who seems to be the pattern of many of those factions is able to elude me. its proxies from the fight then it would be an easy sort of confrontation or an easier confrontation if not and if they feel threatened then it would be a bloody a confrontation but again hopefully with the pressure of the population over there to have seen a lot of other areas in syria go back to normality and they would be willing and hoping to go back to normality again they could put some pressure on those fighting factions you know to to aid the government warnings who feel it will be ugly. it
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does seem that every time washington has previously attacked syria i've not investigated chemical weapon allegations the us has claimed that it significantly reduced the chemical capabilities all of syria so some people might be wondering why all allegations against damascus continuing despite all this damage to this alleged chemical infrastructure it was interesting that this time around there was a pretty warning from the american presidents advisor john bolton national security advisor and this came out of nowhere really it probably reflects the united states frustration that turkey it's all you know. ally is now calling the shots with russia. and the united states is being left out so what they're probably saying is that look you can't leave us out you have to take a long view interest in defense of duration otherwise you know we would be or we
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would be more than willing to you know to to hijack the situation and to probably carry out a stray against the syrian state and any attempt or alleged chemical attack. we haven't seen such a move in southern syria and there are for example probably the factions there of the islamic factions there don't possess chemical weapons but what we know for sure is that islamic militants in western aleppo province areas they do possess chemical weapons they've used it before and we've seen it on video and so on so with every stage of attack or not or somebody stages an attack or not we don't know but at least the united states would want to ensure that he's part of the game and it's not being left out. in your opinion most steps should be taken to solve the di lemma of a live. yes yes of course we've seen let's take again the south of syria
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the dar province as an example we've seen some corporation from jordan. which. you know stopped an escalation of a refugee or a possible refugee. problem by preventing refugees from amassing on the border and entering jordan and so on and so forth which really refugees going back to their homes as soon as the fighting was over and the reconciliation is was over turkey is probably going to play a similar wrong this time around and. you know there will be people who would leave fighting in areas that's for sure how soon they come back there to their areas to their houses and normal life is yet to be seen but hopefully it would be quick that needs a lot of coordination between the factions that are playing on the ground but hopefully the a start up process between turkey russia iran and syria has taken a lot of steps and it has matured over the past three years
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a lot and hopefully you know again we won't see any scenes much indeed and i will cough director of the knossos think tank focusing on the middle east thank you for your time. now moving on some three thousand donte and pro migrant activists have clashed in the past two days in the german city of cemex leaving twenty people injured they are arrest was prompted by the arrest of an iraqi under syrian following the stabbing of a local man on sunday artie's because all of our reports on the latest from germany . the state of saxony in the city of camden it's a firm the focus across germany across whitey europe and even across the wider world this follows. a night of violence that we saw on monday evening thousands more that were expected. right wing demonstrators took to the streets of candidates and they were confronted by counter-demonstrators now that resulted in some violent
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scenes there. was. on the scene as well we have seen after the killing does not have a place in the state governed by the home of law. rassmann hate on the street. was a car. that you sickest and i was at the demonstration in chemist's on monday and the scene there was alarming what happened yesterday is that over a thousand demonstrators registered but it turned out that there were about eight thousand protesters in kemet. was. was was was. was. a decent tie. it was assumed from the beginning that there would be twice as many demonstrators as were registered but it turned out that there were about four times
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as many right wing demonstrators as initially planned all those scenes were all sparked following the killing the stabbing to death of a thirty five year old man encampments in the early hours of sunday morning two men in their early twenty's one from iraq and one from syria were taken into custody we've heard from prosecutors that they've ruled out self defense in stopping in fact they're looking to pursue a charge of culpable homicide in. case now the scenes that we saw they really let people in the city of came it's shocked. before their eyes between the people for immigration and against immigration. and that's a problem for our country or our city i've never seen anyone suggest refugees or have experienced anything like that. received. here.
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situation my parents say don't go into city stay at home came not from pantries so i was it came from our own cause i came from tunisia and that is a problem and that makes a crimes of twenty people including two police officers were injured not violence we also hear from the police that they're investigating ten people for having given a straight nazi salute during clashes that is illegal here in germany. monday monday night violence really is bringing the whole situation in the splits in german society firmly in focus as the right wing and the left wing of german society clashed in saxony press corps analysts rain of also spread leaves public anger have migration poses a real threat. well we can see that the tensions grow higher and higher in
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respect to the migration issues and the related security issues and the frustration among certain parts of the population grows as it seemingly is not possible with the existing security system also the judicial system to probably take care of the crowing challenges becomes a real threat that citizens who are. already really frustrated and aggressive take to the streets and. try to punish. people who look as if they were refugees or migrants and attack them most always coming up after this very short break.
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you know world big partisan movies. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. when more make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round listen to the one percent. we can
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all middle of the room sing. welcome back hopes of a fresh lead in the trump russia collusion try to pass being asked as also the attorney for the u.s. president is form a lawyer backpedaled on his earlier claims he now says his client has no proof of any illicit connections on a scale of more pain reports from new york. the attorney representing trump's lawyer michael cohen has been going around the mainstream media indicating that he's getting ready to release a bombshell about trump russia collusion now the press has been salivating like a hungry hound anxious to get their hands on the smoking gun the trump russia probe has been waiting for i can tell you that. mr cohen has knowledge on certain
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subjects that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy to tell the special counsel all that he knows davis isn't just speaking in generalities he said he had information about the d.n.c. being hacked he also said he had information about the now infamous meeting between donald trump jr and two russian nationals supposedly about digging up information about hillary clinton now he says he's willing to share this information with the special counselor except now he's backtracking he says it's all a big misspeak i should have been more clear including with you that i could not independently confirm what happened i regret my ira now the attorney for michael cohen isn't just retracting his own words he seems to be throwing cold water on something that c.n.n. treated like a breaking news explosion sources with knowledge tell myself and call that michael cohen claims then candidate donald trump knew in advance about the june twenty
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sixth meeting in trump tower crucially these sources tell us that cohen is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel robert mohler the reporting of this story got mixed up so michael cohen does not have information that president trump knew about the from terror meeting with the russians beforehand or you know this c.n.n. stands by its report why let the truth get in the way of a good story but for donald trump who's been screaming the f word for months that word is fake by the way this fits his narrative perfectly michael cohen's. clarified the record saying his client does not know if president trump knew about the trump tower meeting out of which came nothing the answer is that i did not know about the meeting just another phony story by the fake news media so why is this such a big deal well if the story had panned out it would have meant that finally bob
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muller had some significant evidence it's been over a year and a half since the special counsel has been sent out to investigate issues related to trump and russia collusion so far he has uncovered some foul play from some former trouble associates but nothing related to rush it looks like michael collins lawyer had everyone convinced that finally there would be some real evidence surfacing but alas it looks like we got faked out again still no evidence back to square one but it looks like the investigation has no sign of stopping. are to new york. and the latest development it has been confirmed that cohen's lawyer was actually one of the main sources for a c.n.n. story about collusion despite the lawyer lanny davis himself backtracking on those claims to a c.n.n. host live on there the network still defended the decision to run the story anyway . inmates in the u.s. are staging what could become the largest prison strike in american history the
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peaceful protest which is now into its second week is planned to last nineteen days and and compass is seventeen states prisoners prisoners on demanding an end to what they call modern slavery for the introduction of a number of reforms. that . thank you. for that.
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read. several american departments of corrections claim their opinion no sign of any strikes in the institutions we've asked for written confirmation of this despite reports we have not had any organized stoppages protests or lockdowns related to the strike at our institutions the ramos strikes occurring in georgia the g.t.c. is prepared should that change we have been and will continue to monitor the
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situation only hide correctional institution in swan quarter salt protests inmates were allowed to hang banners from the inside fencing. human rights activists. claim some facilities have used violence measures to stop the strikes. all of prison who had been i was organizing when were taken to administrative segregation and when cases one of the organizers was shackled by his ankle and drug across the prison as a message to the rest of the institution states like new mexico and many others what they did is they began lockdowns of all facilities and kept all inmates in isolation and there and their individual cell as a mechanism for stopping activity thank you for choosing r.t. international coming up with all the latest headlines of the top of the hour my colleague daniel hawkins.
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thought of getting up there calling with you just implementing my thought aloud you just got to go you. chose seemed wrong. wrong just don't call. me if you get to see palin she still comes to educate and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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thank you. thank you was who was was going to to. if you. believe the elite in. the cinema see the reasons i would have good morning or. no i mean not everything to rid. us of levels from. here we're going to be.
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get when if they are broke i'm ready to speak to everyone i'm ready to. tell my soon to have people. needs right. now faster than. this or so both of their. own. my own rescue.
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during two thousand and fourteen. days in guinea it was almost a family. did you know we've went out this is on the board as i was in freetown you know. to seven days everybody gets sick. my father of call me to phone. during the time it was only two. streets. to go. to. to buy. from. me family.


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