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tv   News  RT  August 28, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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the last rebel one terrorist stronghold in syria is rounded as all parties involved in conflict prepare for what could be a final showdown in the seven year long war. i i. two days of violence on the streets of germany leave twenty people injured as tensions boil over during pro and anti demonstrations over the plight of migrants in the country chancellor merkel says the protests have become a witch hunt. and the prison strike in the united states enters its second week in what could potentially become the largest in american history activists are protesting in solidarity with inmates over poor conditions.
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and i welcome to our international live from moscow i don't know who you are thanks for joining us for this hour's news headlines. syrian army troops have been sea moving towards the front line of the last stronghold of rebel and terror groups in the country the northern province of idlib these are pictures from the ground obtained by news agency soldiers can be seen on top of lorries carrying tanks artillery and other military equipment as well officers say their troops are ready for the final battle against militants but so far away thing for the order. of syria has also been the focus of the latest u.n. security council meeting this comes after the backers of warring parties there have been recently accusing each other of plans for escalating the situation. has more on how the involvement of the international community in the syrian war has made the potential escalation an extremely risky scenario. it is shaping up to
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be the end a lost showdown between jihad ists and the syrian army it is the last remaining stronghold of islamist and rebels tens of thousands of them the most powerful faction and it being h.t.s. or al-qaeda in syria and they're defiant cranking out endless sprog ganda. bear in mind many of them not even syrians islamists on jihad from china from central asia from the caucasus from morocco to baghdad with nowhere left to retreat what's worse is the foreign power buildup in the region out of the blue u.s.
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cruise missile delivery systems guided missile destroyers strategic bombers a re basing and dropping anchor near syria days after the u.s. and its allies warned that take action if chemical weapons are used by asaad and russia which is beefing up its own presence warns that it's the easily mists that are planning just that the u.s. continues to expand its presence of cruise missile carriers in the middle east which is connected to the preparations for another false flag incident allegedly involving chemical weapons russian reports of u.s. military buildup in the eastern med and nothing more than propaganda it's not true that does not mean however that were unprepared to respond should the president direct such an action the united states denies building up its forces but says it's ready to attack syria if need be the good news is that russia and the united states also apparently in talks to prevent any potential use the. chemical weapons but the
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danger remains the worst case scenario an international escalation militarily the rebels stand little chance against the syrian army what could save them is a foreign intervention caused by for example a staged chemical attack. syrian armed forces have no chemical weapons and no plans to use them with because there is no military necessity for you've said this many times before sensible people will not use militarily useless means to draw the fire of three powerful countries upon themselves on the other hand after announcing it and waiting for a false flag attack from militants these very same countries can start the argument that is what happened last time say the russians staged incident in ghouta that led to a u.s. french and british cruise missile barash against syria this time what with the
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military build up the stakes and risks of an escalation will be much higher but it hasn't begun yet there will be a big conference on friday but chances of a peaceful resolution look slim the russian reconciliation center has been trying to broker a deal but the jihad to remain defiant our weapons are the source of our strength and honor thinking about surrendering to the enemy and handing over weapons will be considered treason worst of all is that there is many as two million civilians in need lib trapped between the hardest and the syrian army if talks fall through or chemical weapons are used if this battle drags on civilian casualties will saw not to mention the danger of an international escalation and escalation is imminent
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how that develops we don't know whether it be. those. are very fierce in the form a very fierce confrontation between. on one side and its allies and syrian army and its allies on the other side we don't know we hope that it goes as it went in other areas like most recently in di's southern syria where faction leaders understand that this is a force that they cannot. compete with or fight effectively and they see if they are people and their cities a lot of destruction and death so in that case you know people could go back to under government control as soon as possible and to normality basically and as soon as possible and we understand that many of them are hoping to achieve such a feat. some three thousand problem are going to have clashed in the past two days in the german city of chemists leaving twenty people injured i don't
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rest was prompted by the rest of iraq the syrian that followed the stabbing of a local man on sunday are these people of reports on the latest from germany. well the state of saxony in the city of ken that firmly in focus across germany across widely europe in even across the wider world this follows. a night of violence that we saw on monday evening thousands more that were expected. right when demonstrators took to the streets to claim its and they were confronted by counter-demonstrators now that resulted in some violent scenes there i think. because what we have seen afterwards is something that has no place in the constitutional state we've seen the videos the show has become a witch hunt a mobbing that there is hate on our streets i. i just i was at the. demonstration in
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chemist's on monday and the scene there was alarming what happened yesterday is that over a thousand demonstrators registered but it turned out that there were about eight thousand protesters in kemet i. was. i was. it was assumed from the beginning that there would be twice as many demonstrators as were registered but it turned out that there were about four times as many rightwing demonstrators as initially planned all those scenes were all sparked following the killing the stabbing to death of a thirty five year old man encampments in the early hours of sunday morning two men in their early twenty's one from iraq and one from syria were taken into custody we've heard from prosecutors that they've ruled out self defense in stopping in
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fact they're looking to pursue a charge of culpable homicide in that case now the scenes that we saw they really left people in the city of candidates shocked at what unfolded before their eyes between their people for immigration and against immigration. and that's a problem for our country all as they do you i have never seen anyone suggest refugees or have experienced anything like that. until the recent events here. situation my parents say is don't go into city stay at home a lot of rubber trees came not from pantries so i was it came from iraq was i came from tunisia and sent us a problem and so i makes a crimes of twenty people including two police officers were injured not violence we also hear from the police that they're investigating ten. people for having
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given straight a nazi salute during those clashes that is illegal here in germany. monday really monday night violence really bringing the whole situation in the splits in german society firmly in focus as the right wing and the left wing of german society clashed in saxony. of an interim member of the alternative for germany party joins us live now maximillian thanks for coming on the program today chancellor merkel she described what's going on as vigilante justice truth as it won't be tolerated she's called this a witch hunt this protest is that something you agree with. no i don't agree what are the point is we have no protest against a wave of him either and while ns and of course deuce politicians who have orchestrated immigration you know blame all who are critical to what's their
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politics are right wing neo nazi etc but what we see incumbents is that ordinary citizens protest against rape or a robbery murder and while and behavior and i think it's what you get if you open the borders. i mean both right and left wing activists have used the incident i haven't a doubt has been quite a mix of people here at these protests why has this case proven so divisive within the city of chemist's. because there is a long record. of immigrant while and some even increase crime. is for the for the federal city of six and me the place they are all incoming migrants for a collector in the first place so they have a huge problem because they get everyone and they get everyone in the first stage and you have a long record of especially sexual while uncertain against women but it was.
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nice while and church wrong and i always wondered why it didn't happen earlier and if the people stand up and attacked as politicians and so it needed an accident like the murder we have seen last week i did those demonstrations began . i mean i'm not sure about the numbers there i can see there are quite substantial crowds protesting we understand from what the police are saying quite a number of people arrested for throwing nazi salutes something obviously that that's illegal under german law i mean you you mention there it's ordinary citizens there are that are out of about protesting against this this case and emma. violence as you describe it how much of this is ordinary citizens and how much of these people how many of these people are far right nazis that have been arrested under german law for expressing you know not to sympathies. there are some cases i
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guess we have for. the nazi salute. there is of course some soccer hooligans you have insight but you also have some left wing activists who go into those demonstrations s. h. and probably captures. it's very hard to find a number but more than ninety percent of all american citizens and then you have. an amount of far right activists and you have a small of a mound of. that means of left wing activists who go in the. entire immigration demonstrations and who show such nazi symbols to bring the whole demonstrations into the problems and we see more protests that are being announced in other parts of saxony as well not as large as cabinets but
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they they are there do you feel that these protests can spread around the country or is this very much a regional problem or a problem that's a subproblem you know in the city of kemet specifically. sexily don't most end timers. in germany but it is. a part of the beginning in one thousand eight hundred nine in. the revolution against a communist government in east germany began and texan and once again be anti-american protests begins and sex in me so the whole country looks to sex and me and is asking themselves whether this is so regional problem or i'm on guard for the whole of germany. and i as a citizen of six only would say we have the i haven't got out of germany. where there's a present opinion so it can be those and that's why everyone is looking deeply to what happens in camden because there is
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a real chance that it is the beginning of the deep change. but of course it could be a regional problem as well nobody knows but there is a real opportunity it absurd change the country ok maximillian crime member of the alternative for germany party thanks for joining us good to get your take on r.t. if there was better thank you thank you. now inmates in the united states are staging what could become the largest prison strike in american history the peaceful protest which is now into its second week is planned to last nineteen days and encompasses seventeen states across the country prisoners are demanding an end to what they describe as modern slavery and for the introduction of a number of reforms. that night and today. i want to thank. you struck me.
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because i. read.
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several american departments of corrections claim to have been no signs of any strikes and their institutions were asked for written confirmation of this despite reports we have not had any organized stoppages protests or lock downs related to the strike at our institutions there are no strikes occurring in georgia the g.t.c. is prepared should that change we have been and will continue to monitor the situation only hide correctional institution in swan quarter salt protests inmates were allowed to hang banners from the inside fencing human rights activists in the ghetto claim some facilities have used violent measures to stop the strike. angola prison and liberian i was organizing rare were taken to administrative segregation and when kate is one of the organizers was shackled michael engel and rather cross the prison as a message to the rest of the institution states like new mexico and many others
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what they did is they began lockdowns of all facilities and then kept all inmates in isolation and there in their individual cell as a mechanism for stopping activity. ridiculous misinformation that the u.s. led coalition in syria is prone to the report on our website the article about the syrian refugee camp was simply quoting the russian foreign ministry so we were car looks at the accuracy of the claims in question. colonel sean ryan spokesman for operation here at resolve the u.s. led coalition against myself said that we were pushing quote ridiculous information after reading one of the articles of syria to be distracted by ridiculous misinformation from r.t. the coalition is focused on defeat isis mission and we continue to work with a to secure the l. towns region in southern syria the article in question was in an op ed that a quote from the russian ministry of foreign affairs who asserted that i still had
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infiltrated work on refugee camp in syria and that the us government was fully aware of it which claimed as a coalition support to be misinformation about the presence of feisal in the camp or that the us was aware of it the group on refugee camp is located in the all done so region in syria in an area controlled by the international coalition it's one of the largest refugee camps in syria hosting tens of thousands of refugees and islamic state infiltration is well documented the last un security council report braced fears over potential myself spots from inside the camp densely populated ruled by on camp in southern syrian arab republic contains some eighty thousand internally displaced persons including families of eisel fighters a situation which member states fear might generate new eisel cells and group on campus been hit by at least four terrorist attacks over the past three years the islamic state has claimed three of them in fact the ice will threat once prompted
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the jordanian government to close as poorly as it can and concern over possible infiltration is one of the reasons that jordan has cited for being its borders closed syrian refugees. there are some. people with. trying to control and to create some. to an n.b.c. sought to film the camp. for a story they were told it would be too dangerous because of the presence of islamic state fighters a safe zone or at least it's meant to be but the jordanian military pilot who took us in wouldn't fly over it and the isis fighters these people fled from are inside it so the presence of ice on the camp hasn't been a secret washington stated goal in syria is the defeat of islamic state terrorists so it's hard to believe that their presence in an area controlled by the international coalition would go undetected if the u.s.
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military isn't aware of the issue ortiz is more than ready to provide open source information party has reached out operation here at result to find out what part of the article was misinformation but we've yet to hear from them that's international would like to know what part of this article was ridiculous misinformation if there are no ice or fighters in the area what is the mission of the us military base in the outer region given the stated goal of all us operations is the defeat of isis we look forward to your answer. with the general election looming in sweden right wing supporters gaining momentum summit a spate of acid attacks in cities where gangs torched cars almost three thousand vehicles have been targeted across the country just since the start of the year earlier this month more than one hundred were hit in just one night. eat.
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for the most of the custom have all found the question has to be asked of those people want the hack were you doing it and forgot how do you think you are born as you destroyed the whole area over the neighbor's for the children on their way to preschool you have to see burns out cards that are going to cause them awfully hard response from society any of us who should artie's money are for national visited one trouble districts with a local journalist there. was. something for. the hollowness well of this noble souls but we're going. right now we're driving to the southern part of stockholm the swedish capital to one of the areas called by police as found the rable area or especially vulnerable area or risk area how the air referred to it but in the media very often they call
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these neighborhoods right now around sixty one of them officially stopped by police as no go so and he with me is a swedish journalist chang greek thank you so much for being like i. know comes on in sweden seriously of course are gold are. you will have problems if you go there with the camera with three or. four years swedish vulnerable areas have been grabbing headlines over she teen in car burnings the latter has nearly double and every ten years why do they burn the car and i think it's like the show police there were called for all of their real opinions to. lots of people are going though because you know if you could walk if you have a parking lot with what the cost of all and you put one coral fire of course it
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will spread to the next gora next. week east a common thing that people leave those areas yes as soon as they make some more money they move away immediately from the you know told to keep still go with the school here for other things. that sparked a discussion is it true about if it's a local saw and. some politician on the so you give up for example social democrats . he called it no it's a go go also you know so he went to holland i used to live. over said with the police never figure out why they got all the way out of course. charge of a police car so they had to call for what you call it. a truck to get the way the police got here will start to prove it's a go go so named for high criminality rate you know he's had also a reputation for drug trade. terrorists place where there's
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a lot of drugs. people up if you kill literally just go out there are. people standing here and for whatever life even if you're blind you will see what they could dealing drugs it's not like they are hiding it's the truth it's the people who have all the evidence i mean violent that would like to. know the news to look through the data no hope of ever mafia even money no money but. wasn't that we should ban you may know food bank which we've seen across sweden's vulnerable amy's looks quite tense just like the country's prime minister has described although the assault he's never agreed many tend to blame him. number in the queen's speech nation. people think that it's related to these details of fifteen immigration crisis but
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this is because of immigration we are twenty years ago a lot of these people are criminal or second generation immigrants the parents don't even if you want to be a bit dramatic you could say about the worst is still ahead of us. some locals have dubbed the troubled areas no go zones police though prefer to class them as vulnerable areas tries to by high crime rates and social exclusion social scientist adrian drug lawful believes the root of the problem lays with the poverty migrants are facing now you understand that look at how it got what it because it discovered what we have where we're not allowing. my grounds to get into the labor market so it's not that's that's a big brawl and here we are. in there we cannot wait to. party the first only a story. from the social democrat and getting into
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very very happy rights new york a not for politico. so all sort of course it got a lot to. a u.s. presidential candidate an award winning walker respondents a former trump advisor the u.k. opposition leader and a rock star on the face of it they wouldn't appear to have all that much in common according to one blogger though they're all supporters of so-called assad ism explains. labeling people as in fashion has been for the past couple of years in fact populist mainstream deplorable or when it comes to syria and a scientist like to say this to but it also supports the syrian president at least that seems to be the logic behind an index of names recently claude together i chose primarily this term rather than the narrower term pro assad because some of
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the public figures in this list explicitly denied being pro assad but still persistently repeat couper lines of regime propaganda narratives steve bannon and glenn greenwald boris johnson norm chomsky let's say the chances of coming across any other list banding these people together are slim you published an article full of lies because you're too lazy and or malicious to care that you're doing it i never defended the assad regime in my life this is astonishing how many useful directory of people defending this sudra sheen what an absolute joke in fact the author was quite meticulous coming up with a ten point quote unquote scale of a side ism and having read through those i figured that maybe i should offer my young bill assistance in completing this list as by no means does it look finished take this point implying the west has somehow supported al nusra or isis i think
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we're back in people we have no idea who they are the rebels we call of the rebels the patriotic rebels we have no idea lot of people think you know that they are isis how about expanding it with the whole staff of the us state department they denied entry to the leader of the white helmets over security concerns and after all being mean to them is a capital offense to any individual in any group. suspected of. ties or relations with extremist groups or that we had believed to be a security threat to united states we would act accordingly but as for those who are already on the. we've interviewed a couple of them documented is just ridiculous in many ways but it's also deeply concerning it is part of a witch hunt against people who don't accept the government line the military intervention in the middle east supporters based on no facts whatsoever. really.
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takes no account whatsoever of my actual views on. what we're looking at here just with this blacklist is something published by someone who we had never heard of before totally obscure figure this is just like comical level of research and it's being promoted by the same people who have been not only promoting western intervention in syria but who have been dedicated for the past two years to attacking and mirroring anyone who gets in their way over the list was a bit of a nobody before giving man to his catalogue but as its popularity swells let the public shaming commence. set for myself or myself on the team here goodbye for now see you again in thirty five minutes for the latest global news updates.


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