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tv   News  RT  August 30, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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neighborhoods particularly poor neighborhoods and avoided the rich neighborhoods and so his movement restructuring a city. you know for better or worse must goes in a point where it needs to restructure and so how do you do those things when you have all the millions and millions of people who have different ideas you have to listen to them and i think. robert moses was a woman named jane jacobson very much getting community participation but that slows things down a lot and you can understand when there's a need for change what people don't want to engage the community but nevertheless if you don't it doesn't work and so i think it's a very difficult i don't begin to second guess the things that have been done but i wish them well well mr buckley thank you very much for this conversation has been delightful i appreciate your time and i also encourage our viewers to keep it going on our social media pages as funny to see here again same place same time here and also apart.
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from. capable of producing chemical weapons syria's new one envoy gives a warning about extremists in the country but russia's fear of a false flag attack is brushed aside in washington. another false flag attack is being pursued to try to hinder the anti terror operation in libya going to be seen that before so you try to put the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into that. france's president stirs outrage among the country's
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opposition figures after he calls his own citizens french calls for resisting his economic reforms. plus a video of a young palestinian girl scaling and his really built a fence to get home in the west bank goes viral we speak to the activists who filmed the incident. and we need outspoken british rock star roger waters who's currently on tour in russia he's got plenty to say about the world's biggest issues and where he gets his new. gun which you should do it you should just read the stuff to telling me about. how she was. just pure propaganda nothing but a pack of lies what i want to show me. this is our to international bringing you your live news update this hour welcome to the
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program. a crucial battle is looming in the last rebel stronghold in the syrian province of idlib the u.n. special envoy for syria says there are around ten thousand all no sort of terrorists there and that the group is capable of producing comical weapons meanwhile russia's foreign minister has warned that a terrorist false flag attack is being prepared to sabotage the liberation of it live. i should in the middle of another false flag attack is being prepared to try and hinder the n.t. terror operation in a loop with the facts on the table through the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of defense we gave a clear and tough warning to our western partners not so play with fire but russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says the preparations for a staged chemical attack are aimed at keeping al nasra a force in the region to be used as a counterbalance against the assad government but the u.s. is ignoring these warnings the state department says they just don't buy into it
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the russians are claiming and this one other group stockpiling chemical weapons and planning an attack so you know i think that's more false flag reporting from going to seeing that for when they try to put the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into that but still that comes as a surprise because the u.n. special envoy to syria says that the estimated ten thousand al nusra fighters in the area are indeed capable of utilizing chemical weapons the issue of avoiding the book thing joe use of chemical weapons if indeed crucial and would be totally unacceptable we all are aware that both the government and have the ability to produce weaponized chlorine. and with regard to the syrian government's chemical weapon capabilities level of question how they could even exist at all citing the fact that the u.s. u.k.
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and france had overseen their destruction just last year and the syrian foreign minister also said that the west's aggression comes from dissatisfaction with the direction in which political tides are flowing in the country. and you see in the u.s. the u.k. and france are not satisfied with developments on the ground therefore they make every possible attempt to impede progress in the political process in particular they are trying to protect on this are insurgents and they want the crisis in our country to continue all sides of the conflict are aware that this is a critical point in syria it's the last pocket of terrorist resistance and russia is warning that they will try to stage a chemical attack in a final attempt to gain support from the west and perhaps gain a foothold once more in the country damascus and moscow they've already put forward efforts towards peace but the islamic groups have made it abundantly clear they
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will not surrender and with a zero sum game mindset it's hard to see why the most hard line terrorists in syria use every tool at their disposal to change the tide of war former pentagon official michael maloof says a false flag attack in syria shouldn't be ruled out. the united states doesn't believe that the rebels have that capability whereas there's tremendous documentation to show that they do have the capability they've probably been storing it for months if not years in the province they have used it in the past they have that capability and it is a last ditch hold for them so it cannot be ruled out it's not it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the u.s. is trying to get assad out they're going to continue trying and and even though donald trump wants to. get the u.s. out of syria there are elements within the u.s.
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government that don't want that to happen meanwhile the syrian foreign minister has revealed that the controversial group the white helmets has reportedly kidnapped forty four children damascus has suggested the youngsters might be used as part of a possible false flag attack in italy in moscow also believes the white helmets are system with a large supply of chemicals being moved to the area the white home it's which calls itself a rescue group has been accused of having links to extremists something they did not political activist and outspoken british rock musician roger waters from pink floyd who has long been a vocal critic of the white helmet shared his thoughts with r t he's currently in russia on tour and spoke at length to sophie shevardnadze. if there is a grassroots body called the way home and it's a volunteers. separate for the people who actually started in istanbul it was that
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it didn't start syria was started by an english it soldier. in istanbul but if that body exists. and they and they go and help people. in a sad or the russians or somebody else to stop observe them then i support them whole heartedly with every fiber of my being but all the evidence points to the fact that that is not the reality i don't know if you did you did you see the the documentary that won the oscar. i mean have you ever seen anything so obviously scripted and carefully shot. now facebook and google and you choose whatever the way that most people get their
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news and they use those. social media you know or in order to educate themselves or find out what's going on nothing but it's being it is being the content is being censored by the corporations that earn it so it so so it it won't be free and it's not free now but it's and they're very are targeting i wouldn't be surprised if i disappear because i'm anti war. when i was making this this record i just made is the life we really want. the guy who's producing the work of producing this record with me started telling me about how far to how or to use. just pure propaganda nothing but a pack of lies while i worked churchy so i've seen those you can see
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a documentary about fracking on american television because they weren't interested in it in time and telling you anything about anything the full interview with waters will be shown on sophie and co on september the seventh only here on r.t. . the president of france has described some of his own citizens as being stuck in the past and backwards manual mccrone said so-called french goals preventing positive change or praising the danish economic model on a visit to copenhagen is to give these looser and people who have lived through the transformations of recent years not exactly who are resistant to change the world those comments by president michael enough and not gone down well here in france with opposition politicians from across the political spectrum telling him exactly what they thought saying that he was showing contempt for the french people and
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they took to twitter to show their angry reaction as usual he despises the french from abroad the girls will be happy to respond to his arrogance and contempt. the contempt for mccraw for the french is unbearable and reveals his disconnect with the people of france we are in twenty eighteen a d. there are many on yielding goals who are attached to social progress who still fight against regression it is inadmissible to hear the president of the republic caricature and despise the french from abroad while many french everyday citizens also felt the hum from those comments from president michael unhappy that yet again while he's abroad he's chosen a venue outside forces to criticize what he sees as being the french resistance to his reforms but what many people thought as being a judge contempt for the french people let's not how president might console it in a press conference on thursday he defended his comments saying that he told the
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truth and he said that while people in france don't like permanent adjustments we are our country when in serious moments of our history we can be transformed to present my coin had been praising in denmark the danish system which means that it's easier to fire people from the job and it also means people that quit their jobs can have the social security as a bit of a buoyancy aid in those are things that he says that he wants to emulate hey in france with his reforms were forms which over the last year and a half have seen roof resistance over and over with many protests of people coming out to the streets to say they don't want my calls for foreigners to proceed.
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was. yet again president my corner has provoked fierce street. action with his comments at home while he's made them abroad and many people just can't simply believe the core of the president's. video of a young palestinian girl climbing an israeli security fence in the west bank has provoked outrage online now she's simply trying to get back to her house after the i.d.f. closed off her group home campaigners say this is happening all too frequently for palestinians we spoke to the arrow from the hebron freedom fund who filmed the incident. the army closes. you know do that every day and the distinctions are there if the students from the neighborhood use me in. a few minutes on leonore through the school we have a gives
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a school boy to school only two three minutes from that neighborhood but the solution policy in the separation policy. of the creation makes them. walk around and sometimes climb the gates and they climb the fences. let's take a closer look at where that incident unfolded it was in the southern part of the west bank and hadrons old city now israeli authorities put up a one hundred and fifty meter long fence there which you can see here in blue palestinians living there have two ways to reach their homes the first is the main entry exit checkpoint of that fence and the second the gate you saw being scaled by the girl in the video we asked the i.d.f. why they felt closing off those routes were necessary and they replied it was for security reasons after an israeli man was stabbed to death in the area last year but last thursday that specific gate was again locked for several hours israel
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claims it was for repairs after palestinian sabotage that the i.d.f. also stressed residents were still able to pass through the main security checkpoint it's not the first time the gate has been a flashpoint back in may israeli forces kept it close for six days as a punishment for stone throwing as they put it. against us palestinian families are facing segregation and inequality in their daily lives because of the barrier. the fence you know isolate the neighborhood on seven to seven families from the schools from the. from the universities from the
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other neighbors we call the gate and the old. unequally because that's stimulus from the main street is the jewish that those they will call the i mean street and living there they will go on the side of that old you know we have twenty two checkpoints one hundred movement in one kilometer square in the feet. a swedish parliamentary candidate has claimed he was attacked by a migrant during an alternative for sweden party rally in a town in the west of the country.
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we now go live to sweden and our correspondent maria from the russian there who was at the rally earlier maria what happened exactly. earlier we have witnessed a violent incident in the city of deval here in sweden at the meeting of the leadership of right wing turn into for sweden party with its vote. norden are meeting with the voters that every party has ahead of the vote but i have to say what is the party alternative for sweden is famous for ideas that so many can see there is too ready to maybe extreme for example they call on closing all the borders and send in a significant number of immigrants from sweden back to the countries they came from although the connection was never established a confirmed by the authorities or police. blames immigrants for high criminality rate in the country for burning cars throughout sweden and for several
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other violent incidents and they call on sending immigrants bag so you the came to this city of deval and they started talking about their program and their position and what they stand for and since there were many people with foreign bad rounds in the crowd gathered there things started boiling quite fast people started first shouting and throwing eggs to the party members and at one moment a youngster from the crown crowd attacked one of the leaders of alternative for sweden and later we had a chance to talk to. a man i have to say that the party had to leave the scene shortly after it happened and we met the guy at the gas station outside the c.t.v. this is what he told us. one of my colleagues from alternative being attacked by an
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immigrant you who attended to meeting him with. all over the meeting i was attacked i tried to protect my. friend and colleague this immigrant starting hitting both falls in the face both with a few eggs. when we left the scene they ran after and when we had to stop going to the red line they kicked the car. as you just heard another party member punched the attacker back and when police arrived they took the attacker to a police car and they detained him but let the party member go and that's part discontent of the people gathered at the square and they started expressing their discontent by shouting at police i'll say we have been able to speak to those who have gathered there on why they were not happy with the ideas spread by this
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alternative for sweden part of this what they told us. we really see still no streets still no streets party saying they want to take down all the immigrants and the people is unhappy they don't like as long as we can integrate them into swedish society and they become they become a swedish says me because i am also an immigrant from belgium. as long as they become swedish and they work and they do normal swedish things it's absolutely no problem as long as they they can keep their religion they can keep their culture but the should speak swedish and they should work. immigrants here feel like. they're not included in this. sweden is going to have general elections here in just ten days tensions are quite high ahead of the national vote that is described by many as a historic event because a ruling social democratic party the largest and the oldest party here in sweden
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according to polls could get its worst results in the last one hundred years with right wing ideas and far right. getting more and more popularity back to you maria financial reporting live from sweden then. stunning revelations have surfaced regarding the mysterious murder of three russian journalists in the central african republic the reporters were investigating possible links between the kremlin and private military companies operating in the country they were found dead in a bullet ridden car the investigation was sponsored by a russian tycoon and known critic of president putin and. this is led to some speculation in the mainstream media that the murder could have been politically motivated and hunter himself never shied away from doubling down on those claims do you have any reason to believe that these men were killed
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because of the work they were doing the you're pulling in the yes i think exactly that you however screenshots of the text messages between the team organizing the trip have surfaced and the russian media shedding new light on what could have led to the tragedy and it's prompted her to halt to support for the outlet that killed the journalists were working for we're now joined live by if you're trying to again and the studio to take us through this again what was in the league text then well there were dozens of screen shots of a messenger group and the people who featured in it were all three crew members their boss back from the h.q. and also a couple of producers in the screen allow us to trace all the preparations for working in one of the most dangerous countries in africa besides this entire group
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and the people back of the queue kept using this very same group chat as their only means of communication when the trip started and just have a look at some of the elements of these preparations. we've got a pretty small press cards in english and also a u.n. sign for the car. make sure you film how you get rid of the press cards do it in a creative way and with commentry so apparently according to these messages from their h.q. faking un credentials was part of the plan by the way besides this i can tell you that the groups and the patron make. later claimed that they were acting in coordination with the united nations however the when heard nothing of it and again if we go back to the plan it suggested that at some point they would use their freshly printed press cards but then burn them at
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a different stage of their trip and as you can see they knew that they were breaking the law by entering the republic with a tourist visa however they were acting as journalists on duty they didn't have any accreditation and that you may say fair enough most parts of the central african republic are lawless land now given that your logical assumption would be they must have had a go to person on the ground right well i can tell you that for sure they should have had a proper translator and definitely carefully thought through plan but the reality was though that they didn't even have the phone number of the man who was supposed to be their fixer and they were never able to get in touch with them he didn't show up at the airport and at the end of the day they didn't have and i ten or so issues started piling up one after another upon arrival and i just want to show you parts
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of the other messages that were sent by the crew back home. guys we're in a bit of a logistical disaster the locals are just in adequate gadgets are absolutely alien to them there's a feeling of total helplessness when it comes to language basically no one speaks english the journalist mission and the cia are obviously meant that they were supposed to sneak through some heavy security and here's what the cabmen texted in that group chat after one of their failed attempts to do just that we couldn't get in they said it's only possible with a permit from the defense ministry plus two cops met us with all our equipment by the hotel we had to bribe them then we were stopped at the checkpoint and other bribe but a smaller one the locals the cameras as
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a negative unfriendly thing what kind of directions did their bosses give them well in these messages we can see that their h.q. barged their group to stay on their track and continue to do what they were doing even though they were losing money on bribes and they couldn't even establish just so at least one successful attempt to get in touch with their only english speaking guide and you say i just want to show you these messages that the h.q. kept sending them when everything went out of control go there by yourself you paid a lot of money to get to this country you shouldn't give about any permit we need a translator to find him when he's held from being been you it's impossible to storm into the security retore and i'm not sure we have to go to the ministry and be tough with the bribes next time what rules did you violate tell them you're going to go to the embassy except for. this was their boss questioning their lation
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but they entered the country on a tourist visa which is a violation they were attempting to film stuff without accreditation again that's another violation however these kind of things and these things that have surfaced will probably not convince those who read the rust's to come up with conspiracies after this tragic story happened. thank you for breaking that down for us that's your global news update for now but don't forget you can always head to our website or to dot com for up to the minute reports thanks for tuning in. with no make this manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the
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ruling class is to protect themselves. in the final clearing go round the sun in the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room clean real news room. cranking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive truck people rushed to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation
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a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here in the slowdowns for much they lost jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal. kaiser this is the kaiser report even just rummaging around the studio here you find all kinds of interesting things this is a toy. that was popular a while ago to teach kids how to hijack airplanes says obama kind of funny and then here we have a russian listing go. through a patricia much much roast a rogue abortion and. putin you know it's all about j.
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thompson getting along with our greatest ally and friend russia here is you know playing to good for the kids and you know open up but there's other things in there so while we proceed here in the first half i'll just see what go what comes because you clearly cannot speak russian even though you russian double agent you must also call it nesting dollars that everything i know about russia i learned from watching boris and natasha on the bullwinkle show that's the same with most of our commentators are russian experts on the ball went a little rocky yes moral you know many squirrels make it to cartoon stardom but there it is rocky the squirrel the flying squirrel in bowling ball the moose great show this is how russia experts learn all their information about russia and the united states yeah but i want to turn to this education i'm talking about our experts on the new education i'm talking about are experts on the news here you know they learn from cartoons but in fact perhaps us the best way to learn because the knowledge economy is a myth we don't need more universities to feed it governments around.


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