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ten days ahead of sweden's general election anger flares at a rally where a parliamentary candidate claims he was attacked by a group. the nobel committee says the prime minister should keep the peace prize despite a un report on the mass killing of the country's for. you on the murder of russian journalists in the central african republic and serious security lapses in the preparation of that threat. the people in the white declaring war on yellow ribbons in the spanish city of we'll tell you why.
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thanks for checking in with the news this hour it's ten am on friday here in the russian capital i'm calling braille top story starts in sweden where parliamentary candidate claims he was attacked by a migrant at an alternative to sweden party rally and a town in the west of the country. well i think like five thirty five times i was sort of tensions flared during campaigning for a general election that's seen a surge in support for euro skeptic right wing parties. that we've gotten used to pictures of shootings and car burnings from sweden so-called vulnerable neighborhoods but the upcoming swedish elections has brought violence to an every day street one of my colleagues from alternative for sweden being attacked by an immigrant you who attended a meeting am with dreaming and shouting all over the meeting i was attacked too it was a i tried to protect my friend and colleague and this immigrant starting hitting false in the face also the few eggs at our vehicle when we left the scene they ran after
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and when we had to stop at the red lights they kicked the car. swedish police never confirmed the attackers ethnicity but the party member the phone to him as an immigrant but that is not all they blame immigrants for an overall high criminality rate and low security across the country although the connection was never established officially the alternative the party offers to sweden is sealed borders and immigrants sent back to where they came from we pass rationing instead of immigration they say and also a toff a police and a stronger army the meeting gathered some supporters but the majority came to voice their discontent because he was saying that we need to clean sweden we need to get over for under our care and see the need to be you know like back in the old days
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right without not really because if you look back in time three notes always take aim for injuries so if you didn't think in new people if when of course we are racist on our streets we are racist. oh no streets party is saying they want to take down all the immigrants and the people is unhappy they don't like it as long as we can integrate them to swedish society may become they've become a swedish says me because i'm also an immigrant from belgium as the as long as they become swedish and they work and they do a normal swedish things it's absolutely no problem as long as they they can keep their religion they can keep their culture but they should speak swedish and they should work miniger immigrants here feel like they're they're not included in the society police told us they are always invited to meet him it's like this one you many parties. have a lot of meetings so. i thought it was.
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a lot of people did lie. opinions that's why we called the police it's always like this one it's on two two elections sweden will hold the general election in just ten days tensions are high ahead of the national vote that could be historic the ruling left tween social democrats the oldest and largest party in sweden could see its worst result in the last one hundred years as rightwing ideas are gaining more and more popularity. from sweden they nobel committee has defended its decision to award man mas prime minister a peace prize that's despite a united nations report on the mass killing in atrocities committed by the country's government forces against the range of minority claims the government denies his all teased on a quota. the treatment of the roe hinge a minority in myanmar equates to genocide that's the conclusion made by the un with
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ethnic cleansing happening on the watch of nobel peace prize laureate aung sun suu kyi and despite public demand to rescind cheese award the nobel committee insists she should keep it. on. the un report demands me and marse top generals be investigated for crimes against humanity it also accuses midst of turning a blind eye to it all but that's alright because the nobel committee says it's only
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concerned with what happened in the past. it's important to remember it's a noble prize whether in physics literature peace is awarded for some prize worth the effort or achievement of the past i'm certain he won the nobel prize for peace for who front for democracy and freedom up until ninety ninety one the year she was awarded the prize. well if we're to believe the committee only cares about recipients pasts they're going to have some explaining to do here. yasser arafat received the peace prize for brokering a middle east accord securing palestinian rule in gaza and the west bank at the same time he was the chair of the palestinian liberation organization responsible for violence against israeli civilians who were. considered to be part of an illegal occupation arafat did renounce the violence before receiving the award but
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how about another nobel peace prize laureate henry kissinger. kissinger received the prize for negotiating a cease fire in the vietnam war it was set to share the nomination with north vietnamese diplomat late dr except the vietnamese responded with a big no thank you and to no one's amazement that's because kissinger had been secretly bombing cambodia throughout the nineteen seventies as disclosed in a pentagon report he approved almost four thousand bombing raids in just the first two years of the campaign. and last but not least as barack obama many were left puzzled as to what obama had exactly done to receive his peace prize but just like the others the nobel committee said it had something to do with his past only very rarely has
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a person to the same extent as obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future we are not awarding the prize for what may happen in the future but for what he has done in the previous year we hope this will enhance what he is trying to do what exactly obama did in that previous year is a mystery to most people. well their claim to be giving the awards only for the things done in the past i think is false if you look at the example of barack obama or any many times they have given the prize to someone who did not earn it. kissinger never remotely did anything to earn it before or after receiving it and it may be one of the worst i think they are looking for prominence in the news they are looking for. them. big headline rather. elevated someone less known who actually deserve it which is what the prize was
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intended to do when it was created. fresh revelations have surfaced which could potentially shed light on the mysterious murder of three russian journalists in the central african republic at the end of july with signs that their perilous trip was badly managed journalists were probing alleged links between the kremlin and private military companies operating in the country and they were found dead in a police car russian tycoon and vocal critic of president putin. sponsored the investigation that led to some speculation in the mainstream media that the killings could have been politically motivated claiming that the military contractors have close ties to the russian government. insisted that they were killed because of their investigation do you have any reason to believe that these men were killed because of the work they were doing. yes i think exactly that. i have a screen shots of text messages between the team openness of the trip and the slain
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journalists which have recently surfaced indicate possible serious managerial lapses prompted khodorkovsky to hold his support for the out of the journalists working for dr who could discuss the revelations with correspondent. the group chat featured the three members of the current also their boss back at the h.q. plus a couple of producers at this point the screenshots can not shed light on what exactly happened on that tragic day and the probe is of course far from being over but the screen shots allow us to trace the preparations that were actually being undertaken for working in one of the most dangerous countries in africa and also the crew and their h.q. people kept using that very same group chat as their means of communication when the trip began and just have a look at some of these elements of the preparations we've got
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a pretty small press cards in english and also a u.n. sign for the car. make sure you film how you get rid of the press cards do it in a creative way and with commentry so apparently according to these messages from their h.q. faking un credentials was part of their plan yes and by the way the group or later claimed that they were working in the central african republic in coordination with the united nations however eventually the un said that they knew nothing of it so again the plan suggested that the group could use their freshly printed press cards at one stage of the travel and then burn them out another we don't know the purpose of that well they knew that they were about to break the law by entering the country on tourist visas but as a journalist on active duty without any accreditation you might argue that most of
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the central african republic is lawless land so your logical assumption would be that they must have had a go to person on the ground then definitely a proper translator and for sure a carefully thought through plan and reality though when they arrived in the country they didn't even have the phone number of their fixer he didn't show up at the airport and they were never able to get in touch with the men at the end of the day they didn't have a proper i'd temporary and so issues started piling up one after another upon arrival and here's some of the other parts of the messages that the crew sent in the group chat guys were in a bit of a logistical disaster the locals are just in adequate gadgets are absolutely alien to them there's a feeling of total helplessness when it comes to language basically no one speaks english the journalists mission and the ca are obviously meant that they were
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supposed to sneak through some heavy security and have a look at what the cameraman texted and the group chat after one of their failed attempts to do just that we couldn't get in they said it's only possible with a permit from the defense ministry plus two cops met us with all our equipment by the hotel we had to bribe them. then we were stopped at a checkpoint and other bribe but a smaller one the locals the cameras as a negative unfriendly thing and what kind of directions did their bosses give them at that point they were told to keep going the group was losing money on bribes they were never even able to get and touch with their all the english speaking guide however when everything seemingly went out of control messages from age you kept urging them to stay on track to go there by yourself you paid a lot of money to get to this country you shouldn't give a about any permit we need
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a translator to find him when he's held from being the new it's impossible to storm into the security retore and i'm not sure we have to go to the ministry and be tough with the bribes next time what rules did you violate tell them you're going to go to the embassy except for this group chat clearly points at the fact that there were real security issues that the crew was facing before their tragic death . the u.s. says it shifting its focus from fighting terrorism so entering an arms race with other major world powers but is it playing catch up or going into overdrive to boost its own arms industry. great power competition not terrorism is now the primary focus of u.s. national security discredited that for a time. it
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. was. six. six. six. six you mention the maybe for example that we have fewer ships that we did in one nine hundred sixty governor we also have a few horses and bayonets but nature of our military changed. the world changed right russia and china appear competitors and we have to think about our defense different ways and we have in the past when you look at the three major shooting powers china russia and the united states all three directly china
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and russia are really upgrading their forces in the last five years so now the united states is playing catch up a little bit on some of those kinds of worth the problem isn't we spend more money than the rest of the world on military equipment and manpower this is about big business these country companies make billions off the united states plus the illegal arms shipment state they send around the world in ninety eight states is in a constant build up of weaponry and in a constant arms race. you know without say the olympics chief is on the far off the his latest comments on athletes doping among all stories still ahead when we come back.
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with this manufactured consent to the public will. when the ruling classes protect them so. when the final clear you're a live person neither will. ignore middle of the room six. million. john mccain or his republican cohorts like the bush family and others they will break cozy with ken lay who financed the bush campaigns of the bush presidency and when they got caught committing massive fraud on the same scale as a savings a long crisis the machinery was already in place thanks to john mccain who is a bag man for wall street for decades yeah to bail those guys out and make them all at the expense of the a democracy slash economy of the united states which is disintegrating.
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logan the international olympic committee president has admitted that the war on top in sport might never be won but thomas bach is come under fire for that comment especially from america's antti doping agency which claims back as the century just given up and actually have a chef he takes a look at all this could mean for russian athletes. while the world of sports continues its fight against doping the president of the international olympic committee has made a very honest and a very sad admission but pink. who will always happen. who's. one of the walls you cannot read those words did not sit well with the chief of the u.s. anti-doping agency traver tygart obviously a top flight but the leader of florence i don't can't simply throwing it out he
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probably has a point especially since doping scandals have hit tiger's own turf just this week alone two u.s. athletes received lengthy bans for substance abuse that's while pundits blame anti-doping officials for turning a blind eye when it comes to domestic sport or rather multibillion businesses like the n.f.l. but thomas back strong words weren't the trigger for your side as criticism tiger to assume that the i.o.c. presidents quote was essentially a precursor to water reinstating the russian anti-doping agency at that meeting scheduled for september twentieth but he did say that he hoped russia had learned its lesson the hard way and would be welcomed back into the world of sports and that was something tiger stressed must not happen would be a devastating blow to russia's largest credibility as well as the hopes and dreams of millions around the world who believe in clean and fair competition russia and its anti-doping agency have been imprisoned for several years now after the
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publication of the so-called mclaren report which detailed accusations of a state sponsored doping program the result many russian athletes banned the country's anti-doping agency effectively shut down and why they're handing over a lengthy criteria list for resigned to be reinstated last year the agency acknowledged that nineteen of thirty one points had been met and just this month the president of water said there were only two conditions remaining. two off thirty one but they still had to be purified i think relationships to the point that we have yet to purify the two conditions that are still outstanding sure more needs to be done with new accusations and new anti-doping investigations russia still has three weeks to put things right so has tiger jumped the gun in demanding russia to be kept out the final two criteria we're talking about. russia is supposed to say hands up the mclaren report was right we did engage in state
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sponsored doping russia has absolutely rejected the mclaren reports finding not because they don't believe you russia's quite rightly said we want the evidence thomas bach himself has requested the evidence and so far nobody has seen it apart we presume from mclaren it is only a guess at this stage but i think the first steps to a reinstatement will be taking place towards the end of september when there is a big meeting of water and i think the outcome will be that russia will be readmitted but i think it will be an unconditional reinstatement but eventually i think people would just have to say well ok russia are not admitting the been state sponsored doping but we need them anyway they are a world power in sports and sport needs russia keeping sports clean is something that both the i.o.c. president and ahead of us anti-doping agency are striving to achieve but can you
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really demand one thing from another country when similar dopping scandals break out in your own backyard one thing's for sure the next water meeting in the seychelles is looking like politics and doping will go down the finish line. an anti-fascist rally has seen thousands march through berlin come from response to anti migrant protests in the city of kemet twenty people were injured in the course of clashes there between opposing groups. our europe correspondent peter all of the reports. of thursday evening saw a small demonstration taking place just behind me here in the city of the group calling themselves proclaim that they have come out and said that they aren't happy with the current system now they were saying from the stage that was set up just behind me that there was a an anger certainly towards what they described as the western media portray them as right wing neo nazis they said that they definitely weren't going to fit from
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the right wing or neo nazis what they wanted to say that they were always angry with the state officials here in saxony particularly the prime minister who they said was a disgrace. when we see what asylum seekers are getting compared with old people poor young people germans these are facts i don't need to say anymore it's not surprising that people explode. what happened on sunday was on the beginning of something that has been simmering for a long time here. now for the german interior minister had pledged that he would be sending extra police to him it's to make sure that there wasn't a repeat of the violence that we saw on monday evening we've seen police vehicles with registrations from far and wide across germany here is reinforcements have been drafted in but this all came about following the tragic killing of a thirty five year old man in the early hours of sunday morning in the city of
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camden it's now two men are in custody in connection with that killing a twenty two year old and a twenty three year old one from syria one from iraq now that prompted sparked a. violent rampage by football hooligans as well as other members of the fight on sunday which said we're looking for foreigners then we saw clashes on monday evening in k. . it's between the between those people who are described as the far right and also from n t fascist demonstrators from the far left that was older than twenty people being injured two of those police officers thursday evening know people here are upset with the way they think their politicians in particular aren't paying attention to them when it comes to refugees and migrants and who has the right to be here and that's the way it looks and can that's right now. yellow
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ribbons used as the symbol of support for jailed opposition politicians in the spanish region of catalonia have been removed overnight by anti independence activists in the city of drona eighty people wearing white suits and masks gathered up the ribbons into rubbish sacks a group called themselves brigades to clean yellow ribbons and to free catalonia a spokesperson told us they wanted to show the public spaces should stay neutral. when the white suit is our way of putting forward our demands we put on the suits to draw attention we also consider it to be a form of protest first of all we went there to get rid of those yellow ribbons and to deliver the message that public places are neutral that they should be neutral our opponents should respect public places everything depends on the camp you belong to we believe that their freedom of speech ends where ours begins it's that simple that one a members of the right wing pro unionists citizens party in catalonia joined in to with its president. moving ribbons tied to roadside fences enough bubbling
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places belong to all catalonians who will defend them every day. today moved to yellow ribbons from the next place will continue to defend the streets and squares of. meanwhile pro independence activists have been busy putting the ribbons back again they say they represent democracy and those who removed them are restricting the freedom of secession supporters and politicians were arrested for their role in an independence referendum last october which was ruled illegal by the druid leaders of the movement were accused of rebellion and sedition the referendum sparked mass protests and violent clashes between demonstrators and police. allegations of racism of cast a shadow over one candidate's bid to be the next governor of florida in the united states.
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he is an articulate spokesman for those far left views and he's a charismatic candidate so we've got to work hard to make sure that we continue florida going in a good direction the last thing we need to do is to monkey this by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases. the last thing we need to do is to monkey this. let's talk about that stunning upset in the florida florida gubernatorial race florida's democratic party has called those comments disgusting and accused the santas of making racist dog whistles that's how white folks talk about what. it is zero to do with the race shot it has everything to do with whether we want florida to continue to go in a good direction there are moments when you need to apologize and that's what needs to happen from the congress and.
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well that's the way look for moscow this salvia next oxy will news in a little off an hour from now next though yemen struggle to be master of its own destiny one ensuring the world's worst humanitarian crisis. shows. just don't. just don't. let me. get to shape out of this thing comes to educate and indeed from it because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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you know world big partisan group a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the hand. all four different versions of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the list did
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not shoot around a corner. come to sophia and co i'm sophie shevardnadze as former get money president salih a killed by his once their country's civil war takes an unexpected turn. and that is while a saudi imposed book a threatens hundreds of thousands was starvation what is official hold for yemen well i asked about call karma on a famous yemeni political activist and nobel peace prize winner. the civil war in yemen has seen a new bloody twist with the ex president saleh killed by his former allies the battle lines are being violently drawn.


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