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tv   News  RT  August 31, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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it was. new revelations on a controversial murder case that sparked chaos and the german city of cabinets as a prison guard admits to the arrest warrant a migrant suspect. ten days ahead of sweden's general election anger flares at a rally for a parliamentary candidate claims he was attacked by a migrant. and the power of dialogue washington declassifies hours of conversation between former u.s. and russian president bill clinton and boris yeltsin r.t. takes a look at what went on between the two world leaders. this
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is our two international bringing you your live news update this hour welcome to the program. a german prison guard has turned himself in after admitting he leaked an arrest warrant for a migrant who was a key suspect in a murder case has turned the city of chemist's into chaos as opposing rallies come out in force over the refugee crisis in germany the officer says he wanted to end all speculation concerning sunday stopping it was clear to me that i was violating my fish would you tease and i also knew that i would probably lose my job as a result i want the public to know what has happened i want the speculation about a possible crime to come to an end. following the incident police arrested a twenty two year old iraqi man and a twenty three year old syrian both were charged with manslaughter artie's europe correspondent peter over brings us the latest. prison guard is he's been
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suspended from his job after admitting that it was him that leaked the photograph of those arrest warrants he's a thirty nine year old man who was working at the corrections facility in dresden he says he didn't know that it was a legal for him to share these documents to leak these documents. but he may well face criminal charges for doing so we heard a little bit of the statement that's being put out this is through his lawyers this is the only way he says he's going to be communicating from here on out said he didn't he did it because he didn't want the media to speculate on details as to who the arrested were he went on to accuse the press of having manipulated the facts in the past the put across a narrative that they wanted to see every day as a prison officer i am the focus of what has happened in our country from a few years ago and this intensity and manner nevertheless every day i see that most people are lied to about the changes in our country or do not want to accept
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the truth however at least regarding the manslaughter or murder in chemnitz i did not want to be a part of the silent crowd anymore but in response to that statement that was put out we've also heard from the justice minister of saxony who said that in doing this it was irresponsible it was serious and it could well have impacted upon the investigation itself we cannot tolerate a public servant who does such a thing in any way and we will take strict action we've also been getting some more information or certainly information has been doing the rounds in the press here in germany about one of those suspects the twenty two year old iraqi who's in custody he came here from iraq through bulgaria in twenty fifteen knots right at the height of the. looks a refugee influx into germany he actually should have been deported back to bulgaria however that deportation notice wasn't carried out what we're hearing in the press is that he was very well known to police and fire reports saying that he
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had several drug charges against him also reporting saying that from those who lived with him in refugee home saying he always carried a knife with him but it was the stopping today of thirty five year old man that those two men were arrested for you stopped dead in the early hours of sunday morning here in cannes that resulted in. a rewarding right wing crowd on sunday. what we are getting ready for is a big demonstration it's expected well will take place on saturday afternoon here in came that i'll be here in amongst those crowds are expecting a large crowd from the right also a large county demo from the left and a very large presence from the police they're being drafted in from all across the local area even further afield as well as they try to make sure that there isn't a repeat of the scenes that we saw on monday night and those clashes between left
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and right. to a swedish parliamentary candidate has claimed he was attacked by a migrant and an alternative for sweden party rally in a town in the west of the country. tensions flare during campaigning for the general election seen a surge of support for euro skeptic right wing parties and as maria international reports the country is also seeing a spike in crime levels. we've got two knees to pictures of shootings and car burnings from sweden so cold vulnerable neighborhoods but the upcoming swedish elections has brought violence to an every day street one of my colleagues from alternative for sweden being attacked by an immigrant you who attended a meeting am with dreaming and shouting all over the meeting i was attacked two of them i tried to protect my friend and colleague and this immigrant starting hitting both of us in the face both with
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a few eggs at our vehicle and when we left the scene they ran after and when we had to stop going to the red lights they kicked the car. swedish police never confirmed the attackers ethnicity but the party member with phone to him as an immigrant but that is not all they blame immigrants for an overall high criminality rate and low security across the country although the connection was never established officially the alternative the party offers to sweden is sealed borders and immigrants sent back to where they came from we pass relation instead of immigration they say and also a toff a police and a stronger army the meeting gathered some supporters but the majority came to voice their discontent because he was saying that we need to clean sweden we need to get over four under our care and see the need to be you know like back in the old days
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you might leave that not really because if you look back in time three notes always take you in for injuries so if you didn't think in new people if when of course we are racist on our streets where race is still no streets party saying they want to take down all the immigrants and the people is unhappy they don't like it as long as we can integrate them into swedish society may become they become a swedish says me because i am also an immigrant from by. jim. as long as they become swedish and they work and they do a normal swedish things it's absolutely no problem as long as they they can keep their religion they can keep their culture but they should speak swedish and they should work miniger immigrants here feel like. they're not included going to say police told us they are always invited to meet him it's like this when you many parties. have a lot of meetings so. i thought if.
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a lot of people did lie don't like. opinions that's why we call the police it's always like this when it's time to elections sweden will hold the general election in just ten days tensions are high ahead of the national vote that could be historic their ruling left wing social democrats the oldest and largest party in sweden could see its worst result in the last one hundred years as rightwing ideas are gaining more and more popularity. from sweden. british prime minister theresa may has wrapped up her tour of africa and it's been memorable not only on account of the impressive trade and investment promises but also for the kenyan leaders description of one former u.k. official and associate explains we all know that our former u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson is no stranger to causing offense except this time
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around he got a taste of his own medicine from the kenyan president who standing side by side with british prime minister to resign may had this to say last year you recall the foreign secretary then boris. or is it is. by school good or well known not only did this bicycle guy calm and make headlines but also cause the u.k. delegation to chuckle as well as brought a smile to to reset may's face now one of the reasons potentially that the kenyan president would have a bone to pick with boris johnson could be the comments he had made in the past among them saying things such as barack obama being described as according to johnson as part kenyan with an ancestral dislike of the british empire as well as some other offensive comments such as watermelons but when it comes to theresa may
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of course the reason she would rejoice in a moment like this potentially is some of the issues she has herself with boris johnson not only did he quite recently resigned u.k. foreign secretary because of disagreements over her stance on bracks it but also because of the political rivalry going on between johnson and me of course we have to remember that boris johnson potentially becoming the next conservative party leader has been the talk of the town here in westminster him having quite strong support among the party and meanwhile of course we know that recent may's popularity and approval ratings have really been dwindling and she knows it despite having been caught dancing a couple of times on that trip there and keeping up appearances. the u.s. has declassified six hundred pages of private conversations between the former american and russian presidents bill clinton and boris yeltsin the dialogues took place between one nine hundred ninety three and one thousand nine hundred nine one for
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sale to the left office election collusion nato expansion and the future russian president vladimir putin were among the many topics discussed between the two parties takes a look for us. now that we are at rock bottom in terms of relations between russia and the us it's bad now we pine for what they work backward presidents could talk frankly joke laugh heck even collude for elections bill for my election campaign i urgently need for rush or a loan of two point five billion dollars i'll check on this with the i.m.f. and with some of our friends and see what can be done those were the days when you could funnel billions to get your pals reelected real friendship right there clinton even helped yeltsin with a heart operation their wives now in the yeltsin and hillary clinton visited each
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other shopped together unfortunately it wasn't very equal friendship nine hundred ninety six the united states was strong russia was in its knees crime corruption stagnation it seemed to get the rule or end of every deal it remains a mistake for nato to move eastward nuclear and conventional arms cannot move eastward into new members to the borders of russia i've told you no one is talking about a massive all out accelerated expansion two years later nearly a dozen european states were invited to join nato the czech republic hungry poland bulgaria is still in latvia lithuania romania slovakia slovenia so yeltsin tried everything he even begged. let us have a verbal gentleman's agreement we would not write it down in the statement that no former soviet republics would enter nato i cannot sign any agreement without such
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language especially ukraine consider what a terrible message it would be were still organized against russia but there's a line across which we won't go pleading didn't work so we'll turn tried warnings. russia will pull out of the agreement and consider it now and void i know what a terrible problem this is for you but i can't make the specific commitment you're asking for not even complaints could get through you are conducting naval maneuvers near crimea it is as if we are training people in cuba how would you feel it's unacceptable to us the spite of all that they were named friends even joke together three months of the pre-election races taken its toll i feel somewhat tired i saw the picture of you dancing with the girls in the band and you looked wonderful i'm disappointed that no one sets up events like that for me in my campaign they were
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frank so frank in fact that there generals would get a little nervous the they discussed ditching their nuclear briefcases what if we were to agree giving up having to have our finger next to the button all the time perhaps we could agree that it's not necessary for us to carry the chima down chick well i'll have to think about this all we carry of course are the codes in the secure phone yes you and i are the only leaders you have to do this mr president given the responsibility of your office and president yeltsin's it makes more sense for the two of you to have these devices with you at all times it was simpler in those days the world was younger and no one knew what the future held for example would the united states pull out the viewer up. the u.s. is not in europe europe should be the business of europeans russia is half european and half asian so you want asia to sure sure bill eventually will have to agree on
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all of this i don't think the europeans would like this very much not all but i'm a european moscow is in europe and i like it you can take all the other states and provide security to them i would take europe and provide them security well not i russia will bill i'm serious give your up to europe itself europe never felt as close to russia as it does now good days good friends and then yeltsin just up then left leaving behind a successor that clinton was sure he'd get along with shortly you will have a meeting with mr putin i would like to tell you about him so you will know what kind of man he is he is a solid man who is kept well abreast of various subjects under his purview he is through and strong very sociable and he can easily have good relations and contact with people who are his partners who will win the election in of course he's a democrat and he knows the west he's very smart he's tough he has an internal
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ramrods and he will when you do business together strange to think that most of the issues problems they discussed in those days still the main themes of today nato expansion and encroachments european security trade and no one's what's changed is that russia has grown up turns out it's much harder being friends when you're more equal. more to come after this short break.
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just don't call. yet to see palo. alto. and in the detroit. trail. find themselves worlds apart we try to look for common ground.
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welcome back plans for a historic railway meant to link north and south korea have been blocked by the us led united nations command washington stance has provoked a negative reaction from both seoul and p. and yang a joint field study for the project was planned last week but was cancelled by u.s. military officials the entire career and rail project was supposed to improve trade and tourism between the two koreas it was also intended to set the stage for future investments in the north if sanctions on paying are lifted now u.s. president donald trump has had a love hate relationship with north korea's leader in the past. and we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place was rocket man should have been handled a long time ago the united states has never been closer to potentially having something happen with respect to the korean peninsula that can get rid of
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the nuclear weapons can create so many good things so many positive things and peace and safety for the world so we'll see what happens. we're now joined live by author and human rights attorney eric surat ken welcome to the program now the north and south have had no railings for over sixty years this would be a breakthrough project for them when it is these are all great through steps you know the united states would frankly get out of the way which is unfortunate you can see the incredible efforts and the incredible craving for peace and reunification that we saw in the eyes of the family exchanges recently we've seen the hopes for peace on so many levels with president hu and chairman kim jong mood so consequently those are being thwarted now. as a quite a reminder that the u.s.
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still holds quite a military grip in the region and why do you think the u.s. would want to impose on something that could be so important to the peace process. why do we not have peace after so many decades lot of it has to do is the are there people within the administration who frankly benefit from instability gives a certain kind of edge of the law has a certain level of military spending so allows us to have our bases paid for by south korea in south korea it allows us to export billions of dollars of weapons there so consequently there are always people who are going to fight against peace but in this period at this essential time when we're about to have another summit between north and south in september
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it seems to me that this is a reminder to both north and south that the u.s. has never given up its wartime authority in south korea and if you think think about what other nation on earth could not make a decision on its own to build a railway through its neighbors country when both countries agreed this is unparalleled in our rural that other than in palestine and in a few other places and so consequently we must see this as such an opportunity for engagement and not have it be a situation where the sovereignty of these nations is so threatened by this and that reminds us that south korea does not maine a full sovereign nation with rights like this when the u.s. can step in and block it through the u.n. command that they run it in south korea. trump also recently canceled the trip of
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his top diplomat to pyongyang but then you tweeted this week that he has warm relations with kim jong un that seem like there's a lot of mixed messages towards the north coming from d.c. well d.c. in the last year too has been a bastiaan mixed messages unfortunately and so yes but when you start going into the international realm and you send messages as one thing and that another and it's evolved with nuclear weapons and and possible war time activity it can be very very dangerous and so you can't on one hand say i'm going to trust you i'm going to respect your sovereignty as a nation and then whether two countries start to take steps in that direction and stop and try to block it when it's going forward in
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a positive direction this with been a great step pre-summit in september between nations and i really hope that the south koreans will have the courage to step up and president mona showed it before where he's gone to washington they key points and intervened because of interference from washington when the first summit was cancelled for example and i think he'll step up again and explain why this is essential to peace eric throat can offer and human rights attorney thank you for joining us on the program. the u.s. says it's shifting its focus from fighting terrorism to entering an arms race with other major world powers but is it playing catch up or going into overdrive to boost its arms industry.
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great power competition not terrorism is now the primary focus of us national security to spread a good fit for our time. six . six. six you mentioned the navy for example that we have fewer ships than we did in one nine hundred sixty governor we also have a few horses and bayonets the nature of our military is changed. the world changed right russia and china appear competitors and we have to think
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about our defense different ways and we have in the past when you look at the three major superpowers china russia and the united states all three of directly china and russia really upgraded their forces in the last five years so now the united states is playing catch up a little bit on some of those people who are the problem isn't we spend more money than the rest of the world on military equipment and manpower this is about big business these country companies make billions off the united states plus the illegal arms shipment state they send around the world the united states is in a constant buildup of weaponry and in a constant arms race. that's a recap of the world's top news for this hour but don't forget you can always had to our website r.t. dot com for the latest on all those stories and more for you maybe thanks for tuning in i. i
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. john mccain and his republican cohorts like the bush family and others they will break ozy with ken lay financed the bush campaigns of the bush presidency and when they got caught committing massive fraud on the same scale as a savings a long crisis the machinery was already in place thanks to john mckay as a bag man for wall street for decades yeah to bail those guys out and make them all at the expense of the democracy slash economy of the united states which is the senate. cracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities needed to come up here to make some money
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like me twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year trucks or chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar. but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing it's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal. with this is the cox's bazar neighborhood in bangladesh just recently this land was
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a rain forest but no there are refugee camps. and the fun summer problem the intake refugees. with out of range on feel. they can find the ancient my great tree roots among the sea of tents. in the last twelve months twelve men have been trampled to death by elephants however the elephants will have to retreat outnumbered by about nine hundred thousand refugees in the coxes bazaar camps around six hundred thirty people have migrated here from my own ma in the last two years alone. and.
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noted that i've been madea be better than that in a bonded about it or. away about it got a bit out of it again a bit of a film ok what are. you thought about even today. i am not going to doubt that i. am i was done i said i met a lot of that it would be taking. any. kind of ha ha ha ha ha ha the little guy does a little. bit of looking on me and if you. didn't know that you the rainy season is coming and the refugees turn this will be washed away by mudflows unless they're resettled closer to the jungle bank to my own mom i don't want my. thought i. want it. now that i know that i don't want to bother but i thought it would. come out of my game i
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don't not have a lot i want to get on the. phone on one of those thought i had that. not that i mind i had a little more money on them i don't want to go out to. the world now knows about the massacre in iraq he has stayed in the village of tula totally moans i beg them is only thirty but she already feels like an almost woman her body is scarred with the sun wounds how she and her daughter the only survivor among three children managed to reach bangladesh even she herself can't understand why would love been mitigated then i would but then did ash fall out of the day what on earth would it of the bushel put in the way to market it will. the more loudly the minute that it would it go to what i then would your model out of bottom of the issue out of the bottle what i let out of the body no i don't like get one call on it i.


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