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tv   News  RT  September 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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rector of the bureau of consumer protection at the federal trade commission were dedicated to pursuing law enforcement actions to stop unlawful practices including fraud against consumers but this is andrew smith less than a year ago representing equifax a company investigated by the f.t.c. for a massive data breach my name is andrew smith and i'm a partner in the law firm of covington and burling i'm appearing today on behalf of the consumer data industry association. members include the three national credit bureaus equifax experian and trans union we have the mr smith a twenty eight team heading the watchdog that is still probing the corporation that he defended in twenty seventeen a clear example of the revolving door between the federal government and its trade secrets cable company r.t. new york. a passenger jet overshot the runway and caught fire in southern russia in the early hours of saturday leaving eighteen people injured including three children the boeing plane operated by you tear airlines was unable to land for more
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than half an hour due to adverse weather conditions at sochi airport when it finally touched down the plane skidded off the runway and into a riverbed the wing and undercarriage were damaged when it crashed through the airport fence and burst into flames there were no fatalities among the one hundred seventy people on board but airport officials say one rescue worker died from a heart attack russia's investigative committee has opened a criminal probe into the crash on suspicion that the airline might not be up to service standards meanwhile sochi airport continues to operate without any reported delays. still to come america's top diplomat has hit out at russia and president assad claiming they are trying to escalate the conflict in syria the latest on that in just a few minutes. john
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mccain and his republican cohorts like the bush family and others they will break cozy with ken lay who financed the bush campaigns in the bush presidency and when they got caught committing massive fraud on the same scale as the savings and loan crisis the machinery was already in place thanks to john mccain who's the bag man for wall street for decades yeah to bail those guys out and make them whole at the expense of the a democracy slash economy of the united states which is disintegrating. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy from day shouldn't let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful and very
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critical time to sit down and talk. welcome back to the program dutch police have confirmed that the stabbing at amsterdam central train station on friday had a terrorist motive two people were injured before authorities shot and hospitalized the suspect the man detained is a nineteen year old afghan who lives in germany his house has been searched as part of the investigation authorities in the netherlands and the u.s. embassy have confirmed that two people seriously injured in the attack were u.s. citizens but it's believed they were not targeted deliberately because of their nationality. syria now where the russian defense ministry says it has received reports that a terrorist attack on the ancient city of palmer has been thwarted it comes on the
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back of the u.s. secretary of state accusing russia and president assad of escalating the syrian conflict he described plans to liberate italy province from extremists as an assault by compare also said civilians there would bear the brunt of the offensive against terror groups r.t. had a chance to speak to the syrian foreign minister about the fight against your hardest and his country. first of all the international community should recognize that it leapfrogged syrian territory and this syrian government must regain full control of it secondly as president assad said our priorities live by that peacefully which we prefer or use in the military thirdly it is clear that the new city is listed as a terrorist organization by the united nations to protect c.b. then. we have opened and humanitarian corridor it has been open for two weeks and
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we have already received hundreds of families on these bases and i can say that if military action is considered necessary it will be only. the news that those groups who are in favor of a settlement deal should voice their position and me their commitments in terms of for reconciliation. it live has been a haven for rebels and their families a vacuum added from areas retaken by the government almost three million people currently live in the province and the tense situation there has led to the west and russia exchanging strong rhetoric after the u.s. and its european allies warned syria against using chemical weapons in italy. syrian armed forces have no chemical weapons and no plans to use them there is no military necessity for it it is not enough for the russians to assert that the syrians have no chemical weapons sensible people will not use militarily useless
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means to draw the fire of three powerful countries upon themselves the russians are claiming and this one other groups are stockpiling chemical weapons and planning an attack and you know i think that's more false flag type reporting it i'm going to be as a seen that before when you try to put the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into that. the chemical weapons provocation which is being prepared is aimed at keeping al nusra that we believe these egotistical unilateral political games counterproductive the issue of avoiding the potential use of chemical weapons if indeed crucial and would be totally unacceptable we all are aware that both the government and the north that i have the capability to produce weaponized glory investigative journalist rick starling says western nations don't want to see the highly trained foreign terrorists in syria returning to their home countries. elements within the united states and nato for that matter
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want to prolong the conflict they basically want the syrian government to let the terrorists stay in the province we can just imagine what might pompei a would say if there were thousands of terrorists in oregon and washington states in the united states they wouldn't have any patience at all for that the situation is complicated right now it's difficult because there are thousands of foreign fighters there these are trained terrorists with a lot of battle experience and they've been supported by the west they've been supported by the gulf by including including turkey and none of the countries that have supported the terrorists want them to come back to their own their own countries of course and it's kind of hypocritical for my pump ale to criticize syria for trying to expel terrorists from its own its own territory. effort to deescalating tensions on the korean peninsula have hit another snag plans
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for a historic railway meant to link north and south korea have been blocked by the u.s. led united nations command the u.n. has controlled movement across the demilitarized zone separating the north and south since the end of the korean war last week planning and seoul were due to start planning the project but that was halted by the un body to enter korean rail project was supposed to improve trade and tourism in the region human rights attorney eric sirota can things the u.s. should stop meddling and the korean peace process. these are all great through steps you know. the united states would frankly get out of the way which is unfortunate you can see the incredible efforts and the incredible craving for peace and reunification that we saw in the eyes of the family exchanges recently we've seen the hopes for peace on so many levels with president movement and
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chairman kim jong il and so consequently those are being thwarted now all. as a quite a reminder that the u.s. still holds quite a military griffin the region that's a recap of the world's top news for this hour but don't forget you can always head to our web site r.t. dot com for the latest on all those stories and much martin thanks for tuning in. and out of our going out of that how can other than our beloved know that that not
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out of the mouth of the money there's been an american mind. this was a good time to. try to move. slowly down the line you know how little money not why not act and then again to our son or ex chanting in the hall people we believe the media. model of my kids i don't want them up aside johnny boy are you the moment i've got a mother how do it all the kids or is it a little i'm a little work in my building looking at the pins i don't want to put out they are the most hardy without all the more the clothing. join me every thursday on the i like simon shore and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. skies are this is the kaiser report the show that goes for other states and you know it's now like a week later after senator john mccain has passed away and i think it's time now to review some of the stories that were set in motion some of the major macro economic events that started. from his time when he first came to power back and you know after he was a release from prisoner of war camp in one nine hundred seventy three from vietnam
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up till today when he was first in office early in the eighty's we had the keating five so i want to remind people about that and how that still has impact today because the keating five were five u.s. senators accused of corruption the one nine hundred eighty nine igniting a major political scandals part of the larger savings and loan crisis of the late one nine hundred eighty s. and early one nine hundred ninety s. now senator john mccain was one of the five senators he was the only republican the others were all democrats. senator john mccain was ultimately cleared but the fact is that he apparently well he did meet with a federal home loan bank board the f.h.a. l b b in the night in one thousand nine hundred seven to intervene on behalf of charles keating who at that time was the largest of the savings and loans banks and was clearly very corrupt and in fact had basically encouraged a lot of his pensioner and older people depositors they had convinced them to buy
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all these bonds and put those bonds into the parent company of lincoln savings and they lost hundreds of millions alternately but he went to his very good friend senator john mccain went to him. and he also by the way paid for him to go on many vacations john mccain and his wife and this guy charles keating basically convince them to go talk to the regulators and get them off their back so it was only until he he successfully got them off their back for two years and the bank then collapsed two years later and almost took down the u.s. economy in the global economy but this is the sort of pattern that we see around the world and i know keating five of the savings and loan crisis very well of course i was working on wall street at the time and here's the most amazing thing about the estonia crisis of that period is that in response to that crisis and this was when people were gaming the system of federal deposit insurance to steal money essentially the response by lawmakers was to make that particular type of crime
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that was illegal in over fifteen hundred people went to jail bankers went to jail as a result of the inquiry that was after the savings and loan crisis they changed the laws so that that type of law breaking was made legal and it set the stage for the two thousand and eight subprime crisis subprime crisis of two thousand and eight was a repeat of the savings and loan crisis people ask how come nobody want to jail because after the savings and loan crisis from the one nine hundred eighty nine period the laws were changed to make that particular type of fraud legal essentially yes the lincoln savings and loans crisis was one of seven hundred forty seven s n l's that collapsed it cost that in total it cost one hundred sixty point one billion dollars of that one hundred twenty four point six billion was paid by the u.s. taxpayer and then the economy did go into recession in one thousand nine hundred ninety one but here's another phrase another quote that could be straight from what
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donald trump said when he was just a candidate trump keating was hit with a one point one billion dollar fraud and racketeering action filed against him by the regulators. in talking to reporters in april keating said quote one question among many raised in recent weeks had to do with whether my financial support in any way influenced several political figures to take up my cause i want to say in the most forceful way i can i certainly hope so. right another legacy of the s.t.l. crisis was the beginning of the american oligarch class because remember the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of busted banks those assets were put into the resolution trust corporation and then held by the government over a period of time and sold off sold off for pennies on the.


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