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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 1, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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state used to be a separate kingdom you had vote was slums and buddhist living day that kingdom up for a kind was conquered by the burman kingdom the boundaries got redrawn oddo there were a kind king down became oddball bangladesh and the adam became part of nemani off the independence the constitution said all people within the boundary of them ah ah citizen so you could claim that there are two way and yeah mom became citizens. on the way some of them as far as president it wasn't mine mom back then had to flee the country with his family it was after the military coup and the death of his father in prison under unclear circumstances. before the coup. we were on top of the. president's family
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ruling. after the cool people were scared to talk to us in case the military came for them as well. and didn't think i would get involved in politics again when the people of burma started demonstrating against the military in one nine hundred eighty eight i decided i should get involved at that time outside the city also rose to prominence i worked with husband to try to free her and i support attire for the last twenty that he is. when she was released from. house arrest and i was invited back into the country she. was too busy to meet with me to see. how destructive she yesterday. carol kissed you.
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and you take. it. i was the middleman i was trying to bring different groups and the government together we are supporting the. meirs on the offices of ten different armies. may sound funny but. at least twenty one different fighting the government when there is a clash the nears and officers are the ones who will intervene right away to make sure that the unintended clashes do not become a big battles so in that way we are helping to keep the however in twenty seventeen in the way it wasn't allowed to intervene in the row hinges situation his visa was revoked without any explanations given returning to the mayan ma media on those rare occasions when we were allowed to leave the bus we only met people willing to
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back up the authorities story. damage you doing to me to be certain really didn't just. come in. to new gear at our office blueness will go. to court there. is no. dog but then for the money that they will court ordered with a move through with them as with your. disease hindu girls were brought to meet us and legibly they were kidnapped by muslim fighters who killed their families and took them to bangladesh by force. passing out. fashion of their last family loudly no not that i want that money not planned to money. and
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a little bit in the other isn't it isn't the government is. not. only. nothing. but it in august. seventeenth. the myanmar government reported that. the ira can go in just salvation he had attacked. the police post and government offices simul pena sleep the young mommy was also already in place and rakhine state they had already brought in reinforcements to be able to deal with that so the question is how did they know to me a lot of these reports on not credible this was
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a good time to. try to move. out of nemani. this point of the media tour around my and the border between the country and bangladesh for not acting there again why it generated the whole people. said ben is seven hundred thousand people. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the lawn. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be rescued . it's
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a right to be for us this is what the forecast the three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. question. because you know provision i might want to know what it is on those that i like. oh. you're so you know i lost his boss because i just got the. resources you know just like anybody on a month on those it doesn't but that's honest i don't know if it is for any of them . so i says you know if i was you not. you not just i mean my most wanted i'm already whatever sped up out of me just going to go eat i mean the lord . has been up and i must admit that he feels i just don't get it i'm getting noticed but those were the off the list people saw that those people are going to respect i'm one of those but i was just this well is part of this. my family facet
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of all my just but that they're already here said whiskey and in the thought of getting out of calling. my thought aloud. franking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money like me twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could meet fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive trucks people who rushed to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like the gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and the bus station a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's
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a tough reality to deal with. it's a so-called new man's land where you find the most reluctant refugees they don't want to venture too far from the for. it's that separates them from my and never the less that most so afraid to return worrying whether they'll enjoy the same rights as before the government is actually clearing the game on to make new houses will you want more of them. i don't know i don't want to get down to them now we're going to want. to do whole lot comes. one day when seize power he decided they needed to homogenize society so he started pushing out foreign ness of all the west and then the indians and the chinese then he also tried to push out their own jap
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people by changing citizenship law requiring that everybody had to prove that they had been in for three generations have documentation the problem was that there are people. of cost and not have documentation going back because nobody had documents . media to organize this were resistant to the last to make the village of india in parts of the route we were never shown the mass grave sites and the locals denied the murder of a took place. i know that that group took ill governments to prove. if full. time people or support did you think that if they can get past three and it is. this fellow claims the only victim was his father and he was killed by muslims. we finance our father
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over forty. years time to doing it from the bit to carry it to my father or the time one month at the time of the month. that there was a wrote one pinpoints. a whole bunch of tartarus muslim people around here. so don't want to. prevent or that really your problem actually is at the time we would love to but to get into transition of that. we believe to be here. the range of people who fled to bangladesh claim the mine my military targeted civilians and not the terrorists. and the training to find out what the military may have calculated the west response to the expulsion would be knew to be caused. by. who is
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a democracy and they may not want to touch or. point to. a model with a lot on my little bit of the plot at the moment i needs only. the one of my in my heart i don't like i am what i would be really but i got them when i got that idea maybe not but that i did the deal but i let out a dominant bottle that i don't i do not and will do this. is what it is daddy i know what it says and i'm done with that he wanted. to taunt it. kind of fun and i did that in the little. minute to that and then i. got done the foot of the way that i know of this without
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ever learned. the good the name that is going. to get would it matter that out and i'm happily do what. i did the the. thank you did. however have only good one on the arm when you go by going in. that family i have family not the dallas santa then on top of the money. out of them out of the money that i didn't put in and i got out of him i'm. sure knowing the world and want to forget it cannot suddenly think there was no way that's why i don't have a good in. america these dinners are you money going. rounds or less you doing years out of the hollywood you know i mean you're before your founder i know the
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money you go there again i don't i don't when you are doing it on the young to the i don't mind we're going to go out of one gathering you're going to bring in money for. nothing but. the only thing it mentioned by the authorities and confirmed by the remaining muslims is that people by the name of roe hinge don't have any civil rights here education medical care right to freedom of movement it was taken from them back in the ninety's. people happened really oppressed very. openly and it's surprising that they have not had an. insurrection earlier. in the ninety's there was something called the solidarity organization but
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they did not get much support from the. people and today is in the same situation most people will not support and struggle they want to live in peace. how the row hinge akula chiefs has been stuck here in one of the oldest later refugee camps new conks is bizarre for sixteen years. as an event in a. bottle to. the mother of the civil. family and her a buzz of isn't that a lot of cities in the bar love that it's a devious one of the. hour they're born out of that night when their mother got a war that ended in a bun not didn't know. some of the how mccauley. activists were in that manage that only mine are all the mother. of course but there's really no idea that
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monica's foot are let out only to the end always out of the holding in santa. monica zoom out of the kitty and i am not like other than the homeowner any of them in the dark about. i was there a warning in the animal that the mother then the law that we're going to terminate . the wrong compass is bizarre lentil soup survived numerous waves of my and my immigrants but this time their fields were all occupied by row hinge attendants looking the most of them on the moon was a month i wasn't. there to the party it will begin with ella but this ultimately does that the cat does it with is that those that are said to the alan i have date them for the rest that whatever they decide. the no going to grandmamma the body going to like estonia on the envelope alan.


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