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tv   News  RT  September 2, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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these hindu goals were brought to meet us and then they were kidnapped by muslim fighters who killed their families and took them to bangladesh by force. but nothing no. discussion of that loud and a lot of loudly not of them want to get out had not. only done a little bit in the other is good it is. not. only. that nothing. of it and not just. the myanmar government report that.
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the ira can go again just salvation army had attacked. the police post and government offices simul pena sleep the young mommy was also already in place and rakhine state they had already brought in reinforcements to be able to deal with that so the question is how did they know to me a lot of these reports on not credible this was a good time to. try to move. them on. this point of the media tour around my and the border between the country and bangladesh for not acting there again why it generated the whole. seben is seven hundred thousand people.
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well the moon. tonight. little not enough favorites. it was a levels from somewhere you know. i came back to the community. people we obvious found in on the road look at me all about us all bible going towards him. alive for a little while i was like oh no. that's. right. says. she's going to learn to use your money don't think that any of us old enough.
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but as you don't. know we're going to this. level it doesn't cut does it also i am not touching me in my life. i see a man have to die. join me every thursday on the i like simon chill and i'll be speaking to get a little bit politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. it's a so-called no man's land where you find the most reluctant refugees they don't want to venture too far from the fence that separates them from my own ma never the less that most so afraid to return worrying whether they'll enjoy the same rights as
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before the government is actually clearing the game on to make new houses well you want most of all the holes i. don't want to get counted them now we're going one with whom we've got a little. lot on. sunday when seize power he decided they needed to homogenize society so he started pushing out foreign ness first of all though west and then the indians and the chinese then he also tried to push out their i and jeff people by changing citizenship laws requiring that everybody had to prove that they had been in the amount for three generations to have documentation the problem was that there are people. of cost and not have documentation going back because nobody had documented. the
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media to organize this were resistant to the last to make the village of indian part of the route we were never shown the mass grave sites and the locals denied the murder of a took place. i know beds that mold proof. governments to prove. if school. time people were or did you think that if you're faking it for in. this fellow claims the only victim was his father and he was killed by muslims. we finance our father over forty. years time to doing it from the bit to carry it might. time by month of the time of the month. that there was a rhodes one push through a whole bunch of tartarus muslim people from around here.
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so don't want to. prevent or that really your problem actually is at the time we will help you but to get into transition of that. we believe will be here. on. the range of people who fled to bangladesh claim the mayan mom in a tree targeted civilians and not the terrorists. find out what the military may have calculated the west response to the expulsion would be knew to be. governed by. who is a democracy and they may not want to touch or. point to. a model with a lot of time i really have a lot of the thing on the ballot and needs only. the one of my in my heart i don't
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like i am what i would be really but i got them down when i got that idea maybe not but i have a deal built on that and i bought a little better than i do not a google. on it so id i know what it says i'm done but that's the one that. told it. kind of london to. the. minute to. god on the foot of the island that i know of this without ever learned. the name. i would imagine that out and i'm happily live where he. didn't. have a home legal one of the dorm would go by going in. that family i have family
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not the dallas and then down time someone. out of them out of the money that didn't want him and i got out of him i'm. sure knowing the world and want to forget the cannot of the local elections wait until after i have a good in. america these dinners are you money going. around soliciting years out of the hollywood you know i'm being your lawyer your founder i know money you go there again i don't i don't when you are doing it on the young to the i don't mind doing it again or not and when you are the one you're going to give them money for. nothing nothing done.
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by the authorities and confirmed by the remaining muslims is that people by the name of rohini don't have any civil rights here education medical care right to freedom of movement it was taken from them back in the ninety's. people happened really oppressed very. openly and it's surprising that they have not had an. insurrection earlier. in the ninety's there was something called a solidarity organization but they did not get much support from the. people and today is in the same situation. most people will not support an armed struggle they want to live in peace. this is. how the row hinge or cooling achieves has been stuck here in one of the oldest later refugee camps new conks is bizarre for
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sixteen years. as an event in a. bottle of. the mother of the civil. families and yammer about the reason that a lot of stories in the. activist one of the at. our the. general when the mother got a war that ended in a bun not that i'm no. longer the mother how macaulay could try to. manage that only. the mother must come again of course but there's really no idea that monica's foot are let out only to the end or out of the holding in the center and. i don't know what he does them out of the key and i thought of that the whole wanted me of them in the dark about. how i was not only give. them all the models then the light on with them into the night. long cox's bizarre lintels have
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survived numerous waves of my and my immigrants but this time their fields were all occupied by row hinge attendants looking the most of the number was a month i wasn't. there to the plotting it to begin with elop will dissolve the thing done that the cowboys had to do is that they're that i said to the afghan i had a temporary right that whatever they decide. you know again the grandmama of the body going to like estonia is that on the envelope i'll do that oh and then i have the bit about the look of a gun to get it what is going on the other girls one of the books i don't know that . we don't know most of all the locals are scared of rumors about fighters across the border disguised as refugees even mothers or stumbled into the many were going on about the. this range a refugee was kidnapped and held to ransom by people who control crime around the refugee camps in cox's bizarre some of them so really nobody. caught up with the
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woman the past. the rock. gave. her will to live your father will sob been. cited very mighty mighty mighty mighty . mighty mighty mighty in get with. him by day the. mighty rabbit. and. god clue she will do their god or their unit into one dalek clear defrosting that didn't want to. particularly and. the most here. hundred to three. hundred years then so much anybody of any earth. so this is going to get out the house of potter
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be thought of their comfort with the song is going to dive into the groove of montana kind of modernism saga and the land they will lose i don't know many have lost all hope of returning home and have even started families here for a while later camp resembled a village but a place to live a new human child has pushed away illusions. and i see them on the i see. the money. that was in the room and the animal that. brought it to you should i move over. a minus or such couple of the animal is easy. to get a. little bit in the. mine mother agreed to take trustworthy refugees back but the identification process has taken months time and the media chose goal was to show how refugees were brady to return little johnny out. i don't
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know why he thought of those and if i don't know how it would have been out with a. movie and on a diet you got to go off. and do not go out if you got it and it was probably. going to get. refugee will stay in the camp for no longer than three days and then they'll be brought to special settlements in military trucks these new muslim villages and located far from buddhist and hindu ones at the time of filming they were ready. to load it in to do for me. but while allowing us to do all the feel good with the women not to care for the lamas and were looking at the rule book. they did there would be a. valid you know want to read on israel. this would be known don't lot the amount of. did that would in india. the whole
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journey and it he says who know in it. to me and which tell you. i think it's you think this is the. deal mohammed who we found in no man's land when he came to bangladesh told us why the refugees a sense scared of the transit camps. like it is a kind of genocide is. that kind of dance that. was on welfare in the local buddhist mall for many many unwanted guests and i get a middle of a kind of stick so i go about a man set out because like i did with the white house as still as didn't live in there i did make i have to up to six yes a lot the lady is keep getting the lyric element i do you know that's what i do. yes i give good good don't like to. do this yes. i joke with the
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american people with the fact that i might have heard them although maybe they live down on the bottom of it you know at the moment of their doing as much about it of . this time also dollar man who will take bag in the national level in the end yes but i think he does not go with a. suit to reduce only into an operation so now modern man sat out the transit camp. two times it can want i.d.p. camps like concentration and so would all like. i do we want to go daddy low water homeland i want to home about a man ma saying. he didn't ship and include all in all right see if you think long time our water future generation will in those.
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who. don't use volunteers and everyone who doesn't belong there must leave the camp space for five pm it's a strict rule no one can guarantee your safety after dark in the morning people will be lining up again waiting for handouts of food medicine and bamboo the road hinge or reinforce their houses with bamboo before the rainy season comes and claims its new victims. some people will languish here for the rest of their lives . however i would. choose. john mccain and his republican cohorts like the
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bush family and others they will break cozy with ken lay who financed the bush campaigns of the bush presidency and when they got caught committing massive fraud on the same scale as a savings along crisis the machinery was already in place thanks to john mccain as a bag man for wall street for decades to bail those guys out and make them all at the expense of the democracy slash economy of the united states which is disintegrating. because you know provision on my back when i wanted to. get. there for your height oh i lost his boss because i just got the. resources you know . anybody among my fellow those in prison but the best honest i don't know if it has been any of the. choices you know but it was you not. you not just i mean my most wanted i'm already but it was for the better of me just go read it in the i
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remember we're going to. give it up as well i must admit that really feels i just don't get off on getting noticed but those with the oh they're just beautiful sounds those people are going to respect i'm one of those but i was just this well is part of. my body and we could all credible my just but the thought already yes it will be and in the thought of getting up there calling with you you seem to mean think it is my thought i love. when else truth seems wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any belief yet to shape our disdain comes to agitate and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look
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for common ground. just. you know. several hundred people during opposing rallies over migration that have taken the german city of by storm the protest sparked off after a local man's death and arrest warrant for the suspects. left wing demonstration. in the middle of the right wing demonstration. gets a little testy amongst themselves. pre-election polls in sweden show split over migrant numbers as euro skeptic and right wing parties rattle the ruling social democrats.
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a passenger jets kids off the runway at russia's airport catching fire leaving eighteen people injured. are broadcast live from our studios in moscow this is our. thomas certainly glad to have you with us. and police have arrested some three hundred people during the most recent protests in germany city continues to be the scene of rightwing rallies which have been met with counter protests several anti migrant groups arranged a so-called silent march this saturday in protest against chancellor merkel's policies rival demonstrations have taken place in cannes next throughout the week protests started after a local man was stabbed to death by police people the police described as being various nationalities his brother was there for hours. while the demonstration was organized by. many now they explained to me that the.
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demonstrations in the beginning of the week that they had counseled and joined in no said that they were going to join in with the a.f.p. demonstration a woman things we can see is coming so they're very keen to make sure that there's no no protests that are being allowed to get closer than one of the organizers dreaming and shouting at the press that they need to move away this is the press we're here to talk about you what are you twenty why are you pushing me all the way . and what you're seeing for the demonstration from the day is a large crowd that's been gathering steadily at the end of the street. the anticapitalist screen you can see is it ponce spread so right along the street that they are being kept far away as possible by the incredibly large police presence we've got a left wing demonstration about half
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a kilometer that way i'm in the middle of the right wing demonstration and they're starting to get well a little testy amongst themselves that was only some of those amongst the right wing demonstration that came here today on having a fight ok. well . violence on the right of demonstrators. journalists out there they were not shielding his microphone and were beating it out behind. the right wing crowd they were. trying to attack the police and being escorted by the same police officers towards the train station just over my right shoulder as the demonstration is their demonstration os it was planned to wrap up some chemist's protesters also displayed portraits of people they said were victims of attacks by migrants as
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mentioned saturday was only the latest day of protests in ten minutes let us watch how it all unfolded. yes. was. it tough confrontation is expected during sweden's general election that with the
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country split over a surge in migrant numbers it could see the governing that left wing social democrats lose their upper hand in parliament at the same time their nationalist opponents are being widely criticized with claims of racism marches where from national reports. nationalist sentiment is producer on the project change tones here are going to continue for the upcoming general election the un team migron sweden democrats party looks set to make big gains they define themselves as social conservative with a nationalist foundation but the swedish media is warning of something more and say our rival politicians he says but it is a racist party with nazi roots that's what i've always said that the sweden democrats deny i could say sions they are racist and say they a focus is on smart immigration policy this is like the old all way of trying to
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scare people off from voting for us sweet innocent x x remain the europeans our policies are not the extreme are. politicians are not extreme in general however when end to racism group has been doing some digging and found candidates to the parliament from the sweden democrats had links to the new nutty group the national socialist front we had some bad eggs in our party. just today it was revealed that even you know the center party or the liberal party they have people who have killed people who have sexual assaulted females so unfortunately that happens in every party but because the swedish left wing media hates the sweden democrats they tried to bring that up more than for the others critics of the sweden democrats are still convinced their defining feature is racism a central point for them the central goal is to keep sweet and white thoughts to these people that came from. skinheads now two white power
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organizations during the night they are now the second largest party yet there are way more radical forces in sweden this far right camp alternative for sweden formed by those expelled from the sweden democrats for being too extreme was there's still a steve let's say that the sweden democrats were quite good but they are getting more and more liberal more and more politically correct and they are not the ones to save sweden today so we have to create a new party a tougher party which is not politically correct a party which dares to speak out about repatriation because it's the only solution to sweden problems we gave the immigrants everything in this country we have tested everything and sweden is today a country in a real mess alternative for sweden's chances of claiming a seat in the parliament are slim but not as slim as the nordic resistance movement
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basically present themselves as he'd lost soldiers. i. was the one to your life when they call you like me now and the people gathered you sound like no not in our studio you're right there yeah then right marched right brainwashed to the wrong very wrong what is your opinion on now is. what they were great not just. the greatest you know the really have huge and i know it's nothing i mean is that correct nothing is it no national socialism or the number of the supporters hardly more than two or three thousand significantly more people account of protesting needlessly to inform the country's communist party thinks the threat posed by swedish nazis is fear we much exaggerated but that they have a really good media strategy when politicians they would go the. threaten people
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and make a lot of noise and being really tough and dangerous and look really scary and in the media will write about this but i mean there are not so many people they can be a real threat the we individuals but on a societal level they are just. they are nothing if former swedish police officer with african stuff and sherry quit his job to help migrants like himself integrate he's known as a voice of reason in sweden and believes nazis is getting too much attention but offered a different explanation for that maybe sometimes it is easier to focus on them because look nazis we know who they are we have the knowledge and when it comes to . make more extreme subjects we don't know so much so we don't want to say the wrong things or we don't want people to think that we say the wrong things despite
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being shamed as nazis by the media and politicians are right and far right movements are still winning people over in this once liberal nordic state but these parties are showing they will confront current migrant policies head on lead for better or worse. great no shouty reporting from sweden. the u.s. has declassified nearly six hundred pages of private conversations between former american and russian president bill clinton and boris yeltsin they took place between one thousand nine hundred three and one thousand nine hundred nine when yeltsin left office election question nato expansion and the future russian president vladimir putin were among the many topics they discussed our correspondent regard you have comment. now that we're at rock bottom in terms of relations between russia and the u.s. .


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