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tv   News  RT  September 9, 2018 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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you know this is. the old days when there was and still there was a funny and these kinds of. nationalist as we do democrats party makes big gains in a general election dominated by concerns over immigration. the second wave of demonstrations in eastern germany this time over the death of a twenty two year old man in the town of chords. and in the week's top stories british authorities it named two suspects in the spring in the case while moscow points to inconsistency is in the u.k. version of the.
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broadcasting live. this is our t international i'm certainly glad to have you with us all right now the right wing sweden democratic party has won its largest ever share of the vote in a general election dominated by concerns over immigration with ninety nine percent of the ballots counted the sweden democrats have almost eighteen percent of the votes and it has been a disappointing night for the ruling social democrats they have just twenty eight percent their worst result in more than one hundred years swedish moderates are in second place with nearly twenty percent with no clear leader emerging the result paves the way for lengthy negotiations on forming a governing coalition the leader of the sweden democrats jimmy. has hailed of the result was a breakthrough for his party. you'll be at those were the only people i know who has won this election is the sweden democrats because that's how it is we are
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strengthening our pivotal position and increasing our seats in the swedish polity you see that we are going to get incredible influence in the future and no one can take that away from. now this would moderates have agreed to start talks with the christian democrats on forming a conservative coalition meanwhile the swedish prime minister stefan love in has said he will not be resigning he called for a cross party cooperation to keep the sweden democrats out of power accusing the nationals from trying to increase division and. current politician analyst. charles or tell believes the result is a blow for the leadership it doesn't seem like this is going to be a clear break with the past i think it's a rejection of the current leadership i think it's a combination of. concern and care about the state the bad state of the immigration influx in the violence and the under reported in unreported crime situation which
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both swedes do go about but which the government and the corporate own media refuse to publish and you know i think it's past the tipping point and i think we have to be watching sweden not simply in this coming week but in the months and years ahead it's going to change i hope either for much for the better or much for the worse well before the election maria financial had traveled to the southern city of helsingborg to gauge opinion on the most divisive issue in this election immigration. the swedes will be a minority in our own country within two or three decades even if you stop all immigration now we will become a minority that's the demography journalist in good carlquist has been branded a racist by many she's calling for the borders to be closed and all immigrants to be sent away nowadays when people call me a racist i say ok fine let it say that i'm
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a racist can we now go on to discuss the facts the fact is one's one of the most have more generous populations in europe almost a quarter of all swedish people today have a foreign background and some parts of society really aren't happy with that reality sweden is not swedish anymore i mean this is still the change here used to be a small little shop where you could buy hot dogs now it's sort of a cap sure you never find it is regional dogs anymore. now. this breaking news. is just here. all the signs or interrupting. your order nor is owner of oh no no no no no you're wrong with me even if we don't actually. i'm very sad that sweden is not
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a swedish country anymore it makes me want to cry i don't regularly nice my own country if you like crying cloyd in the ocean. we don't talk about it because so used to that all swedes say oh we love immigration we love all you are come here so they get really you know they're not used to us we say what i say that's what they get. while we continue to walk with the camera more and more people come up to us most of them to argue. to complain it is nice but. so easy even immigrants think that we are a meek country that we don't have good laws tells us he's been an asylum seeker in sweden for almost fifteen years with no work permit and no id so how do you get your money when you get. migration. but. who pays that money.
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you know who pays migration swedish taxpayers you know how much money how much we work and how much taxes we pay i don't understand how this can go along for fifteen years as a nation we did swedish migration agency and immigration minister and ministry of justice and social democrat party without getting any clear answer yet. on the agency's website twice he was denied asylum in two thousand and four and two . thousand and seven his third application is currently pending according to swedish law an asylum seeker can appeal against the decision if there is refused today fifty thousand immigrants remain in sweden illegally have to failed asylum cases and nother seventy five thousand are still waiting on the migration board's decision including. for the third time in fourteen years today i have this id.
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like a dog. or a swedish id. until to morrow comes from hold a so-called l m a card very fine him as an asylum seeker he can legally stay in the country and receives the coolant of iran and seven euros in swedish crowns every day and other social benefits but he's banned from studying or working here. i don't need to take his money if two thousand two hundred it's not money is right but give me a paper i drop in the box like her. and for me it's not just refugees here question the system's efficiency but the locals and both sides of the political spectrum people have a sensation of that the society is slowly deteriorating everything is going the wrong way you cannot ignore also the fact that we have nineteen a given approval for two three point three million people from other countries to
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live here and seven percent of them have been refugees according to the united nations and the rest have come here for for many other reasons. and this discontent breeds fear and anger when it comes to immigration and migration but given paper. hate to do that. except i like how low wake up is it me i'm not part of our eyes is it me boy i do what i gotta do to make like promo for you cause you not give me a paper. from sweden. rallies have been held in germany over the death of a twenty two year old man in the sound town of court the incident has been blamed on migrants hundreds of people took to the streets and were met by heavy security presence in the latest update medics are now saying the man died of
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a heart attack two stars packs are still being held in connection with that death of the. two afghans were provisionally detained on suspicion of homicide the reasons for and concrete circumstances of the incident are not yet known. according to german media the incident took place on a playground where three afghan men started an argument with a pregnant woman two locals are believed to have stepped in leading to the fight. this follows riots where elsewhere in germany and chemists after a man was stabbed allegedly by iraqi or syrian my cards.
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german officials have blamed of the unrest in chemist's on the far right. when today someone gives not salutes no streets that's a disgraceful country we must get out from our couches and speak up the station and see you only ten minutes government is that the forefront of the movement making it clear that right wing radicalism has no place in this country chancellor angela merkel has echoed that sentiment but support for her government continues to fall
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with the latest polls giving the coalition an approval rating of twenty eight percent and the anti migrant alternative for germany is pulling out a record high of seventeen percent. on the syria now russia's defense ministry says american warplanes have dropped white phosphorous bombs on there is or province the pentagon has denied that allegation or to jacksonville the earlier discussed the story with my colleague you know neal. thank you what further details did the russian military give them this well according to them on saturday two a u.s. led coalition jets bombed the town enduros or province in eastern syria with white phosphorus munitions and that's of course an incendiary munition and according to the statement massive fires were seen in the area afterwards at this point it's unclear whether there were any casualties resulting from the bombing or the resulting fires but we have asked central command for comment on the situation but we've yet to get an answer from just give us some more detail if you will on white
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phosphorus weapons what makes them so dangerous that will the use of white phosphorus in civilian air areas is banned under international law because the weapon is so devastating it's an incendiary munition and it burns until it's deprived of oxygen so when it comes in contact with people it can cause second and third degree chemical and thermal burns even burning down to the bone itself and of course and burns it also produces a dense white smoke that if and hail can lead to illness and also possibly death out regardless of all that there have been reports in the past of the u.s. using such weapons including last year in syria and iraq and that caused outrage among human rights groups such as human rights watch who said it's used by the u.s. quote raises serious questions about the protection of civilians now for their part the u.s. has said in the past year when these accusations first came that they use such rounds in general only as smoke screens and signals and those uses are not banned
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under international law leaving the u.s. a loophole to keep such weapons in their ammunition. u.s. prosecutors have admitted making a false claim against an alleged russian agent story and more coming up you're watching weekly on our two international. you know world big. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final. we can all middle of the room see. the real news. i welcome back as the weekly on r t international and u.s. prosecutors have admitted to falsely accusing. and alleged russian agent now awaiting trial in custody of offering sex in exchange for employment in
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a court filing prosecutor said of the accusations were based on text messages and other information they had obtained but conceded that they wrongly interpreted the conversations i can july maria boots and i was arrested on charges of acting as a foreign agent without registering with the u.s. government moscow called the arrest politically motivated.
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human rights lawyer dan kovalchuk says the sex allegations were an attempt to destroy britain's reputation i think in order to bootstrap a pretty weak claim against or they originally had the salacious claims of her offering sex for employment which frankly would rise to the level of case anyway. but frankly in order to destroy her reputation which they probably have actively done it is alex of atlantic
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a case will be dismissed and there's nothing here i think this was a political gambit frankly to deal with a bigger geo political issues to try to ruin. you know the outcome of the summit between trump who she's being used as a political pawn by the united states and the state this she's charges will be dropped but in the meantime life will be destroyed. all right this week british authorities released photos of the two men charged with the poisoning of russian double agent sergei screwball and his daughter in march the suspects are said to be russian military intelligence officers acting on direct orders from moscow. the.
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british media our lives have made the most of the story with headlines such as putin's hitman on our streets and putin's smiling and fastens but as what i've got you have comments of there are major questions over britain's version of events we're sure but we are sure it's safe now but don't touch anything we're sure they're russian but we don't know who they are contradictions everywhere based on a body of intelligence the government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and c.p.s. offices from the russian military intelligence service. also known as the g.r.u.
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just check it out so you can. go and you know just whether they are actually serving officers in russian intelligence agencies we have significant lines of inquiry about who they may think we will people to come forward and give us the evidence you'd think they would have to know who these two suspects aba for accusing them of being russian military intelligence agents but no instead there are asking the public for help to identify these two men who to raise it may already seems to know this was not a road operation it was almost certainly also approved outside the g.r.u. a senior level of the russian state would be real. if they just called up the russians and asked them with passport numbers and everything but they aren't on speaking i can confirm that we have had no cooperation from the russian government on the other hand how do you complain that someone isn't being helpful when you
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refuse to pick up the phone. with. the british and voice said that the u.k. site will not present any materials london also refused to present any other information about the case passport numbers patronymics data from the reasonably cation and so on we understand that they will be transmitted via interpol so here we are the british refusing to so much as acknowledge the russians and moscow and refusing to budge until the brits respond to certain questions look the russians have asked for fingerprints harmless rights of the two suspects the british say they'll hand over nothing and then complain that the russians are being held for contradictions by the meticulous and painstaking searches and although unlikely it is impossible to guarantee that there are no other materials present in the souls
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of all the experts advise that the evidence to date does not suggest any long term health risk from short term one month contract with low levels of this agent so which is it might be a tad confusing for locals in salisbury everything's fine and save but it isn't so we don't pick anything up and keep an eye out is it over or not and then of course there's the huge gaps in the investigation we don't yet know where the suspects disposed of the ritual they used to attack this cripples front door where dollar and charlie got the bottle that poisoned them or is it if it is the same. there has been used in both poisonings they don't seem to know what happened to the container for months and months and now asking the public for help to identify these suspects who they've already identified as secret agents of the discipline g.r.u.
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and to explain what happened to the nerve agent container which the said discipline secret agents just seem to throw away for ease of identification doesn't seem very professional one of the deadliest substances known to man ended up in a charity bin sudden away after six months we are told this is how the poison came into the country in a power few bottle why could we not been told that before why was not put out now what is the stop these two people picking up a perfect bottle with a poison in it one of them dying as a consequence why are we not being told why have we not been told the full extent of what the danger might be and sos written i've still not been resolved the poor people there are still suffering so as i say i think there's a lot of questioning a lot of suspicion about this in britain these two people if the are russian intelligence officers are more austin powers than james bond two killers traveling on the same airplane from moscow and then back to moscow leaving in
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a skip or charity skip a perfume bottle full of an agent with a russian name having tried to kill two russians with it if you set out deliberately to set up russia for this crime that's precisely what you would do someone trying to blame russia could not have done a better job than this good day the head of britain's counter terrorism scored neil basle in his press conference when asked do you have any evidence of russian state involvement in this crime he served with one more to know and to top all that off. all of the british insisted could only have been the russians first they said that the new russia manufactured nuva chalks and then that fell through the russians pointed out a dozen other countries capable of doing so czech republic admitted they had synthesize small quantities for defense britain's own chemical lab porton down
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admitted it had micro stockpiles contradictions everywhere. crowds have rallied in rio de janeiro in support of a brazilian presidential candidate who was recently stabbed at a campaign rally people chanted their support for. a model according to the latest polls the right wing politician is the front runner in the election which will take place next month. give a speech calling for his father's attacker to know it's just was. also offered a knife wound in the abdomen during a rally on the thursday a suspect was arrested and has been named by brute brazilian media the motive is yet unclear while sanaa is in the hospital in stable condition. former excuse me part of sorry about that jailed of former president lula da silva
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was earlier favored to win the election but was disqualified due to a corruption conviction. it's friday tourists are usually told to keep a safe distance from predators but a park in the russian province of crimea is allowing people to get up close and personal with a two year old male white. oh . oh oh oh. oh.
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oh oh oh oh oh oh. you know that those are from the back with more news at the top they are watching the weekly arch international. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sport i'm sure i'll see you then. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. hearing dramatic development the only really
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i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we hear. you blowing needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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globally joe carter. go. to go to brooklyn don't go through. oh oh oh we're. sorry for conclude. video. resume some of the details.
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but i'll say that the way the law was written. i didn't have it in my mind i would be walking down the corridor of a totally free person but i'm thinking ten states in twenty years here which is also a lot yes a lot but not in texas standards because texas turns out last census like it's
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candy. these are the two options that can happen here and we need your vehicle out. ok and where do i fall. from that room here you would fall this way that way so that doesn't make sense that it makes sense or ok the other one is if i'm getting in the vehicle and you're turning to do what have you got to do is. yes. he's already here pow pow so that's what happened what's going to happen you're going to follow this with like this and this is what happened this is what they said i'm not sure if i'm going to be equal. i need your vehicle and then i i'm not sure if he felt like this or like this but he felt he felt toward where he were. so i was this guy here getting it this wasn't this guy getting the only option if he fell for discovery here shut it.


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