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president putin reveals that russia is like that for the member states of the chemical convention in the quarter so they will place your w. and georgian by the very through assyria action coming from some to the gay sions it least. they did a geisha capable of. not so blinded by russian propaganda the statement was a very put positively and. evaluated. back to march this year russia was here done for the presidential elections. we have been
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preparing and we had been preparing for the world cup. did the russian needle something like these absolutely not the commission is cool did they need to these kind of toronto events and they answer use of the. opponents of the russian federation those who try by all means are to do you great leadership and actually slap new sanctions on the russian for the duration it was an attempt to influence. the course of the russian presidential elections told him also war against the background of all the claims sold the russian meddling and the american election. now another of the big stories we're tracking today if you cheat in twenty four hours ago. we've got an update to
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it russia's reconciliation center for syria's announced that militants in the province of stage they say film they say nine false flag chemical attacks the center went on to are that the terror group's leaders have approved two of these videos the seven shot to be sent to the u.n. and the chemical watched of the o.p.c. w. imminently while the rest will allegedly be distributed to social media now we were talking about this twenty four hours ago to down hawkins down. russia's military said twenty four hours ago this video would be out would be distributed to the media maybe last night when almost twenty four hours on now it's not happened yet for whatever reason but they come back with more bring us up to speed will be on this them the information is coming really in drips and drabs here every few hours every day there's some new details emerging as you said the russian reconciliation center for syria part of the russian ministry of defense has claimed this attack in inverted commas as a provocation while to be at all sharm for what it was for
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a terrorist group recognized as such by both moscow and washington now they say the filming process for this alleged false flag attack has been completed over the last twenty four hours or so nine videos have been produced several of which are likely to be sent to media channels to organizations such as the u.s. the u.n. rather. the rest you put up online the russian and i do you claim so far there's no other sources apart from the russian of modi they say this will feature the what helmets rescue group treating allegedly wounded civilians including children even setting up of trauma center or this process now they've even identified quite astonishing where the. amount of these election that have come up with three villages in. the mood or uncolored where this is likely to happen and lustrous there so far this is only the russian minister of defense saying this we haven't seen the video so far whether they will emerge or not over the next twenty four hours forty eight hours of course. well everybody knows viewers are going to be
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horrified the even the talk of use a potential or not use of chemical weapons whether or not it's awful thing if this goes ahead and this film comes out whether an actual attack has taken place or not what's what's reaction the west likely to be the well i mean the u.s. has made its position clear it's very different to other russia the u.s. said that any attack should attack take place should it be allegations of a chemical attack the blame will be attributed to moscow has taken opposing start they've said possesses no chemical weapons and even if they did why risk drawing the wrath of the u.s. military and intervention in the war when the war is all but one that's led to some pretty heated clashes at the u.n. . russia iran and assigned are down the line are demolishing in there and asking us to call it peace. coexistence with terrorists is impossible
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these are all branches of al-qaeda which we've been fighting since the terrorist acts in two thousand and one and from whom we can expect the worst attacks imaginable let's not waste time with the december mation distractions and outright lie. this is claim that president bashar al assad gave the order to use chlorine the syrian authorities are not going to do that they do not have chemical weapons i ask you again to listen to us it would be an invitation for the western countries to launch an attack on syria which they're threatening if chemical weapons are used of the u.s. position has the u.s. for that has made its position clear that there will be consequences should the chemical attack take place should they even be allegations of a chemical attack as we saw a few months ago with a tomahawk missile strikes against syrian army positions by donald trump this is their position. just so there's no confusion here if the syrian regime uses. weapons we will respond very strongly we have all seen what the syrian
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regime backed by the russian government has done in the past that should not be a surprise to anyone that that would be a concern of ours once again or whatever the red flag is the u.s. has said what they're going to do what about western europe they all stand united on this or is there some hesitancy they want to see as much will physical proof of this terrible thing did happen or i mean there's certainly unity among many western leaders at least of assad's guilt for committing horrific acts of violence against his own people that's those thoughts they very much take chemical weapons though is a bit of a different issue of course there are calls to take action if he crosses a red lion the famous red line that even obama talked about all those years ago chemical weapons being the border but there also calls for independent verification for investigations for full confirmation that attack south taken place and who exactly is responsible before god is dropped and there is any sort of military
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intervention. and the minister of state will give us two assurances today first that if there are any reports of chemical weapons attack particularly in the areas of italy controlled by h.t.s. that the government will not take part in any military action in response until the you have visited sites under the protection of the turkish government independently verifying those reports and distributed responsibility for any chemical weapons used relying on so-called open source intelligence why did my prescribed terrorist groups is not an acceptable alternative we have asked the pentagon for comment to see if they're aware of any of these allegations if there's any truth in them they haven't responded to us directly in general or they give us starts has been that this is a distraction this is this information whatever this is whatever happens this won't help to ease the tensions in the syrian forces massing for an offensive the hardest groups refusing to negotiate refusing to stand out. the next twenty four to forty
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eight hours will be key as to whether some semblance of calm can remain or if they'll be a spark that does trigger military operations and seems to be building building his name all right well daniel thanks for the update there little kids spoke to the coeditor of a b s these my rattie he says the west is already attributing blame before any chem potential or either chemical attack. but don't need to wait for evidence they don't need it we need to wait for an investigation recently don't need to wait for o.p.c. w. or any other agency to apportion blame they're already blaming the syrian government they're already saying that president assad has authorized the chemical weapons strike so that you know that the strike at the lead story hasn't even happened but blame has already been apportioned so you know what more can we say apart from there it looks like very likely there's going to be a big strike and this could lead to obviously this could lead to a conflict with russia and what were three or the final world wars we should be called in there not addressing the syrian arab army they're not even addressing the syrian government of president assad they're addressing the al-qaeda their proxy
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armies al-qaeda affiliates in italy and i make a moral decision based on numbers the nation be damned. well reaction to the vote has been coming in from the l d l d group in the european parliament they said they were glad to see that this had been passed the greens also saying that they were glad that it gone through those on the side with mr obama well you could always rely on nigel fairish the leader of the european freedom and direct democracy groupies long been a supporter of mr obama he said that this vote showed the taller tarion grip of the european union was getting tighter but ultimately what this means is hungry officially joins poland on the naughty list of the e.u. nations expect to be talking about them for a little while yet here people over there well they have gary and governments ready reacted to the vote today and see it as a fraud on the revenge of pro migrant politicians as government put it independent
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jenna's told me certain political forces believe this is their last chance that to stop the advance of populism in europe. the left is furious israeli aggressive to an incredible point as well as the liberals the globalists because they know it is their last chance to obtain that populist sop punished somehow the list grows longer you have the austrians you have the italians it didn't work it won't work and all day do is fit to mind old man or brown will be reelected certainly one time comes with a big majority because he's a victim of europe the worst that europe can produce we heard yesterday and today today it was less important vote happened and that was it but the report produced by mrs sargent t.t.u. was a green party activists from all and is is really a piece of work and it's really incredibly aggressive in its content and she didn't
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even go to hungary to make this report this bullying will go nowhere you know article seven will never be applied italy austria poland will refuse of course that this be applied at council level if not at the parliament level so they are afraid of the next parliament after the may elections that's the thing aside from this next young claude young because delivered his final state and union speech he's previously announced he won't seek another term as european commission president as successes slated to be appointed next may in his address the young summarize the results of his tenure we put so that to get the two. this is the last chance commission either we will succeed in bringing our citizens closer to europe or we will fail.
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in the european commission's papers migration is the medicine for certain problems for us that poison me you know. what. i will expose myself in for. good so now we will also impose import tariffs this is basically a stupid process. i have a little black book called le petit maurice with for the past thirty years i have noted when someone has betrayed me.
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is this the beginning of the end of the european. i. coming out real mystery story possibly tragic to the belongings of a missing wiki leaks associate being found at sea in norway to tell you all about that head. dennis kucinich was taken up with obama's plane came down and it was a. standing course only sanders was like oh yeah you know medicare for all be great but we're just. going to progress to something.
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progressing. seems wrong well we just don't. get to shape our. active. and engaged because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. again in russia's far east it's day two the largest military drills in the country
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since one thousand eighty one more guys saves at rostock twenty eighty is what is called full where the army showcasing some of its best hardware. day two of the ball still two thousand and eighteen will games and we found ourselves in russia's far east witnesses to a peach battle it simulates on the one hand you have detachments of russian and the feds fending off a simulated if determined and advanced enemy which is being represented on the battlefield by down the missiles and then throwing everything they've got the russians cruise missiles jets as well as. the russians offending them off.
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and defense is a complicated business because lots of cooperation between various units because everything is happening so quickly projectile to travel to need to load which is a second so everything has to happen quick. and in a spin a job rapidly evolving to fill the g.e. technical requirements asa via you need different types of radar to detect different delegates whose results bittering around or get that they could be operating over different frequencies serve different ranges in different weather conditions difficult to get the move to get the votes both two thousand and eighteen wargames are the biggest threats that's the russian military in decades
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and decades this is about gets you a little bit various the attachments of the russian military navy yard and the f.o. . both to work together because it's one thing having and knowing how to use all these beds of joy it's entirely another actually using them. same for the break this very significant breakthrough in the case of missing internet privacy activists in count for so close associate of wiki leaks if you're watching this program but nine days ago when the story broke place of announced that the man's belongings have been found in the sea now off the norwegian coast. the police nordland was notified by a local recreational fisher that he had found some belongings floating in the sea near the shoreline the belongings are confirmed by the police to belong to the missing person or you can push so the location of these items appears to be fairly close to the town where i encountered first was staying where he was last seen on
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the twentieth of august when he checked out of the hotel there in the town of bodo he was a dutch citizen and he was in norway on holiday as i said and he was meant to leave the hotel and take a train to another town ten hours south of the town where he was staying in order to get a flight from there but he never got on that flight and that's when friends and family started getting worried and started expressing their concerns about his whereabouts there are now dutch investigators in norway helping with the investigation and i think his disappearance is getting more media attention because of his close association to julian sun campus worked closely with wiki leaks in the past his online accounts said he was a free software advocate he was an i.t. security advisor and he'd also written a book about investigative journalism as well he did media appearances as an i.t.
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expert i think you'd see pictures of him talking to r.t. on your screens as well but still a total mystery really what happened to him police say they're still trying to work out if there was an element of criminality involved they're not sure about that yet but of course the internet being the internet there's already wild speculation especially from the wiki leaks supporters about what may have happened to some at the moment pretty baseless and wild theories that perhaps that he knew too much that he may have been taken out by some secret service for his links to julian a son. others say maybe this is all a warning to julian assange some speculation that maybe all this is just a deep cover assignment for weeks but for now though police are still combing that area of sea off the coast of norway trying to establish what happened to him.
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a mystery a real tough time calls for his friends and family still none the wiser really keep you abreast of all the stories twenty four seven and dot com so exactly twenty seven minutes past seven moscow time i'll say goodbye. peering into the abyss the syrian army is determined to liberate did live to eliminate the terrorists there essentially ending this international proxy the us in its regional allies are dead set against the trumping ministration siding with.
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salutation. this week the united states is observing the seventeenth anniversary of the tragic september morning when the fate of four planes changed the world as we know it september the eleventh is and will continue to be one of the most tragic horrific and controversial days not only in u.s. history but world history as well more than three thousand lives were lost that day along with hundreds maybe even thousands more in the days and years that followed thanks to the toxic dust and debris that hung in the air around ground zero in lower manhattan like a virus and the aftermath the blame was laid upon osama bin laden and the terrorist group al qaeda the war on terror commenced military budgets bloom to countless more innocent lives were lost this week as the out of mercy of nine eleven is observed the world's eyes are focused on the syrian city of the. syrian forces by forces
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backed by russia prepared to liberate the city from the terrorist groups and rebel groups that control it terrorist groups that are predominantly made up of al qaida and their affiliates you see it leave a city of around three million people was seized according the los angeles times by al qaida and their allies back in two thousand and fifteen and represents the last major city held by the terrorists in the seven year long quagmire that has been the war in syria. but you'd never know that if you look at the headlines today from the economist all the way to the new york times they all refer to the forces holding it lead simply as syrian rebels but as journalist rania colic and others have pointed out it's the seventeenth anniversary of nine eleven and the media has honored it by referring to al qaeda as largest affiliate in history and syria said leave as rebels and mourning their looming defeat so now we're mourning the defeat of al qaeda remember folks the constructed enemy of your propped up anime is
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still ultimately your enemy and you would know that if you were always watching us . this. is. expected to sit. with you that i got. it. wrong.


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