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welcome to the alex salmond show to our sub and cycle program and our series on britain's railways last week with lou to the case for and against h s two i'm sorry the still a wide cross-section of support despite multiple selves of cost overruns and delays this week with out to the boat looking at the city to some of the communities in london who are getting in the way of the high speed revolution and maybe think a bit just cast aside is there the shape of things to come before spears tells me that if you're twichell e-mails and your messages now are see these are real ways and it has to have been very timely indeed with the i news paper last week leaving on what they call the u.k. real revolution they say the master lease and timetable cares have persuaded the prime minister to overhaul the whole system apparently danny she fears corben can
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win power with three nationalisation plans we haven't had lots of tweets in a sponsor last week sure the first from someone who calls themselves i sixty two says fantastic points made by alex salmond both who have just released their concept car which is a driverless vehicle that doubles as a bedroom and an office it'll make real utterly obsolete by twenty thirty it's madness to continue with a chance to d.c. scott says it like and six it will stop at carlisle lane says fascinating series it's great how the sure gets both points of view personally i would like trains nationalized keep up the good to work thanks lead trav says it will be the biggest waste of taxpayers' money ever and not happy chappy there and finally jim says almost made it chester interesting worth a look and this reminder that you can watch all of our shoes on our t. dot com and also on alex's you today. high speed rail has had our fair political wind at its back but the developers have not tapping all of their own way i do the
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triple north logan of no business case no environmental case and no money to pay for it the protest at the fort lively campaign alex is speaking to the chant of stop it just to penny again asking if it's too late to put a spoke in the fast for you we'll be welcome to the exam and show what you say to people who was here loopy francisco fast real japan's got fast while they are sure the u.k. of class trail is well what people in france and germany and so on of finding is that they tell you their backs on high speed well they're saying we've spent too much money and too much time on these fast glitzy lines we need to start looking at local transport which is being neglected with all this this concentration on the fastest and the glitziest more glamorous strains of this is a big problem of overcrowding see rome london this big problem for you believe the leader of the opposition can't get a seat in the trip so how can you possibly cram more people onto these overcrowded
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lanes unless you build a totally new all singing all dancing for us real to the question that they are some selves or should we build a high speed rail they run away line they didn't look at all the different options of local infrastructure and local local lines they said right we're going to build a high speed rail way and that every other decision made came from that if you've got a high speed rail line you can't have too many stations so they're not building lots of stations close to london which you would think that want to do if they wanted a london based the whole way that to get commuters in chile if the fast train less on one side makes a lot easier to run the ones of charging a boat because the no get in the road of the express train part of the justification for it involves cancelling existing trains so it's not a case of having more trains it's having fewer trains on the existing lines that's in that in that their account. plans for that freight just to so the big question
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comes back to should we build a new railway that was the very first question they didn't even ask when they when they were coming up with that it was a project that was introduced in the run up to the last twenty ten election by the our elected labor pair who also isn't a policeman adonis lord adonis so love to do this was original pajama top when he was transport minister in a labor government does not in itself indicates that this is something which has crossed party support sailed through the house of commons the hybrid bill as food not even if you're correct in your dose and your opposition surely is too late for the stop it says to camp it well the first problem is that the cross party support for it from not everybody and in each of the parties meant that it never had any real scrutiny it was very much a case of the website would do this so they went ahead with it but there's plenty of time to stop it they haven't actually started building it yet that spent a lot of money that spent a lot of money that they're spend another fifty billion on their figures just to
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finish it you could cancel it now and have fifty billion to spend on other projects your campaign of the campaign your lead is it not really looking to the past to be obviously has to is going to cause some environmental changes nothing as biggest but basically it surely is the fast rail is the mode of transport of the future and it's just too is a nineteenth century solution to the twenty first century problems so it even starts off thing burn in curzon street which was opened in time for the coronation of queen victoria it's not it's not a common idea if you could do so much more you could you could do a lot more with broadband life i am trying to if you don't have train these days you will see so many people sitting there working they don't need foster trains they need better infrastructure on the trains if you were going to do well waste. you could do more investment things like drive less cars there's all sorts of interesting things if you want to do
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a twenty first century project you don't build a fast train you look at the future so there's a lot of different things that you could do if you were spending fifty billion pounds a night just to one thing it's always puzzled me of h.s.t. perhaps you can answer the question in the absence of the chairs two people themselves why did this start to london the bubbly and would it not be the market for the north of england being the first because of the dozens is a longer the presumably the time of travel gets much shorter you want to if you want to start with a high speed train you'd look at much more options you wouldn't necessarily discounts and try to get into london you look at the options like would you want to go see onto h s one and the answer is yes you would except the people who are designing what has to are based in london they saw is the center of the universe you want to get that was where they were concentrating so you would argue that the best place for more real investment perhaps would be east west in the north of england to get across england and perhaps connecting scotland with the north of
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england these are quite large distances and long long rail travel at the present moment terms of job yet that those were all options that were looked at it was very much a case of let's build a high speed train from london whereas if you don't talk to people in the north they were all the sort of mantissa leeds area they want like they cost spend nine links if you want to go up to scotland you want better links from scotland down to the places in the north of england and obviously you want better better transport sort of a cost scotland as a whole so i just it's very much london centric se centric it's all based around getting to london not about looking at these long distance but with the hybrid bill through and the bulldozers metaphorically and physically almost moving in a whole. there for your campaign group mobilized to put a spoke in the chest to heal the first thing to remember is of course ages two was
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supposed to have been already under construction now and he's been to spain and to space by stalin twenty fifteen. twenty nineteen they're still doing ground surveys on the phase one rate so they're way behind where they should have been if they were going to build it on their timescales they haven't actually started building anything that's the key point that not something style they have that put in some of the ground works but they haven't actually got as far as building anything big and even once they do they're looking at fifty billion or pounds more more fifty billion is what the government thinks is going to cost so your you're spending you you could stop and say those million pounds fifty thousand million pounds that really. really gains let's just imagine i know this is difficult but mostly i'm chris clearing that in the absence of chris grayling the transport who could appear with us today so what would you say to the transport was here to listen to the snow
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just say to stay straight away work out what the real problems with transport in the country are and then then you can get on and do something new i just it's a it's a sort of one thousand century solution to a twenty first century problems you need to look at what we need going forward well i can't stop at chester for your penny but a compass that you with the exam and quest for appearing in the show quit gullit for a loving cup what you do is the whisky in the question and one of these comfortable claims that you were speaking about you pass around all your fellow passengers by carol pretty my scotch whisky and think of you when i do that and always got really only scott thank you. futurist who is meeting a rising tide of skepticism but can still count on parliamentary support i'm from the train operators i'm from the trade unions people like steve hadley of the at mt who we interviewed recently. look it has to have been the largest infrastructure
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project in the country at the present moment was the in t.v. you think this is a sensible investment or do you have your doubts well i welcome any investment in the railway industry but i have to say i think there's parts of the country where put have been better used for example down at the parts of wales than it did a west country maybe to parts of scotland i think the seven says that or they are annoyed from that dock corridor up through bergen i'm through the midlands and the manchester i think is pretty it's a pretty decent services and as i think the money could have really been used better elsewhere steve hadley thank you very much. there's also been considerable debate on it just to in the house of commons i lloyd's with many arguing the case for the new railway initiative welcome the secretary states announcements today certain say about the routes of a timetable for progress in the project is essential if businesses have the confidence to invest and create jobs in the region by it just so but as the acknowledged decisions also present huge challenges for those communities most
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affected and h.s. too limited has been rightly criticize for the way it dealt with communities on today's wall so what specific action has he taken to ensure improved engagement and address the need to respond promptly effectively and sensitively to community concerns. well they misspeak or i think the only support for the project is a whole set the crosses of criticism that she makes police shooting matches to this week and expressed my concern that that should change up so the clear as we go through the process of the hybrid build opposed to a the further process will place to be i expect a chance to do the right thing by the affected communities and i would invite any member of this house to come and see me come and see the minister responsible if they feel that is not happening but will seek to ensure that it does suggest skinner. and view of the fight where there are two lives that drove through to be
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here. on the h.s. to wal-mart goes through newton and the other now apparently is drawn to create difficulties on the chest a bill can now with all show out of a reference to the fight that what is the real cost of a chance to each a here is quite often what is the latest cost taken into account those two rails to railway tracks to be sure and as i mentioned earlier the testicle canal trust are working with hate is too limited and on the house who have. that they have and the potential outcome that's going to take place regarding the canal area i know that the honorable member has reservations and has consistently raise the cost of haters to but it is in budget and on time we mustn't forget that one status too is up or running it will be the end of this country bringing along with it one hundred thousand jobs in this industry decades of great suits and austerity to have
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the shining lights that people remember are the olympic games and has to be and one of the leading figures and one of the leading figures responsible for delivering both of them is the david higgins who at the end of this month stands as the chairman of a just two could be minister convey to the thanks of this house and the country for his brilliant work on our behalf both in helping to deliver the olympic games and in helping to equip pass with twenty first century infrastructure and it's about time after the intervening twentieth century that we start to mirror the great achievements of the victorians once again. my lords i pay tribute to the part the noble lord played in h.s. to you and i will certainly pass on his his good wishes to the outgoing chairman this is one of the biggest infrastructure projects that our country has ever seen and eventually over one hundred million people expected to use h s two trains when the network is fully completed. the real delivery group were unable to provide
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a spokesperson but they have provided us with a statement instead they say it has to will become a very important part of britain's railway for decades to come we'll companies are already delivering over fifty billion pounds of improvement plans to build a bigger better one more day network for the benefit of our customers local communities and the economy and it has to as a key part of this. this far we've looked at the economic and political arguments for and against even among supporters there's a general skepticism that the timetable and budget will be made after the break alex action of night talking to some of the communities near euston station in london already at the sharp end of foster you know.
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when the un was founded it was meant to serve as a forum for dialogue and conciliation the chillun into a u.n. security council meeting no and instead of robust debate you often see accusations and allegations of diplomats and just playing to the cameras as the u.n. really become a host of environment. dennis kucinich has taken up with obama's plane they came out and he was a cause hurt. he was the last man standing course he sanders was like oh yeah you know medicare for all be great but we're just going to let this aggressive we're going to progress to something better at some point they're not progressing.
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you're. the one. that. broke the. the. welcome back one of the first communities to feel the impact of fast rail is camden town in london site of the terminus for h.s. to alex encountered a mixture of bitterness sadness and result in corporate street. so take a bit must be compensation that you know they must say will you take your business
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away but you'll fall unless form and and you get some you get the cash to take. over the course of time we've been form filling and putting in the stuff of a need for that but it's been moved about other a few times they've moved the goalposts he lives about with requesting more information when we thought we'd given them everything they've got but it seems working meticulously that makes sure when we've got it all together we've got it right so we have to do it again so as not to the point that there's no corpus is there's more that is compensation delayed is compensation denied as it is delayed not to annoy jack so when you go out there the dreaded news and you know that this was that you were getting close then i take it you didn't leave any of the stop buying the night of the last weekend we had a party where we drank it draw and anything left in this place with my mind to my wants teens. and understand i mean all custom as i. see it isn't it is very good friend of the family and was next door neighbor for
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a long long time. partly robins yes you're the whole don't mind you're the last man standing as mine stand in i'm afraid so your situation is that they haven't offered you re hosting it because the chemistry was in the name of your partner who is back in scotland you have been paying the way and the council tax i will thing all these years i've written twenty five years but you know get any help. the as i say that a family tech kid home a couple of weeks ago the national people's care home the y.p. in a care home be you what you want of a placement flight you want to yes they stay in a community you must actually go over the fly and make partners name. you make spotless name because you want to put in your name your security over you must break your heart on to see if this family has still keep in touch with many of us were very close very very close so the book can accumulate it was cool but still
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off on believe one asleep it's the every bit of it just now just packed vinay and the remains have been back in scotland that i say community here even the homeless we go even we go in with the homeless people so helpless much has been must be an extraordinary thing living in a building say when you were telling me that when you yesterday i think this whole thing was blocked up over time but over the fence and when of a trial and wasn't relevant here and you were in court recently trying to set your way and understand yet to represent yourself as a yes i must have been very difficult for you that was it was meant to put your case but no help as yet you know i appreciate having a local member of parliament and he's a good man if you see how me going to go and see him with the salute can you help i have received eleven kids tell my mom i'm going to go and try and get. you've got the commons connection on the stand on your promise what i've done for the queen
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for the last fifteen years what were you to trade the trade company. so if the carpets in the house of commons but many many things no big. farm of any come over the pole well remember these visits but i don't know the stages you know but all you're after know is an alternative house where you can put your own compass exactly what would you say it because grilling him is him spend the rest give a classical sceptic in a warm cool about street today and not to me. and said are you getting on mr robbins at number sixty seven would you say that i'm not rebel a toe. i'm a bargain i have confronted it it can come in any time you think of people when they see these great projects do you think the. i'm able to see the human side the of what happens to people. i don't really know what. everybody in the street
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has given. the. drug not one person from the street is given not flocke and with a mentor students. so you think the something is there something not just you know wouldn't case but they post the whole process for us give you a ticket to be one hundred much better off by far because they're going to be what best of one hundred billion paid in project i think a few million could have been set aside to make sure you sustain the community plus receiving this creek he stole it from us is douglas douglas most of our been speaking to. a friend over. and it was like a neighbor not a. pub you know that closer community so. we wish you well thank you and seek the help of your member of parliament and get some just i was
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definitely going to try and and hopefully people will remember there's a human face to these projects and yes good luck to you so if you very much just clegg it's a pretty sad sight now how did you become a victim of a chance to. basically got notice last october that they needed the compulsory purchase of the property so it is bought whether you wanted to sell or not absolutely united choice in the matter and did you have any system of appeal could you could make your case keep running the publish for the time being well we tried we always in front of the house of commons and house a little select committees to argue for fair and proper compensation because i didn't think you could stop the going to running tell me a bit about the bri louise i mean i know it was an award winning you know how long will your union or your lady wife running at all i was only what did it mean to you when we boarded it was called the jolly gardens and my wife and i sadly lost one of
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our twins named bree louise back in two thousand and three so we asked him the licensing if we could change the name of it and for a thing they granted is that permission and it's been the brain louise ever since so it's more than just a business there's a huge emotional attachment you had a nice premise and it was a house in the minds of this thing is as well and you want plenty of awards understand that we're going to tell us about that it was here locally yeah we were big reliable inside a pub we would be allowed part of the year for london camera brands in two thousand and nine and again in sixteen and we saw the part of the year in two thousand and three thing what was it like coming back and seeing in this state. destroying from a law life couldn't even face being here today what would your message be to chris grayling transport say to. get things in on budget i think would be the first thing and get those people paid fairly and is quickly as paul. and you saying you haven't been paid anything yet not yet we've got a claim in process there are two singers for information to finalize that.
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it's a work in progress so how are you living how you sustaining yourself and your family at the moment we've spent our life savings cast a couple of pensions and borrowed some money from the bank and this is happening to neighbors other businesses round here i believe there's a lot of people far worse far worse off than they are so vital this huge infrastructure project but overall budget may be out of control but behind that project there are real human stories of people who've effectively been casualties like literally bulldoze their way. and not not just a few of them and it wouldn't be in your opinion any other way to do this i mean could there not be no redevelopment plan couldn't people been offered an alternative accommodation nearby maybe another pub nearby couldn't have been done on think that was their initial plans but it just never come to fruition and you think it will never. so the people here have been moved will be forgotten
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i think so yeah probably. i don't you think what's made the argument sit well look ok it's really unfortunate the release is being closed these people being moved homes other business have been shut down but you know this is a huge national infrastructure project i mean you can't make an omelette breaking a few eggs and what would you say to those some fortunate these things have to be done well you have to do have to be done but the initial plans for this which we all saw in the front of euston station years ago were fabulous plans for social housing for businesses and offices and pubs and bars and restaurants but of course that all got scrapped so it didn't happen that's all. and if they had got a boat in that way if there had been a more human side to what's happening to everyone here than coburg street people here way down camden would you have been satisfied with that. no not really because that's just taken them so long to do everything we asked for an extended rolling
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shoe lace here at the bree louise and seven months ago and they haven't broken ground at the nothings of the place as yet so they've really been operating in the last seven months quite easily when we're filming here you could be in the. chest two workers could have been heard in the pub lunch is now absolutely absolutely and i we still could have been trading it and we could have been out here in a week which thing he was the plan for us now i should just say for example i was grilling i know it's a leap of the imagination it was good to hear my man what would your message to chris grayling be it could have been done a lot nicer and would this be a message that would be broadcast of all or would it be one expressed in stronger films that's the strongest terms i'll put it for being broadcast otherwise you wouldn't be able to prove just. unfortunate hopes for the future in the hope that what you and your family and wellness are going to be another way. to commemorate
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your lost daughter i hope so i hope we'll be able to go again once we get hopefully fair and proper compensation then another breather wheezes in the offing good luck to you and your family thank you. we contacted camden council regarding re house and compensation for craig and bartley and council dani beals the cabinet member for vesting communities and camden emailed us the following statement we continue to assist everyone who faces losing their homes to make sure they get the best possible advice and support with the most appropriate housing options available to them if any resident fears they may be made homeless they should contact us at the earliest opportunity so we can assist they go on to add we have made seeking compensation for camden residents significantly affected by it says to destruction our priority we took a push for fail an extra compensation to the house a lot of select committee who recommended it chose to limit it produce a camden specific compensation scheme so i would not vote in camden we didn't
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discover much comfort for people worried about the community impact of a chest it might be a thought emma sixty five billion pound project there would have been room for the community investment the people of coburg street claim they were promised of courses it's not possible to mount a fool skilled transport revolution of a changing the physical landscape of the trouble with their chest to revolution as it may be outdated before it's built i sabbah the brudenell studies to what old by building the great western railway need to theft as he developed the whole hundred fifty miles away gauge line from design through parliament to bills right through books still even though paddington station he did all that in under eight years. even with no more slippage chest to force face to birmingham will take more than twice that time for the same distance and even the notoriously expensive bonaire was relatively cheaper than a chest to india secret cabinet office report leaked to the sunday times recently
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suggested the whole project was highly likely to go as much as sixty percent over budget and the costs could balloon to more than eighty billion pounds one thing's for sure even that chess too is the only show in town to faslane cities is still unlikely to last two hundred years of grinnell's real we must have peace. so the me and everyone of the excitement is goodbye for now. with the advent of the trump presidency much has been said about america's culture
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wars even a new civil war the country is clearly divided but trump didn't do this on his own there are two americas now and he says. i'm. not. going to a man named by the u.k.'s suspects in the script poisoning case tonight any involvement in the incident they've been speaking exclusively to r.t. if you really look like the pictures shown to us by the u.k. while. we are those who were shown to you in the pictures. and i was under pepper of us are those your real names yes they are our real names the british prime minister's office has responded to the interview calling.


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