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much has been said about america's cultural wars even a new civil war the country is clearly divided but trying to do this on his own there are two americas now and it seems. the two men named by the u.k.'s suspects in the script poisoning case tonight any involvement in the incidents they've been speaking exclusively to. you really look like the pictures shown to us by the uki while you. were those who were shown to you in the pictures. and i would surrender power through the press are those your real names and yes our real names the british prime minister's office house responded to the interview calling it lies and fabrications while the russians also
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london to clarify its hostile reaction made only minutes after the interview us. donald trump signs an executive order to counter suppose that foreign interference in america's elections ahead of november's crucial midterm votes. are costing live from moscow this is all t. international good to have you with us. the two suspects named by the u.k. in the poisoning of russian double agent and his daughter back in march have given an exclusive interview to our cities as a terror in chief let's take a look at parts of that interview with margarita simonyan and our breakdown of it on the program. we. those are new to me and i've been to live one
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you called me on my cell phone and told me that you are a slum bullshit of the looks on the patrol do you send it off with one bush or. we if you really look like the pictures shown to us by the u.k. as it is but then in a different. next year you will know someone why you. we are those who were shown to you in the pictures of the slums. and i would say underpaid through the russians there are those your real names national yes they are real names now would you just call them but even now when you are talking about it to tell you the truth you look very nervous on them. i can move what would you look like or when your life is turned upside down in a moment in just one day and changed our lives this story has been in the headlines since march but it's only about a week ten days ago that these two faces these things appeared in media in public discourse released by yuko thora to these men certainly resemble those in c.c.t.v. images released by u.k. police they have confirmed they. will file alexander petroff that they were in the
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u.k. on those days they were on those c.c.t.v. images a lot of digging a lot of journalists trying to do some some news how it worked out to track them down in the end they came forward voluntarily they made a phone call to margarita simonyan our editor in chief and voluntarily decided to answer some of the key questions i'm sure many people would have had about what exactly happened on those days and they exam this is that if you would is from london you walk in those now famous coats and sneakers and soles bring. with all these people you yes it's still time to go what were you doing there and our friends have been suggesting for a long time that we visit this wonderful town souls' brewery a wonderful town and yes a tourist town. there is the famous solsbury cathedral famous not only in europe but in the whole world.
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it's famous for its one hundred twenty three metre spire. on. it is famous for its clock one of the first ever created in the world that still working. for. me to compare a bit of a book. this is where you came to falls greets take a look at the clock then you know some on the cello no we plan to visit london at first to have fun there. it wasn't a business trip this time. and we planned to go to london and then to salisbury. but when we were almost there we thought the plane wouldn't land on the first drive that was there was a heavy snowstorm that's because of all the havoc they had with transport in the u.k. on march second and third because of heavy snowfall but nearly all the cities were paralyzed because we were unable to go anywhere so that's just a small x.
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said this whole thing goes all of my groups are asking them some pretty basic questions but trying to get in there to get some info from them the main thing of course britain says alleges is that the. russian intelligence officers that was tackled to year those surprises they denied any links to the g.r.u. the russian military intelligence service they didn't reveal too much about their business their work they said they work in the sports industry in sports nutrition fitzsimmons protein amino acids. interview they said they decided to come to the media for protection they didn't know where to turn they were confused by the media attention the speculation saying their lives that effectively been turned upside down by all of us would do you work for the g.r.u. and you me know and you and i don't either but no one accuses me of working for the gerry he was but you are being accused of that your colleagues accuse us of that by your colleagues you mean journalists you are being accused by you care for it it
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yes that's the scariest thing where do you work if you are adults you need to make a living if we tell you about our business people we work with will be affected tell me anything so that we believe you everyone has questions what do you do to cut a long story short we're in the fitness industry. all right now they also want to say don't they that their lies when badly affected by this they say they came to our. margaret is from. broadcast here and often online that they came to our team for some sort of safety although because we're journalists not lawyers what was that about yeah that's right and the but that's one of the quotes that moderators job was to get some answers to some questions not to defend them or protect them to get those answers and for the viewer to decide whether they believe this version or not they say they can't leave their house they can't go to the shop can't go to the petrol station they fear for their families being somehow involved implicated in all of this. that's why they chose to come forward voluntarily to some of these questions although there may be more questions than answers of course after all of
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this let's take a listen. snead why did you decide to go to the media your photos were published some time ago together with your names but you kept silent then today you called me because you want to speak to the media changed. position to ask for protection he said the more the way you can say we kept silent after our lives turned into a nightmare we didn't know what to do where to go when the police the investigative committee by the u.k. embassy and i really couldn't then or the f.s.b. we don't know why would you go to the u.k. embassy. we really didn't know what to do where to go hello. you know when you're my friends turned upside down you don't really understand what to do and where to go and many say why don't they go to the u.k. embassy and explain everything. think a lot of us are going to see this interview will have quite mixed feelings. clearly slightly uncomfortable some will have more questions to ask some will view this as
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another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is the case of course that has been a bit of a game of chess really between the u.k. and russia. the men refused to show their passports that a doctor identity documents on camera they said that one journalist to carry on digging into their past the lives their families they did show them to margarita simonyan she confirmed that they do match with their identity. comments off of the interview just giving some of her impressions about their interaction i knew they were nervous and sweating a lot i had to turn up the air conditioning a lot higher and don't match the widely accepted intelligence that the u.k. has on these individuals so you can see that this is a stance that it's getting worse and we've got to the next stage of it now because we've had a response from the russian foreign ministry spokesperson that's maria's the horror of us so she's responded to the ukase response to the interview and she has some
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questions for the british authorities issued this we should let you go i believe it's absolutely unacceptable to accuse people of telling lies forty minutes after they have spoken so i repeat my question directly to the british side what is the legal basis and framework for accused russian citizens of telling lies forty minutes after an interview what was the reason for that what was so specifically non-credible in what they said when official authorities accuse someone of telling lies he must be responsible for those allegations so we're in the situation now where london is dismissing the interview and moscow has got questions about why london's dismissing the interview and london is reminding moscow that they have questions that haven't been answered by the kremlin from the very beginning in this affair it looks like we're getting statements and counter statements but that doesn't appear to be any dialogue taking place between london and moscow right now . russia and lest martin mccauley thinks it's unlikely that either london or moscow
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will change their stance on the script. the british government has claimed that patrols of where are officers of the geo you that's the point of made over and over again and of course they can't know when they say they're not the country to go back british government cannot go back sorry we've made a mistake so therefore the british government is keeping to its arguments which is usually our six months and keep it to its arguments and of course there's one statement counter statement one side says one of the the other side says no that's correct we don't believe that we want further clarification of the british point of view just keep on repeating what have said before you haven't really offered any any different attitude in a different point of view in
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a different evidence to show that the formal word government the us president understands it in a very abstract sense everyone and anything can be a government of sorts an actual authority a political party and even an individual all are designated targets. when it comes to new ones on a scale between a sniper rifle and carpet bombing trump is closer to a firm a nuclear blast his understanding of interference is so broad it seems the president thinks the us election can be swayed by accident disclosing information threatening to disclose information undermining public confidence in a candidate by these rules everyone retreating we kill leaks outside of america would be interfering in the election. so is the twenty sixteen election meddling case. now closed after all the u.s.
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intelligence all agree long ago that russia meddled in that vote but of course trump won't be shooting himself in the foot the term united states election means any election for federal office held on or after the date of this order that's right the executive order covers the upcoming midterms and on wards in case of any meddling the investigation will have to review all evidence within forty five days but chances are you won't see any of that. the framework which may be classified in whole or in part shall focus on ensuring that agencies for fill their responsibilities pursuant to this order in a manner that maintains methodological consistency the shroud of secrecy around the forensics might as well conceal the lack of it the executive order allows an appeal in the century a gut feeling assigning blame although there has been no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote tabulation in any united states
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election foreign powers have historically sought to exploit america's free and open political system trump didn't sign an executive order he created a magic bullet for himself marketed to the public as something that will protect them and which allows the white house to target who it wants. the f.b.i. director has been quick to warn the white house have been made to meddling highlighting what he called russia's filmation warfare capabilities chris to raise comments came just one day off to donald trump's on a second to vote it just discussed however twenty twenty eight presidential hopeful for the libertarian party says the threat of meddling isn't coming from abroad but much closer to home. i think it's going to be more likely to be part of the kind of dissin for manned mission campaigns our government has been running against the
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other kind of things that were shown to be true from the revelations that came from for example edward snowden quite frankly whatever miniscule impact that russia or china has it's so small it's either nonexistent or so small as to be irrelevant when it comes to united states elections neither oppose any kind of meaningful significant threat of any kind the actual threats to our elections come from the organizations that benefit from government spending we're talking about teachers unions we're talking about the military industrial complex lobbyists meddle in american elections those people meddle in american elections. the russian military has claims that extremists in syria's adlib province of stage and film to chemical attack which they intend to blame on president assad's forces moscow says the fighters will send some of the footage to the united nations and say the rest online following the filming on the evening of the same day at
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a joint meeting between representatives of the white helmet and terrorists. out of the nine videos from the two were proved to be sent to the u.s. and they will be c.w. the rest of the material was suggested for social media because of low quality. according to the russian reconsolidation center the preparations were made near the syrian town of concho couldn't when the alleged chemical attack occurred in april last year is claims the filming took place in the nearby village where there's also a chemical stockpile washington has ignored warnings from russia that the self-styled syrian rescue group the white house is as iraqi involved in staging the attack saying there is no evidence to support that claim and as the battle fable of province looms the u.s. is pouring troops into syria saying that if there is a chemical attack there will be a much stronger response than before jack looks into how washington's approach in syria has evolved over recent years the deeper the u.s.
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gets sucked into the syrian conflict the more the continuity of time seems to change when it comes to decision making in washington back in two thousand and thirteen when allegations of chemical attacks arose barack obama was still in the hot seat and time still seemed linear we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happened. obviously in syria right now you've got a war zone we have to make sure that we know exactly what happened what was the nature of the incident what can we document what can we prove. our commonsense review the evidence and attack if justified later the idea about investigations required time those were the good old days but two thousand and seventeen came and times changed syrian dictator bashar. launched a horrible chemical weapons attack. on innocent civilians less than seventy two
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hours later the u.s. fired fifty nine cruise missiles at the airbase they suspected chemical weapons were launched from before any investigation took place. only months later did a un report come out placing the blame at the feet of the syrian government something they still deny the when the controversial white how much group released a video claiming to be proof of a chemical attack in april this year trump was able to pinpoint the culprit in hours many dead including women and children in mindless chemical attack in syria area atrocities in lockdown and encircled by syrian army making it completely inaccessible to outside world president putin russia and iran are responsible for backing animal assad big price. so the area's inaccessible and yet those responsible have been found out already no ifs ands or buts how does the guy do it
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the u.k. and france also join the ranks of the striking government sites in syria after an investigation you ask well three months later the o.p.c. w. did put out a report saying chlorine may have been found but on nerve agents and the case is still open so all proof of the last attack hasn't been found the us is again using its crystal ball to determine what no one else can and is ready to act at least according to wall street journal sources brazil and bush are on the son of syria has approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country's last major rebel stronghold u.s. officials said so if and when a chemical attack takes place during ellipse liberation the guilty party is already known if there are chemical weapons that are used we know exactly who's going to use them that russia is warning of stage attacks is irrelevant that it would lead to exactly what the terrorists want also irrelevant but why look at every scenario when you have everyone else and time on your side. the top energy
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chase of the u.s. and russia have met for crunch talks over the north stream to project with the american side claiming the pipeline would hit washington's european allies the north stream to a pipeline will transport russian natural gas to jim and the baltic sea when completed but the u.s. sees the multinational project looking to gain leverage if you read his what the energy ministers have to say. we discuss joint gas infrastructure projects such as north stream to our position is that it is a commercial project that should be implemented in a competitive weight and concerning energy policy in europe we believe there should be a competitive market based approach relative to stream two. for purposes of clarity the united states does not agree that its completion is indeed. in the best interest of the
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european union we have our disagreements we have our challenges but dialogue is very very important to these two countries i'm optimistic that the future dialogues will be productive. however that psylocke is in washington states he put a say when it comes to other countries rick perry made it very creative those lines will face american and. so the message is clear. to the iranian government that if you cannot will not participate. as a reasonable citizen there will be sanctions there will be a cost to you the united states is in a position today to send a message to countries that do not participate in
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a civilized way that there will be punishment there are a lot of different ways to do that the energy industry being one of them. collin cavil an associate professor of political science thinks the u.s. is trying to keep a grip on the global energy market but he says don't just pay the civil way what he means is they don't follow the u.s. dictates that threatening iran directly with any type of political activity and they're threatening russia with pursuing its north stream to all of gas pipeline to europe so the united states is attempting to dictate who's going to supply who do we have here is the u.s. feels we're doing that because this is now says. did not take politics and did the separation then they should accept the russian liquefied natural gas to the north
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stream too and welcome it however that europe does not stand on its own feet deep. on r.t. to call me you can find more details on our top story and much more i'll be back in around thirty minutes with the latest headlines. mitch mcconnell sounds the alarm ahead of the midterms on g.o.p. control of the senate what's behind his concerns we'll take a look on this edition. of
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politicking on larry king on tuesday senate majority leader mitch mcconnell acknowledged the difficulty republicans are facing in a handful of competitive races the outcomes of which decides whether the senate remains under g.o.p. or democratic control mcconnell even like in some of these close races to a knife fight and i'll e. how likely are the democrats to flip those republican seats and what is with hollow have up his sleeve to prevent that from happening will start that with our panel they are chris wilson in washington d.c. he was director of research a digital strategy for ted cruz's twenty sixth presidential.


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