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tv   News  RT  September 14, 2018 1:00am-1:27am EDT

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the media explodes into a frenzy after the two russians accused of carrying out a nerve agent attack in the u.k. come forward and speak to r.t. the editor in chief denying any involvement in the case. do you work for the g.r.u. and you meet normal and you and i don't either. of us claims the actions of the sounded coalition in yemen are justified as riyadh's tried to limits the number of civilian casualties in its campaign against the rebel. people
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are on. the for what it's worth i've been a very long time hillary supporter it was a shock to to all of us the results of your work. and the leaked video google's top executives reveal their true thoughts on donald trump's twenty sixteen election win raising questions over political bias. a warm welcome and a very good morning to you you're watching r.t. international with me nikki arran. murderers having a holiday from hell and makes the case against them even stronger well that's just a taste of the reaction is greeted the interview to r.t. of the two russians accused of carrying out the nerve agent poisoning in the u.k. city of souls bree the pair came forward and spoke to r.t.s. editor in chief margarita simonyan early on thursday but it's only intensified the
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media's finger pointing at russia. look the russians say this is all been made up by the british but you know this alibi which is very flimsy indeed is not going to convince many people now there in russia say from extradition to many here in the u.k. tonight the t.v. message from moscow was clear they got away with it in terms of of whoever ordered them to go and carry out this mission it was not a great success it looked extremely uncomfortable they did not want to be there they clearly did not appear to be really properly briefed and he's editor in chief you so social media accounts to say she doesn't give her view on purpose and emphasize that it's up to viewers to decide whether to believe the man or not here are some extracts from the interview with alexander petrov and when we can watch the full interview at the end of the program. we
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pose the new to me and i've been to live one you called me on my cell phone and told me that you are a slumber shooter from the looks on the floor. if you really look like the pictures shown to us by the u.k. . when the someone who are you. we are those who were shown to you in the pictures. and i would. have us and are those your real names yes the or our real names would you just call them even now when you're talking about it to tell you the truth you look very nervous. what would you look like when your life is turned upside down in a moment in just one day and changed our lives. this is a t.v. footage from london you walk in those now famous coats and sneakers and soles bring
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. all these people you yes. what were you doing there and our friends have been suggesting for a long time that we visit this wonderful town souls very wonderful town yes a tourist town. there is the famous solsbury cathedral famous not only in europe but in the whole world. it's famous for its one hundred twenty three meter spire. it is famous for its clock one of the first ever created in the world that still working. with. me to get out of it or to build this is so you came to souls greta take a look at the clock and then you know someone the child thought no we planned to visit london at first and have fun there about what it means but it wasn't
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a business trip this time. and we planned to go to london and then to salisbury themselves beneath us another symbolism or we did you know but when we were almost there we thought the plane wouldn't land on the first drive as there was a heavy snow storms but that's because of all the havoc they had with transport in the u.k. on march second and third because of heavy snow fall nearly all the cities were paralyzed we were unable to go anywhere. do you work for the g.r.u. and you me and you and i don't either but no one accuses me of working for the gerry he was but you are being accused of that your colleagues accuse us of that by your colleagues you mean journalists you are being accused by u.k. authorities and yes that's the scariest thing where do you work if you are adults you need to make a living if we tell you about our business people we work with will be affected tell me anything so that we believe you everyone has questions what do you do to
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cut a long story short we're in the fitness industry. smee why did you decide to go to the media your photos were published some time ago together with your names but you kept silent but then today you called me because you want to speak to the media what's changed. to ask for protection is to them or those of you who say we kept silent after our lives turned into a nightmare we didn't know what to do where to go the police the investigative committee the u.k. embassy. or the f.s.b. we don't know why would you go to the u.k. embassy. we really didn't know what to do where to go hello. you know when your life is turned upside down you don't really understand what to do and where to go and many say why don't they go to the u.k. embassy and explain everything. well the u.k.
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has branded alexander liars while the u.s. has proposed imposing a second round of sanctions on russia artist the mirror can have been looking at the international reaction from both sides of the atlantic the reason a spokesperson has rubbish the accounts provided by alexander patrol from a share of and they've used pretty strong language to do it take a listen and blatant for brick ations in this interview given to a russian state sponsored t.v. station are an insult to the public's intelligence well that same government statement goes on to say that an illegal chemical weapon was used on the streets of the country and that four people seriously ill in hospital and an innocent woman died and russia has responded with contempt now this is the second official statement that we've had from the government from downing street earlier on immediately after the interview was first ed there was
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a statement from the government and it was similarly scathing take a listen the government is clear these men are offices of the russian military intelligence service the g.r.u. who used to devastatingly toxic illegal chemical weapons on the streets of our country we have repeatedly asked russia to account for what happened in salzburg in march today just as we've seen throughout they have responded with obfuscation and lauri's so i think to say that the british authorities aren't buying it is to say nothing at all really no one's going to be lining up to give them any acting accolades certainly not here in the u.k. all the politicians have been rather skeptical to the member of parliament for soulsby john glenn he's tweeted saying that he's delighted that alexander patrol from a share of enjoyed the world class attractions that sells but he has to offer but it's very strange to come all this way for just two days while carrying novacek in their luggage he also said that's. welcomes tourists from around the world and it
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is very much open for business but the patrols the sheriff's statements according to john glenn are not credible and don't match the widely accepted intelligence that the u.k. has on these individuals so you can see that this is a stance that it's getting worse and we've got to the next stage of it now because we've had a response from the russian foreign ministry spokesperson that's maria's the horror of us so she's responded to the ukase response to the interview and she has some questions for the british authorities issued this issue and then you've got i believe it's absolutely unacceptable to accuse people of telling lies forty minutes after they have spoken so i repeat my question directly to the british what is the legal basis and framework for accused russian citizens of telling lies forty minutes after noon to view what was the reason for that what was so specifically
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non-credible in what they said one official authority to accuse someone of. you must be responsible for those so we're in this situation now where london is dismissing the interview and questions about why london's dismissing the interview and london is reminding moscow that they have questions that haven't been answered by the kremlin from the very beginning in this affair it looks like we're getting statements and counter statements but that doesn't appear to be any dialogue taking place between london and moscow right now the u.s. is getting ready to impose more sanctions on russia in november for allegedly poisoning the script halls and that's according to assistant secretary of state minissha saying check out what she had to say we plan to impose a very severe second round of sanctions under the sea the global community will not tolerate behavior such as we've seen from russia especially in poisoning and killing its own citizens. we are absolutely prepared to fully implement the second
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round of sanctions says it will include banking sanctions a prohibition on obtaining defense articles and aid money but back in august it was stated that the second round of sanctions could include cutting diplomatic ties with russia and ing all aeroflot travel and stopping all imports and exports but things said that the second round of sanctions would not be imposed if russia commits to on site inspections we have indicated to them that they can evade they can make themselves not subject to these sanctions if they allow the on site inspections as you've indicated if they give us a verifiable assurance that they will not use these nerve agents against their own people again they have not done so so far it should be noted that last october the un verified the destruction of russia's chemical weapons and confirmed that all of russia's chemical weapons facilities were closed through on site inspections do you think they're going to admit their use there were people. congressman at this point
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it's not even a matter of russia admitting it we we know they did that are you know this all began when a former double agent and his daughter were poisoned back in march was determined to be the agent used and everyone blamed russia because the agent was originally developed in the former u.s.s.r. but since ninety one it's been developed in several other countries russia has repeatedly denied involvement and has even offered to cooperate in an investigation and the o.p.c. w. and porton down the british lab that analyzed the samples couldn't even identify the source or country of origin with all that being said all we can do right now is wait until november to see if the sanctions are indeed imposed. the u.s. state department has praised saudi arabia's actions to reduce violence in yemen saying riyadh is doing what it can to minimize civilian casualties that. you see
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them taking steps is it perfect no absolutely not do we see them doing what they can to mitigate civilian casualties absolutely we do well the comments came after the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o certified to congress the study led coalition is undertaking demonstrably actions this is a vacation that's if occasion allows washington to continue providing aid to riyadh and its war against rebels and al-qaeda terrorists in the urban this sunday led bombing campaign against who the rebels which they deemed terrorists started back in twenty fifteen with substantial support from the us government militant groups like al qaeda which washington has been fighting against for nearly two decades have taken advantage of the crisis capturing areas in the south of yemen r.t.c. goshdarn of looks into how the u.s. approach in fighting al qaeda differs depending on the region or the motive. al qaeda a whole generation of americans grew up with these two words engraved in their minds
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since preschool years two words that have seen hundreds of thousands of u.s. troops fanned out all over the globe with an uncompromising objective to defeat terror. for the past few years one battleground yemen some four thousand troops in the country even now and that's enough for the u.s. to turn a blind eye to schools hospitals and their homes flattened by saudi bombs the administration's policy is to focus on ending the war and avoiding a regional conflict countering the threat from the islamic state of iraq in syria in yemen and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula but yemen is just the latest in a sequel which started back in two thousand and one in afghanistan where
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a force of between two and five thousand dollars to fight has ignited the now infamous war on terror on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan today we focus on afghanistan but the battle is broader at that point obviously it was a way to rally the country to to create you know a much larger military for the united states at that point between about two thousand and twenty eleven the united states spent about one point three trillion on its wars in iraq and afghanistan but al qaeda is biggest is not in yemen it's not in afghanistan it's in syria's northern prove. libya is a province just the largest al-qaeda safe haven since nine eleven and it live now
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is a huge problem it is an al qaeda safe haven right on the border of turkey the un estimates al qaida is fortress manned by at least ten thousand offshoot fighters that's at least twice as many as in afghanistan back at the dawn of the war on terror yet washington is nor nearly as trigger happy as one would expect while we had three meetings in the security council on syria sternest warnings came down from most members of the security council telling them that not just chemical weapons would be addressed by the united states and our allies but any offensive on the civilian people and lead was going to be dealt with when russia and the assad regime say they want to counterterrorism they actually mean they want to bomb schools hospitals and homes the obama administration had already loosened rules of engagement in the war against islamic state in syria
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and iraq to permit more killing of civilians in the bombing campaign that the u.s. conducted they expended over one hundred thousand bombs and missiles to destroy cities like rocka and mosul president trump has reportedly loosened the rules of engagement further america's humanitarian concern for syria is remarkable especially in the sense that it's seemingly peripheral elsewhere except the terrorists don't exactly share washington's geographical discernment former u.s. congressman ron paul says washington's position in syria is not about fighting al qaeda as claimed. the evidence is out that we are playing too many games with they are they because we've used al-qaeda as the excuse for being there and yet i don't believe that is the case i think we
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were there for other reasons and. it is it's a haven there and we're on their side. pragmatic reason for this see is that. we think al qaeda will help our position the united states' position to get rid of assad and this is a bipartisan republican and democratic position and it's only individuals like ourselves in the institute for peace and prosperity that are arguing this is totally unnecessary it's not the right position it isn't what united states should be doing it's not part of our constitution this isn't the first time that the evidence is very clear that we have aligned ourselves with al qaeda when we think it's temporarily a benefit to our foreign policy. why i think the most important thing would be was something that trumps a out do you know a few months ago he evidently didn't really believe it because it didn't last too
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long and he changed his mind and that is it's time we left syria you know we need to get out of syria our interests are not served by being there so i would have never gone in in a military sense and i would leave as soon as possible and i think that is the position that we should have but the president has changed his tune now matter of fact he's accelerating the interference but i think this has a lot to do with making sure that we're on the side who will remain very anti iran and that that puts us into a situation where we have to be anti russia too and to me that is very dangerous. and to me activists clash with the police arrive at the removal of a let's the full details when we come back off the soap i.
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think. most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand to lose it since it's just the dance the right questions and the right answers.
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welcome back now yet more questions have been raised over the potential bias of google after a leaked video showed the company's executives expressing disappointment back in twenty sixty at donald trump's election when artie's donald courser picks up the story google's always tried to maintain in a political front but recently tells a very different story and if true it outlines google's executives pick for president in the twenty sixteen presidential elections most people here are pretty upset pretty sad for. because of the election i certainly
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find the selection deeply offensive and i know many of you do too this is none other than surrogate brin google's co-founder and if his assumption that every worker in the video was a clinton voter was upsetting it gets worse. that was the first moment entire really felt like we were going to lose and it was really doing all it did feel like a ton of bricks dropped on my chest and that right there is the chief financial officer of google's parent company alphabet ruth poor at holding back tears at the thought of their election defeat but whose defeat exactly last time i checked google wasn't a wing of the democratic party nevertheless they seem to have a mutual understanding on why trump won zenith hatred and a desire for answers that mean it may not be there here we have senior vice president for global affairs tend to walker looks like despite google's claim to objectivity walker's got some pretty partisan views on american politics but google
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maintains those are personal views ones that don't affect their product. to the rise of fascism and also to the communist revolution i think it's worth be very vigilant in thinking about all these issues what can we do to. maybe a better quality of governance decision making and so forth solid explanation of ideologies that shape the twenty first century sergey but fair enough google is looking for ways to make the world better but that hasn't stopped the flow of accusations that their strategy is politically biased like that time google removed a pro-life singers music video on you tube. i had no. and you tube's move to hit popular users before conservative users especially
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president is draining the swamp her time with is that was going to be a bold enough to make in a movie yah. but there are some at google who don't agree with the company's liberal leanings james to moore a conservative engineer wrote a memo just a memo to highlight potential bias in google's policy and he was fired for it google has several biases a new discussion about these biases is being silenced by the dominant ideology what follows is by no means the complete story but it's a perspective that desperately needs to be told and google google has always claimed its hands were collina when it came to political bias hate speech or other inappropriate content the company always claimed it had its reasons but with insight into what the top brass at google is apparently thinking perhaps it's time for a better understanding of what bias are really means quarter r.t.
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. and viral mental activists fighting to protect an ancient woodland in germany have clashed with police authorities attempted to clear that tree house camp they've occupied this side for years as part of a bid to block the building of a coal mine there which wouldn't tell felling one of the oldest wood left in europe . this is one of the oldest the richest mixed poorest in central europe this being the first day because of art that we read once and mine here. in this for. as we see many of the contemporary struggles intersect the way that
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coal it's extraction cost us climate change from early infects people of the global south. i can remove the movie the movie because you'll be stuck with it that's happening in a lot of it's not model. of no use one might have. made exactly so i thought it would be a muslim the people who did to which it was i mean you could look at the clock. soulsby to get the full the birth of my little girl. and it was young almost so you're going to proceed to do that but it cost me more souls and because i'm going to you know what i just interest you were. some reason i mean you as i mean you're the sub or. somebody has a war on this i mean you're going to go up to europe on this and the new.
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i believe the russian media office and i mean you scream you know books too you know we put all those and i mean you. see me just send me some appeared in just a mean total but is a big move me to get out of it or adult.


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