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tv   News  RT  September 14, 2018 9:00am-9:27am EDT

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female to male friends and you look at it and you just go oh god you paid for that it's horrible nobody can change genders it's impossible. is delusional it's a mental illness. this is now one of my own flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken from a. given you see that you see what's happening. with these two characters produced in this city to recruit way by putin and it really makes my blood. boil the titians of mainstream media exploded into a frenzy after the two russians accused of carrying out a nerve agent attack in the u.k. come forward and speak to r.t. he's editor in chief denying any involvement in the case. but i do you work for the g.r.u. and you meet and you and i don't either. concerns are raised over the potential
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presence of french troops in syria after photos released by the us army appear to show a french military vehicle in the background. people are pretty upset so for what it's worth i've been a very long time hillary supporter it was a shock to all of us the results of the election. and in the league's video google's top executives reveal their true thoughts on the twenty sixth in the election when raising questions over. their well can you watching r.t. international is just gone four pm here in moscow. not murderers having a holiday from hell and only strengthening the case against them just to. the
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response that screamed to the interview to r.t. with the two russians accused of carrying out the nerve agent poisoning in the u.k. city of souls bri the interview even sparked reaction to you from me former british foreign secretary reportedly a contender for next for the next prime minister or. do you see that you see what's happening now with these could two characters produced in this city to recruit by putin only russian t.v. asked these ludicrous questions making a mockery of the whole thing and it really makes my blood boil. ok we're joined now by our correspondent in london polly quite a reaction there from boris johnson. what else and what are the reactions have we seen to all he was speaking at an event in washington d.c. and he called alexander petroff. share of murderers so
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quite strong words there he said that they consume in court if they want to dispute that fact and he also spoke of his time as foreign secretary and he said that he holds the kremlin in absolute contempt that as foreign secretary he tried to reset relations with the kremlin and the u.k. was rewarded with that nerve agent attack in seoul's very as a result i think we can listen to a little bit more of what he said now take a lesson. i mean the classic classic mistake of thinking it was possible to have a reset with russia and. then it just became clearer and clearer to me that that was the food. so sort of that line i'm not angry but i'm terribly disappointed that's the sense you get from the foreign secretary speaking there why does his opinion on russia even matter well he's tipped at least by the bookmakers
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head to be the next conservative leader as for the current prime minister to resign may her spokesperson has also rubbish that is the account provided by alexander petrov share of in that interview to r.t. she said that the account is an insult to the public's intelligence the media reaction has been similarly skeptical take a listen. look the russians say this is all being made up by the british but you know this alibi which is very flimsy indeed is not going to convince many people now they're in russia safe from extradition to many here in the u.k. tonight the t.v. message from moscow was clear they got away with it in terms of whoever ordered them to go and carry out this mission it was not a great success it looked extremely uncomfortable they did not want to be there
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they clearly did not appear to be really properly briefed. and despite all that vladimir putin's insisted that patrol for a share of our simply civilians and the foreign ministry spokesperson over in moscow maria's. she's a expressed dismay at london's reaction to that interview with the two suspects and kind of expressed questions that at the immediate dismissal here in london all of the pairs story as outright lies and also we've got sort of the latest development from moscow which is that the president's spokesperson dmitri peskov has said that russia would consider a request from the u.k. to speak to the two suspects that london alleged is behind this attack to interview them they were sort of considered this in accordance with russian law but he says that russia has not received any such request from london yet so this saga and the
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diplomatic route over this very much continuing. force in london. well to remind you the two suspects accused by british authorities of poisoning formidable agents came forward on thursday and spoke to artie's editor in chief margarita simonyan denying any involvement in the incident. we. knew them in them i've been to the one you called me on my cell phone and told me that you are a slumber shooter from the looks on the floor. you really look like the pictures shown to us by the u.k. . who are you we are those who are shown to you in the pictures. and i would throw that
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are those your real names yes they are real names. even now when you're talking about it to tell you the truth you look very nervous. what would you look like when your life is turned upside down in a moment in just one day and changed our lives. what do you work for the g.r.u. at work and you meet and you and i don't either but no one accuses me of working for the jerry used but you are being accused of that your colleagues accuse us of that by your colleagues i mean journalists who are being accused by u.k. authorities and yes that's the scariest thing where do you work you are adults you need to make a living process if we tell you about our business people we work with will be affected tell me anything so that we believe you do everyone has questions what do you do to cut a long story short if you were in the fitness industry well arty's editor in chief there said that she didn't give her view on purpose preferring to leave it to the
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viewers to decide whether to believe the man or not but here's what she had to say after the. i knew they were nervous and sweating a lot i had to turn up the air conditioning a lot higher than usual and still they were sweating and wiping their foreheads which obviously happens when people are nervous they could be a lot of reasons for it i understand this was the first interview in their lives but they could have been nervous for other reasons as well that's also possible they refused to show their i.d.'s on camera because they didn't want to be pursued and identified further but they showed them to me i did not run the polygraph on them as a journalist i believe what they see i saw those were the people i saw their i.d.'s and that they feed the photos and videos what was going through their minds and whether they were speaking the truth it's hard to see. in other news new pictures released by the u.s. army to appear to inadvertently expose a much larger french military role in syria previously thought
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a french army vehicle can be seen in the background of a photo from did as saw where the u.s. is fighting what's left of islamic state terrorists in the area the picture though was quickly deleted more details from charlotte. but we know that the u.s. army released this photograph on wednesday to show it special operation joint task force on the ground in syria in this particular region. but what egalite members of the public clearly spot is a french military vehicle in the background now people have said sure that it's a french military vehicle because this particular type of vehicle is only used by french and saudi arabian forces and saudi arabian forces are not on the ground in this particular region now what it showed is that a military vehicle in the background of what's really interesting about this is that the french government the french military has never acknowledged that it has french troops on the ground in this particular area of syria that we do know that
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this area is where the u.s. backed fighters have been battling. harvest's we also know that france has been part of a u.s. led coalition which has been cut ducting operations over syrian airspace over the last three years but in particular it's been aiding kurdish forces on the ground as they fight against by some forces now we know that france has pledged in the past full support to syrian kurds on the ground the president should the syrian democratic forces and the french support in particular for the stabilization of the security zone in the north east of syria within the framework of an inclusive and balanced governance to prevent any resurgence of i saw it while seeking for a political solution to the syrian conflict well that support from the french military has been vegas to water actually means and what the context of that
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support actually is and there is actually a question of the legality of the french and the us troops being in syria to all of course they do not turn off a un mandate to be there and they do not have permission from the syrian government to be that we also know that francis repeatedly warned that if the board draw. grows so i want to change the storyline that playing with actually is not a bad economy or your money but claim it actually would be beneficial is a good positive make you money. welcome back now the impartiality of google has once again being called into
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question after elite video showed the company's executives expressing disappointment back in two thousand sixteen donald trump selection when one quarter as more. google's always tried to maintain a political front but recently tells a very different story and if true it outlines google's executives pick for president in the twenty sixteen presidential elections most people here are. pretty upset pretty sad for. you because of the election i certainly find the selection deeply offensive and i know many of you do too this is none other than surrogate brin google's co-founder and if his assumption that every worker in the video was a clinton voter was upsetting it gets worse. that was the first moment i really felt like we were going to lose and it was really doing all it did feel like a ton of bricks dropped on my chest and that right there is the chief financial
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officer of google's parent company alphabet ruth poor at holding back tears at the thought of their election defeat but whose defeat exactly last time i checked google wasn't a wing of the democratic party nevertheless they seem to have a mutual understanding on why trump won zina phobia hatred and a desire for answers that mean it may not be there here we have senior vice president for global affairs tend to walker looks like despite google's claim to objectivity walker's got some pretty partisan views on american politics but google maintains those are personal views ones that don't affect their product. to the rise of fascism and also to the communist revolution i think it's worth be very vigilant in thinking about all these issues what can we do to lead to. maybe a better quality of governance decision making and so forth solid explanation of
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ideologies that shaped the twenty first century sergei but fair enough google is looking for ways to make the world better but that hasn't stopped the flow of accusations that. their strategy is politically biased like that time google removed a pro-life singer's music video on you tube they said. i had known. and you tube's move to hit popular users before conservative users especially presidents not draining the swamp dime it is going to be a balls in the making a movie. but there are some google who don't agree with the company's liberal leanings james to moore a conservative engineer wrote a memo just a memo to highlight potential bias in google's policy and he was fired for it
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google has several biases a new discussion about these biases is being silenced by the dominant ideology what follows is by no means the complete story but it's a perspective that desperately needs to be told that google google has always claimed its hands work olean when it came to political bias hate speech or other inappropriate content the company always claimed it had its reasons but with insight into what the top brass at google is apparently thinking perhaps it's time for a better understanding of what bias really means quarter r.t. . the founder of the walk away campaign brendan straka found himself banned from facebook this week came after he announced an interview with the controversial info wars media platform the ban however was lifted shortly afterwards walk away is a viral campaign on facebook encouraging liberal americans to leave the democratic party the movement involves over one hundred ninety thousand members brandon straka
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told r.t. the suspension devastated his ability to reach his audience to lose. my platform that way is devastating and essentially i think that what they are trying to do is to sabotage the walkaway march on washington using this info wars word as the catalyst to do it why should i be banned from using my social media platform for using the word info wars i wasn't even state i wasn't stating an opinion i wasn't being controversial i wasn't being provocative i was literally alerting the members of my group that i was about to do an interview on a website. info was a site hosted by alex jones it's more than one and a half billion views on you tube however the platform was repeatedly criticised for promoting conspiracy theories and especially using hate rhetoric which has previously expressed support for him yes leading social networks banned gens and
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his media for violating their policies twitter recently announced he was being banned permanently. i think that base book is using its policies completely inconsistently because these bans and blocks and suppression only seem to affect people on the right they seem to only affect conservatives they never seem to have any impact on liberals or people on the left i never see them getting banned or suppressed it's time for action and to push for freedom of speech i mean this is what this is really about with their suppressing free speech but we did ask for comments from facebook about why. account was banned when it you know what they say as and when we get a response. now the u.s. state department has praised the saudi arabia's actions to reduce violence in yemen saying riyadh is doing what it can to minimize civilian casualties that. we see them taking steps is it perfect no absolutely not do we see them doing what they
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can to mitigate civilian casualties absolutely we deal those comments came after the us secretary of state certified to congress and the save led coalition is undertaking demonstrable actions and that certification allows washington to continue providing aid to riyadh in its war against rebels and al-qaeda terrorists in yemen the saudi led bombing campaign against the rebels which they deemed to be terrorist started back in twenty fifteen with substantial support from the us government militant groups like al qaida which washington has been fighting against for nearly two decades have taken advantage of the of the crisis capturing aries in the south of yemen r.t. as you go down of looks into how the us approach in fighting al qaeda does differ depending on the region or the motive. al qaeda a whole generation of americans grew up with these two words engraved in their minds since preschool years two words that have seen hundreds of thousands of u.s.
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troops fanned out all over the globe with an uncompromising objective to defeat terror. for the past few years one battleground yemen some four thousand troops in the country even now and that's enough for the u.s. to turn a blind eye to schools hospitals and homes flattened by saudi bombs the administration's policy is to focus on ending the war and avoiding a regional conflict countering the threat from the islamic state of iraq in syria in yemen and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula but yemen is just the latest in a sequel which started back in two thousand and one in afghanistan where a force of between two and five thousand dollars to fight has ignited the now
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infamous war on terror on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan today we focus on afghanistan but the battle is broader at that point obviously it was a way to rally the country to to create you know a much larger military for the united states at that point between about two thousand and twenty eleven the united states spent about one point three trillion on its wars in iraq and afghanistan but al qaeda is biggest is not in yemen it's not in afghanistan it's in syria's northern prove. libya is a province just the largest al qaeda safe haven since nine eleven and it live now is a huge problem it is an al qaeda safe haven right on the border of turkey the un estimates
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al qaida is fortress manned by at least ten thousand offshoot fighters that's at least twice as many as in afghanistan back at the dawn of the war on terror yet washington is no merely as trigger happy as one would expect while we had three meetings in the security council on syria sternest warnings came down from most members of the security council telling them that not just chemical weapons would be addressed by the united states and our allies but any offensive on the civilian people and lead was going to be dealt with when russia and the assad regime say they want to counterterrorism they actually mean they want to bomb schools hospitals and homes the obama administration had already loosened rules of engagement in the war against islamic state in syria
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and iraq to permit more killing of civilians in in the bombing campaign that the u.s. conducted they they expended over one hundred thousand bombs and missiles to destroy cities like rocka and mosul president trump has reportedly loosened the rules of engagement further america's humanitarian concern for syria is remarkable especially in the sense that it's seemingly peripheral elsewhere except the terrorists don't exactly share washington's geographical discernment. not still world update for this hour back again with more on the headlines in thirty five minutes. with the advent of the trump presidency much has been said about america's culture
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wars even a new civil war the country is clearly divided but trump didn't do this on his own there are two americas you know and both exist. small seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. let me. get to shape our disdain become educated and engaged because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. the swarms of them so moving. and good news was before. much of those who heard it's a preview are you ever seen with the north we go we're go.
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move. move. move show you the snoopy do of the herbal medicines collector a good. movie just like most of these girls will give you films for good girls. go to shows so look i do the same you want me to show the story to you should go. to starbucks to. get to meet until it was the little mr banks you look at is it's. him testing understands to just be there mashed on. a stick to present your company's control his product to. those we have producers to ghost whisperer to snoop to come up with you of course
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there's the cousin with you sir your supporters to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook door for the one who's job does the request. hello welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze the politicians and businessmen are gathering here at the mr economic forum and are russia's far east but outside is halls a bigger question looms. climate change as lore violent storms and heat waves advance care we really do something about it and get our act together well i talked to a nobel peace prize winner and a member of the intergovernmental committee on climate change write quote chung. is
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the effects of climate change become harder to ignore was recuperating heat waves and dangerous storms detractions becoming desperate yeah governments around the world continue to linger unable to follow a single strategy how much longer will the planet allow us to wait what can finally breathe humanity to take action against manmade climate change is it already too late to stop the time. poster child thank you very much for being with us today it's a great pleasure lots to talk about let's start with climate change because it's such a huge topic and people are divided on it for instance the summer the world the world went through and now they're breaking the record records and it's summer in europe it seems to get worse and worse so is this climate change action is this what it looks like. to me i have been following the climate change issues for more than twenty years and we have been given the warning from ninety nine t.
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is that the climate change you are becoming but no i say that has already arrived from. forty degree and we never experienced this kind of way but it is not only in korea. greece portugal and even united states or suffering from terrible draw to.


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