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tv   News  RT  September 14, 2018 10:00am-10:27am EDT

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i. like you do you see that you see what's happening. with these q two characters produced in this city to recruit way by putin and it really makes my blood. pretty fall a titian's a mainstream media exploded into a frenzy after the two russians accused of carrying out a nerve agent attack in the u.k. come forward and speak to artie's editor in chief denying any involvement in the case. do you work for the g.r.u. and you meet with you and i don't either also this hour concerns are raised over
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the potential presence of french troops in syria after photos released by the us army appeared to show a french military big kill in the background. people here are. pretty upset for what it's worth i've been a very long time hillary supporter it was a shock to all of us the results of the election. but also to video google's top executives reveal their true thoughts on donald trump's twenty sixteen election win raising questions over tell it to come by. and i welcome his five pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international. murderess having a holiday from hell only strengthening the case against them just a taste of the risk. bonce the scream to the interview to r.t.
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with the two russians accused of carrying out the nerve agent poisoning in the u.k. city of seoul the interview even sparked reaction from the former british foreign secretary and reportedly a contender for the next prime minister boris johnson but you know you see the you see what's happening now with these q two characters produced in this city to recruit by putin only russian t.v. these ludicrous actually question making a mockery of the whole thing and it really makes my blood boil. ok we can cross live now to london and our correspondent. quite a reaction there was in it for mr johnson what else to be have to say. yeah he was talking about his blood boiling at an event in washington and that was where he also called alexander petrov the share of murderers in fact he said that they can sue him in court if they want to dispute that fact and he spoke
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a lot about before about his job before he resigned as foreign secretary in the summer you know it was his job to be rather diplomatic he was the top diplomat for the u.k. a self proclaimed committed russified he had called himself back then well not anymore boris johnson said that he holds the kremlin in absolute contempt now after he tried to reset relations with the kremlin and what does the u.k. get in return and nerve agent attack in seoul's barry i think you can take a list a listen to a little bit more of what he had to say but made the classic classic mistake of thinking it was possible to have a reset with russia and. then it just became clearer and clearer to be true that was the full. why does his opinion on russia matter well if
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you take a look at the bookmakers he happens to be the favorite to be the next conservative leader as for the current leader and prime minister to resume a her spokesperson has also rubbish the account provided in that interview by alexander petrov a share of they've said that it is an insult to the public's intelligence when it comes to the global media well a lot of news outlets have been similarly skeptical here's a taste of the sort of reaction that's been in the news take a look. the russians say this is all been made up by the british but you know this island boy which is very flimsy indeed is not going to convince many people now there in russia say from extradition to many here in the u.k. tonight the t.v. message from moscow was clear they got away with it in terms of of whoever ordered
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them to go and carry out this mission it was not a great success it looked extremely uncomfortable they did not want to be there they clearly did not appear to be really properly briefed and nevertheless prior to this interview vladimir putin that had insisted that alexander. share of are simply civilians and also off to sort of response to the interview started coming in we had the foreign ministry spokesperson in moscow maria horror of expressed dismay at london sort of immediate dismissal of the accounts provided by the traffic and the share of as sort of outright lies she said how can you are fourteen minutes after that interview say that it's just all blatant lies and the latest development from moscow has come from the president's spokesperson dmitri for scoff and he sort of despite the accusations leveled at moscow has said that
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moscow would consider any request to interview the men from the u.k. in accordance with russian law however the kremlin has received no such request from the u.k. as yet. there was a boy in london force which reminds me this new suspects accused by british authorities of poisoning former double agent. forward. and spoke to r.t. said. denying any involvement in the incident. we. those are new to me and i've been to live one you called me on my cell phone and told me that you are a slumber shooter from the looks on the patrol and. you really look like the pictures shown to us by the u.k. . who are you. we are those who were shown to you in the pictures. and i would throw
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are those your real names yes they are real names. even now when you are talking about it to tell you the truth you look very nervous. what would you look like when your life is turned upside down in a moment in just one day and changed our lives. would i do you work for the g.r.u. the world and you me and you and i don't either but no one accuses me of working for the gerry used but you are being accused of that your colleagues accuse us of that by your colleagues you mean journalists you are being accused by u.k. authorities and yes that's the scariest thing where do you work if you are adults you need to make a living if we tell you about our business people we work with will be affected tell me anything so that we believe you everyone has questions what do you do to
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cut a long story short if you were in the fitness industry. well arty's editor in chief said that she didn't give her view on purpose preferring to leave it to view is to decide whether to believe the man or not is what she had to say following the interview. i knew they were nervous and sweating a lot i had to turn up the air conditioning a lot higher than usual and still they were sweating and wiping their foreheads which obviously happens when people are nervous they could be a lot of reasons for it i understand this was the first interview in their lives but they could have been nervous for other reasons as well that's also possible they refused to show their i.d.'s on camera because they didn't want to be pursued and identified further but they showed them to me i did not run the polygraph on them as a journalist i believe what they see i saw those were the people i saw their i.d.'s and that they feed the photos and videos what was going through their minds and whether they were speaking the truth it's hard to see but you can watch the interview in full two men gave to r.t.
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said in chief on our website and also our you tube channel and r.t. dot com also has a full transcript you can read to. you pictures released by the u.s. army appear to inadvertently expose a much larger french military role in syria than previously thought a french army vehicle can be seen in the background of a photo from dealers or where the u.s. is fighting what is left of islamic state terrorists in the area the picture though was quickly deleted shouted as more details we know that the u.s. army released this photograph on wednesday to show it special operation joint task force on the ground in syria in this particular region. but what egalite members of the public clearly spot is a french military vehicle in the background now people have said they're sure that it's a french military vehicle because this particular type of vehicle is only used by french and saudi arabian forces and saudi arabian forces are not on the ground in
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this particular region now what it showed is that a military vehicle in the background of what's really interesting about this is that the french government the french military has never acknowledged. that it has french troops on the ground in this particular area of syria now we do know that this area is where the u.s. backed fighters have been battling against the harvests and we also know that france has been part of a u.s. led coalition which has been cut. operations over syrian air space over the last three years but in particular it's been aiding kurdish forces on the ground as they fight against isis forces now we know that france has pledged in the past full support to syrian kurds on the ground the president should the syrian democratic forces and the french support in particular for the stabilization of the
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security zone in the north east of syria within the framework of an inclusive and balanced governance to prevent any resurgence of i saw it while seeking for a political solution to the syrian conflict well that support from the french military has been vegas to water actually means and what the context of that support actually is and there is actually a question of the legality of the french and the u.s. troops being in syria to all of course they do not turn off a u.n. mandate to be there and they do not have permission from the syrian government to be that we also know that francis repeatedly warned that if it believes a chemical attack has taken place it will seek retribution and retaliation for such an attack on syrian ground so now with their troops seemingly absolutely on the ground in this area. has acknowledged previously perhaps france is raising an even bigger warning flag. reporting that will made heighten tensions in syria hundreds
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of pentagon troops and i'd rebel militants finished rare large joint troops to be out base u.s. some forty confliction zone a top syrian rebel commander warns the drools are a message to russia and around the militants intend to stay in the area. these exercises are of great importance they have beefed up the area's defenses and have raised both combat and civilian capabilities and morale we are staying whether the russians or iranians ones or not. rebels call the drills a response to moscow's warning that it could attack near the u.s. garrison in the seats of terrorists linked jihadists russian points that they are hiding in u.s. protected areas however that is denied by the pentagon which adds that it is not seeking escalation and maintains de confliction channels with russia both russia and syria the us and forced the conflicts in bases they as a violation of syrian sovereignty let's get the thoughts now of middle east affairs
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expert at the risk joins us and you very welcome ali thanks for coming on. agree with moscow's findings that terrorists to hide in u.s. protected areas. well you know this is not the first time when we hear about such issues as not just moscow it's other countries which are of the you worse of harboring terrorists or allowing terrorists to have a safe passage way but i think more importantly what you have to focus on is that one of the u.s. us his main middle eastern allies is saudi arabia and it's well known that the saudi arabian will be our ideology is the ideology upon which isis and other terrorist groups feeds upon so whichever way you look at it the u.s. . at the very least we can say is not doing much for the feet of terrorism when you look at the fact that it one of its closest allies saudi arabia and its one hundred
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ism is the main the ilo ideology which is adopted by these groups i think that in addition to that fact the mirror the fact that or the holding of these drills the participation of american troops in these drills for the first time we see a serious such a scenario i think this shows that indeed america has begun with a new strategy which was announced by the new u.s. envoy to syria james jeffrey when he said that now u.s. prison u.s. troops will stay in there for. plea and then we have a goal which is to take iran out of syria and i think that the statements of james jeffrey are very much linked to these maneuvers which were carried out by these american troops so we have the first translation of the ground if you would like of this new it was policy which was announced recently the key thing ali that the fact we're seeing them train alongside the rebels as they call them gee think the next
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step would be to see american troops fight alongside them. but saw as possible i don't think that's likely it is possible we have to remember that the appetite amongst the u.s. public there is no there is a basically no appetite for us fighting on the ground you know about could be very very risky for u.s. president bob tran and one of his main focuses during his campaign was to extract america from wars and not to put america in wars are you have congressional elections coming up trumps so if you're going to be up for reelection in two thousand and twenty so as i said it's possible that u.s. troops could fight alongside these these groups but i think i think it's highly unlikely i think that. what the u.s. focus will be right now is to at least just remain in syria to have a part of the syrian case as you like also to serve as cons some kind of a ball i.e.
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force against iran but without reaching the extent of u.s. forces actually engaging in confrontations on a long soil these are groups nonetheless syria russia do continually point out that u.s. bases in syria there are illegally against international law but of course now outcry amongst the international community about that. well i think you know that's basically what we can call the rule of the jungle. which has proven has been preparing for some time you know ever since the emergence of the so-called us led liberal order which has been a roading now we have had these double standards when it comes to international law you know international law is applied in the very selective way. with during the period of us had germany which as i say again appears to be coming towards us and.
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at the same time we see that the u.s. accuses others of violating sovereignty while the us is the biggest violator of the sovereignty of other nations but one very quick point to refer to is the fact that these u.s. troops even if they don't choose to fight alongside these armed groups they themselves could be subject to attacks from the syrian army and this allies and i think that the syrian army and its allies if they do talk of these us forces there is a clear legal justification because you know legally speaking as a sovereign country you do have the right to use military force against any occupying force be at the u.s. or from any other country but it would not be a very last resort surely targeting american troops in syria. it would be a last resort yes but i think that you know once the syrian army does get rid of what remains here an army and its allies one say get rid of what remains of
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terrorist groups in the country i don't think the syrian army will stand for continued american presence continued american presence means continued american occupation and i'm quite certain that the syrian army wouldn't accept that now how will they deal with it the probably use other means before using military force but if all other means they use without success you know as i said it is very much possible that the u.s. or that sorry that syrian army and its allies could go ahead and launch an offensive. against these american forces let me quickly remind you of what the iranian president hassan rouhani said during that three way summit trying to cross some of which also saw the participation of president putin and president all a lot of took of turkey in that summit and he said that after we have to go to be east of the euphrates and he was referring to hands to the u.s. troops so that was a clear iranian reference that you were stroup smart come next after the operation
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of implicit that's why i'm saying that it's not completely unlikely where you can see this we're out of time always good to have you are not a risk that middle east affairs expert thank you. thank you watching us he will have the break. player. plays. clear. i've been saying the numbers mean something a matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to be rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from last year some with four hundred to five
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hundred trade per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one that shows you can't afford to miss the one and only. welcome back not the impartiality of google has once again been cold into question after a leaked video showed the company expressing disappointment back in twenty six stay in donald trump's election when the old quarter picks up the story. google's always
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tried to maintain a political front but recently tells a very different story and if true it outlines google's executives pick for president in the twenty sixteen presidential elections most people here are. pretty upset pretty sad for. you because of the election and i certainly find the selection deeply offensive and i know many of you do too this is none other than surrogate brin google's cofounder and if his assumption that every worker in the video was a clinton voter was upsetting it gets worse that was the first moment i really felt like we were going to lose and it was really doing all it did feel like a ton of bricks dropped on my chest and that right there is the chief financial officer of google's parent company alphabet ruth poor at holding back tears at the thought of their election defeat but whose defeat exactly last time i checked
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google wasn't a wing of the democratic party nevertheless they seem to have a mutual understanding on why trump won zina phobia hatred and a desire for answers that mean it may not be there here we have senior vice president for global affairs tend to walker looks like despite google's claim to objectivity walker's got some pretty partisan views on american politics but google maintains those are personal views ones that don't affect their product. to the rise of fascism and also to the communist revolution i think it's worth be very vigilant in thinking about all these issues what can we do to to you. maybe a better quality of governance decision making and so forth solid explanation of ideologies that shaped the twenty first century survey but fair enough google is looking for ways to make the world better but that hasn't stopped the flow of
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accusations that their strategy is politically biased like that time google removed a pro-life singers music video on you tube. i had no. and you tube's move to hit popular users before conservative users especially presidents not this. time it is that was going to be it bottles in the back of the movie. but there are some at google who don't agree with the company's liberal leanings james to moore a conservative engineer wrote a memo just a memo to highlight potential bias in google's policy and he was fired for it google has several biases a new discussion about these biases is being silenced by the dominant ideology what
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follows is by no means the complete story but it's a perspective the desperately needs to be told google google has always claimed its hands were cold lean when it came to political bias hate speech or other inappropriate content the company always claimed it had its reasons but with insight into what the top brass at google is apparently thinking perhaps it's time for a better understanding of what bias really means quarter r.t. . the founder of the walk away campaign brandon straka has found himself banned from facebook this week it did come after he announced an interview with the controversial info wars media platform the ban however was lifted shortly afterwards walk away is a campaign on facebook encouraging liberal americans to leave the democratic party the movement involves over one hundred eighty thousand members and instructor told r.t. this is a pension that was stated his ability to reach his audience to lose my platform
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that way is devastating and essentially i think that what they are yet to shape out these days become educated and engaged with. the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. prosecution only to be criminals and this should. be called where you. just read you'll find. somebody. political pressure on the. security industry knows what the bundled up business models used by american corporations. to see to. see controls. solution. in association.
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when he saw as it is just really really take. an investigative documentary. ghost war. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle with the advent of the trump presidency much has been said about america's culture wars even the new civil war the country is clearly divided but trump didn't do this on his own there are two americas now and both co-exist.
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ross talking america divided i'm joined by my guest steve malzberg in new york he's a conservative political commentator in alexandria we have gregory copely he is author of sovereignty in the twenty first century and crisis for identity cultures nation states and civilizations and in williamsburg across who are.


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