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we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. world anti-doping watchdog announces it will discuss reinstating the russian antidoping agency as a member after it was declared non compliant in the wake of twenty fifteen doping allegations. but the foreign minister to reiterate small because willingness to cooperate with britain on the poisoning case but not on the principle of assumed guilt after some strong reactions from u.k. politicians you see that you see what's happening with these two characters produced. to recruit by putin and it really makes my blood boil.
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british m.p.'s in the mainstream media exploded in a frenzy after the russians accused of carrying out a nerve agent attack in the u.k. came forward and spoke to auntie's editor in chief they denied any involvement in the case. those concerns have raised over the potential presence of french troops in syria after photos released by the. us are joining us this hour you're watching r.t. international. world anti-doping watchdogs announced that it will discuss reinstating russia's than stoping agency as a member after it was declared non-compliant in the wake of the two thousand and fifteen doping allegations. compliance review committee reviewed at length a letter from the russian ministry of sport to water and was satisfied that this letter sufficiently acknowledged the issues identified in russia therefore fulfilling the first of the two outstanding great tyria of up to compliance this is
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a huge turnaround in fact if we look at what happened earlier during the day when the british media particularly b.b.c. reported exactly the opposite of what eventually happened and the b.b.c. said that the c.r.c. the compliance review committee of water the world anti-doping agency would recommend the water to now. reinstate it as part of the world anti-doping family but why they came out with a statement of their own later during the day saying exactly the opposite that now the c.r.c. has accumulated all the data looked at all the criteria that they had to meet in order to be reinstated and will recommend to water to executive committee that is to consider russia result as reinstatement as so up until this week there have been two criteria remaining one of them is basically a public acknowledgment of the mclaren report findings and the other one is granting arks access for the water officials to the russian doping labs this has been one of the bones of contention the biggest bone of contention and now it
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apparently has been resolved russian sports minister had been very optimistic about the possibility of reinstatement it is important for us to reinstate the next world executive meeting we decision between two years with hope believe we did everything that we could and we all ready to further cooperate with all of us to continue to work in this direction and follow. which are equal for all stars anybody's guess at this stage what's your opinion how do you think it's going to play out it's not set in stone obviously because the opposition has been very vocal and it's been a lot of opposition to the russian reinstatement within water. particularly from the u.s. anti-doping agency trade a star just said the head of the usada said a few weeks ago that this would be a blow to the clean athletes and to the sports in general if there's reinstatement unless it meets the conditions but now according to are the conditions have been met also the u.k. anti-doping agency came out with statements and even letters to water and even
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a clip of video clip that they posted on twitter basically urging water not to take this u. turn there is a one of them taking place on the twenty fifth which is critical to the future of clean spool get behind hash tag no you term order thank you do not eat on the russian brain. do you know they are all athletes across the world. how do we get to this point well people are concerned because of the magnitude of the scandal which happened twenty fifteen you know the allegations of a state sponsored doping system that's very severe obviously entailing very severe punishment because a lot of athletes have been banned hoping agency disbanded a list of criteria naming thirty one things that were thought to have to do you know to be considered for reinstatement and as until this week twenty nine of them had been completed now only two remained and according to the today statement it's out of the way as well but again it's too early to say whether you know the russian
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sports ministry is uncorking it champagne tonight. sports journalist and more told to see things russia's made a lot of progress in its anti doping efforts push i've completed as much as possible and far more than our new order doping agency in the history of water have been able to do and chief so in all fairness they should be reinstated should be brought back into the family and given an opportunity to prove themselves however i think politics yes play a bit of a role but then again the i.o.c. the international committee our own wishes saw it in so far as they want to see sport progress and exclusion of segregation on the drug sport into a very very dark place i think for people within that system within the u.k. with the new cards they need to sort of look a little bit closer to home. very royce to look for a clean sport what they need to start at home because the russians it doesn't
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matter what happens newquay or really usa or in our land has been trying to clean up its own house i think if we all did and helped each other out and were a bit more understanding i think that we would finally maybe get to something that . might be called kingsport. murders having a holiday from hell and only strengthen the case against them just a taste of the response that's greeted artie's interview with the two russians accused of carrying out the nerve agent poisoning in the u.k. city soulsby says foreign minister spoke on the issue for the first time during a joint news conference with his german counterpart is what they had to say. on the ship all our official requests receive just formal notes and even simply spoken responses boiling down to your guilty all we need from you is to explain whether it was an order or an accident used to maintain discussion on such a level is pointless we are still ready for serious dialogue based on the rule of
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international law but not on the principle they called highly likely to have informants when we got the information on the screwball case from the u.k. and we have no doubts about it but we're also interested in an investigation of what's happened if everybody is ready to exchange information on the issue to clear up the situation nothing more than prevent an investigation. into even sparked a reaction from the former british foreign secretary reportedly contender for next prime minister boris johnson but you know you see that you see what's happening now with these cute two characters produced in this city to recoup by putin on russian t.v. asked these ludicrous she questions make a mockery of the whole thing and it really makes my blood boil typically boris response really you hear him using vivid language about his blood boiling and he
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said that alexander the traffic to share the on murder isn't that they're welcome to see him in court if they want to challenge that fact and he also spoke of his work as foreign secretary saying that he holds the kremlin in absolute contempt and that he made what he called the crass a mistake. trying to engage with moscow take a listen to what he had to say i made the coffee classic mistake thinking it was possible to have a reset with russia and. it just became clearer and clearer to me that was. so when he was foreign secretary as top diplomat it was his job to represent the country to travel and he called himself a committed rasa file back in twenty seventeen it was his job to meet up with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov now however when he happens to be speaking in
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washington he says he regrets it all very much and it was a fool's errand and to quote something he once said about his own views in europe his view on russia appears to have been like a supermarket trolley as well so quite an extreme reaction from the former foreign secretary why does the view of a former cabinet minister even matter well he is widely tipped by the bookmakers to be potentially the next conservative leader so clearly his views are getting a lot of air time also the current leader to resume a prime minister her spokespersons rubbish the interviewee that alexander the trough and we did with r t saying that the account provided by the two alleged attack is an insult to the public's intelligence and outright lies so
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downing street wasn't having any of it but most foreign ministry spokesperson maria's the horror of was unimpressed with downing street's response she came out yesterday questioning why london immediately dismissed petrol for the sheriff's account forty minutes after that interview was first a. sad and the latest development from moscow comes from dmitri peskov the spokesperson for the russian president vladimir putin he said that russia would consider any request to interview the man from the u.k. in accordance with russian law but moscow is yet to receive such a request from london. to remind you that the two suspects accused by british authorities of poisoning former double agent. came forward thursday and spoke to auntie's editor in chief margaret dissimilar they denied any involvement in the incident. we. are the new to me and i've been to live one
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you called me on my cell phone and told me that you are a slumber shooter from the looks on the floor. you really look like the pictures shown to us by the u.k. . but. that's. the sort of why you we are those who were shown to you in the pictures with the slum bush era and i would throw the russians there are those your real names yes the your real names would suggest even now when you're talking about it to tell you the truth you look very nervous and then. you can move what would you look like when your life is turned upside down in a moment in just one day and changed our lives. what i do you work for the g.r.u. and you me know and you and i don't either but no one accuses me of working for the
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gerry used but you are being accused of that your colleagues accuse us of that by your colleagues journalists who are being accused by you get a story to yes that's the scariest thing where do you work when you are adults you need to make a living if we tell you about our business people we work with will be affected tell me anything so that we believe you know everyone has questions what do you do to cut a long story short we're in the fitness industry all these editor in chief said she didn't give her view on purpose preferring to leave it to the viewers to decide whether or not to believe the man is what she had to say following interview. i mean you know there were nervous and sweating a lot i had to turn up the air conditioning a lot higher than usual and still there were sweating and wiping their foreheads which obviously happens when people are nervous there could be a lot of reasons for it i understand this was the first interview in their lives but they could have been nervous for other reasons as well that's also possible they refused to show their i.d.'s on camera because they didn't want to be pursued
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and identified further but they showed them to me that i did not run a polygraph on them as a journalist i believe what i see i saw those were the people i saw their i.d.'s and that they feed the photos and video of what was going through their minds and whether they were speaking the truth it's hard to see that for british diplomat craig murray says the media rejection of the suspect story is a concern. some of the things which were being said they widely in the u.k. plea by the beatles to be implausible are in fact not implausible it turns out that it is absolutely true that stonehenge was closed by snow on the barge so the idea that they went on the third of march planned souls blew city center snowed under and stonehenge closed and came back and tried to connect stay is perfectly possible those were the weather conditions of the day i found the straightforward rejection
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of the story by the british a fart is very troubling indeed given that this is meant to be a criminal case there's meant to be. a possible trial and we're you know potential defendants have outlined their defense and the government is immediately said that's a ridiculous and it's an insult to make that defense that's not how you'd behave in a democracy in criminal cases before to just and isn't hard evidence of anything except to people walking around stalls because that's all it shows plainly of a british government determined this investigation on day one the day after the skipper attack happened stood up in parliament and said russian government to done it and they've been trying ever since then to fix the evidence. around that conclusion which is not the way an investigation should be done. new pictures released by the us army appear to inadvertently expose a much larger french military role in syria than previously thought
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a french army vehicle can be seen in the background of a photo from dairies or the u.s. is fighting what's left of islamic state terrorists than the picture that was quickly deleted so the dubious he has details. what we know that the u.s. army released this photograph on wednesday to show it special operation joint task force on the ground in syria in this particular region at dia as the war but what. eagle eyed members of the public clearly spotted a french military vehicle in the background now people have said they sure that it's a french military vehicle because this particular type of vehicle is only used by french and saudi arabian forces and saudi arabian forces are not on the ground in this particular region now what it showed is that military vehicle in the background and what's really interesting about this is that the french government the french military has never acknowledged that it has french troops on the ground in this particular area of syria now we do know that this area is where the u.s.
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backed fighters have been battling against your harvests and we also know that france has been part of a u.s. led coalition which has been cut. operations of syrian air space over the last three years but in particular it's been aiding forces on the ground as they fight against by some forces now we know that france has pledged in the past full support to syrian kurds on the ground the president should the syrian democratic forces and the french support in particular for the stabilization of the security zone in the north east of syria within the framework of an inclusive and balanced governance to prevent any resurgence of i saw it while seeking for a political solution to the syrian conflict well that support from the french military has been vegas to water actually means and what the context of that
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support actually is and there is actually a question of the legality of the french and the u.s. troops being in syria tool of course they do not turn off a u.n. mandate and they do not have permission from the syrian government to be that we also know that francis repeatedly warned that if it believes a chemical attack has taken place it will seek retribution and retaliation for such an attack on syrian ground so now with their troops seemingly absolutely on the ground in this area the new body has acknowledged previously perhaps france is raising an even bigger warning flag. meanwhile reports have surfaced in the german media suggesting that washington's been pressuring berlin to get more militarily involved in syria as well the news prompted the recent service of the german parliament to remind authorities such a move would be unconstitutional unless approved by parliament itself the junk of a soldier from the left on to give us his views on intervention in the conflict it
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would be totally illegal under international and german law remember there is no invitation towards germany to participate in military action in syria the only forces that. fight in syria of those there are invited by the syrian government of bashar al assad and no other forces have been authorized if germany wanted to participate in that conflict or the u.s. or the french troops for that matter then they should seek authorization by the un security council under chapter seven otherwise they must stay out of the conflict if they had proved of chemical attacks then why don't they put that proof to the test by bringing it to the u.n. security council where the world can look at the group and see for themselves if it's really true or just good evidence like when they started the iraq war.
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impartiality of google's once again been called into question after a leaked video showed the company's executives expressing disappointment in two thousand and sixteen donald trump's election when the home court has the story. google's always tried to maintain in a political front but recently tells a very different story and if true it outlines google's executives pick for president in the twenty sixteen presidential elections most people here are pretty upset pretty sad for. because of the election i certainly find the selection deeply offensive and i know many of you do too this is none other than surrogate brin google's cofounder and if his assumption that every worker in the video was a clinton voter was upsetting it gets worse that was the first moment i really felt like we were going to lose and it was really doing all it did feel like
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a ton of bricks dropped on my chest and that right there is the chief financial officer of google's parent company alphabet ruth poor at holding back tears at the thought of their election defeat but whose defeat exactly last time i checked google wasn't a wing of the democratic party nevertheless they seem to have a mutual understanding on why trump won zina phobia hatred and a desire for answers that mean it may not be there here we have senior vice president for global affairs tend to walker looks like despite google's claim to objectivity walker's got some pretty partisan views on american politics but google maintains those are personal views ones that don't affect their product. to the rise of fascism and also to the communist revolution i think it's worth be very vigilant in thinking about all these issues what can we do to to lead. maybe a better quality of governance decision making and so forth solid explanation of
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ideologies that shaped the twenty first century survey but fair enough google is looking for ways to make the world better but that hasn't stopped the flow of accusations that their strategy is politically biased like that time google removed a pro-life singers music video on you tube. i had no. and you tube's move to hit popular users before conservative users especially presidents not this draining the swamp diamond is that was going to be both enough to make it a movie. but there are some at google who don't agree with the company's liberal leanings james to moore a conservative engineer wrote a memo just a memo to highlight potential bias in google's policy and he was fired for it
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google has several biases a new discussion about these biases is being silenced by the dominant ideology what follows is by no means the complete story but it's a perspective the desperately needs to be told google google has always claimed its hands were collina when it came to political bias hate speech or other inappropriate content the company always claimed it had its reasons but with insight into what the top brass at google is apparently thinking perhaps it's time for a better understanding of what bias are really means quarter r.t. . ok love a court ruling on data collection in the u.k. after this short break. i'm trying to say that in reality before we take action for c o two the actual like
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energy efficiency renewable energy. actually generate the more money and the more drop and even higher growth so i want to change the story line that climate action is not a bad for the economy or your own money but claim addiction to the beneficial good positive make you money for you. still dollars dollar bills ten dollar bill. bell thirty seven billion of those are printed every day there's no backing there's no collateral there iou against a system that has twenty twenty one twenty two trillion in debt. not a clue to them and the medicare medicaid social security that would give it a under under fifty trillion and that.
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will come back britain's mass surveillance and public data collection regime revealed by whistleblower edward snowden violates privacy rights and freedom of expression the european court of human rights has ruled. the cool phone but there was inadequate independent oversight of the selection and search process is involved in the operation furthermore there were no rules safeguards the political will to the selection of related communications data for examination even though this data could reveal a great deal about the person's habits and contacts. in the first major legal challenge against the massive operation conducted by the u.k.'s g c h q intelligence service fourteen human rights groups including amnesty and big brother
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watch they contested the regulation of investigatory powers act also known as ripper snowden expose the u.k.'s vast surveillance operations is back in two thousand and thirteen praised the judgment tweeting that for five long years governments of did not i that global mass surveillance violates your rights today we one u.k. government says that it will give careful consideration to the findings insisting that it has now brought in new privacy protections as well as quote independent oversight campaigners say the judgment will force questions to be asked about the new legislation as well as chair of the u.k. cyber security research institute peter warren told us that snowden revealed the public data being used in frightening an legislative ways. problem with all of this is really that that's the mantra that is always given if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear but if you don't know fundamentally what the data is
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being used for then you do have things to fear one of the things that came out with all of the slowed and documents was that data was being mined in lots and lots of different ways there are things that you can do with the data that suddenly appear to you and of course those are legislated for because those are new discoveries that you've made so it's the potential for what you can do is one of the biggest issues of bell all of this. russia's largest military drills in decades all stock twenty eight teams have reached the halfway mark t.'s video agency ruptly as the latest footage from the country's far east.
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i mean you are out of state joining me at the top of the hour for the latest news headlines.
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with the advent of the trump presidency much has been said about america's culture wars even civil war the country is clearly divided but trying to do this on his own there are two americas now call it says. mitch mcconnell sounds the alarm ahead of the midterms on g.o.p. control of the senate what's behind his concerns we'll take a look on this edition. of
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politicking on larry king on tuesday senate majority leader mitch mcconnell acknowledged the difficulty republicans are facing in a handful of competitive races the outcomes of which decides whether the senate remains under g.o.p. or democratic control mcconnell even lie given some of these close races to a knife fight and i'll e how likely are the democrats to flip those republican seats and what is was hollow have up his sleeve to prevent that from happening. i was stunned that with our panel they are chris wilson in washington d.c. he was director of research a digital strategy to ted cruz's twenty sixth president. and brian joyce host of the brian joy's show on talk radio w g o w have him bryan joins us from chattanooga all right chris what was your reaction to mitch mcconnell's tom and so about of concern of the g.o.p.
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drole well i think mitch mcconnell is doing his job is job is to be the chief fundraiser to make sure that republicans have enough money to be able to defend their seats but if you look at these seats one by one as you mentioned i worked for senator cruz in the sixteen campaign working for his in his eighteen real act there are four seats on the democrat side there are more likely to go republican until you get to the first republican seat likely to get go democrat and those are in north dakota heidi heitkamp is likely to lose to kevin kramer in montana jon tester is likely to you lose to matt rosendale in indiana joe donnelly is likely to you lose to micron and in missouri you have claire mccaskill likely you'd lose to josh ali and so you get through those four before you get to the first republican competitive seat which is in nevada so i got to say i really like where we republicans sit right now far more than i would like it if i were democrats and to be clear that's not usually the case it just so happened because we're coming off of the re-elect of those who are the democrats who won in a very difficult cycle.


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