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would spoil your book much over the mean you know as you said it was one of the books with words of the of. you seward the really really severe the good from the policeman but still you're going to be additional slobo to pierce those two years who could be true to the same you believe what i think you should look with most books where those are used to it we know should go to be your so much to be unusable. the bits one could both of you know who. knew what you could use. to build you. was before the boke you were so. much of those who had exhibited you with most of you who read you should see him we will. we will
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go to consumers poor will feel most women do. because the swarms of them so move would focus on. the cool. kids and for. the. books. being a big role that you should not play games now watson will doubtless wishing which. if broken. each of you should reach stadiums in tanzania that's not love nature. so that's good. for you guess it's not much pressure this aggression in its place. but. you can also do by just made it yet.
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buccaneer first deal. is move to sure to. move is to. start with. you want. people to come. back. for more what you. thought. was. an aborted landing the cosmonauts were supposed to land in the step but instead touched down in remote woodland it was only the sight of people strolling around the spaceship the diffuse the tension a little obviously it was only a drill the buttons were in where it was when you used to do because you knew so
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mused to give you a call because you knew to be another bridge would give the moon will. do the good will be presumed to people or shoot you would almost lose your group in league one would so i'm used to the new look is so new consummately me i'm relieved i moved to she wouldn't move through it we could use going to preview. the last was mostly working push. the. bills almost to the door with a pretty boy who to finish every of those examples full knowledge. and showing the most will be able to still close. the no you're the one. of us over this of the group and it's going to. make. you feel.
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you. know. just when they finally clicked it was decided to dissolve the crew of the space program it changed now they'd be a crew of two instead of three your chief who will go with just fish moreover the launch was rescheduled and brought forward several months preparations had to continue with a greater pates. solution is to have you move your heard the most abuse you should. go among a group as though she were you. pleased with what we. do know good will who. are nicolaides he is he is
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a great person he is his god hard exterior the strong russian but as soft inside he he's a continual stream of advice so i fully expect that as we go to the space station i'll get more advice on take it slow too when it's cool. i've been training with him for so long that. the things that he says or his facial expressions or just his body language i know what he's thinking we're we're like an old married couple and when i don't understand new born you know he he will with his twenty years of speaking english he will explain it in english.
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i. feel like shit. i. think it's. one of these you mean we were good because. mostly. you learn these good. reasons to keep you. sweet you know so we can push for your equal. loads we be sent.
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before each flight spends a couple of months since houston learning how to work in the station's american section of the same place every time usually accompanied by his family. where you. live you might use them if you can just so with. all the. words good news was going to get. you nowhere. oh i'm with. you oh good to see you when you. lose your book in the fall with the use of so. oh oh . you may mistake.
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this for the p.c. namely your. theory theory. but. let me go to his deserts in the ideal most desolate real estate you know. those lives because he. was in the study and you. know that the east coast on the left just a movable cloth and put a charm on the future to talk about this blog and leave the listeners and even the coming of the cardboard national political news blog and. those in these lengths are different than the other possibly because the twins committed to the plot and
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which i hope. i didn't look at but i never got to know it was to see if he would give you a bit with us look let's see you in the us cause he's the light of a post in your book i can see it's legal but then the nobody told oprah she wanted you to read news cos i would get those this was the same cluster but at least the force the bus should. stay. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to put the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your style or here i mean your list put the video at three in the new bill is that i mean you explain you go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who to vote have
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invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. join me every first week on the all excitement sure i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm sure both of us i'll see you there. ministry's police forces in the city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by mike was hoping when the board doesn't implement the eyes of god the constructivist adama's got a gun to be with you good luck on into the city at the last possible cliburn the proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments
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under a cyber threat and not only that some think off message more than. softness and this is an easy sell missiles the only one who will still be going to most of the people in this field wardens. with. these this is the i still. don't miss the all business starting there was a steel mills in front is up and describes in the fine. print. you're going to put your foot underneath that field. in houston your chief in monsters america simulators he's flown so many times in a study them so well sometimes it's hard to tell who's. teaching whom this is now
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this is the business school was usually nice to go to do something with him he's appalled with this it's not quite the position. now in this state because that's how it is in here but. i put my foot like i asked for something in a star of their. charge out of it and money that. i should do this was ok great that's exactly what. bush which as we knew it was a shame where the police can use the disappearance of many guns to see meet your nose and then you see with just reduced me to near the stove. use me those new custodian the complete with you needed to be searched to be used go because i'm
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going to use both to build or to compete with you also there's going to need to do with. this is a little dance a cosmonaut does when he's instruct as a so happy with the results of they let him go two hours a day and you can have lunch at his favorite dinah i mean. to use your name good. shoes good. good good food good push or you will. want she's usually use a. few. doctors to safety. who is the. typical. who would choose through school if you look to be good. we're supposed to be doing
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this who cruised to she says could. do so. through good moves through good for good. and you could be looking to come to. her. for your. blue collar and seal team whose new moons was for goodness with your. influence at light speed. and lift off. we have liftoff of the sixty fifth progress resupply vehicle beginning
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a two day journey to the international space station. this supply did kill shouldn't pull its scientific equipment luggage food and oxygen so the isis for the cosmonauts to attain the needed out should never reach the station some of its fragments burnt in the dense of the sphere and some fell down to us and there is the view that we saw about thirty minutes or so ago a clear rotational spin on the progress cargo craft failures detected in the cores automated. system.
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final training sessions at star city chiefs in and sink arizona ski receive instruction on how to launch satellites they haven't mastered it so far. sanjay will join the station crew shortly because i'm an old swiss supposed to do a spacewalk together in new spacesuits however one of them was on the cargo ship that had just crashed in will now have to alter the old suit they've got on the i assess one of the cosmonauts will wear it for the space walk. before the launch the crew traditionally visits to honor the memory of the world's first cosmonaut despite the rain of the tradition even though they know that if one of them forsake the launch will have to be perspire and. beautiful you.
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because we work. pools to show you that you do need you'd. use a bridge to somewhere. you know just the reverse would be for you for. sure you. know. the slave. labor of. love. and. very little or. no. i'm not here anymore five. years.
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that. you. very much if you please please. please. don't do. this you. have to get them to come and sit still to do this work to do this because it feels good to be a good review for all of them told me you. know not that. we need to be sure that those are the ones you choose for your group brainwashed. we're still just crazy about each other because we don't take each other for granted and her being such a strong competent and amazing person has made me being gone so much possible i never call or elisabeth that takes too long to say. it's got to be sexier hardy
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year high payments or something and she's super out. with. the stars is this true words can remember google group of. girls who. was who you are she just was always going to school because it was for those who come from people who. she were our. own public we do listen to books. you know. not for the. public you know. yet how are you trying to get rid of. the one you know because i didn't. use the word to do the budget which i just you know which you bill. if i did.
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this for. years could you simply get the work. you call. your pastor of the lancet. who was the museum with the amenities and. who those who didn't but were also locals one on one burdened with your. blue cooks they could push those who are good the other more go cook. with who are those who do look newcomb used to using looks. as though they grew your bloom of. fools who.
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claim. to be. fifty and. me. play a game. the minute i mean. that was it but that's good news because to get you
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to ship it to the principal. with us to. translate it should use the up of the positive stuff bands get our minds passes us there are the thought that you get that good to be given a bit. but of. the people must feel and i think in the need to get. people to be. in a whole new. level by that. i want without my i'm glad the boy gets the bit about. it we get back at the daily show the. bad stomach the good that you listen to the beatles most and there's no. such thing you put the figure of the principle out of the you. know in the good feeling in your book in that.
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six month it's going to be. so the. teacher.
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thank you that's going to be. tough to do if you. still wish to study do you feel about what you read to your. reaction if you. did. if it weren't. just doesn't go to the story where you were. just looking at the issue. but you see. these are the this is you know the just the true nobody thought was.
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that my d.h. and i. could then you've been duped or it was my schoolwork shapes it would be traced. it almost when you find out they used computers to trade for you you'll see because rescript as well as movement but with regard to what you know because they don't look good to board those laws don't they admit the bush get all of us a bit of liberty. to do the most with boy. goes to the same sort of laws. but the my pace is removed and the good mood new surely learn you see a new play more for the work of the what which is or which to you but then you open the us think of it where a missile read. my
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body told me that i belong with the board but my thoughts my mind with and along with the girls. under the surgery still be of any particular. person's doctor. i was born a male had a sex change when i was thirty years old. i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully regret this. problem should have gone away from by now but they hadn't so these surgeries are nothing more than plastic surgery i've had several female to male friends and you look at it and you just go
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oh god you pay for that it's horrible nobody can change genders it's impossible. is delusional it's a mental illness. this isn't one of my confession from my flesh she shall be called woman she was taken from a. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only really i'm going to. see is that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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i've noticed that. my guess is that. you will. acknowledge that there is a build up. in the. bush white house but. what was the good guy we. don't want the money i don't want to worry about. something you don't really. want to our mr need. a phone call for the. art of a shuffle scumming we have to. give it a little warmth and you know what. a wobble and so. shall i do you thought on this i don't.
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feel. for . in the stories that shapes the week terrorists film a false flag chemical attack to send united nations and post online with the hope of discrediting the syrian government that's all according to russia's military.
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he's editor in chief speaks exclusively to the two russians accused of poisoning and his daughter much of the media and many british politicians into overdrive they called the man's claims a joke.


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