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tv   News  RT  September 16, 2018 8:00pm-8:21pm EDT

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in the stories that shapes that we asked he says to her in chief speaks exclusively to the two russian suspected by the u.k. of poisoning sick his daughter the man's claims triggered a few arrests response in u.k. and are dismissed as a joke. the russian military claims terrorists and syria's province have films and staged chemical attack intent to frame the assad government's. still more troubling signs a new executive order to protecting the u.s. from foreign action meddling less than two months before the country's midterm
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votes. you're watching the weekly national. bringing you the stories that shaped the week . on says day the two men accused of poisoning russian foreman. and his daughter in the u.k. gave a world exclusive to r.t. they insisted to the channels as a tear in chief margarita simonyan that they had nothing to do with the assassination attempts their version of events was met with fierce criticism in the u.k. and triggered a slew of headlines like to madras on the holiday from how and their claims only make the u.k.'s case stronger. we. need a minimum been to live one you called me on my cell phone and told me that you are a slum bullshit of the looks on the patrol do you send it off with one of. if you
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really look like the pictures shown to us by the u.k. doesn't mean that if. and. when the someone why you. we are those who are shown to you in the pictures. and i was under petro at the russians there are those your real names national yes they are real names now does he just called them even now when you are talking about it to tell you the truth you look very nervous on them. what would you look like when your life is turned upside down in a moment and just one day and changed our lives. what do you work for the jews are you at work and you meet a normal and you and i don't either but no one accuses me of working for the g.r.u. was what you are being accused of that your colleagues accuse us of that by your colleagues you mean journalists you are being accused by u.k. authorities and yes that's the scariest thing where do you work when you are adults
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you need to make a living if we tell you about our business people we work with will be affected tell me anything so that we believe you when everyone has questions what do you do to cut a long story short if you were in the fitness industry. as a tear in chief said she chose not to give her personal opinion leaving it up to the viewers to decide whether to believe the man or not this is what she said after the end of the. union there were nervous and sweating a lot i had to turn up the air conditioning a lot higher than usual and still there were sweating and wiping their foreheads which obviously happens when people are nervous there could be a lot of reasons for it i understand this was the first interview in their lives but they could have been nervous for other reasons as well that's also possible they refused to show their i.d.'s on camera because they didn't want to be pursued and identified further but they showed them to me that i did not run a polygraph on them as a journalist i believe what they see i saw those were. of the people i saw the
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i.d.'s and the feet the photos and videos what was going through their minds and whether they were speaking the truth it's hard to see you because it but it wasn't only the media that were quick to react to the interview the number of british politicians including the former foreign secretary boris johnson didn't mince their website. or you know you see the you see what's happening now with these q two characters produced in this satirical way by putin. russian t.v. . these ludicrous she questions making a mockery of the whole thing and it really makes my blood boil typically boris response really you hear him using vivid language about his blood boiling and he said that alexander patrol found resound bush era on murderers and that they're welcome to sue him in court if they want to challenge that fact and he also spoke of his work as foreign secretary saying that he holds the kremlin in absolute
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contempt and that he made what he called the classic mistake of trying to engage with loss go i mean the cost the classic mistake of thinking it was possible to have a reset with russia and. then it just became clearer and clearer to the to that was. so when he was foreign secretary as top diplomat it was his job to represent the country to travel and he called himself a committed rasa file back in twenty seventeen it was his job to meet up with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov now however when he happens to be speaking in washington he says he regrets it all very much and it was a fool's errand and to quote something he once said about his own views that in europe his view on russia appears to have been like a supermarket trolley as well. quite an extreme reaction from the former foreign
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secretary why does the view of a former cabinet minister even matter well he is widely tipped here by the bookmakers to be intentionally the next conservative leader so clearly his views are getting a lot of air time also the current leader to resume a prime minister her spokes persons rubbish the interview that alexander the trough and we did with r t saying that the account provided by the two alleged attackers is an insult to the public's intelligence and outright lies so downing street wasn't having any of it foreign ministry spokesperson marias the horror of was unimpressed with downing street response questioning why london immediately dismissed petrol for the sheriff's account forty minutes after that
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interview was first to add dmitri peskov off the spokesperson for the russian president vladimir putin he said that russia would consider any request to interview the men from the u.k. in accordance with russian law but moscow is yet to receive such a request from london russia's foreign minister has again commented on the case he says each time moscow has reached out to london to respond to some received has been guilty on all we need from you is to explain whether it was an order or an accident signal of rauf said it was pointless to continue discussions at such a level stressing that russia ristal ready for serious dialogue but not based on the presumption of guilt human rights advocates craig murray told us he believes the case of events does raise questions. the timing was given by the british government and shown in the c.c.t.v. footage they could not have used the screwballs house if they went there was no
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evidence they did but if they were there they could have not got there before noon the earliest the script also left the house at nine fifteen am and it's never previously been suggested they went back to the house again before they fell ill. advised fifteen am when they left the house car was spotted heading north east would out of soulsby by three different c.c.t.v. cameras it was spotted coming back into soulsby one fifteen pm. from the north westerly direction so how did the they manage to touch their door knob which could can't have been infected before noon so. it doesn't add up with the door knob story. the russian military came to extremists in serious ad lib province have staged and filmed a false flag chemical attack with the intention of framing president ourselves
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governments moscow says the militants will send some footage to the un and second rate the rest online or with the help of the controversial rescue group the whites helmets. owing the filming on the evening of the same day at a joint meeting between representatives of the white helmets and terrorists from sham out of the nine videos from the two were proved to be sent to the us and the o.b. c.w. the rest of the material was suggested for social media because of low quality. according to the russian defense ministry preparations for the supposes attack were made near the syrian town of concha koon where an alleged chemical assaults took place on the fourth of april last year it says that filming took place in a nearby village where there's also a chemical stockpile washington has rejected russia's claims that the white house met so directly involved in staging an attack insisting that there is no evidence for it american officials have warned however that is that if a chemical attack does take place during any offensive against it live their
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response will be more robust than previous occasions contrary to earlier pledges to leave the country jacqueline very good looks now the inconsistency is of u.s. policy in syria the deeper the u.s. gets sucked into the syrian conflict the more the continuity of time seems to change when it comes to decision making in washington back in two thousand and thirteen when allegations of chemical attacks arose barack obama was still in the hot seat and time still seemed linear we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happened. obviously in syria right now you've got a war zone we have to make sure that we know exactly what happened what was the nature of the incident what can we document what can we prove. our commonsense review the evidence and attack if justified later the idea about investigations required time those were the good old days but two thousand and seventeen came and
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times changed syrian dictator bashar. launched a horrible chemical weapons attack. on innocent civilians less than seventy two hours later the u.s. fired fifty nine cruise missiles at the airbase they suspected chemical weapons were launched from before any investigation took place. only months later did a un report come out placing the blame at the feet of the syrian government something they still denied so when the controversial white how much group released a video claiming to be proof of a chemical attack in april this year trump was able to pinpoint the culprit in hours many dead including women and children in mindless chemical attack in syria area rich cities in lockdown and encircled by syrian army making it completely inaccessible to outside world president putin russia and iran are responsible for
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backing animal assad big price so the area's inaccessible and yet those responsible have been found out already no ifs ands or buts how does the guy do it the u.k. the routes to. deliver. real. welcome back to the weekly don't trump has announced plans to tackle foreign interference in the us elections which he described as a national emergency on wednesday the president has issued an executive order which focuses on any attempts by individuals or countries to influence votes the crucial midterm elections in november is seen as the main reason for the timing of the water in the events that meddling by foreign states has proven they will be hit
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with sanctions targeting sectors of strategic significance such as finance defense and she and technology donald fix planes. trump has declared war on election meddling rules of engagement weapons free. the assessment show identified to the maximum extent ascertainable the nature of any foreign interference and any methods employed to executed the persons involved and the foreign government or governments that authorized directed sponsored or supported it don't be thrown off by the formal wood government the us president understands that in a very two generations of the do twat family have a arrived in russia to see the farmlands that could be their future and after visiting here and the kaluga region they will have to south and russia they still feel that south africa is their real home but dire circumstances are forcing their hand and russia is offering them an olive branch we experience the pain in the hurt
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family members who have suffered ourselves if suffered crime i've made the decision that my children will not have to face that on a daily basis we've had family members who have been hurt we have had family members who have and friends who have had what they had stolen we have suffered crime it's a daily reality that is not what i want for my children the white farmers of south africa have long been complaining of discrimination and they now live in fear that the state could pass laws to seize the lands they've owned since the seventeenth century and return them to the local black population without any compensation while the bill is still being debated some farmers including the do twat family have their mind sat in a preemptive move if the government starts saying that we can take land without
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paying for it because what has happened many centuries ago my children will not pay for the sins of the fall fathers and. hannah's case russia was not a random pick three years ago he met his wife daria who is from russia he followed his wife to her native siberia and says that he fell in love with the country straight away i myself believe that there is a future in russia for my family personally give me a siberian winter rather than. summer in the kalahari desert i do not question the marty reporting from the cougar region. nine protesters have been injured and scores detained as thousands rallied to defend sit in activists refusing to budge after chairman place tried to evict them from ancient woodlands demonstrators marched from the city of our kent to hamburg forest. i.
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thank you but. the words have been occupied by environmental activists attempting to stop the building of a controversial coal mine activists have stayed there for six years to stop construction with around one hundred fifty living in tree houses. let this is one of the oldest and richest mixed forests in central europe and he's being the first day because arguably he wants a mine here. at atlanta. so in this forest we see many of the contemporary structures intersect the way that w. coal extra extraction cost us climate change from early infects people off the
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global so. much more there were some long structure starts competing towns colors fireplaces and a storage platform they had to mission to clear the barricades and guard was stolen but they went way beyond got the competition the stores shelters and took everything they could to try and get nights want to containers bicycles tools and i was working on stuff or. you know we cleared the barricades and vacated the treehouses we got people down from the trees all in all we're pleased up until now with how the operation is going because it's been pressed to be free of violence. i think it's the police discriminant izing own resistance. here against the
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swiss plan in the center for. atmospheric. tanks so watching the weight play outtakes on. i'll have more news at the top of the hour. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that.
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what politicians do you shop you can. put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or something want to. get it right to the press it's like that before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested in the wives and the how. they should. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company developed thalidomide a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything. yeah she said
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is just cut short arms many so they don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that. not only want the money i want the revenge. it beautifies. libya they have good to says he says you know because for many pretty good news all . the false a coup switching but a boss your idea well gee mayo's he was as was he as you know i tweak seizure hard to keep you know that i want to do bottom one as you sees. fit a bank is keep us. safe. what would you then also. need to keep base here is some q.b. i'm on the hill i'm on it exact coolies i could have it gingerly teach paveway you could see it to lash out which they're generally trick realty i bet you
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should move to the left cause actually to use up opposite to department of justice america cheat you hate the new clothes she. loves you to take her i love the very eco she like you take it that i started this is actually the piece that i'm ok toll could rise to exactly top of. the new secure base that i'm on could. do all. job all skill does a good tele is american is up and. the k. on up all the fuss idiot is is up on the far so that lazy is the show who are street plant. december the nineteenth twenty fourteen ninety nine percent of them shareholders approved.


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