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peacefully and the political unrest under his administration hasn't been very encouraging since july riots have ravaged the city of basra where the government can't even provide basic public services. but. things weren't looking too good for the u.s. as iraqi friend in power. but the protestors are by no means fond of iran either hundreds attacked tehran's embassy in basra chanting i ran out leaving and then thermo in their wake. some shifts in parliament have meant good news for tehran though once and to raney and cleric mark todd al saud are suddenly had a change of heart an increasingly influential figure in iraqi politics who initially
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agreed to support a body is all for a government with a pro iranian bloc now. but what was trump special envoy brett mcgurk up to in iraq there sure were a lot of meetings and talks to win iraqis back to the right side even his boss mike pompei o praised his work. just broke with brett mcgurk who's on the ground in baghdad representing me and poetess doing a great job forming a strong iraqi government on national basis is essential to the enduring defeat of isis except he didn't do that great of a job as you can see the score still two three iran. for months now of our breaking news story this hour the russian defense military says one of its military planes was downed by a misfire alone by syria's added fence systems overnight but it's looking at is well as the one responsible for the incident it claims israeli fighter jets used
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the russian plane as cover and set it up to be targeted by the syrian forces well as a result fifteen russian military personnel were killed in the end we can get all the latest details now from our middle east correspondent for the clear for that thank you for joining us can you bring us up to speed on all the details please. what are you hearing from the russian defense ministry is that it is well behaved irresponsibly it also says that israel created to quote a dangerous situation in syria that resulted in a russian military aircraft being downed by the syrian air defense system the ministry says that russia reserves the right and i'm quoting for an adequate response following israel's hostile actions in syria take a listen. so not positive but. on the seventeenth of september at around ten pm for israeli fighter jets launched going to syrian military facilities near the city
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old for the taqiyya the bombing occurred in the immediate vicinity of where the russian oil twenty was coming into land the israeli jets deliberately created a dangerous situation the israeli pilots used the russian plane as cover against the syrian air defense systems as a result the russian oil twenty was brought down by a syrian air defense missile there's no way the israeli pilots could not have seen the russian plane. now it was around eleven o'clock local time last night when the russian military plane disappeared from the radar system it was flying back to the russian base in hama mean which is not far from the syrian city of latakia it was some thirty five kilometers from the syrian coast as mentioned at that point there were four israeli jets that were launching strikes in the area they were targeting syrian army facilities that included a power station and the initial reports suggested that at least seven people were injured on the ground at the same time there was
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a french frigate that was launching missiles from the mediterranean sea and in response to all of this the syrians launched their missile defense systems now whiston media was very quick to put the blame for the downing of the russian aircraft on this area at the same time we haven't heard anything from the israeli side we have approached both the israeli army the foreign ministry and the ministry of defense and there is simply no comment this is a hugely warring development and no doubt the israelis are trying to sort out some kind of response and what in fact went wrong there is continuous communication between the israelis and the russians over israel's operations in syria and there is always a lurch from the israeli side whenever they're about to carry out some kind of strike there's a very close working relationship between the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the russian president vladimir putin but certainly something went wrong this time around and we are waiting to hear from the israelis as to some kind of explanation but hugely concerning thank you for the update that sati is polish.
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said we are waiting to hear from the israeli side and we'll be bringing you all the details on that as soon as we get it now that downed russian plane that was and i l twenty this patrol aircraft is known by nato as the coots it has a top speed of six hundred seventy five kilometers per hour and a wingspan of around thirty seven meters it's renowned for its juror ability the aisle twenty has been in service since the soviet union. well let's go live now to our guest on what the director of no sauce a think tank both focuses on crises in syria and the middle east mr walker thank you for joining us on the program is that short notice so it's not transpired that israel had warned russia of its imminent operation against syrian targets just a minute or so before it's fighter jets launch them misfile is what does this signify here is this just a communication breakdown or is it something bigger. something bigger the really is
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would know that if they tell the russians then the russians would would want to tell the syrians and the syrians would have adequate. response prepared so to speak and this is let us remember this is about the talk here latakia and talk if it were that many airport is situated and you know there are russian forces there and so on and so forth so these really should have actually if the give the russians like a one hour notice usually this time around they should have given them like two hours but they didn't because they wanted perhaps to get as much damage as possible and this and this you know tragic incident and we think that there's going to be some consequences. we haven't heard from israel yet on this latest revelation what kind of response do you think we will get from israel. i think the
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israelis would be very embarrassed the russian leader you know hosts these really premier. you know very close quarters during world war two commemorations he gives them. a lot of ear and they listen to their worries and so on and so forth and no you know the situation is pretty much room innocent of the situation between russia and turkey. like three years ago almost when turkey. shot down. a russian as you twenty four so these rays are really calculating at the moment what the response could be one could argue that they read israelis did not intend to down this plane but it is a natural behavior of. an attack an aircraft to evade air defense systems and they might have said ok well this is a russian airplane they're not going to shoot it now usually in this situation and
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i know this because part of my military service was in air defense is that the air defense system send a coded message to an aircraft and if the aircraft is friendly i.e. blue on blue it usually responds with an i did difficult thing then you know i'm one of yours don't shoot me down but then if these really if this aircraft is outnumbered by unidentified aircraft it can be blurred the signal or so on and we're talking about is two hundred which is a fairly old. aircraft missile system that could make mistake and so it downed the russian airplane which is a far less than the if sixty's this is an old plane reconnaissance plane and so on so the israelis would want to say this is an accident that took place but the russians would tell the israelis obviously that you know we've warned you you when . the t.
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for airport in syria in central syria but they were russian oprah troops over there and we should have been warned and so on and so forth and now look what have you what you have done so the russian response now they're talking about an adequate response and that adequate response might not be reached you know how to retaliate of some sort of russia bombing some israeli airport or whatever or killing some piece of radio protests or military servicemen and or women but probably creating and arming. the syrian creating syrian defense systems so that they won't miss next time or they they won't mix. israeli aircraft with russian aircraft this will be a game changer the way we see it. the ever so minister of defense is saying how israel created a dangerous situation and for means of a better way of putting it sets up syria to join a friendly fire that is ready plane hit behind the russian plane resulting in this
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the downing of this jet by syria if this is the case is all the photos time as well has targeted serial frayne syria in this way boys they keep intervening and are as actions justified. no of course not they're not justified you know with the israelis that the way they're trying to sell this is that they are worried of an iranian president's and iran isn't you know the most trendy. trademark in the market so to speak so everybody in the public sphere you know the public opinion around the world especially in western countries might want to sympathize with israel for targeting these you know iranian presence in syria but this is actually not the case with these really is are actually targeting the syrian infrastructure . the scientific center of research the higher institute of applied science and technology these are the cutting edge institutions of the syrian army and they have
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been targeted since the very start of the overt is really intervention in the syrian war so to speak because you know they've they've armed a lot of militants on the ground there were always. mortar shells on these facilities. sabotage against air defense systems. syrian air servicemen pilots being assassinated you could always point a finger but the overt israeli operations i.e. direct bombing had always targeted these facilities and they believed them before iranian presence was an issue for the international public opinion they blamed it on hezbollah shipments so they're always blaming somebody else but the real target is downgrading syrian army capability or instate is at this moment in time capable of open warfare with a formidable four like. a very advanced you know very well equipped and funded
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israeli army however. this won't go unnoticed you know the state of affairs between syria and israel since the creation of the zionist entity and the. of palestinians so that is really settlers could come and live in their houses and take over their lands has been such that you know that there is not going to be an end to this anywhere soon so any muscle tees will continue and syria has the legitimate as a state has the legitimate. reason within to confront israel because of the occupation of the golan heights in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven so this will continue for a while we think. this year in state has weakened a lot because of what happened but it will recover the one thing that we see in the syrian state that we didn't see in other places like iraq libya or yemen is that the central government did not collapse and this would allow for a platform for
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a speedy or realty of least speedy recovery in comparison with the likes of iraq libya or human so we think this is going to take a long time we don't think that there is going to be any immediate response by the syrian. army bar an operation or a some shelling of the golan heights but we think now with the downing of the russian aircraft that the response is going to come from russia this time around the syrian army and escalation is felt by the way but thank you for coming on the program as such short notice and bring us your insight on the matter i'm no calf direct i have no self in congo focuses on crises in syria and the middle east thank you again thank you i mean while the israeli military said early on tuesday it had no reaction saying it does not comment on foreign reports the russian defense ministry has issued a statement on how it happened taken this. so now suppose it developed on the
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seventeenth of september at around ten pm for israeli fighter jets launched guided bombs on syrian military facilities near the city old for the taqiyya the bombing occurred in the immediate vicinity of where the russian aisle twenty was coming in to land the israeli jets deliberately created a dangerous situation israeli pilots use the russian plane as cover against the syrian air defense systems as a result the russian oil twenty was brought down by a syrian air defense missile there's no way the israeli pilots could not have seen the russian plane. or the israeli missile strikes came just hours after the russian inter-caste president's agreed to create a buffer zone in syria's profits in order to protect civilians that the goal is to separate syrian government forces from militants in the country's last major rebel stronghold where i got the f. reports weeks on end it dominated headlines last stronghold of jihad just. rebels in the syrian army it was poised determined to win them
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would have been messy would have shown the entire world is following a meeting the statement that we're going to make after the talks may bring hope to the region the president of russia and turkey spent almost five hours closer to the way working out a deal that wouldn't plunge into bloody chaos a deal to avert a military operation a peace deal. we have decided is created demilitarized zone along the battle line by the fifteenth of october it will be between fifteen and twenty kilometers wide we will move radicalize militants out of the sunni and including oh missouri. together with russia we will make maximum effort to get rid of all radical groups from this territory turkey and russia will both patrol this territory to ensure
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compliance. the gist of it is getting radical islamists al-qaeda in syria for one away from the front lines withdrawing heavy weapons artillery tanks to make sure the fingers don't spark any more escalations opening up the routes allowing travel through contested territory is for civilians and russian turkish troops would oversee it all patrol this demilitarized zone but there are concerns the initial impressions to the future the main concern is that the militants pose a threat to aleppo province the city of aleppo and to a military compounds in syria tartus and may mean the problem is the hardest who are bent on spoiling any peace effort they have everything to lose if it falls it will mark the end of the syrian war their final defeat assad knows it wouldn't be
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easy or clean seems to be for this deal it looks like the military operation has been shelved for now probably drove the military and diplomatic solution to the the decision is very important indeed the worth of was looking for a military confrontation really. not the fight there is more causality of their lives nor military operation there is no. expected clash between the government forces than the radical groups in the long probably does the militarized zone will be the way where the radical groups will leave the area not only the people about all for. the turkish president wasn't exaggerating when he said the world's eyes were on this meeting stakes are so high here for the gulf states for the west especially they spent untold billions arming and financing the syrian rebels only to lose. we consider any assault and lived to be
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a reckless escalation of the conflicts if assad russia and iran continue down the path their own the consequences will be dire the world will hold them responsible how much of that was genuine concern for civilians and how much is bitterness over losing you decide for yourself it's occurring that we have the discussions that are ongoing discussions we are one and president putin. is for as you watch what's taking place on the ground and start to see the potential of this and i think i think the discussions that are having readers down a path of a potential that you're going to get something that's what's going happen if they're actually engaged in a level of dialogue nevertheless the united states pentagon seem cheered by this latest deal a bloody battle has been averted and jarvis to being marginalized but perhaps
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most importantly is the precedent for compromise and that's happened rarely ok an important update for you now on our breaking news story b. russian defense minister sergei scheuer has revealed that he's spoken to his israeli counterpart counterpart the israeli minister of defense a big door lieberman via phone and told him that russia is holding israel fully accountable for the downing of the russian plane on the deaths of the fifteen military servicemen on board the keeping you up to date on all the latest stay with us for that and now here's a statement from the russian defense ministry made earlier today. so now suppose they do on the seventeenth of september at around ten pm when the boys are ready we're going to jazz launched going to syrian military facilities in the city of latakia for these ready jets were flying at a low altitude from the direction of the mediterranean sea these ready jets
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deliberately created a dangerous situation for the warships and located in that area the other bombing occurred in the immediate vicinity of the russian aisle twenty one which was coming into the police ready point is used the russian plane is against the syrian air defense systems as a result the russian nial twenty was brought down by a syrian air defense missile there's no way the israeli pilots could not have seen that russia will claim is it was landing from an altitude of five kilometers of the less they deliberately carried out ways of provocation israel had warned the russian military in syria over the upcoming operation the warning came less than a minute before destroying through the hotline that didn't leave a chance to going to russian plane to safety but because of the search and rescue operation in the crash area is currently under way we consider this israeli provocation as a hostile action plan you don't as a result of israel's irresponsible actions or fifteen russian servicemen have been killed in a shooting we reserve the right to respond to it since it'll. meanwhile the israeli
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military said early on tuesday it had no reaction saying it does not comment on foreign reporters waiting for an official comment from israel on this breaking news story moving on to other news now. is that even terry a minister has warned a migrant rescue ship it won't be allowed to return so many italians poles aquarius has once again resumed its mission to rescue people off the coast of libya have so rainy strong and see immigration policy provoked a clash over the issue with look them bugs foreign minister during a meeting in vienna. yes it is going to be out of your view but it was such an easy virtue to review the review before you go yeah i will be there are they are there. to just. go you. know i've got to be. sworn in or do
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you think you should be worried if you're already going to be going to these are going to be going for who's going to do with the world cup what does it mean to say you know if that's if you know your motives or whatever he does yeah you're going to come because you're not leaving so i told us today was that he never got to tell you who was all for. you it. was really easy. all the hard lined stong salviati migrant euro skeptic material salvation is certainly putting him in the spotlight he's even made because of the latest time magazine which brands him is a laser immigration star and claims he's the most feared man in europe we spoke to political analyst nicole i'm a convert to believes the e.u. citizens no longer trust old school politicians. what's happening today in europe
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is that the previous class of european i would say politicians were charm or less center left center right and which had been the ruling western european nations to since world war two. lot of people don't trust them anymore we're going to see this rise of new of the new school of politicians and you have to do one thing which is common to all of them which show whether they be from the right or from the left is that they are challenging the european union and everybody's i think really sick and tired of this situation where national politicians are saying well we can't do anything anymore it's all in the hands of brussels and wrestles they're not even communicating to the public because a lot of the technicians technocrats in brussels don't even know not even elected so there's the people who are deciding on the future of europe and the europeans and so it's really got two different kind it's salvini though it's not the only headache for the e.u. right now the road kung garion prime minister viktor all but has long been the talk of the town under these ongoing official visit to moscow and talks with president
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putin the media and politicians alike have gone into either to life as ducking phooka explained viktor orban and bought amir putin have been keeping in touch quite regularly for the past eight years. or been ready to wheel and deal with putin the media are consistent in painting a very sinister picture of the two of them getting together. this is hungary's prime minister big did back in one thousand.


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