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tv   News  RT  September 18, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm sure i'll see you then. a russian military plane shot down off the coast of syria killing fifteen russian defense ministry says israeli fighter jets of the intentionally drawing the fire a syrian air defenses directly at the doomed plane. leaving the region it's deliberately create a dangerous situation both the warships and located in that area of israel confirm strikes on syrian territory but insists syria iran and the armed group hezbollah are to blame for the downing of the russian jets. israeli army and russian president extend their condolences to the families of the plane's crew some of the
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remains along with personal belongings have been located in the mediterranean sea where the aisle twenty came down the search and rescue operation that is still on the way. good evening and thanks for joining us this is r.t. and tonight. israel is to blame for the downing of a russian military plane off the coast of syria that's according to the russian defense ministry claiming that the israeli air force used twenty years cover from syrian air defenses missiles from which the russian plane fifteen crew members died as a result for israeli fighter jets had been targeting syrian facilities in the taqiyya province at the time. so let's put it that way up on the seventeenth of september at around ten pm for the israeli fighter jets launched guided bombs on syrian
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military facilities near the city old attack the bombing occurred in the immediate vicinity of where the russian aisle twenty was coming in to land the israeli jets deliberately created a dangerous situation where israeli pilots used the russian plane as cover against the syrian air defense systems as a result the russian oil twenty was brought down by a syrian air defense missile there's no way the israeli pilots could not have seen that russian. the israeli military confirmed its jets targeted syrian facilities but blamed the planes downing on the syrian government itself along with iran and hezbollah which israel views as a terrorist group we have asked damascus to comment on the israeli allegations we will bring you their response if and when we get it meanwhile in a phone conversation with binyamin netanyahu putin stressed the israeli operations are taking place in violation of syria's sovereignty these middle east correspondent paula slayer has the story. the russian president vladimir putin has
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spoken with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and during that phone conversation netanyahu expressed his regret he blamed the downing of the russian aircraft on syria and he also stressed the importance and i'm quoting of continued security cooperation between the sides to prevent a repeat of what happened on monday night now natanya who didn't repeat his political position that he's had for years and that is that israel will be determined to stop iran's military build up inside syria and the transfer of weapons to hezbollah there so certainly netanyahu not suggesting that israel's going to stop its military strikes in syria moving forward he did however say that israel was prepared to share all details for a fire investigation to be conducted with the russian side he went so far as to suggest that the israeli commander of the a force flying to russia to provide full details for such an investigation this is a severe test in terms of what is often presented as a strategic relationship and
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a close relationship between netanyahu and putin now the israeli defense forces has also issued a statement in which it says it mourns the deaths of the fifteen russian servicemen it did acknowledge that it carried out bombings against targets inside syria on monday night but also stressed just like the israeli prime minister that it was not responsible. expresses sorrow for the death of the air crew members of the russian plane that was down tonight butin syrian anti-aircraft fire israel holds the assad regime whose military showdown the russians blame fool are responsible for this incident the israeli army has conducted an initial inquiry of the incident and they point out and i'm quoting here that the syrian anti-aircraft fire was indiscriminate extensive and inaccurate they also say that the syrian army north-east its missiles when the israeli air force aircraft was a really back in israeli space and they also say that the russian plane was hit and
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when it was hit it was not within the area of the israeli operation at the same time they also said that they notified their russian counterparts about these strikes using existing communication mechanisms now this seems to contradict information that emerged earlier after a phone conversation between the russian defense minister. and his israeli counterpart of a door lieberman and after that conversation we heard the russians saying that israel gave less than a minute's notice that it was going to conduct these strikes through the working hotline that is used to portray such information that the russian defense minister also said that there was no way that the pilots could not have seen a russian claims bearing in mind that it was coming into land from an altitude of some five kilometers all of this followed the four israeli jets that pounded against various syrian sites on monday night seven people were injured at a power station during that attack there was also
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a french frigate that was flying from the mediterranean sea the result was fifteen russian servicemen killed just as the plane was coming to land at the russian air force base of humain near the syrian city of latakia all of that happening around ten o'clock local time monday evening. the russian plane was and twenty this patrol aircraft known by. nato as the coo it has a top speed of six hundred seventy five kilometers an hour and a wingspan of around thirty seven meters down pretty sure ability the aisle twenty has been in service since the soviet union. but in a putin agreed with findings adding that the downing of the plane was the consequence of a tragic chain of events. when people are dying especially in such circumstances. it's a tragedy to all of us for the country and for the relatives among. you i extend my
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condolences to the relatives of the nation of this situation is different from the one where a turkish jet shot down our plane. intentionally shot down. but now it looks like a change of accidental events of the opposition on this incident was presented in the ministry of defense statement which was really coordinated with the media about our response first we will do everything we can to provide even more security for the russian military in syria and these will be steps that everyone will not. doubt broadcaster and former british m.p. george galloway joins me very good evening to you george we've we've heard it there pretty much for the putin said you know this was a really intentional it was a tragic chain of events he's kind of talking this down to bad luck but do you think it could spoil russian relations in any way. well up president putin was
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being exceedingly diplomatic they are more diplomatic than the defense ministry had been though the president said he agreed with what the defense ministry had said nothing accidental tall about it israel deliberately used does cover the presence of this russian reconnaissance plane hit behind it in radar terms in order of the betar to launch an illegal attack on syria one of many hundreds of illegal israeli attacks on syria but in this one fifteen russians lie at the bottom of the sea and it doesn't get much more serious than that i was also reflecting as you were giving that report that french and israeli military coordination in attacks in the middle east took me back to the suez events of nine hundred fifty six when of course britain france and israel
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conspired with each other to bring about a war in egypt so that britain and france could seize back control of the suez canal one of the most ignominious events in modern british and french history so clearly this is all ramping up now it's all escalating and one should be sitting up straight and paying very close attention because frankly any of these events could get out of control. there is some president also said that moscow is going to enhance its military security in syria and that the measures would be felt i don't know how you interpret that how do you think russia couldn't and how should in your opinion it respond. well revenge is a dish best served cold and i think that's what president putin meant that there will be no russian response though he said earlier of the russia was fully entitled
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to respond in the immediate future but that steps will now be taken to ensure that any repetition of these kind of crimes will exact a much higher price a real price from those involved is simply intolerable that from us far away france our country almost in flames because of the social problems problems of mass poverty and so on that it has that they've got money to burn off the coast of syria i don't know why france is there how it has the temerity to launch missiles against syria and of course the british are no doubt skulking somewhere ready to do the same job very troubling. trump has made a comment on syria on the u.s. military presence there let's have a listen. we have done
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a tremendous job in syria and in that region eradicating isis which is why we're there. we're very close to being finished with. and then we're going to make a determination as to what we're going to do but we have eradicated isis at a very large area of the middle east. so my understanding was that the u.s. had pretty much said he was going to leave syria and now it's something still to be determined in the future would you make of the u.s. position. you know not not just because he can't speak english very well it's often difficult to know what donald trump means and when you realize that he said so many different things once president let alone in comparison with what he used to see as a candidate or what he said oftentimes when obama was the president it's very difficult to know what the american policy is one thing is for sure the syrian
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people and allies will never permit any part of syria to remain permanently in american hands the syrian people led the arab struggle to extirpate colonialism from their land a very long time ago and they're not going to accept to recall an a-z. sion of their land by foreigners from so very far away as donald trump in in washington that if he means torturous statement you just played that when isis is defeated they'll go then that's good the vainglorious claims that the united states has defeated isis is of course enough to make a horse laugh because every sente and being knows that it was syria and russia and its allies in syria that defeated isis in almost all of the country and if the americans are trying to stop an assault on it lip which they clearly are
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then by definition means that isis and particularly al qaida ironically are going to stay in libya if no one attacks them and no one crushes them indefinitely which i suppose by trumps logic means the us will be remaining indefinitely the whole. for all the good it does the u.n. has made comments on this incident the special envoy for syria has spoken this is what he had to say let's listen we call upon all parties especially when we are getting these type of positive news regarding what could have been a dramatic military escalation to reframe from military action there would only exacerbate an already complex situation i was slightly dismissive of stuff and of history because he's always calling for pace and deescalation and i wonder if anybody ever pays any attention to anything that he he says do you think
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that this war his comments will stop israel attacking syria. well i'm grateful to you because i'd forgotten we had united nations in fact it appears that it systems failure throughout the different fora of international governance mechanisms for the resolution of disputes and so on no russia's having to make bilateral agreements with turkey or. people are all over the place making their own arrangements because it's state of state exists inside the united nations the british and the americans in particular are sending representation of such a low level that it's almost comedy gold and nobody's really paying any attention to that hapless individual you just played or anything else that's being said on an international level i've quite forgotten even who the secretary general of the united nations even is and i'm not joking. your view of the war george i wouldn't
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worry about it many thanks for joining us the former british m.p. george galloway. the line of the plane. of the russian city of sevastopol paid tribute to the fifteen crew members of the downed aircraft people came to the rules of the service the base were prayers in the minutes silence were. last night's incident was not the first time israel's been in action against syria earlier we discussed previous cases with artie's they do richard. and the reason why russia pointing the finger it at the israelis is because of those past hostile actions say that israeli forces often took aim at syrian targets so if we go back rewind to the tenth of february twenty eight hundred that's where an israeli f. sixteen fighter jet crashed after being hit by syrian air defenses during an
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offensive in syria the two pilots parachuted to safety before the crash in northern israel and it's believed that that was the first time that israel lost one of its jets during the syrian conflict following that incident a phone call did take place between president putin and prime minister netanyahu now i'll explain a couple more incidents on the ninth of april russian syria accused israel of trying out strikes against the for air base which is near palmira in central syria just one month on if we go forward there was a face to face meeting between putin and that in yahoo on the eighth of may in twenty eighteen and let me how he came out after that meeting and said that russia was unlikely to live it actions in syria israeli actions in syria two days after that meeting another incident happened and we can't forget the syrian reaction considering that these airstrikes are taking place without a u.n. mandate. this aggressive conduct by the zionist entity do nothing but an increase
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in tensions in the region what we do know is that the syrian government invited russia to help during this civil war back in twenty fifteen and russia has almost turned a blind eye to these israeli air strikes have been taking place they've been feeling that they've been acting its diplomats in a very complex region mediating between the various players israel being one of them so if we look at the bigger picture and at this latest incident which took part place at ten pm local time on the seventeenth of september the russian ministry of the search defense is saying that the israeli jet hid behind the russian plane which led to it being set on fire that's a bold accusation from russia and maybe it's because of these continuous air strikes that the that have been going on despite the fact that israel and russia have been allies they have been claiming to be friends of russia and and that's a contradiction in itself from the russian perspective it all it's almost like a betrayal for them so there's no doubt the tensions between the two nations have
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grown. so tom mcclintock a former member of the pakistan and force gave us his reaction to the incident but what as a former air crew as a form of i can analyze and give you my personal opinion i could be wrong but i believe that you see in this particular case there is a possibility that russia is right that to this big radar the shadow of the twenty was used as a cover by the for attacking israeli f. sixteen fighter aircraft because please remember that in february for the first time an israeli f. sixteen was shot down by a similar missile and this time there is a chance that they may not be building to take the risk of you know facing the fire coming from the syrian side and they may have taken cover of the aircraft now you
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see i've flown in that area and i know very well that there are there are a radar can contact the village below the israelis must be monitoring it and there are israeli controllers who speak the russian language they could have formed this particular aircraft but the one in which game only a minute short of it was delayed that means that the die had been cast and these sixteen air crew and the ill fated twenty had already been sacrificed to save those four f. sixteen s i mean this is my personal opinion who has given permission to the israelis to come and bomb them over there the united nations is there and the mossad is supposed to be one of the stop more stop intelligence agencies in the world by country cheered its information with russia or more importantly with the united nations which can take action over there if they are going to dig under strain action and they also claim that they have done it two hundred times earlier than i
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think such an accident was. going to happen and i'm sorry for the time being prime of ac it seems israel is to be blamed. for the israeli missile strikes came just hours after the russian and turkish presidents agreed to create a buffer zone in syria's province in order to protect civilians the goal there is to separate syrian government forces from the militants in the country's last major rebel stronghold run as the story. weeks on end it dominated headlines last stronghold of g. hardest al-qaeda rebels and the syrian army was poor is determined to win them would have been messy would have drawn the entire world is following our meeting the statement that we're going to make after the talks may bring hope to the region the president of russia and turkey spent almost five hours closer to the way
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working out a deal that wouldn't plunge into bloody chaos a deal to avert a military operation a peace deal if you shoot you we have decided to create a demilitarized zone along the battle line by the fifteenth of october it will be between fifteen and twenty kilometers why need we will move radicalize militants out of this is only including on newsroom. really to gather with russia we will make the maximum effort to get rid of all radical groups from this territory turkey and russia will both patrol this territory to ensure compliance. the gist of it is getting radical islamists al-qaeda in syria for one away from the front lines withdrawing heavy weapons artillery tanks to make sure the fingers don't spark any more escalations opening up the routes allowing travel through contested territory is for civilians and russian turkish troops would oversee it all patrol this
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demilitarized zone but there are concerns that she would lose the initials abortions to the future the main concern is that the militants pose a threat to aleppo province the city of aleppo and to our military compounds in syria tartarus and may mean the problem is the hardest who are bent on spoiling any peace effort they have everything to lose if it falls it will mark the end of the syrian war their final defeat assad knows it wouldn't be easy or clean it seems to be for this deal it looks like the military operation has been shelved for now probably draws the best military and diplomatic solution to the the decision is very important indeed the worth of was looking for a military confrontation really. not the fight there is more causality if
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there is normal interoperation there is not expected clashes between the government forces than the radical groups in the long probably does the militarized zone will be the way where the radical groups will leave the area not only the people about also. the turkish president wasn't exaggerating when he said the world's eyes were on this meeting stakes are so high here for the gulf states for the west especially they spent untold billions arming and financing the syrian rebels only to lose. we consider any assault and lead to be a reckless escalation of the conflicts if assad russia and iran continue down the path their own the consequences will be dire the world will hold them responsible how much of that was genuine concern for civilians then how much is bitterness over
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losing you decide for yourself it's occurring that we have the discussions that are ongoing discussions we are one and president putin. is for is you watch what's taking place on the ground as you see it start to see the potential of this and i think i think. the discussions that are having we're just down a path of a potential that you're going to get something that's what's kinetic if they're actually engaging in a level of dialogue nevertheless the united states pentagon seem cheered by this latest deal a bloody battle has been averted and geodes to being marginalized but perhaps most importantly is the precedent for compromise and that's happened rarely. at least poti jamal wakim professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university he says israel's responsible for the tragedy even if the incident is complicated. we're relieved that this move by the israelis
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was premeditated it was planned in order to send a message to the russian side that it will be blog that the russian servicemen will be killed in case the russians support a military action mainly in it live and this was also coordinated with the americans i believe that comes as part of the is collation. by the american side and its threat to. in case the syrian army moves to a liberated live from terrorist groups there so. i understand this incident as part of this escalation and i believe that it came at a crucial moment when president putin was able to strike a deal with. the president over at the in order to stop the military operation
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there and to try to do to defuse the situation that's why i believe that the israeli side is fully responsible for provoking the incident and drawing. friendly fire from the city in part two down the. russian plane with fifteen servicemen on board. the trade war between the united states and china sea milos have to beijing announced terrify exam key u.s. products that may have against american exports like liquefied natural gas is retaliation for president trump's announcement of fresh tariffs on a wide range of chinese goods. the new move on the response to the action taken by the u.s. side china has to take necessary countermeasures to defend its own legitimate rights and interests and see guard the global free trade today i directed the united states trade representative. to proceed with placing additional tariffs on
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roughly two hundred billion dollars we import from china the terrorists will take effect on september twenty fourth twenty eighteen and be sent as a level of ten percent until the end of the year when generally the first the terrorists will rise twenty five percent the temple ministrations already imposed two browns of tariffs on chinese imports this year first aluminum and steel were targeted then in the summer charges for a zone thirty four billion dollars worth of other chinese goods joseph chain professor of political science at the city university of hong kong told us this could damage both countries. who. have been making. important we so-called trade war one big.
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time. and. it will. run out of the old art. of. war with. the. leaders of russia and hungry have cemented the special relationship in talks in moscow high on the agenda was not just posting energy supplies but also the use split with viktor orban over his migrant crackdown the inside track on the meeting. last garion prime minister viktor orban was here in moscow was only two months ago right now we're here at the crown one and he's back again right there you can see the seats for the leaders of russia and hungry and on viktor or britain's right hand side and vladimir putin's left hand side there are seats for the senior government ministers
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the summit in this room comes right when hungry is experiencing serious trouble with pretty much the rest of the european union over its stance on the migrant crisis the solutions that europe keeps coming up with are just unacceptable for beauty and mr has always been open about it would like to raise the voice of the people all over in europe that they are full of fear we need more union in our refugee problem is not the european problem we need a fair and just distribution the problem is a german problem it is not a problem b. create a new legal situation at the borders saw it to be even more freaked than it was at the same time moscow and beat a pest have been maintaining a kind of special relationship and this is something that we are also hearing about today in this room. hungary needs we're. very happy that we've balanced
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relations with each other recently i can't say that we're always provided with stable international conditions but problems exist in order for us to fight them and i think we succeed in that and i want to thank you for all the work we're doing together. just a few days ago the european parliament has already backed punishing hungry for its international behavior but the final decision on the end to hungary sanctions will be made later this week at an informal e.u. summit and definitely the things that are being said here in the kremlin will be brought up at. that european get together ahead of the top level meeting artists of another they spoke to hundreds foreign minister peters yarder who says that the unity doesn't exclude questioning and to russian sanctions you can watch the full version on friday here on article for now though here's a quick preview.


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