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when the ruling classes protect themselves. the blame. be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. making the headlines this hour the world anti-doping agency votes to reinstate russia's own anti drugs body decision signals a fresh start for russian athletics then after three years in the cold examine that one also ahead confirms a leaked memo circulating in the british press reveals plans of in the prime minister's own party to i was staring us in the running to fill the shoes. of. us two three people reportedly killed and five wounded in
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a shooting ongoing in the u.s. state of maryland will bring you what we know on that. they were grieving review did around the world this is arts international i'm kevin owen it's just ten seven in the evening here now first on the big news for us today is that the world anti-doping agency is vote to reinstate russia's anti drug agency which after the body was suspended you may recall back in twenty fifteen over an alleged state sponsored doping scandal electioneering sports correspondent across the country for some criticism this move from water the over seeing body here about letting the russian anti-doping agency back in today after what risotto would say was three very long years take us through that meeting in the seychelles that wrapped up about four hours ago what came out of it and how they voted you were right on the money there. heading into this meeting the world anti-doping agency
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was under a barrage of criticism and the barrage of pleas not to reinstate was in its full rights and its full of authority in russia coming from different entities the number of and i'd open agencies across the world including the u.k. the us new zealand australia canada poland thirteen countries in total plus the vice president of water said that she would never vote for reinstatement and in fact she did not vote for reinstatement she was one of the two people who voted against nine people the vast majority of the twelve people on the executive board voted for the reinstated and one person abstained so now this decision is set in stone and is reinstated by water but it's a mistake to think that this is an unconditional reinstatement and in fact the agency came out with a lengthy press release explaining the reasons as to why that happened but let me just say that you know the amount of criticism as i mentioned was huge and now the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency travis tygart came out with a statement. with
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a lot of support is in it all negative towards water coming down to one thought that he believed that water needs to be reformed after this decision and that effectively reinstating rosado is a blow to clean sports which is even after so much time. for all changes to be made if changes did need to be. taken a different view that it's time for a fresh start take a fresh and move forward with a sort of this roadmap didn't they for russia could complicate a lot of points in it two main ones stuck and they seem to have been abridged indeed there were thirty one points on the road map which was put forward two years ago and twenty nine of them had no problem whatsoever they were accomplished last year norquist water admitted that and said that's fine things like inviting the experts from the u.k. anti-doping agencies into russian labs to promote to make training to change the entire personnel hold all. every month so that was no problem the two sticking
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points were first of all the admittance of the findings of the mclaren report which was basically the breaking point and one of the bones of contention and second the access to the labs in russia and let us listen to the sports minister russia by vocal of course on the first point of these two. the decision is crucial for russia we work for a long time together with the international anti doping agency community so we have reformed and. we never deny the existence of and violations we will fully contribute to fulfilling the demands laughing on the russian's legislation. so about that first point this is how water explained it in the official press release that the letter from the russian sports ministry to water which was sent on the thirteenth of september amounts to an acceptance of all the findings of the international being could be the report which itself indorse the core findings of the water commission mclaren investigation reports including that and number of
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individuals within the ministry of sport and subordinate entities were involved in that when you play sions of the anti-doping system in russia so that's basically the warning which was deemed sufficient by wider for reinstatement as for the second point important about the labs about the access to your in samples which have been under the federal investigation water was very very clear on that that this access must be provided until december thirty first which is a little less than four months from now if it's not provided goes back into the wilderness of noncompliance so basically this is a very very strong will to meet them of sorts that you guys provide us with the access to labs otherwise it's back to being. things go in forward moving forward and that happens what is going to mean for the international athletics federation and particularly russian athletes russian are clear were found to be clean that have got a future i mean. the people that were found not to have been clean along the way as
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well well this changes nothing for those who have been found guilty of doping they will stay banned it's all about the cleanup it's obviously but it's too early to say whether you know the waters decision open the door for the russian athletes to be back in sport for the really nothing so obviously but it has given them the chance to open the door it's not a victory it's not a last minute goal which you know wins it for assad it's only a chance for the agency to work properly because those things are you know mutually inclusive you want to have clean sport in the country you have to have an agency which make sure that the sport is clean so this is what why the did you can call it you know a credit of trust which was given to the russians you know guys we can give you a chance to work and prove yourself and we'll see whether that will be the case but only that will be would enable clean sports in the country and that's what his thinking and also it's important to know that he's not likely to have many fans amongst the medical profession but ask them which list goes on to point out he is
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a real dark horse in this potential race to succeed to reason may and then last but not least we have the current defense secretary take a look at what the list says about him going to move. in full campaign mode but very reliant on pm controlling her own departure point so yet gavin williamson is very much treasonous favorite but the likelihood of her having a say in who succeed to succeed isn't seen as very big to me i have to say this all reads a bit like i'm from the movie mean girls but the list is important because it appears to confirm that regardless of the mechanics of it and how it happens britain is leaving the e.u. in march twenty nine thousand and it it appears that once this quite frankly thankless task is over once the poison chalice of bragg's it can at least be pushed a little bit to the the side. party is going to want
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a fresh face to take it forward now downing street in the conservative party never normally comment on leaks we've approached them about it we've asked them about it downing street have said asked the conservative party the conservative party have said speak to downing street about it so it doesn't look like there's much desire to talk about it and i think the list pretty much speaks for itself yeah i was trying to get some sense some from over the founder of the party the big the u.k. independence party before then quiz ninety seven thank you for making the time hopefully you can get some thoughts on what's going on here at the top indonesia street from you what do you make of this dossier no great surprises of the names that came up over. no not really i think the prime minister has to go she should go as soon as possible she should really have been ditched already she's so incompetent but. i think her successor will have to be a bricks a tear i think the only brick city who can reach parts of the electorate that other
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conservatives can't is probably boris johnson he is a controversial figure but here are those whose interests euros and susie say mom and some of the girls who hail the morning the nose almost morning cover the whole thing sit near i mean look at literally ashen when he found out that the vote was to leave. well you may have loo tashan a lot of people in the leave campaign were surprised but. it's past history he said the leading breaks a tear he said one who resigned over the turkeys fly along with david davis and i think probably he and david davis from us through the. possibilities to succeed the prime minister because i think the tories will be looking for. who a positive growth city is and who took a stand in principle against records and rules or most of the cabinet but it's a tough old world in politics we know that but it's especially tough time in
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britain a lot of people awarded. their jobs putting food on the table paying for whatever they got to pay for even worrying about maybe been a negative equity goes up and prices go down and that's been in all the headlines of the last week or so people could be in awful pickle isn't this a time they might be saying that people rally together in the conservative party and try and forge a way forward here month upon month goes on and nothing seems to happen. well you know i know but i don't think anything will happen until the get rid of the prime minister the trouble is now is that enough do it with two months to go to some sort of deal he should have done and they should have done it months ago i mean she's in denial she's got this plan that nobody in europe believes and nobody in britain believes and the only two people who believe in it self are the civil service of boys of all the vulcans. mean she's embarrassing sticking to this plan.
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and someone said today that that is a day a day when i mean i think she should be in the same position out of interest if you'd known what you know now a lot of people in britain saying they were missing all this whole thing remember all the adverts on the buses about money going to the n.h.s. eccentric cetera would you be succumbing to bricks it oh you know i want bricks to do since possible no one deal breaks it and you know i want a clean break and i want an independent britain to be able to make its own decisions in the world through a government which is accountable only to the british people and which isn't run by an elected foreign bureaucrats from brussels i saw another whole long story to ask what you did about the art in question but i probably were time we got other news to do al and maybe we'll talk to be on the seeds get around with alan's get founder the precess to the u.k. and it's party time most catches up there's no news channels thank you for being with us. thank you all right so we got to come plenty of to tell you that one of france's top politicians marine le pen is being ordered to consult
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a psychiatry's will tell me what that's about why write it. i think we can agree that the decision to intervene in libya was perhaps too quickly taken but we also know that the libya crisis today as we see it at least as i see it is a multifaceted crisis because it's a political crisis it's a security crisis and it's an economic crisis so i think the main problem of the post twenty eleven transition was to put complete emphasis on the political process and not sufficient thought and strategy into the military dialogue or d.d.r. . and completely forget the economic dimension of the crisis.
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we want a strong european union based on strong member states and we want europe which sticks to its christian heritage so number one we don't want europe to get rid of the christian heritage and we want the member states to stay as member states we don't want to you know give up our nationality we don't want to give up our culture we don't blow you up or heritage and so on and so forth. international if you check in a clock out it is exactly seventy minutes past seven o'clock or seventeen minutes past. despite a commitment not to export military hardware to those fighting in the yemeni civil war germany has approved arms sales to saudi arabia some of think somewhat
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controversially that berlin is just growing like the delivery of four artillery systems to the gulf monarchies earlier this year chancellor merkel's government promised not to sell any weapons to parties to the conflict just last month the saudi led coalition conducted and their strike in yemen you may recall that killed at least twenty two children and four women let's go live to read a rope. of assistance from a german intelligence officer get his thoughts that germany is saudi arabia curry the only buyer for german weapons made in your country and if so what do you think about that. all that rather surprised to hear two days ago that the secret meeting. security council approved. who three nations involved in the war in yemen one saudi arabia the consistence who just described the other jordanian in the united arab emirates.
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with regarding the connection between what's going on in yemen and saudi arabia how clear are we that weapons are part of it or that weapons are passing to saudi arabia and them being used in yemen. you know sure that not being used in your going absolutely not i mean you make good. use a certificate by the. new rule and if you trust the saudi statements then you ought to be part of the christmas to the red nose reindeer but the so that absolutely and i think the ridiculous aspect about the whole thing is they had the german government coalition in their country in their coalition contract or to see treaty. see if they did
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not supply any government including saudi arabia they have so well is going to be exactly what's going to ask in the lead in a set german chancellor merkel had said that sounds have been justified now than. well this is absolutely ridiculous how it's been just to quote explode all the human rights. groups has so do you really are it's regarded according to a statement by president government regarded as clueless heartless don't laugh in the fight against international terrorists the fight against international terrorism just except for instance in syria by message saudi financial and military support for isis and other extremist islamist hit shoppers so this is absolutely ridiculous but within europe germany is not alone here spain has been selling arms
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port initiative in afghanistan but according to a report by washington watchdog no it's been a total failure hundreds of millions of dollars of u.s. taxpayer money was spent on it the goals are huge but in reality it seems only a few dozen women were helped. since two thousand and one the door has been reopened for afghan women they join the police the army and entered politics and together we can help women and girls across afghanistan to philip their talents raise their voices and strengthen their communities and their country. was that i didn't know if this money was spent properly there would have been changes in women's lives but we don't know how they spun it or who they gave it to
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. they haven't done so much for afghan women there's an exhibit in india a man is representing afghan women this program in afghanistan is for women and we still get replaced by a mad why do we have the capacity. personally request of usa to support us by providing a smooth incompetently going to modernize the handcraft section their response was negative they said they were huge to train is after news experience i don't need the training i need the machinery. plus i thought until i filled in forms last year and again six months ago they told us that they would let us know but there was no response even when we called them
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they never called back hundreds of thousands of women across afghanistan ready to learn ready to work. news alert now developing story. so there we talked about over the last shooting in the u.s. fatal fatalities apparently multiple ones and multiple injuries after a shooting incident at a warehouse in the u.s. state of maryland according to local sheriff's office there the lone suspect now in custody looks like the event itself is over but also those poor people involved in it let's get latest mopeds across it kelly what's been happening. well in aberdeen maryland which is near baltimore a shooting took place and it apparently took place at a right a distribution center right eight is a pharmacy drug store chain of stores in the united states apparently there was a shooting now reports are indicating that three people are dead the hartford county sheriff's department is saying at this time they're not giving numbers
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they're saying multiple fatalities and multiple injuries now the shooter has been apprehended and the shooter is apparently a woman is not fitting with the normal profile of a young male that's the typical profile of a mass shooter it is apparently a woman and she has been apprehended and she is in critical condition at a local hospital but all these suspected shooter has herself been shot is in critical condition at a local nearby hospital now we're getting our reports from the hartford county sheriff's department however we're also seeing that the f.b.i. is on the scene but at the moment it is no longer being called an active shooter situation the number floated for dead is usually being said it three but we have not gotten full confirmation just multiple multiple fatalities multiple injuries is what we're hearing from the sheriff's department but apparently baltimore baltimore area this area of maryland has been struck with
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a number of workplace shootings in recent months has been particularly high when it comes to gun violence and workplace shootings so it's not clear whether the suspect whether she previously worked at this distribution center what exactly her relationship with the site is but it was a distribution center where the supplies distributed to right a drug stores are gathered almost a warehouse you could call it this morning thursday morning she walked in and apparently started shooting so we're waiting for details to emerge but at this moment it is no longer being called an active shooter situation all right things. the update there sad to say there was going on thanks very much but she later twenty eight minutes past seven o'clock moscow time thank you for watching this news bulletin always morakot she get up a mobile device download or a look at all the details monte dot com including the red tick you can see there that big news about risotto and water that came in earlier on today for this evening is kevin always going to go to the capable hands of colin brady for the
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next six hours in the next up. to public will. when the really close is project. see.
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