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the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took. invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. led . to. the main story. washington will face consequences if. the sanctions imposed over the purchase of russian military hardware. also coming up a fall there in germany say he's lost faith in the rule of law in these kind of free carsten hempel sought after a fight with refugees which prosecutors ruled as the facts. here take
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a look here this born my son has already been knocked out is that self-defense is that. it's really smart phone software designed to track criminals. phones in countries around the world critics say on scrupulous governments are also using it to snoop on the same billion. plus the new york times special reports on russia's alleged interference in america's twenty sixteen presidential election the. journalistic stuff. live from our international news center here in moscow welcome to our company o'neill our top story. china has reacted furiously to new sanctions imposed on
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beijing by washington for buying russian military hardware that's while more of america's allies are considering similar purchases from moscow let's get the details now from our. china hasn't held back here what's been said well you know just for you to understand what's happening here is this is if this was a game of chess that is this would have been classified as a fork essentially by one move washington is trying to deal two blows one is aimed at russia and its military arms exports and another is being swan china so what is happening is basically russia and its exports of the su thirty five fighter jet and the as four hundred surface to air missile defense systems as would getting washington's so angry and china. bought some pieces of this hardware
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and it kind of fell flat with the white house to beijing found that it is essentially being dictated some new rules apart from competition when it comes to market well it did not mince any words of a lesson. we strongly call on the u.s. to remedy the mystique and cancel the sanctions otherwise the u.s. has to bear the consequences see what happened is china's the main arms acquisition body was targeted over over this purchase and washington is saying that essentially this is in line with their policy when any country that is being considered an adversary of the u.s. can be targeted with sanctions of course russia and china both fall in this basket but still the state department is insisting that it is russia is the main target for these sanctions have a listen. will continue to vigorously implement countering america's adversaries through sanctions act and urge all countries to curtail relationships with russia's
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defense and intelligence sectors both of which alington the line activities worldwide well but there's a new whole other twist to this story because the su thirty five fighter jets and the s four hundred missile system is the most advanced thing in their class that russia has to offer for arm for export and they were designed with the idea of being sold abroad and so since russia is one of the main competitors for washington when it comes to arms exports. this move is being is for some of us and creasing really as a washington simply trying to push its main competitor out of the game at least a little bit especially if you take into consideration some previous things that the state department had to say. you know it goes against our policy to have a nato allies such as turkey use an asse four hundred system part of the problem
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with that is that it is not in iraq robel with other nato systems and so we are against the having some of our partners and allies around the world potentially purchase us for hundreds of your cats is not going to get into that but we have made very clear what could trigger sanctions for other countries and entities around the world but really with this job russia's sales really what washington has done it has really seems plunged its relations with beijing kind of hard the relations are taking a heavy hit even though washington insists that china just happened to be in the splash damage zone but really the reaction that's coming out of beijing it's not something for this for this country so well i guess we'll have to see how washington well amends these relations back to where they used to be. we are with the follow on for this is right ortiz eager to have on the bring us
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right up to date on the thank you. well despite the sanctions imposed by washington beijing double dawn saying it will nonetheless continue strategic cooperation while aurthur historian gerald horne believes that china's economy is strong enough to handle an american it. there is a lot of hysteria right now in united states about the prospect of china being in the passing lane that is to say surpassed the united states in terms of having the number one economy on planet earth this has to be consider when contemplating the news story that we're now discussing if this particular escalation of washington's part continues that it's no telling what the ultimate result will bring you know that china purchases hundreds of biggins of dollars and has hundreds of billions of dollars in u.s. treasury bills which are used to finance the u.s. government everything from the post office to the pentagon even though there is
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concern in china that dumping these treasury bills will harm chinese investment in this commercial paper there is more talk in beijing that this is in store and in fact perhaps china curbing future purchases of u.s. treasury bills if that takes place united states what you don't have to cut programs or raise taxes in washington because not one to embark on either path i'm afraid to say that china can probably absorb more pain than the united states can at this particular moment so i would hope that washington would not take the dangers. now and bring it to story in germany where a father is appealing to authorities to relaunch the investigation into his son's death almost a year ago marcus hempel died following a fight involving for refugees on this c.c.t.v. footage markus and black his friend are shown with the group it was later judged to
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have been self defense on the part of the migrants but his father claimed security camera video shows that different scenario peter all of our spoke to him. carson hempel son marcus was killed last year here in vicksburg after an altercation with migrants when he spoken out about his grievances and demonstrations he found himself labeled a nazi. and we got them all as they came forward on stage i politely asked the audience to show a little respect so i could tell the story of my son right in front of me there was a group of asylum seekers with a coordinator who was showing them how to hold posters up properly and what slogans to shock and imagine how i felt as a father when you see syrian asylum seekers who came from the same country as the person who killed my son and they called me a nazi it was insane they'll evolve government money that comes from my taxes every
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month to pay for people like that. his son is also being painted as a white nationalist by some media outlets but among youth in germany people are labelled left or right and this is the biggest mistake there is the overwhelming majority of people are centrist in their political ideals they are not members of any party all the one is their voice to be heard obviously it is their right to demonstrate peacefully on the street i criticize equally the people who do hitler salads or follow other insane agendas and public events it simply doesn't belong here that carlson has big problems with the discrepancies in the versions of events prosecutors ultimately decided that the syrian man marketed in self-defense your fifth of all i believe the way the story was presented was planned from the beginning imagine that in a city with so many tourists suddenly news comes out that a young german has been killed by four syrian asylum seekers from my point of view they wanted to keep it quite the incident was caught in quite explicit detail on
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c.c.t.v. and mr hempel insists that this shows a different scene than the want to trade in legal documents. here take a look here this boy and my son has already been knocked out is that self-defense is that self defense. the police talk about multiple hits but the state prosecutor says there was only a single hit the doesn't match for its products according to the new york times who obtained papers from people who had dealings with the group its proposal says you can remotely and covertly collect information about your targets relationships location phone calls plans and activities whenever and wherever they are as we can see the last part doesn't appear to be quite true and the risk is a little scary we approached the company for comment and are still waiting to see r.t. hits india but we did speak to a security expert to say it's no surprise that governments misuse software for snooping if you're telling them to alter government i think they should be annoyed
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. that they're using it purely for constructive or even globally migo many people have been using hacking tools for a very long time to do legal acts all over the world and why would it be different when using this particular software the government's one to use software to do legal and illegal acts in their own country and in other countries they'll always be able to do that. the president of ukraine is preparing to take on the b.b.c. petro poroshenko is suing britain's national broadcaster for libel over allegations he paid a hefty sum to me donald trump in june of last year your study hawkins' with more on what we know. getting that one on one meeting with the leader of the free world himself is a priority for many world leaders as it was for ukraine's president poroshenko last
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summer russia and ukraine remain firmly in global headlines so get in that chats handshake and photo opportunity with trump early some say before vladimir putin was crucial. as new sanctions against russia were announced and the president spoke of how productive discussions had been some officials behind the scenes may have breathed a sigh of relief mission accomplished but reports of most at the meeting that may have been arranged unconventionally according to the b.b.c. diplomatic routes would have given poroshenko little more than a photo opportunity so ukrainian officials opened a back channel through a chain of contacts including trump's lawyer michael cohen now facing numerous federal charges to secure that tete a tete and the latter would take a handsome cut for penciling a meeting into trump's story allegedly around four hundred thousand dollars now the
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story citing top official sources in ukraine featured on the b.b.c. back in may this year but it seems the ukrainian president's office wasn't happy with the revelations the head of state's office is apparently suing the broadcast the for libel since low correction or apology was issued the allegation that the claimant was guilty of serious corruption is self evidently an extremely grave and serious one it has also caused him considerable distress an embarrassment since yeah the geishas strikes at the core of his personal dignity and integrity understandably all parties involved have denied any such shady dealings ever took place the b.b.c. couldn't offer any more details on the allegations although the ukrainian side has confirmed the high court case whatever the outcome it's sure to add to a cocktail of intrigue grey areas and speculation already surrounding trump's first in office coming right after the new york times is under fire for its hefty report
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on russia's alleged interference in the us election in twenty sixteen we've done that big article for you. we want a strong european union strong member states and we want a europe which sticks christian heritage so number one we don't want europe to get rid of the christian heritage and we want the member states to stay as member states we don't want you know give up our nationality you don't want to give up our culture we don't blow you up for everything before.
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just approaching nineteen minutes into the program welcome back the new york times has published a special report the scribing russia's alleged interference in the twenty sixteen us presidential election of the ten thousand words in the article the word alleged is used only twice with the story instead apparently portraying many unproven
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accusations facts. delved into the report. a way to unravel the russia story so far the new york times special report into the saga looks impressive masses of subsection might mender an accusation even from government is only that an accusation and an indictment and it needs to be proven in a court of law and you always use the word alleged when discussing whatever the government alleges that someone else has done that's proven in the court of law then it's a conviction but until that happens it is not fact it is not proven it is not the truth it is an allegation and that's all we've got from the miller indictments are allegations have to report the indictment obviously but that doesn't mean that it's true and yes that is what they've done their ethics here are abominable because they have taken and then if you only want c.n.n. they're all doing that they're taking this fact when it's only an accusation i think they realize they're in trouble and their reputation is at stake so they have to stick to the stand not going to reverse themselves and begin to say well we
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really got some of this rome that were destroyed their reputation their credibility in a journalist lives on the reputation of credibility of course the public suffers. the u.s. secretary of state has lost stars that one of his predecessors mike pump aoe accuse john kerry of trying to undermine the trumpet ministration by meeting with a reunion officials there's after kerry admitted to meeting the arabian foreign minister on at least three occasions since leaving office in twenty seventeen one thing to meet with your counterpart it's another thing to do what secretary kerry wendy sherman or this money's frankly the whole gang has done which is to actively seek to undermine what president trump is trying to achieve you have been telling the iranians to wait out the president trump and the administration and to wait until there's a democratic president in twenty twenty one is that accurate. i think everybody in the world is talking about waiting out. well in
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a tweet double trump himself kerry. talks with iran were illegal and once again blasted the arabian government as a hostile regime he cleaned me meetings undercut great work to the detriment of the american people the president also asked whether john kerry was registered as a foreign agent for his actions well second from twenty thirteen to seventeen john kerry was closely involved in the negotiations on the twenty fifteen uclear deal with iran but earlier this year dole trump quit the agreement sparking international condemnation a former adviser to iran negotiating team told us the dispute between pumping one kerry reflects a deep rift within the u.s. establishment as well as mr kerry is concerned yeah has been a pause to a number of foreign policy positions are beside ministration therefore this.
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highlights the growing political division within the united states and that the democrats feel an opportunity to undermine president trumps presidency and his prospects for a second but attacking him on foreign policy issues including iran so i think that the iranian issue is part of a broader foreign policy. with the come to the fore. as we need draw closer to the midterm elections in november more great to our team program started in just a moment then join kevin on at the top of the hour with all the latest updates from our t h q here.
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in the age of trump political gridlock has been taken to the next level there's a lot at stake a supreme court seat and presidential prerogatives in the end it's all about the rule of law and equal application of the law we are gazing into the abyss with compromise on life. seemed wrong but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to stamp out this day to come to advocate and engage me because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and twenty forty you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going
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from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just the lawyer i mean your list put video at three in the. schooling you go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down the news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answer.
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question. medical use downs to leaks last only got to. me. when you. present political opponents of the biggest who was was a topical a but. chose
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to squish but still it's a looks to me there's. just a little. we want a strong european union based on strong member states and we want a europe which takes police christian heritage so number one we don't want europe to get rid of the christian heritage and we want the member states to all stay as member states we don't want off you know i'll give up our nationality you don't want to give up or call surely don't blow you up for every stage and so on and so forth.


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