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tv   News  RT  September 21, 2018 8:00am-8:23am EDT

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us i. are. china says washington will face consequences if it doesn't roll back the sanctions imposed on beijing over the purchase of freshmen if we. head to the program this our father in germany says he's lost faith in the rule of law in his country cost and hempel son. refugees prosecutors pulled as self defense lawyer here take
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a look here at this point my son has already been knocked out is that self-defense is that self-defense. designed to try criminals has been discovered in phones in countries around the world now critics say unscrupulous governments are also using it to snoop on civilians tell you all about. the new york times issues and special report on russia's alleged interference in america's twenty sixteen presidential election but the article's been slammed for poor ethics for journalistic standards. welcome this is an international my name is kevin owen it's just turned three pm here in moscow now but you can stay with me for this thirty minute news update. china has reacted furiously to new sanctions imposed on beijing by washington for buying russian military hardware that's where more of america's allies are
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considering similar purchases from moscow to is r.t.c. goes down off to analyze what beating has said we have to see we have to look at what washington's doing and essentially it's playing a double game targeting russia mostly with its new round of sanctions but also launching a blog that is well which intention is to damage beijing everything revolves around the russia's weapons russia's heavy weapons like the su thirty five fighter jet and the earth's four hundred surface to air missile defense system and so china bought some of those units and now it is also coming under fire for that and while beijing let me tell you was not impressed when it found out that it is being dictated some new rules on this arena of arms trade and other than a fair competition we strongly call on the us to remedy the mystique and cancel the sanctions otherwise the u.s. has to bear the consequences russia has also reacted to this new round of sanctions
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russia still diplomat sergei lavrov has said that what these acts are doing they essentially are pushing more school towards reducing its dependency on washington and especially on the exchanges in dollar and the u.s. currency has also added that this is something that other countries are learning from these sanctions to leverage as also said that this new round of sanctions aimed against russia's arms exports is viewed by moscow as an act of dirty play in what is supposed to be a fair game ruled by competition. it's a sense of your sinister to those sanctions are obviously yet another demonstration of dirty competition once again we see that the dollar based system has discredited itself completely and trust in the dollar is falling dramatically as more and more countries are thinking about how to avoid any dependence on this international finance system. and this is a whole other twist in this story because the as you thirty five fighter jet in the
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as four hundred missile defense system are the most advanced pieces of weaponry that russia has to offer they were designed with the intention of russia selling them abroad so now with russia being one of washington's main competitors when it comes to arms exports well it just looks like that one washington is targeting these particular areas of russia's economy what it is really doing is just trying to squeeze one of its main contenders out of the market especially if you take into consideration what previously had been said by the state department you know it goes against our policy to have a nato ally such as turkey use an ass four hundred system part of the problem with that it is that it is not in iraq robel with other nato systems and so we are against the having some of our partners and allies around the world potentially purchase us for hundreds trigger cats is not going to get into that but we have made very clear what could trigger sanctions for other countries in entities around
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the world now the united states insists that china just happened to be sorting this pleasure damages on that it was not the target of these new sanctions while beijing as we've heard is not impressed or did not mince any words promising retribution so indeed it will be interesting to see what washington will do to mend this and what consequences china was talking about it goes down off reporting there will despite the sanctions imposed by washington from the double nonetheless continue strategic cooperation or. historian gerald hold believes that china's economy is strong enough to handle an american hit too there is a lot of hysteria right now in united states about the prospect of china being in the passing lane that is to say surpassing the united states in terms of having the number one economy or planet earth this has to be consider when contemplating the news story that we're now discussing if this particular escalation of washington's
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part continues that it's no telling what the ultimate result will bring you know that china purchases hundreds of biggins of dollars and has hundreds of billions of dollars in u.s. treasury bills which are used to finance the u.s. government everything from the post office to the pentagon even though there is concern in china that dumping these treasury bills will harm chinese investment in this commercial paper there is more talk in beijing that this is in store and in fact perhaps china curbing future purchases of u.s. treasury bills if that takes place united states what you don't have to cut programs or raise taxes in washington because not one to embark on either path i'm afraid to say that china can probably absorb more pain than the united states can at this particular moment so i would hope that washington would not take the
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dangers. in germany a father's appealing to authorities to relaunch the investigation into his son's death almost a year ago marcus hempel died after a fight involving for refugees if you see the c.c.t.v. footage here marcus is in the black his friend has shown up in the group it was late to judge to be in self-defense on the part of the migrants but his father claims now security camera video shows a different scenario peter all of us spoke to him. carson hempel son marcus was killed last year here in vicksburg after an altercation with migrants when he spoken out about his grievances and demonstrations he found himself labeled a nazi. and we got them all as they came forward on stage i politely asked the audience to show a little respect so i could tell the story of my son right in front of me there was a group of asylum seekers with a coordinator who was showing them how to hold posters up properly and what slogans
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to shock and imagine how i felt as a father when you see syrian asylum seekers who came from the same country as the person who killed my son and they called me a nazi it was insane they'll evolve government money that comes from my taxes every month to pay for people like that his son is also being painted as a white nationalist by some media outlets but among youth in germany people are labelled left or right this is the biggest mistake there is the overwhelming majority of people are centrist in their political ideals they are not members of any party all the one is their voice to be heard obviously it is our right to demonstrate peacefully on the street i criticize equally the people who do hitler sell it's more follow other insane agendas at public events it simply doesn't belong here. carlsen has big problems with the discrepancies in the versions of events prosecutors ultimately decided that the syrian man in self-defense your
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fifth of all i believe the way this story was presented was planned from the beginning imagine that in a city with so many tourists suddenly news comes out that a young german has been killed by four syrian asylum seekers from my point of view they wanted to keep it quite the incident was caught in quite explicit detail on c.c.t.v. and mr hempel insists that this shows a different scene than the want to trade in legal documents. here take a look here this boy and my son has already been knocked out is that self-defense is that self defense. the police talk about multiple hits but this t. prosecutor says there was only a single hit doesn't match either the state prosecutors in germany can't count or they're lying in this uming that they all have a higher education i would see that they are lying on the twenty ninth of september a memorial service will be held to mark the one year anniversary hempel family insists that they have not received justice for the killing of their son peter all
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over r.t. rittenberg. there's really surveillance software tool capable of accessing microphones cameras another date has been tracked to forty five countries around the globe researches think this tool designed to track criminals is the theory is being misused by governments to snoop on innocent civilians or sleep has got the story on him head city or just north of the israeli city of tel aviv and this building is home to an israeli company called in is so cool which develops and sells one of the most invasive spy ways in the world country in another country they'll always be able to do a. british tabloid the sun has retracted a tale of a kremlin assassination plot for its website alleging that indeed vladimir putin was out to kill a particular sexy russian model where the setting of the supposed murder was the english city of souls brigade let's go live to a situation in london yeah this made headlines last couple of days didn't it but
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now they've retracted it all why it's what's persuaded the sudden not to run with it and take it all down again then. well kevin some u.k. tabloids here have certainly tried to capture the hearts and minds of readers by yet again featuring a very spicy story that could have potentially been an exclusive bombshell however it had a different destiny this was a story that had to be retracted and claimed to have been taken down for quote legal reasons meanwhile it did have all the featuring of a potential bombshell it did include a blonde model of russian origin who was not too offensive to the i who is instagram page is filled with pictures of her clogs in just bikini's who was claiming that just minutes away from the restaurant where sergei ascript pollin his daughter yulia had been on march fourth she was dining with her husband just nearby and had fallen sick and claimed that it was the russian president who was after her
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and her husband who was trying to kill her and this was on the front page of the news of the sun here in the u.k. as well as several odd other tabloids caught on with this story however this whole incident is now being treated as a potential hoax and this is what the sun has had to say about this. in the newspaper we are keen to talk to those at the center of the incident and in this case chose to give mr shapiro the open to share with the public who version of events. well this restaurant where the thirty year old model and her husband had been dining last sunday is now planning to potentially sue this couple if the allegations of this being a hoax are proven amidst reports claiming that her husband had been a convicted criminal and had once actually holds to prince charles himself so all of this is now being investigated by the police as one line of inquiry who have asked for the media not to speculate this whole story any further this is
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a church or another thanks for the update on that one appreciate it it's a sixty minutes post story mosco time thank you for being with us to hope you stay with me kevin o'leary mosco for the break with more including the new york times under fire for its hefty report on russia's alleged interference in the u.s. election in twenty sixteen we'll break down that article for you. you know world's big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the same. lives only the one percent. nor middle of the room. where the news the day seems the president of ukraine is preparing to take on the b.b.c. petro poroshenko is suing britain's national broadcaster for libel over allegations
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he paid a hefty sum to meet donald trump in june last year is to you whole kids getting that one on one meeting with the leader of the free world himself is a priority for many world leaders as it was for ukraine's president poroshenko last summer russia and ukraine remain firmly in global headlines so get in that chats handshake and photo opportunity with trump early some say before vladimir putin was crucial. as new sanctions against russia were announced and the president spoke of how productive discussions had been some officials behind the scenes may have breathed a sigh of relief mission accomplished but reports of merge that the meeting that might have been arranged unconventionally according to the b.b.c. diplomatic routes would have given poroshenko little more than a photo opportunity so ukrainian officials opened a back channel through
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a chain of contacts including trump's lawyer michael cohen now facing numerous federal charges to secure that tete a tete and the latter would take a handsome cut for penciling a meeting into trump's story allegedly around four hundred thousand dollars now the story citing top official sources in ukraine featured on the b.b.c. back in may this year but it seems the ukrainian president's office wasn't happy with the revelations the head of state's office is apparently suing the broadcast the for libel since low correction or apology was issued the allegation that the claimant was guilty of serious corruption is so evidently an extremely grave and serious one in a russian law or was to get rid of anti russia's think sions but was that all trying to correct when he tweets and all accounts that no collusion proof has been found but we just wrote a whole article about it i think you get the picture and all fairness the new york times does have an argument as to why there is so little public information to back
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them up it's just not been made public mr mullins prosecutors only rarely go public with the evidence they've been steadily gathering in secret interviews and closed door sessions of a grand jury as you build a picture in this russia riddle it seems unnamed sources have shaped it almost entirely so the take away from this two years ago don term one the us election and there are plenty of accusations that russia is responsible. independent journalist and former correspondent for the wall street journal joe lauria told us that article though fails to meet basic journalistic standards one of the nations of reporting journalism one o one is there are two sides to every story and that an indictment or an accusation even from government is only that an accusation and an indictment needs to be proven in a court of law and you always use the word alleged when discussing whatever the government alleges that someone else has done that's proven in the court of law then it's a conviction but until that happens it is not fact it is not proven it is not the
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truth it is an allegation and that's all we've got from the miller indictments are allegations have to report the indictment obviously but that doesn't mean that it's true and yes that is what they've done their ethics here are abominable because they have taking and they're not the only want c.n.n. they're all doing this they're taking this as fact when it's only an accusation i think they realize they're in trouble and their reputation is at stake so they have to stick to the stand not going to reverse themselves and begin to say well we really got some of this wrong that were destroyed their reputation their credibility in a journalist lives on the reputation of credibility of course the public suffers. i'm not so the knees are looking for us so far this friday afternoon so much more dotty don't call them kevin no enough for me the rest of the great friday. join me everything on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to us of the world
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greetings and salutation. the used car sales man and women that make up our illustrious congress here in the united states of america put their loyalty to their military industrial paymasters on full display this week as they approved one point eight billion worth of three littoral combat ship hauls. yes one point eight billion for three three holes not the whole ship just three holes of the ship ships one point eight billion you know you know what the real kicker is the pentagon didn't even want them they didn't ask for them they did they didn't want them need them asked for them but yet for some reason our congress gave them these ships anyway and while congress is handing
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defense contractors like lockheed martin almost two billion of our tax dollars for combat ships our navy doesn't need the water in detroit schools is tainted with lead in copper that's not hyperbole according to the detroit news more than half of the hundred six calls inside michigan's largest school district has have high levels of copper and or lead on wednesday this week the school district received test results indicating the additional thirty three schools in the detroit public schools community districts have elevated levels of lead bringing the entire total up to fifty seven schools now simple math tells us that with more than forty seven thousand kids in the best direct that roughly twenty three thousand of those kids were possibly exposed to lead and copper tainted water. officials from detroit water department believe that the lead in copper is contaminating the water through the school system's decrepit plumbing which is estimated to cost roughly thirty
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million dollars to repair and replace just thirty million you know for the cost of the three combat ships i mentioned earlier we could have big detroit schools water issues fifty three times over but hey you know we have utterly useless needless combat ships to build right i mean no one ever said the children are our future or anything like that. but start watching the hawks. thirty. three.


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