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retail tech space and the focus on business which may be disadvantaged as opposed to only and users consumers well more on this in the coming days. ali baba the huge chinese multinational e-commerce and technology company says it will have a i artificial intelligence chips on the market next year next year for gosh sakes u.s. companies like i.b.m. qualcomm and intel not only sell computer chips but are now moving forward with a chips it appears the ai race is full on the move by ali baba shows the increasing efforts by china to become even more self-reliant amid the increasingly competitive and contentious trade environment u.s. authorities and others around the world remain concerned about intellectual property theft from china you may recall the row in the states over chinese tech companies e.t.e. not being allowed to own major portions of u.s. companies earlier this year and the temporary ban on c.t.e.
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from offering products in the u.s. at the same time the chinese government is instructing some companies to pull back from investments in the u.s. for ali baba they say the chips will be used for the internet of things that first and used in-house only initially but will be offered to external clients in the future. as the trade war between the us is in full swing and trade deliberations continue related to the european union canada and mexico we now consider what the next impact upon businesses and markets to do so we are once again joined by the always cheerful and chock full of facts to see all of stocks will welcome less i appreciate having you back with us the first off in the u.s. we are seeing some record highs in trading today both the dow. and the s. and p.
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five hundred hitting new record highs if there are concerns about these trade wars doesn't appear that market participants have been given the memo do you think traders have a pollyannish view or are they simply expecting some u.s. china trade deal to come in the near future. i think there's two things that are going on first of all technically speaking the market has been in a bullish trend and the market is continuing higher as you mentioned today we had up over him a brand new all time highs in the dow and the s. and p. we had previously already done that in the nasdaq we're just going to continue higher so technically speaking the market has been getting bought all along however that being said i believe the markets have come to a place of comfortability with trump and his policies in reference to combat in the us and china because they really don't have that much to combat when you look at it when you look at the amount of exports coming from the u.s. and you look at china it just doesn't even make any sense so there's two hundred
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billion there's going to be a ten percent tax coming up on monday and two hundred billion in tariffs on chinese goods and so they're fast tracking all of these things coming into the u.s. right now because they're trying to bypass this tariff that's starting on monday and if they don't come up with a deal then by the end of two thousand and eighteen the terrorists are going to go up to twenty five percent so the pressure is on china to make a deal because no matter even if they put tariffs on every single solitary thing it's not going to equate to what is being x. ported in to the u.s. from china you know you're dead on the numbers and thank you for that now you and i both know that traders love to trade my view is if they're if they aren't trading and they're employed by a bank or a fund if the management might wonder do we need these guys or gals so much so the traders will like rebalance their portfolios and and many traders will trade on just about any credible information or innuendo that's out there if it's legal what
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they really like is data details and to date we haven't seen any significant details which point to problems from the trade wars i think there are turn the case for they were the two eighty nine million saying that these there's not of evidence and that the evidence presented in court is. is not valid and it doesn't prove that there's a causal link between the weed killer and the cancer of the wayne johnson so their c.e.o. has said multiple times he's going to continue to fight every case and we know that it's upwards of eight thousand right now seems like you have to buy a large global war for him to do that and as you reported before you know this decision was a unanimous decision so good luck to them and as they say here in washington good luck to them in the redskins'. and we now turn to natural disasters in the philippines. typhoon it cut it pretty devastating impact two hundred fifty million dollars in damages to the island of luzon
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primarily in rice or rice under water in lakes and these water toward the water logged cities and towns are still being impacted by that typhoon but let's move to the u.s. to hurricane florence which you've been covering the other big story you've been on these two big ones for sara and first of all let's talk about the economic impact but tell us a little bit about these catastrophe bonds billions of dollars a catastrophe of what are they and why do they matter so these catastrophic bonds allow for insurers to transfer some of their financial risk to capital markets and that's exactly what they're doing to help pay some of these claims for major catastrophes like hurricane florence so essentially these catastrophic bonds are setting aside money to help pay for future disaster claims and there's actually been a record issuance last year and this year on these catastrophic bonds every time
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there's a hurricane it causes some sort of big drop but they typically tend to come back up due to some of the large catastrophes that occurred in two thousand and seventeen and busters the market that we're worried that investors would pull back and that we wouldn't have enough for twenty thousand but that's actually been the opposite and there's been an increase in them so. which is kind of why the cat bond index felt only one point one five per cent since florence occurred so out from eighty nine point five five percent to eighty eight point five two well i remind me what i was talking with melissa about i mean traders love to trade like you want more call it surely don't blow you up for every season and so on and so forth. and so this time. i'm just not i said i just as you.
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or. welcome back one of the oldest and third largest airlines in the world quantas airways the australian carrier which started way back in one nine hundred twenty is going to expand with a nonstop super long haul flight from london to city c.e.o. alan joyce said the carrier is currently considering bids from both boeing and airbus for planes that can make the seventeen thousand kilometer or ten thousand
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five hundred mile trip which takes twenty one hours while still being economical for the airline both plane manufacturers are offering a wide body product to boeing their seven seventy seven eight x. and air bus their a three fifty one hundred mr joyce himself has taken the company on somewhat of a super long haul and is seen as having turned the airline around after a loss in twenty fourteen of two point eight billion dollars but last month club just announced all time high profits want to stock for the last five years has increased in value and trading this year which began just shy of five dollars per share in january rose to nearly seven dollars in late july it's currently trading around six dollars per share. turning to luxembourg a small little noticed nation is making news on an issue we touched on yesterday increasingly creative tax avoidance strategies by corporations operating in the euro zone the competition commissioner for the european union we spoke about her
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earlier marguerite best of your has announced that a probe into a unique tax arrangement between luxembourg and mcdonald's corporation the iconic us fast food company did not break the rules on these so-called state aid to specific companies that. it is a win for mcdonald's and for luxembourg after the small nation was rebuked in similar recent cases involving amazon and french energy company and. ahead of hurricane florence emergency managers watch these so-called full house index and informal gauge for fema the federal emergency management agency to determine how quickly a community might bounce back economically after a disaster former theme administrator craig started using the this when he was the florida department of energy and management commissioner here now to explain the legal journalist molly barrows of ring of fire network joining us from beautiful
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pensacola florida molly thanks for being with us how does this waffle house index actually work. well you know waffle house is good at so many things who knew that they were a model for disaster preparedness of course the twenty four hour chain is often open during natural disasters providing hot meals for people in the community as well as first responders they're also a meeting place for people in the community they can disperse resources as well so they have three color coded indicators red is were closed don't stop by yellow as we're open but we're serving a partial menu and then green is were open it's business as usual full menu and this is helpful for emergency responders and agencies like fema because the quicker business is back in any community affected by this aster that's a good sign that tells them hey the sooner they're bouncing back the sooner the economies are generating flow again people are back to work they're spending money they're making money when they're delayed on getting back on their feet that gives
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them an indicator of just how well a community is fairing in the wake of a disaster so waffle house is like the canary in the coal mine you know it's bad if waffle house is still closed it's very interesting and i want to make too light of that because it's a really serious thing with natural disasters with yellow watch out for the scrapple that's maybe what's left of you don't know what's critical is you're safe enough that way the how did this stranger oh yeah right how did this all start molly i mean that they have some sort of history in dealing with disasters don't they. they sure do of course you know the waffle house chain started in the south that's twenty five states throughout the country now but primarily in the south and they are located in a lot of these communities that are prone to getting natural disasters whether it's hurricanes or tornadoes bad weather etc so back in one thousand nine hundred nine when here hurricane hugo hit charleston and that's when they kicked into gear and started to develop their own emergency disaster response plan now they open up a storm center anytime there's a storm out there so they can track its progress they have teams of their employees
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from other locations on standby ready to jump in as soon as it's safe to go and they also have resources piled up whether it's food water generators ready to go in each location also has an emergency guide to help them prepare a protocol for what they're supposed to do so all of this is extremely helpful for fema as well because the waffle house is one of the first places often to open so they can stage there the community can come there maybe get a bite to eat as well as first responders talk about what's going on in the community check on their neighbors and basically use it as a meeting place in the wake for the community in the wake of a disaster as well to really really interesting you know this is a we love numbers all the time we showed charts but wall houses held privately back a couple years ago i read date it was worth over four hundred million dollars so it's primarily in the south right. yes it's primarily in the south it started way back in one thousand nine hundred five in georgia by a couple of guys it wasn't until the one nine hundred sixty s.
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that it started to turn into the change you see today in fact i think originally it was called the tuttle house and now we know and love it as the waffle house it's to some twenty five states it stretches from florida pennsylvania ohio to arizona and their claim to fame among many others as they say they they i guess make two percent use two percent of the country's eggs in their food service so this whole business model of fast food with table service really took off it well but like you said it's privately owned and they don't disclose their profits but they certainly seem like they're doing pretty good based on what they claim they sell why barrow's journalist ring of fire network thank you so much molly great to see you. they start. and as we reported when it occurred the european parliament has voted to change the way copyrighted materials are handled on the internet it's called the european union directive on copyright in digital market and although it hasn't kicked in
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quite yet it could eventually change the way you download and share links to stories music photos and even those popular memes and here to help us understand more about how the world wide web landscape made changes conservative t.v. and radio commentator steve malzberg steve thanks so much for ability being with us i mean what sort of information are they talking about i mean i'm familiar with copyrighted material that's copyrighted outside of the internet that gets put on the internet but what sorts of things are actually copyrighted on the internet when that's the only place they exist and how will things change potentially. right i mean there's vast copyright laws right now that people probably don't even realize and right now you know you think of video and music and software file sharing and all that kind of stuff all that's copyrighted as are news stories everything almost everything is copyrighted if it comes from a content provider and right now it's incumbent upon those content providers to
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surf the web and say ah they're using my stuff i need money they're violating my copyright but this would change it and put the burden on these big tech companies like you tube and facebook and twitter they would be responsible now for saying ah this is somebody else's we need to pay them now individuals probably would not be that involve we'll get to that in a second under some of the articles but the burden will shift from the people who own the copyright to the people using that copyright or abusing it they will now have to filter it out and make sure that the provider is compensated very interesting and steve i know you know this because you're like this long time you know cultural iconic broadcaster and nobody nobody yelled at me in my ear but when i said asked a question say why i don't know about internet copyright i could just hear people management say wait a minute we're on t.v. we have people who do that all the time no let's make sure that we don't use
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copyrighted materials but i know that a lot of this concern is about one of the articles one of the provisions i guess articles of the technical term and it's related to this thing called a link tax and it's article levon explain what that is and why people are so concerned ok article eleven let's say google news and all the other like a similar sites to google news if they use as they do using now someone story part of the story all of the story they link it up on their site or they take from it that is a copyright infringement and now they're going to have to pay for that story the question which is open ended is how would they get a pay. before it is it could be based on how many words they use how big a part of the story how many stories there's a lot of unknown but this is going to possibly limit what they actually give to the consumer and people like you and me who go to these sites like google news to get our news individuals will not be that affected especially if this is for teaching
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or for research but if you're an individual with a website and you use the same story is google news they're going to leave you alone however if you're an individual you have a huge following and you buy the ties your website then you might be subject to the same copyright rules so you're going to feel that as well it's a whole big mishmosh yeah but that could potentially change things big time last question we'll know a little bit of time here what about this other article article thirteen deals with means a lot of people concerned about those what's the deal in that because these companies how are these companies going to weed out what's copyrighted they might have to go to automated filters and the people who drafted this said all means of parodies they won't be affected but people fear on the other side that since means have copyrighted photos very often even though they parodies and fun and whatnot they're going to get caught up in these filters and they're going to be weeded out so again there's a lack of perfection but the good part is this is a couple of years away at the very very little least so we're not that have to
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worry about it for a little while anyway steve malzberg conservative t.v. and radio commentator thank you so much really enlightening it that thank you bar. and cars have been getting checked up for years but now some manufacturers want to enable your car your car to get you your next cup of coffee general motors has already started installing a feature called g a marketplace in late models the system can make restaurant reservations and orders and even pay for gas g.m. will integrate the device into buick cadillac chevrolet and g.m.c. brand vehicles high. today is also developing a similar product and b.m.w. has established a parking assistance tech and a variety of so-called mobility service applications with die more chrysler some are concerned that distracted driving could become a much more serious problem but someday you soon may be asked do you want fries
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with that and that's it for this time you can catch boom bust on direct t.v. channel three twenty one dish network channel two eighty or streaming twenty four seven on pluto t.v. the free t.v. app show one thirty two or as always you can catch us that youtube dot com slash boom bust r.t. catch a later. leaks leak out to. you when you. says it would
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look good that is to present to. a but. chose to squash but still it's. just a show. when norm a gets manufactured consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final merry go round of lives only the one percent.
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nor middle of the room signals. the real new. world. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies current al had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company grown untold developed solidified a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy and it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said is just cut short arms minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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it. was like. the british prime minister demands the e.u. put forward an alternative there breck's it plan is thrown out by the blocks i believe that. the subjects to train work for the government corporation will not work at this late stage in the negotiations it is not acceptable to simply reject the other side's proposals without a detail of explanation and counter proposals.


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