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the russian defense ministry. really military blaming it for the dawning of a plane in syria last monday all fifty russian servicemen on board were killed. also in the stories that shape the week the world anti-doping agency reinstates russia's anti drugs body a major step toward seeing many of the country's. competing on the world to me.
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the confirmation hearing for president trumps a green court pick stagnates. with brett proving to be one of america's most divisive. ever. stories from the past seven days on right up to the moment. of well this is the weekly on r t international law and welcome. russia's defense ministry saying the israeli military holds fole responsibility for the dawning of a russian military aircraft in syria on monday which killed all fifteen servicemen on board in a statement to the media the russian military presented a detail timeline of the incident concluding that the actions of the israeli are force led to the tragedy israel has previously blamed dawning on syria iran and
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hezbollah. looks at how it could affect relations between russia and israel especially considering their previous history. whatever side you ask no one's guilty culpable or liable everyone blames someone else israel holds the assad regime whose military shot down the russian plane fully responsible for this incident israel also holds iran and hezbollah terrorist organization accountable for this unfortunate incident this regrettable incident is the result of the usual israeli impudence and rootedness who always use the filthiest means to achieve their unsavory goals and in that very hostility in our region was that the syrians who launched a missile while fending off a surprise a raid on their country was a theory and his by law who apparently had an arms factory that just had to be
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bombed or was it the israelis who reportedly hid behind russian aircraft because presented objective data testify that the actions of israeli fighter pilots which led to the loss of life of fifteen russian servicemen either a lack professionalism were an act of criminal negligence to say the least. russia holds israel responsible that is clear and israel's excuses have been dismissed as just that excuses the israeli regime put the russian service men at risk intentionally in order to be able to carry out this attack on syria which is of course illegal in itself the arrogance of netanyahu has caused him great difficulty now because he has to be answerable to the russian people and then set of apologizing as usual the israelis are looking for scapegoats israel insists it had
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to bomb the arabians hizbullah are there and then yet how many times is israel now had to bomb syria dozens and dozens monthly to stop iranian and shia aggression it says how many times has iran attacked israel and this puts russia in a tough spot its trademark selling point of being friends with everyone may be impossible to keep up russia is now quite evenhanded in the middle east and he tries to keep good relation was all the parties was is was the arabs was the palestinians it was turkey was iran. i wonder how long will it last that you can be a friend of everybody because by the end of the day we are dealing with a very fragile reality in the middle east with very contradicting powers and a lot of atrocity as we know and violence but russia thought it could manage and
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why not look at all it has done for israel. when russia flew near the israeli occupied golan heights they warned them three hundred ten times they notified israel when israel bombed syria russia never shot down israeli jets or missiles even when they posed a danger to russian personnel at israel's request russia tore up a deal to sell syria s. three hundred ad defense systems which would have made israeli air raids much more difficult or. israel expressed its concerns as soon as the s. three hundred deal with syria was signed israel concluded that with these new air defense systems syria would have been able to cover all of israel's air space that means that damascus could have shut down israeli military planes just seconds after takeoff the israeli said they cannot let that happen they expressed their alarm and
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asked moscow to break the deal russia's answered israel's concerns by first suspending the contract and then withdrawing from a completely and returning four hundred million dollars that it already received from the syrian government. russia helped broker a deal to keep iranian and hezbollah forces in syria away from the golan heights from the israeli border at israel's request in golan heights the russian military at israel's request launched a special operation to identify and exuma the remains of israeli soldiers that for decades and russia got un troops by. hack to the golan heights after six years at the request of israel with the assistance of the russian forces all iran backed formations with heavy weapons were withdrawn from the golan heights to a safe distance for israel more than one hundred forty kilometers to the east of
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syria in twenty sixteen at the urgent request of the chief of the general staff of the israel defense forces israel received them i got three tank captured in one thousand nine hundred two in lebanon and kept in russia ever since. and then there's the diplomatic cover russia has given israel by backing it up and the un security council or by protecting israel from the bombers parting shots of our goal is a little or no russia has been helping israel a lot moscow has always taken israeli interests into account especially when it comes to the middle east settlement. for example in twenty sixteen the outgoing about ministration trying to push the draft resolution on the israeli palestinian sats woman at the u.n. security council that resolution would have adopted artificial circumstances for the settlement which were on acceptable for his road russia to israel's concerns into account and despite then u.s. secretary of state john kerry embodying russian foreign minister lavrov with
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requests to vote in favor of it russia didn't do it helped israel in that case so the resolution didn't pass you'd have thought israel would be grateful or at least appreciate the effort but fifteen russian servicemen and now dead killed in the crossfire israel's preemptive vendettas which means one of two things either the israeli government has no care tool for all that russia has done or that the israeli military leads a very separate life. where we can go live to jerusalem international relations expert run bar fight it welcome to the program first of all do you think that the timeline presented by russia's military has given us a better understanding of what exactly went wrong. first of all thank you very much for having me i have to begin by saying i'm speaking on my behalf and it is an
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israeli citizen i actually do feel very sorry for the death of fifteen service russian servicemen from russia no i disagree with the argument that israel has the full responsibility i would like to put it in a broader context. russians sold a missile system to the syrians which to syrians are using in order to take down israeli aircrafts and they've missed israeli aircraft and they heard a russian aircraft so to say that israel is to be completely. in charge of this would be far from reality it was the syrian me sell hurting the russian aircraft. that's number one number two to say that israel does not appreciate the russian cooperation i think is also very far from reality because since two thousand and fifteen israel has conducted over two hundred air strikes and it was with complete cooperation with russia no unfortunate incidents do happen but it's by percentages less than one percent. if we go into some of the details here are indeed the
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language that was used by by russia moscow sais that it was warned too late that israel was carrying out operations in the area literally minutes before it do you agree in not respect that either negligence or a lack of professionalism on israel's side could at least be a factor here. i definitely think both sides need to do whatever he can so these incidents will never happen again however i wasn't there but the israeli committee said something completely different it said the israeli planes were already landing when the syrian missile system went off and i really don't understand the argument of israeli aircraft hiding be behind the russian aircraft that's not how the airspace of that somehow in airplanes work that's not something that you can do in the military so the at the end of the day you had the syrian army firing the cells
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at the russian aircraft to said it israel could have done something better maybe i hope so so these incidents will never happen again but decided it was israel's responsibility ignoring the fact that it was a syrian missile sold by russia that's ignoring reality just one of the points you touched on earlier russia said that it had frequently notified israel about its actions to avoid clashes more than three hundred times in fact while israel seldom did we're talking about twenty five times out of two hundred why the disparity there. well first of in a again i think israel do it does appreciate the call. with russia but we have to remember israel has the border with syria russia does not have a border with syria and if you are an army serviceman that from the israeli side you hear russian military on the army radio so there is a big question what is the russian is doing there i don't think every military operation that israel will have to conduct in order to protect itself and of prevailing previously heard it was decided in the meantime on the behalf of the
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syrian government we need to point out of course that on behalf of the government russia is there in the country. yes and that by itself would we were talking about the relationship between the two countries russia giving. russia didn't give one defense system to the syrians but they give a whole lot of others and i don't think it'll make israelis say will the russians are playing unfair we do understand that russia has its own interests and like we heard before russia is trying to be ok with all the sides and that's very very difficult very delicate work that has to be done there but i don't think israel can always tell every single country when it's acting in order to defend itself and i think to cynically say you know israelis doing it too often know the reality of the matter is that iran is having its proxies all over syria and lebanon they're very open about it they're trying them on a daily basis to have different i mean come into the region will change the balance
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of power is mutual by the way make it a lot more difficult for russia ok a fair player for all sides so yes israel will have to defend itself you know i was just pointing out that out of two hundred attacks russia was told about a twenty five i'm just giving the facts for that part is there any chance that you think israel on russia will be able to maintain the same level of cooperation after the tragedy because there have been working together you look at the golan heights issue you look at jewish settlements jewish cultural areas in aleppo in syria that was at protected by russia at the was a lot going on how do you see this progressing. well i just want to answer your. comment but. giving them a heads up to the russians before israel commits an attack i'm not sure why that's so necessary again according to dui when the russian military gets in the area i'll just really just say about ben you can have your say. yeah the russian is in the area and israel has never attacked the russians the missile that attacked the
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russians was from a russian system fired by the syrians. so that's the unique news of this incident do you think that the both countries can maintain this relationship first of all i surely hope so we value that relationship and i'm actually very optimistic because i think for the long run it is in russia's interest and it is in israel's interest to maintain a good relationship i think that the russians do not want to take a clear side on that matter which is why they do sell different missile systems to the syrians this is why they sell different munition to that you run your regime but they also try not to do anything that will change the balance of powers russia has an interest in that region in this region which is obvious syria is their path through the mediterranean sea in israelis understand that we don't mix a expect the russians to be you know an undivided support of israel however we have to remember the only reason why syria still exists the horrible assad regime the only reason why they exist is because of russia so weeks that we understand that the russians
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have an interest we also have our interest and i believe personally as an israeli citizen that both countries can and should maintain this very strong relationship the thoughts of run by international ations expert live on the program from jerusalem this hour thank you. the world doping agency has voted to reinstate russia's drug body there is this the station ended a three year suspension for alleged state sponsored. the great majority of the world agency's executive committee decided to reinstate the russian anti doping agency and is compliant with the world and. well given russia list of commitments to be reinstated one point was access to data stored in the mosque rushes agreement to do it was enough for them however the main sticking point had been the
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report by canadian dr richard mcclaren which alleged russia run a state sponsored doping scheme that lists call for it to acknowledge complicity in doping moscow denies such a program ever existed but in a letter to want to russia's sports minister admitted that there were issues within the country's anti doping agency the reinstatement was widely met with the sent us or a sports correspondent alexy ownership ski reports but stephanie been a very difficult decision for water and even in that statement it took knowledge that the decision would be unpopular and would be met with a lot of criticism the u.s. anti-doping agency chief. he went as far as saying that water needs to be completely reformed after that decision it's a blow to clean sport and in fact for the past week or so the criticism coming towards was way you know everywhere on social media in the in the articles on television. not only that the number of and i don't think agencies in the world including the u.k. the united states new zealand australia poland canada they were all urging the
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president of water not to take the step to reconsider you know it's surprising because how would you expect the country to purify it sport if you're saying that it's agency which is destiny which is tasked to purify the sport should not be operational it's a chance that wada gave to the russian anti-doping agency to have your clean sport in the country this would change nothing for those athletes who have been accused of doping are serving their bans this is all about clean athletes the door is not shut open for them it's only they've been given the chance to open that door into the sport because one of the main conditions of the internet. association of athletics federations to reinstate the russian athletes was that should be operational meaning that you know athletes have to be checked for doping in order to be clean and in order to be participating international competitions flying the russian flag so essentially this happened now but a lot of work is ahead and make no mistake about it now recite it will be heavily scrutinized and will be heavily checked by water so it's definitely
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a long road ahead yeah it is indeed on the deputy head of russia's anti doping and she well she told us the organization went to great lengths to ensure compliance let's have a look at the blood what it's been a lot of work this saga has lasted for almost three years a lot of things have been done the russian anti-doping agency now has a completely knee team it's been hard work for russia sports ministry as well as wada there provided international expertise to rebuild the capability of fresh anti-doping agency from my viewpoint it's a well earned i think terry and it's not a victory of just one and it is the logical result of all the hard work of those involved the reinstatement of result of that i mean this is a turning point in the in this whole story and i see in good will help the rush to get back to. championships and seeing the day to celebrate a lot of restructuring. that has been made the easiest what makes these
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decision very important it shows that there is a willingness to change seeing and i've seen these what cards are i can use continues in ninety seconds you're watching r t international that's the weekly. you know world big part of the mob and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the
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hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. clearly dramatic they follow only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. twenty minutes into the program you're very welcome by donald trump supreme court pick house proven to be perhaps the most divisive figure to be nominated for the job brett kavanaugh most conservative views being praised by most republicans and
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heavily criticized by most democrats the controversy intensified after his confirmation hearing got mired in sexual assault allegations this week cavanaugh strongly denies the accusations leveled against him saying he is ready to clear his name while his accuser has also agreed to testify to congress and has more now on trump's contentious choice for the lifetime position. the hearings surrounding the appointment of a new supreme court justice by the president has turned into arguably the most burgeoning political issue in the united states at this time as the nomination process continues for brett kavanaugh we're seeing a circus of anger and accusations. writ evident mr chairman. mr chairman. we cannot possibly move forward mr chairman your very warm welcome not they are
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given their in the mood for. it we cannot be recognized i move to adjourn. them and i move. on here's why the issue is so diverse to the u.s. supreme court has the final legal say on crucial issues and justices are appointed for life no wonder both sides want to put the balance in their favor so the gloves come off the accusations are now flying first a woman who is sitting behind kavanagh was accused of giving secret fascist hand signals it turns out she is the descendant of holocaust survivors then some mis attributed quotes about birth control started flying around the internet hillary clinton herself was spreading this false information. hidden for to birth control pills as abortion inducing drunks the such a fool to me an issue for you too i want to be sure will clear this didn't happen
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numerous funk chicks to prove this false then kavanagh's habit of buying baseball tickets became breaking news investigative reporters. scoured his financial disclosure. and learned that he had his friends buy a ticket to a baseball game so as you can see there's still plenty of showing us to go around but then things got serious accusations of attempted rape which is career ending stuff in the age of me two came up christine blasi forward accuses brett kavanaugh the tempting to rape her back in the one nine hundred eighty s. when they were both teenagers at a party now she wants an f.b.i. investigation if the senators who have come forward and said they want to treat the seriously mean that then they'll they'll have an investigation of these allegations so that we all go into this more informed so twenty four women who went to high school with brett kavanaugh signed a letter saying that they support the accuser then sixty five women signed another
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letter saying that they defend brett kavanaugh his character now those who support the democrats generally believe the accuser those is the republicans think she is lying and have been calling her names not surprisingly the media is now taking sides this was intended. and i've believe professor ford just cabinet has lied multiple times she's not sure when it happened where it happened who else was president she never reported it to anybody this is nothing if they get away with this there is then you have c.n.n. running the country because this allegation could be made against anyone at any time now the u.s. department of justice says that it's not a federal case but it seems like proving guilt or innocence isn't exactly the issue here i think the nomination should be withdrawn the bar here is not. whether you have not criminally assaulted someone it's credibility trust integrity so who is
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brett kavanaugh now to some he is a well respected adjudicator who happens to have some republican ties to others he's a sexual predator now supreme court justice nominations often turn into political confrontations but rarely do they expose such a deeply divided america mopp and archie in new york do join kevin on for more of the big stories from the week that was in a run thirty eight minutes time and stick around or for another great hour or two documentary it starts in moments. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that doesn't like will stop when the boy does run for president god of this is going to come to the woods as if on into this it's just us who live in proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that is such
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a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that. you will know that. this is an easy sell me this is really one of the will to live through. these two groups. with. these this is the. one who started and on the old vision stop and it was nice to know who's a friend is up and describes on the phone. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going foundation let it be an arms race in his own office clearing dramatic. if i look at the only really. i don't see that strategy will be successful very critical
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time to sit down and talk. along welcome to worlds apart it's become an international norm to assert that women's rights are human rights which in a world where women already make up the majority of university graduates may appear a bit redundant how much more women's empowerment needs to happen what gender specific policies to become and then that will to discuss that i'm now joined by the. united nations on the secretary general and executive director of the un of
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women. under secretary general it's great to talk to you thank you very much for your time we are recording this interview on the sidelines of the eurasian women's forum which if it were dedicated exclusively to man's issues may have been perceived as a sexist given how many accomplished high powered women have gathered here do you think we still need gender centered policies because. the women who are gathered here are not. a true reflection of what happens in so say it's their women who are concerned about this issues they're using advantage physician who advocates on behalf off. to use their resources to advance. the cause. i think the focus that you still have about one billion women who live with violence and
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only less than ten percent will ever reports it say they have been violated and even much less justice it's a lot of people who are walking wounded who are mentally depressed and have no access for reason so i think that is a reason why we have to discuss impulse of happens in this region the reason i'm asking this question is because women's rights are rarely a standalone issue they're very tightly connected to children's issues economic issues man's rights as well how can one parse out. a gender identity out of many other identities that women carry why do we need to have women's rights as a subset of human rights rather than addressing human rights in the entirety and let's talk about intersectionality the woman presents herself as a woman of color is an unemployed. person as a victim of domestic. violence as someone who has experienced an equal
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