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on syria which is of course illegal in itself the arrogance of netanyahu has caused him great difficulty now because he has to be answerable to the russian people and instead of apologizing as usual the israelis are looking for scapegoats israel insists it had to bomb the arabians hizbullah there and then yet how many times is israel now had to bomb syria dozens and dozens monthly to stop iranian and shia aggression it says how many times has iran attacked israel and this puts russia in a tough spot its trademark selling point of being friends with everyone may be impossible to keep up russia is now quite even handed in the middle east and he tries to keep good relation was all the parties was is was the arabs with the palestinians was turkey was run. i wonder how long will it last that you can be
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a friend of everybody because by the end of the day we are dealing with a very fragile reality in the middle east with very contradictory power and a lot of atrocity as we know and violence but russia thought it could manage and why not look at all it has done for israel. when russia flew near the israeli occupied golan heights they warned them three hundred ten times they notified israel when israel bombed syria russia never shot down israeli jets or missiles even when they posed a danger to russian personnel at israel's request russia tore up a deal to sell syria s three hundred ad defense systems which would have made israeli air raids much more difficult. israel expressed its concerns as soon
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as the end street hundred deal with syria was signed. israel concluded that with these new air defense systems syria would have been able to cover all of israel's airspace that means that damascus could have shot down israeli military planes just seconds after takeoff the israeli said they cannot let that happen they expressed their alarm and asked moscow to break the deal russia's answered israel's concerns by first suspending the contract and then withdrawing from a completely and returning four hundred million dollars that it already received from the syrian government. russia helped broker a deal to keep iranian and hezbollah forces in syria away from the golan heights from the israeli border at israel's request in golan heights the russian military at israel's request launched a special operation to identify and exuma the remains of israeli soldiers dead for decades and russia got un troops back to the golan heights after
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six years at the request of israel with the assistance of the russian forces all iran backed formations with heavy weapons were withdrawn from the golan heights to a safe distance for israel more than one hundred forty kilometers to the east of syria in twenty sixteen at the urgent request of the chief of the general staff of the israel defense forces israel received the mega three tank captured in one thousand nine hundred two in lebanon and kept in russia ever since. and then there's the diplomatic cover russia has given israel by backing it up and the un security council or by protecting israel from the bombers parting shots. know russia has been helping israel a lot moscow has always taken israeli interests into account especially when it comes to the middle east settlement. for example in twenty sixteen the outgoing
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about ministration trying to push the draft resolution on the israeli palestinian sets women at the u.n. security council that resolution would have adopted artificial circumstances for the settlement which were on acceptable for israel russia to israel's concerns into account and despite then u.s. secretary of state john kerry embodying russian foreign minister lavrov with requests to vote in favor of it russia didn't do it moscow helped israel in that case so the resolution didn't pass you'd have thought israel would be grateful or at least appreciate the effort but fifteen russian servicemen and now dead killed in the crossfire of israel's preemptive vendettas which means one of two things either the israeli government has no care to all for all that russia has done or that the israeli military leads a very separate life the director of think tank focuses on the middle east told us
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earlier it's clear from the timeline now why moscow is pointing the finger at israel. they say it was deliberate that these really pirates chose to take refuge in in a plane or around a plane with the laura shore a much larger footprint on the radar screens i.e. the i l or the illusion twenty. he says that this was deliberate it's not clear and i don't think anybody can go as far as determining the intentions of these really pilots i.e. did they do chris hughes in this plane so that the syrians don't shoot or they took refuge in the plane and this plane so that the syrians if they shoot it would be shot down there is a fine line between the two analogies this is why he said this is close to criminal negligence you know at one end and great unprofessionalism in one hand so what is happening is that had it not not only been for the operation but also
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for the actions of these really airplanes and the misleading of the thing regarding the theater of operations none of this would have happened so it's clear for the foremost goal that israel is to play now how or where most go goes from there is is what remains to be seen. the huge story in a week the world anti doping agency voted to reinstate russia's anti drug body first a decision ended with three years to spend should that for alleged state sponsored doping. the great majority of the world anti-doping agency's executive committee decided to reinstate the russian anti doping agency as compliant with the world anti-doping code wider given the list of commitments to be reinstated one point was access to data and samples in a moscow lab russia's agreement to do it was enough it seems for word or over the main sticking point had been the report by the canadian dr richard mclaren that
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alleged russia had run a state sponsored doping scheme while the lists now called for it to acknowledge complicity in doping moscow denies such a program ever existed but in a letter to word the russian sports minister admitted quote that there were issues within the countries and he doping agency nonetheless the reinstatement was widely met with dissent as our sports correspondent alexy reports. it's definitely been a very difficult decision for water and even in that statement the knowledge that the decision would be unpopular and would be met with a lot of criticism the u.s. anti-doping agency chief. he went as far as saying that water needs to be completely reformed after that decision it's a blow to clean sport and in fact for the past week or so the criticism coming towards was way you know everywhere on social media in the in the articles on television. not only that the number of and i'd open agencies in the world including the u.k.
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the united states new zealand australia poland canada they were all urging the president of water not to take the step to reconsider you know it's surprising because how would you expect the country to purify it sport if you're saying that it's agency which is destiny which is tasked to purify the sport should not be operational it's a chance that wada gave to the russian anti-doping agency to have fewer screen sport in the country this would change nothing for those athletes who have been accused of doping are serving their bans this is all about clean athletes the door is not shut open for them it's only they've been given the chance to open that door into the sport because one of the main conditions of the international association of athletics federations to reinstate the russian athletes was that what should be operational meaning that you know athletes have to be checked for doping in order to be clean and in order to be participating international competitions flying the russian flag so essentially this happened now but a lot of work is ahead and make no mistake about it now restart it will be heavily scrutinized and will be heavily checked by water so it's definitely
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a long road ahead you know we just go on the debris head of russia's anti doping agency spoke to us direct said the organization went to great lengths to ensure compliance. it's blood. it's been a lot of work this saga has lasted for almost three years a lot of things have been done the russian anti-doping agency now has a completely knee team it's been hard to work for russia sports ministry as well as wada they're provided international experts to rebuild the capability of russia's anti-doping agency from my viewpoint it's a well earned a victory and it's not a victory of just one and it is the logical result of all the hard work of those involved the reinstatement of result of that i mean this is a turning point in the in this whole story and i see in good will help the russian blitz to get back to. championships and i was saying this is a day to celebrate a lot of restructuring the result has been made but it is what makes this
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decision very important it shows that there is a willingness to change seeing. this is what kant's. donald trump supreme court pick is prone to perhaps the most divisive figure to be nominated for the job so far recovered as conservative views have been praised by most republicans are heavily criticized by most democrats as you'd expect maybe but the controversy intensified after his confirmation hearing got mired in sexual assault allegations this last week cover strongly denies the accusations leveled against him saying he's ready to clear his name but in another twist his accuser now as agreed to testify to congress caleb maupin has more on trump's contentious choice for a lifetime position. the hearings surrounding the appointment of a new supreme court justice by the president has turned into arguably the most burgeoning political issue in the united states at this time as the nomination
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process continues for brett kavanaugh we're seeing a circus of anger and accusations. bridge kavanaugh mr chairman. mr chairman. we cannot possibly move forward mr chairman you're very warm welcome to not they are given their meeting. for here. we cannot be recognized i move to adjourn. them and i move. here's why the issue is so diverse in the u.s. supreme court has the final legal say on crucial issues and justices are appointed for life no wonder both sides want to put the balance in their favor so the gloves come off the accusations are now flying first a woman who is sitting behind kavanagh was accused of giving secret fascist hand
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signals it turns out she is the descendant of holocaust survivors then some miss attributed quotes about birth control started flying around the internet hillary clinton herself was spreading this false information huge affair to birth control pills as abortion inducing drunks the set off a lot of harm both to me an issue for you to i want to be sure will clear this didn't happen you were spanked chicks to prove this false then kavanagh's habit of buying baseball tickets became breaking news investigative reporters scoured his financial disclosure. and learned that he and his friends bought tickets to a baseball game so as you can see there's still plenty of showing us to go around but then things got serious accusations of attempted rape which is career ending stuff in the age of me two came up christine blasi forward accuses brett kavanaugh the tempting to rape her back in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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when they were both teenagers at a party now she wants an f.b.i. investigation if the senators who have come forward and said they want to treat the seriously mean that then they'll they'll have an investigation of these allegations so that we all go into this more informed so twenty four women who went to high school with brett kavanaugh signed a letter saying that they support the accuser then sixty five women signed another letter saying that they defend brett kavanaugh his character now those who support the democrats generally believe the accuser needs to happen the fortunes of these policies become redundant. in a world of big partisan muck and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each
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other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. again life know it's a nuisance to most tories and showed the way. concept of the ages yes they china's said when the u.s. ambassador proposed joint military talks with the united states it comes in response to washington slapping sanctions on beijing over its purchase of russian weaponry china warned the u.s. it could face consequences we strongly call on the u.s. to remedy the mystique and cancel the sanctions otherwise the u.s.
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has to bear the consequences russia are in turn called washington's punitive measures another demonstration of dirty competition as they put it yes four hundred is russia's mobile service to a defense system it's not just china buying it though other nations are in advanced stages of purchasing and india and saudi arabia are showing an interest to wild turkey another u.s. ally has already bought it chinese affairs analyst to go told me the ongoing feud with washington will only bolster beijing's partnership with moscow. i think the u.s. decision to sanction the pioli equipment department and its a two star general is a major negative development and i would say people very shocked if the united states really bets on alienating china and russia for example given all the reasons for russia and china to be poles at kohls. military cooperation then today's
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action by the united states is a major boost in that direction definitely china will not step down china i think will have all the moral reasons to increase its military cooperation with russia and possible even important more airplanes and and high missile system sanctions by the united states against the chinese military will further review the incentive on the chinese product to improve its relations with these states and i think eventually turned on me completely this recopy that the states. much touted promote program was supposed to be the biggest women support initiative in afghanistan but according to a report by washington watchdog but i'm not a failure hundreds of millions of dollars of u.s. taxpayer money was spent the goals were huge but in reality only a few dozen women well.
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i mean. since two thousand and one the door has been reopened for afghan women they joined the police the army and entered politics and together we can help women and girls across afghanistan develop their talents raise their voices and strengthen their communities and their country. then i didn't know if this money was spent properly there would have been changes in women's lives but we don't know how they spend it or who they gave it some money for others haven't done so much for afghan women there isn't is a bishan helles in india a man is representing afghan women this program in afghanistan is for women and we still get we placed my mouth why do we have the capacity.
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for. the person we requested to say to support us by providing a smush incompetently to modernize the handcuffs section their response was negative they said they were huge to treat as i have ten years experience i don't need the training i need the machinery. i'm. fighting for you i filled in forms last year and again six months ago they told us that they would let us know but there was no response even when we called them they never called back hundreds of thousands of women across afghanistan ready to work or do the work. and that's just a snapshot of some of the news stories that panned out around us around the world this last seven days for more of our news as it happens straight mobile device may
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show you download a great free site out here moscow this sunday is kevin owen saying thanks for watching the weekly and r.t. international. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race on all fronts very dramatic to follow through the only posts really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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with little make goods manufactured in sentence to the public will. when the right wing clubs as some protect themselves. with the crime and. lives only one person. we can all middle of the room sick moves. to leave. the. room. to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. i want to. have to go right to be close to support them before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. pursuit.
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imax kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is fun it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more to them. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for god's guys or for. twelfth of may twenty seventh overnight a dangerous computer virus has spread around the globe want to cry is the name of the cyber criminals have given the virus was which they blackmail their victims by
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blocking their computer data the ransom three hundred dollars to be paid in bitcoins. more than two hundred thousand computers on all continents are affected by this attack from the german rail network georgia bond to the ministry of the interior in russia and the japanese car manufacturer of honda in great britain some hospitals even have to switch to emergency operation know. how can one single know where to move tenuously paralyzed companies hospitals and even intelligence services all over the world the answer has a name microsoft all the victims use the same software all are vulnerable from the same way all are dependent on one single company as is every state administration in europe. what are the consequences this is what we've the team of journalists from investigate europe wanted to find out the results are alarming.
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this is about the data of all citizens everyone is affected and the dependency is much deeper than just the use of microsoft word or x. so almost every author or a team from the townhome to the vehicle registration office and the tax office works with software specially written for their purposes. these many thousands of special programs are written for the windows operating system. the more complex information technology becomes.


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