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tv   News  RT  September 24, 2018 3:00pm-3:23pm EDT

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this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched kaiser report. what is the state of journalism well let's have a look at the new york times the paper catalogs what is called rush to get its conclusion is astounding this and much much more on this edition of. breaking news this hour the russian defense ministry publishes radar records to debunk israel's claim that its jets were leaving the area before the russian l twenty plane was mistakenly downed by syrian air defenses. president will preside over the security council i'm sure that's going to be the most watched security council meeting ever a lot of good things going to. anticipation grows over donald trump's speech at the
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u.n. general assembly on tuesday with some hoping the president will use it to rebuild shouted international relations. and the rate of sexual assaults in south africa now ranks among the world's highest with new cases opening old wounds we hear from some of the victims. of depression actually trying to commit suicide this happened so many years ago. i can get into you nothing would have been done. it's ten o'clock here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international live from our studio with me in india today welcome to the program and we start with our breaking news story russia's defense ministry has released second by second radar data showing exactly what happened in syrian airspace in the
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immediate run up to the downing of of russian twenty plane the new evidence appears to refute israel's claims that its fighter jets had left the area and the russian plane was brought down so to discuss the details i'm joined now by our tease murat well that was something interesting to watch wasn't it when they released data. radar data results how does this newly released radar data correlate with israel's statements or ads. doesn't correlate with roads. statements out all because russia had an s four hundred anti missile defense complex operational as it always is at the mean air base which is where the russians based and it recorded everything second by second it's got a very high resolution radar with great creech and they've presented the data that was recorded and according to it the israeli group of four f. sixteen fighters fighter bombers they split up some of them and some of them went
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further out into the sea the mediterranean and one of them stuck around at the same height as the russian ill twenty aircraft and he stayed there then we saw the s two hundred missile the launch by the syrians in self-defense they were being attacked bombed then we saw it going for the israeli jet for the f. sixteen the an f. sixteen that was next to the russian aircraft. the trajectory was recorded we've got a second by second play through all of it and we see it a certain point these radio take up position at the same height and just behind the russian twenty aircraft the missile saw a bigger target a more slow moving target with a larger radar cross section and changed to it so it we targeted. twenty impacting it straight after the impact after the twenty disappeared from radar as
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the israeli aircraft rapidly changed trajectory and height and basically flew away what this proves says the russian military ministry of defense is that israel lied about that. you know this it didn't make that we see overlook that they want. it in us a look at it you choose the statements the u.s. government officials made at face value not to it to me and it. because they want to preserve the ability of. researchers to really search and question. future of. the white house says donald trump with us deputy attorney general on thursday after reports suggesting rod rosenstein is about to leave his position just days after media allege that he was proposing to secretly tape donald trump's calls artie's caleb moore breaks down the story. well we're seeing reports now that
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rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general who is overseeing the investigation into donald trump for alleged collusion with russia he apparently offered a verbal resignation and that's some reports that we are seeing well we now have sarah huckabee sanders the white house press spokesperson coming forward and saying that that is not the case that donald trump just had a phone conversation with rod rosenstein and that once donald trump returns from the united nations on thursday when he's back in washington d.c. rod rosenstein and trump will be meeting in person now the reason that there was so much speculation that rod rosenstein and resigned or was possibly going to be fired by trump was in response to reports that he had had actually called for recording donald trump tape recording trump's phone conversations and other statements and then using the recordings to make the case that donald trump could be removed under
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the twenty fifth amendment of the u.s. constitution as a century mentally incapable of being president twenty fifth amendment lays out procedures for the president to be removed if he's rendered mentally incapable of holding his office now when those reports surfaced last week of donald trump was pressed about his reaction this is how donald trump responded when asked if you would fire rod rosenstein for suggesting that he be removed after recording his phone calls we are looking at it around oh it's very early we just read the reports you know very shortly very you know the various reports that came out and have been coming out and we will make a determination but it is certainly. a very sad story when you see now if indeed rod rosenstein had been fired that would have been a big blow to the investigation as he is overseeing this alleged collusion investigation he is the deputy attorney general however it repairs that those
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reports. were not accurate that they did have a phone conversation they intend to meet on thursday there has been no resignation from rod rosenstein the investigation into alleged collusion with russia by donald trump during the twenty sixteen presidential election that investigation continues despite going on for almost two years without really discovering any clear result so a lot of questions are being raised about the investigation seems to proceed and rod rosenstein will be meeting with donald trump on thursday at the white house. and other news now world leaders and top diplomats are descending on new york for the seventy third u.n. general assembly with the main session starting on tuesday the general debate as the most notable session is no is seen as less of a debate and more a chance to make a keynote speech and it seems donald trump is playing the headliner role ecology donna what we should expect this year in the global political circus trump has
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taken it upon himself to be the greatest showman or just depending on what side of the fence you're on and on tuesday the curtains will rise and the spotlight fall on trump taking center stage at one of this year's main spectacles the u.n. general assembly he's got a couple major possibilities really to help illuminate for the american people what america's place in the world is president will preside over the security council i'm sure that's going to be the most watched security council meeting ever well trumps the trickle debut at the u.n. g.a. last year provided the taste of what the u.s. president is capable of it is a massive source of embarrassment to the united nations rogue regimes represented in this body the arabian government. nicolas maduro dictatorship. destabilizing regime criminal regime of bashar al assad regime rocket. man rocket rocket man
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is on a suicide mission for himself united states is ready willing and able to totally destroy north korea totally ready willing and able to destroy totally destroy north korea stages portions of the world and conflict and some in fact are going to hell his escapades divided many and left few were indifferent and in the buildup to this year's trump looks ready to outdo himself once again he will head the un security council meeting on iran next week that's whacking down on the unfair trade practices from china we are far more bullets we're going to go two hundred billion to twenty five percent. chinese made goods. and we will come back with more if they retaliate we have a lot more to come back with but china isn't taking any of this lightly they've hit
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back and added more tariffs on american products where that to one hundred ten billion dollars and it might not stop there trump has already threatened to impose tariffs on effectively all u.s. imports from china but what does this all mean for the average american consumer according to wal-mart the country's biggest retailer price hikes we are very concerned about the impact these terrorists who have on our business our customers our suppliers in the u.s. economy as a whole the company listen to goods that will be hit ranging from food products to vehicles to toilet paper and wal-mart's not the only company quaking at the thought of an economic battle alibaba chairman jack ma is saying he can no longer deliver on bringing a million jobs to the u.s. market this promise was on the basis of friendly china u.s. cooperation and reasonable bilateral trade relations but the current situation has already destroyed that basis this promise can't be completed. and that's gotta
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hurt given how much trump loves to talk up how he's creating more jobs for americans nevertheless the u.s. president seems confident employment figures will continue to rise so it's full steam ahead challenge to put the u.s. in a very strong bargaining position with billions of dollars in jobs flowing into our country and yet cost increases have been almost noticeable if countries will not make deals with us they will be terrorist but china looks to be digging in their heels scrapping plan trade talks and tariffs are the only friction between washington and beijing the u.s. also slapped sanctions on china over the purchase of russian military equipment claiming the deal is a violation of a lot meant to punish moscow for alleged meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election again china isn't backing down they said they're going to continue cooperation with russia and will take it to a new level beijing summoned the u.s. ambassador and recalled their navy commander from
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a trip to america calling the measures a mistake. from weevil we strongly call on the u.s. to remedy the mistake and cancel the sanctions otherwise the u.s. has to bear the consequences. so as the stalemates pile up so does uncertainty for chinese and americans alike. sexual violence is a growing problem in south africa according to new estimates of the number of rapes in the country one of the highest in the world in one of the latest cases a twenty two year old student at rhodes university committed suicide after being raped the girl was reportedly attacked back in may but killed herself last month just days before she was meant to meet with investigators his story has provoked a wave of anger not just at the rising number of rape cases but also increasing violence on campuses across the country while authorities say they are trying to deal with the problem many incidents are still not being properly addressed.
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and the men in this country seem to think that because there's a patriarchy that means that they have the power of a woman and i think that's how the rape culture starts. he was lead to national tennis player. and i was with him for about eighteen months . before he. he's called one day next to the tennis courts about two weeks after the incident try to tell my mum about it and she dismissed me as a speaking rubbish after a severe. bout of depression actually tried. to be.
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starting to accept they. didn't destroy my life because of what he did i mean us million still to this day. friends and i took a trip to cape town dance floor. i remember took shots with some of my friends and . that's what i remember. i walk up the next morning in the. liquid that was not. mine that was on my body. and people have the right to say to me that i asked for it like who asked for something that is so painful and i think he also sees it like that where he said it nothing happened. it was fine we had fun we did effing my friend. bad and give you
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permission to trash me. maybe i shouldn't have been so. open and friendly and nice i should've gone to the authorities and spoken about it this happened so many years ago. but i can get into it with him in time to listing. they are in a sort of a class of they are in but the people from middle class and lower class that are actually really suffering these rapes and the sexual abuse maybe onto a scene we also have a problem with but they say p.s. sometimes losing fouls losing evidence we've got that happening in the hospitals as well and we have a lot of people who find that our foundation can say that they consisted. of themselves last.
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think we have a problem with men understanding no. because the automatically assumed it would belong to them for some odd reason no one should go through something that. a month long battle raging between armed groups in the libyan capital has caused one hundred fifteen deaths according to health officials the two major all major groups fighting each other both aligned to the government in tripoli which is recognized by most western powers that be it also has a separate rival administration based in the east of the country over the past few weeks. houses have been shelled and vehicles torched in the south west of tripoli
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while power supplies have been cut off libya's former deputy prime minister told r.t. the conflict is being driven by factors both inside and outside the country. was a guest on sophie and here's a preview it is a very challenging situation because of the militias who took over every part of the country i mean and they are to the west out there everywhere and these militias are getting support from internally and also from the outside clearly before the foreign intervention have to stop to stop supporting these militias they should be insisting on on the stabilization of the country because really it is in the best interests of everybody so the government itself does not have much power one power to turn which is the problem of money and wealth and these are the ones which really kind of used over the last three years almost
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almost three years know to protect itself because unfortunately the government submitted its well to the militias and that's where the problem as. the u.s. battle against the country's a crisis is shifting with the pharmaceutical giant now facing massive lawsuits perjury farmers accused of contribution to an opiate epidemic by understating the effect of opiates hundreds of lawsuits have been filed most over one of the country's best selling pain relievers lauren was one of many patients prescribed the product but she now questions at what cost. since i've been on this new pain medication i have not missed one day of work in my boss really
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appreciate it mine is there every day. stopped working then i let increased i think it was forty in the morning and forty in the evening i may want to be very productive productive. person here which is really going to last but job last minute surance was the beginning of the year. because they could no longer afford it but the time that i went without it was probably the most. unbelievable excruciating horrible time of my life the withdrawals would just. be legal. the company denies all accusations claiming states should not substitute x. but judgments with their own opinions it also stressed its concerns over the opioid crisis but it doesn't seem like the company is planning to abandon its opiate products any time soon in fact purdy farmer has now created a new drug to treat opiate addiction that mild opiate is thought to control craving
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for stronger drugs as well as fight pain and is now being presented as a better alternative the director of the camelot addiction treatment center lou canasta believes the company should still be held responsible for the airport crisis this is all about profit this is all about making money no. cause and that the league will have a huge national impact in the united states. worldwide that should be responsible for the cause of the. two are one hundred thousand or more deaths in the united states since the lead it was at this epidemic. from producing any more o.b. or it's there needs to be widely known dangers of the drug to the general public should come from. the united states government should come from the former suitable
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industry who has a responsibility. to largest oil producer in opec saudi arabia has rejected calls by donald trump to raise global crude supply it comes as the us president bids to get all prices down. i do not influence prices the markets are adequately supplied i don't know of any refinery in the world who is looking for oil and is not able to get it. last week don from said that opec quote must get prices down now adding that the middle east owes washington for the protection it provides we spoke with just head of research at the london capital he thinks the stability of the oil market itself is at risk from this u.s. dispute topos saudi arabia they have their own interests to come first and i think probably what they would prefer is a more stable if not slightly rising all price. obviously the the price goes it adds more coffers. for saudi arabia and they can do so without
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destabilizing the market which if they were to add more suppliers as dollars others would in effect requested then obviously they they risk a more destabilization market and the effect it would have on their longer term plans for the country so i think on this occasion saudi arabia put saudi arabia before they've put america. around the news for now i'll be back at the top of the hour with more but first here on r.t. international it's crosstalk. with more make this manufactured sense of certainty of public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. in the frame of. the certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room. her. mother who used to leak.


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