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tv   News  RT  September 26, 2018 3:00am-3:23am EDT

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but. there's. just too little. iran's leaders so. the perpetrators of the. threats against iran praise for the u.s. government. as well all about in just one speech by as you addresses the u.n.
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. crossing the line the e.u. says it. has gone too far off of the sun newspaper europe's leaders. memo reveals austrian police were told to give less information to the media to help contribute. welcome to the program here on r.t. international live from moscow we come see you and it's now ten o eight. so i delivered his address to the u.n. general assembly outlining his vision for the world no surprise there were more than a few of his comments that are not just eyebrows but also a few giggles in the room here's a recap. in less than two years. my is ministration has accomplished more than almost any administration
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in the history of our country. america so true. didn't expect a reaction but that's ok. we reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism. and. germany will become totally dependent on russian energy if it does not immediately change course. nations of the world should resist socialism. and the misery. that it brings to everyone.
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opec. and opec nations. are as usual ripping off the rest of the world we want them to start lowering prices. and they must contribute substantially to military protection from now on the speech was dominated by iran but the president warning the world against supporting what he called a dictatorship regime iran's leadership though did not hesitate in taking a few swings trying to reports from new york. the first punches were thrown by the two presidents here at the h.q. on tuesday rouhani speeches worldly a couple of hours apart iran's leaders so. death. and destruction. the corrupt. tator shipping around. enemies of peace and the perpetrators of.
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plunder the nation's resources. to enrich themselves unlawful unilateral sanctions in themselves constitute people yeah on the other he says he supports the iranian nation this demonstrates he's a liar i believe every negotiation with the us is needed because it's believed to the fulfillment of our demands i think it would be helpful if we can reach an agreement with the us generally they have now been friends with us and they have never cared about iran you know we'll be. slightly lighter note trump didn't just focus on america's enemy he also talked about friends as well and it seems the gang is growing. there is india. free society over a billion people. successfully lifting countless millions out of poverty and into
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the middle class. there is saudi arabia working. and the crown prince are pursuing bones to reform. there is israel proudly celebrating its seventieth anniversary as a thriving democracy in the holy land. in poland a great people are standing up for their independence their security and there's. a bullish move to spread over the significant nations too poor to cope with the majority of costs would want to permanently deploy us to the president to offer this. much more than two billion dollars. we didn't discuss that in this meeting but. this was a useful meeting with the minister. i think it is important to have invited by the russian nato.
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just a taste of the headlines seen in the british tabloids over the negotiations and if they were designed to incite europe's leaders it seems it's worked the e.u. now complaining the u.k. press has gone too far and china to penske has. it seems they. are feeling a little vulnerable in the wake of some media headlines in the u.k. hold the front page the sun the u.k. is a right leaning tabloid used a clever play on words to get its feelings across the recent salt spec summit you know the one where the need is over the outright rejected case briggs. proposals well that headline has caused a tailspin in the e.u. and the commission is now calling for a more responsible approach by the media in the way that it informs the public about issues like brigs it and there i was thinking that freedom of press was
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a cornerstone of all the new media can build the culture of dialogue or so divisions spread disinformation and encourage exclusion the braggs a debate is the best example of that i would advocate for european approach to media based on quality and smart regulation if needed the sun front page which set the justice commission off is not the only hard hitting act on the part of the british tabloids known for pulling no punches and surely the breaks of debate coverage is no exception.
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but oh yeah headlines like this really that offensive earn sewing deficient to the extent that some sort of regulation is needed to rein them in i think a newspaper can write whatever they want to but if it's aggressive towards a community in terms of law regulation. it should be forbidden to media needs to to remain free whatever it is written in those media and that's it after the expression i think the freedom of speech is important so we should be able to write anything but simply have to be more serious journalist to explain on the other hand it is unacceptable to write such things if it's necessary to respect why they have expressed by the public should also be respected. it seems the e.u. justice commissioners proposals all prissy popular at least here in paris from what i gathered the view on the street is mostly don't touch the press we asked the same
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questions in london and it seems opinion across the english channel is divide it and also influenced by readers preferences i think they've got the discovery regulations in place to keep playing by playing fairly i don't encourage strong language here that kind of headline could be fatal to people but that isn't going to. have a free press in this country can look after themselves they won't print that i think it's going to upset readers let's face it i think the paper should be. appealing to the lowest common denominator guarded. to afghanistan now where hundreds of locals who had previously carried out work in the country for the german government have blocked an entrance to his military base demanding help from. they say their work has put their lives in danger it seems their requests for asylum are falling on deaf ears.
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we want justice not just. justice. on the you know. just the we. i was working at the front line with them. together german senior mentors with the german generals when i started my duty there told me. we would help you if you for some problems. you know. knowledge we have this german war in afghanistan in our forehead.
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from german officers who clean this. look at us to the safe place. to we received direct and direct threats. sixty days ago by the militants tortured and. his face is smashed on. the other hand on family. should show them that we are really in danger we are not here for picnic we are not here for our time we are here to show them that you are really in danger we have really a big problem. with your fans. on. so austria's
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interior ministry is called telling the police which media outlets it should of void giving information to a story much more just a moment. the old saying you know we need to go back to invite more foreign force that starts out position that's also the position of the government that the. song goes in any case even if there is a number of contingency they will have to go back one day to the to this country. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty
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five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only. if you join us for the program here austria's far right freedom party has been accused of trying to restrict press freedom offer a memo advising the country's police not to share information with certain media outlets was somehow and suddenly leaked. peter oliver and buster. the austrian
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interior ministry has been left red faced it's after an internal memo was leaked in which they instruct the police how to handle the media essentially if they don't write nice things about us give them nothing. i would suggest that communication with these media should be limited to only the most necessary levels and that they should not be allowed to contain sweetie's such as exclusive accompaniments unless you see real added value or the possibility of neutral or even positive reporting the leak included some of the media organizations on the do not engage list editor is raging with the ministry and interior minister but. this is informational blockade for bad media and sweets for the good ones our democracy does not have to be in darkness just because a minister feels too weak to withstand criticism and appears unfit for the sensitive ministry there are violations of their all the law and fundamental values then he must end up for it the sense of security is just the fear of arbitrariness
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the austrian interior ministry of justified the email saying it had nothing to do directly with mystical saying that this was an attempt to try and establish a united front between the interior ministry and the police against the media that they say is biased against them this is their right and the best way to communicate both from a legal perspective and for the journalists themselves considering the suspicion of bias against certain media doesn't come out of the thing but austria's top officials have been unequivocal in expressing their anger at the news that this email existed governments and public institutions have a grave responsibility to protect free and independent journalism and any restriction of freedom of the pris is an acceptable freedom of expression media and press freedom of the cornerstones of our liberal democracy and of our constitutional state in austria any restriction of press freedom is unacceptable
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that can't be discrimination against individual media the austrian chancellor deemed this leak important enough to take time out from the un general assembly to comment on it it doesn't look like it's going away from the australian pro. any time soon we'll have to wait to see if mr kurtz follows up on his words with actions when he returns from new york. twenty past here in moscow russia's missile defense system has been put through its paces during military drills in the arctic. so it was delivered to a base tell the island on monday special military exercises during which it was tested were aimed at securing the northern route in the wake of the complexes a coastal defense system. ship missiles can reach supersonic speeds and have
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a range of at least six hundred kilometers. but it's been helping people fight the flab for more than half a century but now weight watchers is turning its slimming skills on itself it's showing off a more slender frame with a new slimline name over the decision has left some chewing over the possible not. what we're really excited. around the world.
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on friday the fate of brett kavanaugh his nomination as supreme court justice will be this. following a string of damaging sex crime allegations and since the stories came to light last week george covered or has been the target of trump's opponents some have questioned whether he can be presumed innocent until proven guilty. this was attempted rape of believe the first afford judge cabinet has lied multiple times she doesn't kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in
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america his credibility is already very questionable in my mind and in the minds of a lot of my fellow judiciary committee members the democrats i don't have eyes lying that you're well i believe her let's put it that way there is credibility to her story. so far to allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against covering all of the first woman to come forward christine blasi ford says he sexually assaulted her while they were high school the second of deborah ramirez claims cover nor exposed himself to her at a party in the one hundred eighty years old yale university now the third is also expected to come forward this week and the allegations of the democrats to call for cavanaugh's nomination to the country's highest court be blocked on thursday he'll give testimony on the claims leveled against him though he denies all our locations . a fair process at a minimum. of waters from both sides before rushing
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to judgment so we invited guests to debate the possible political motives behind the story and what's happened to the idea of innocent until proven guilty. convincing people who probably had no idea anything about this case or even that there was a supreme court nominee to suddenly think that brett kavanaugh is a monster based on these these these allegations these paintings of how he's been meanwhile all we have are the words of two people that's not to say that they are lying but we have absolutely no evidence for that and that is simply the complete opposite of what the united states constitution and i did. system was set up to create so i don't think anybody is assuming that anybody's guilty but that doesn't mean that we don't have a responsibility to take victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment very seriously and i think that's what we're doing right now particularly as it applies to the misuse of power by people and in particular of men in power in our institutions in this country so i think right now it's perfectly plausible and
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important to hear out these women a lot of people believe some very important things in danger of being overturned and i think there's a some very serious implications there is not and i understand the road. that i hear and disagreements and the fear that roe v wade is going to be overturned but again these are more media allegations these are more allegations from from liberal stating that if trump has his people and if conservatives come in that then roe v wade will be overturned and all of this that's simply not due process of the american legal system or the supreme court they can't just come in and overturn laws there have to be cases there have to be precedent that this is politically motivated against cavanagh it has nothing to do with any evidence it's actually been brought forth the sides of besides allegations from two women all processes that bring about the interpretation the production of law in any society is inherently political trumps appointment of cabinet is political there is an agenda at play here this is
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a field of deceit are you mentioned that the legal status of an american is there saatchi for more than two billion dollars our forward fashion correspondent treated each of us tells us more and gives us her thoughts last molly barrows from the ring of fire network is back to talk about some dirty details of those d.n.a. testing is that a lot was let's hit it hard. at manual meeting of the united nations general assembly and tonio gutierrez the u.n. secretary general begin his remarks with a. russian ery message about how the world is suffering from what he called a trust deficit disorder the secretary general speech discuss climate change migration and even gender equality which some have suggested were somewhat of a shot at u.s. president donald trump for mr trump's party showed up late missed a speaking slot and then said this and i presented a vision to achieve a brighter future. for all of humanity. today i stand before the united
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nations general assembly. to share the extraordinary progress we've made he then went on to brag and boast about himself and his accomplishments in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country america's economy is booming like never before since byelection we have added ten trillion dollars in wealth the stock market is at an all time high in history and jobless claims are at a fifty year low.


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