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well less than twenty four hours from new york u.n. meetings between officials from russia britain china france germany the usa and e.u. i.m.f. and returns in this is going underground coming up in the show we speak to the founder of a charity in yemen who georges british backed saudi weaponry to help millions on the verge of famine this is not just about finding out who is responsible for what happened it's about ensuring that support here now just days ahead of threatened defacto eviction for grenfell survivors what ensured support is there for survivors of a fire scene is emblematic of the u.k. and of britain as a possible news exotics present on cable t.v. as the e.u. gets frisky with chinese for all but first to a u.n. security council of asked me to update you today on the humanitarian situation in yemen in a word it is bleak now and warnings of an impending mass death toll in yemen come
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as reports emerged from washington of israeli involvement in the war britain meanwhile sends aid and missiles like these two storm shadow cruise missiles they can be fired from hundreds of miles away without the need for the plane to enter a potentially hostile airspace one hundred one million dollars storm shadow missiles of the type fired by to resume at syria plus two and off thousand paveway bombs and one thousand brimstone missiles have all been sold by britain to saudi arabia according to these documents national peace research institute then there are these u.k. exports honest international planes british made cluster bombs have been used by the saudi led coalition in yemen and the u.k. sold a lot of them to the saudis before international law banning the use that there jeremy corbyn who speaks today at labor's conference unliveable to ask about the right to attack saudi arabia does for example the humanitarian crisis in yemen entitle other countries to our gates. themselves the right to bomb. all of their positions
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in yemen especially given their use of banned cluster bombs and white phosphorous even time warner's c.n.n. company appears outraged by nato nations supplying weapons that kill children in yemen cell phone first is all that his father has left after two days their last happy moments with sam his father is an optimistic best occasion will change anything but some are trying to change things and before we go to the yemeni capital and hear how the founder of yemen hope and relief i would argue barry has himself been targeted by weapons remember that britain has been selling sniper rifles to saudi arabia joining me now from sort of is i think i'll go barry amid thank you for being on going underground how did you begin the hope and relief charity after the death of your friend i started to boston twitter in two thousand and fifteen when saudi little correlation started its bloody war in yemen so. i
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started to like motherless children when i posted up for talk or for boy his name is jamal he was suffering for a month ration inside the government rate i posted his photo and one of the journalists from us she contact me and says that you want to help the child i went to saga i received the money from this woman to the nation i want to talk this boy from his village inside again is to then iterations center inside the city to the hospital i took her and i found many children they were suffering from one to ration they told me why don't you help us like i told them that i'm sorry i don't have. enough money i only really received a donation from our women are going to give it back to be told. i gave him the i give his parents the money then. i took some photos for for the other children i
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went directly back to santa and i posted a photo of the other children then i started to raise funds through my page into it with the help of jordan a list she's in new york a she lives in the u.k. have name is and then she started to raise funds in her page and also through my page then after we hope to three children she told me to create all upside down to like create this new your organization in geo called hope and the relief here meant then we started to collect funds through an account in the ok with the help of another. n.g. or called hands international so we started to collect funds to distribute food baskets for the poor people to help orphans also to hold madras children we poor so
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the photos before and after treatment of these kids so. there was really difficult and when i travel to side there because it is like. a military a military target to the saudi that correlation side there is a military target so it is difficult to travel there when i travel to solder when i was next to a bridge it was like twenty metres suddenly saw the airstrikes targeted the bridge you were being targeted with airstrikes while you were trying to give aid to malnourished children yeah they hit the bridge while i was going there so i was really scared that moment and i told myself why i'm going to this area it's dangerous but i remember that i am helping children and they really need help there are like thousands need. help or so five children are really five million. children are at risk of famine so i did my best and i went to saddam many
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times also to her day the city to help these kids but when i travel to solder it was the most difficult and dangerous trip to help these children because there is a heavy bombardment on the city and heavy in bombardment and in the road when you travel to the side they hit everything britain is ling bombs and warplanes to the saudis they say they're carefully reviewed continually and saudi arabia says it is only targeting military sites you know i you know i saw deal of the coalition has been targeting civilians since two thousand and fifteen so it is not something new that they are targeting civilians and there they actually say that they are targeting military targets it is just an excuse to justify their war against us they are like destroying our infrastructure they have destroyed schools they have
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the. bus you know schools bus they have destroyed. factories ports airports so they are like targeting civilians not military targets britain is still exporting the bombs drazen me as i said carefully reviewing these things continually you mention the school was ok scores of children were killed but the saudis say it was a mistake you know i visited the attack scene i used to that i think scene i saw blood mixed with the children shoes it was really horrible massacre they targeted a school bus and they said that they will investigate investigate their crime imagine i killed someone and then i myself investigate the crime it is like non-sense. to investigate your crime what while you are the killer the british
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government says that it makes well the turn over seventy four billion pounds in weapons warplanes and bombs tourism is husband invests in us arms companies supplying the bombs saudi is. like the is like britain's largest customer so they have like u.k. have sold billions of arms to saudi arabia to target civilians in yemen and they are building their economy and they have offered like one million jobs in in newquay but these jobs these people are like manufacturing arms to kill us so imagine they are building their economy in the u.k. by killing us by killing children in yemen by starving millions by disbelief sink three million in yemen it is a big tragedy too that we are under attack by saudi and u.k.
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is involved in this i know you give but britain gives aid money as well as the bombs you must see the british aid going to people in need in yemen ok actually yemeni people they don't want it from me ok they want peace they don't want to be killed by us a bomb and then they give us aid no we don't want that in one hand you ok is like selling arms to saudi to kill us and in the other hand they are giving us aid they are helping us. this is not good we don't want this we only want them to stop selling arms to saudi to. like. to support the peace over yemen not only just selling arms and then giving us aid in yemen well apart from the saudis do you believe the directors of
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may and donald trump are committing war crimes they are committing war crimes but you know our the war in yemen is for growth and. you know or the situation here is like there are no salaries no access to clean or no access to health care. no salaries the prices of food and fuel are soaring. also you know if you are the hospitals. they cannot operate their hospitals for a long time they might close their doors because the prices of fuel are soaring you know so the problem here is very pick and the humanitarian crisis is can see there the worst in the world. so there are plenty of things that have been ing in yemen and they should stop killing and targeting civilians if they want
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like they said to target who sees and to end the gym here they should do it in front lines not in cities and not killing civilians also not making up located on land sea and ports in yemen and just finally the yemeni capital is behind us and of course the british backed yemeni government leaders are in saudi arabia who is governing the capital because they're not bombing the saudis on bombings and. the humanitarian crisis in sana'a is very big and they are forming some our like almost every day so i think the best way is for the parties to. they belittle carhart's he's in yemen they have to hide there me think in. any city's approach and to stay together and to solve this problem but what i really think it is not about the political parties in yemen it is a ball with u.k. and u.s.
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because forty years of sailing to saudi is only just the beginning to build the u.s. and u.k. economy so if this war will be over it depends on them they have to stop this war and they have to stop supporting saudi i'm an alcoholic thank you after the break. josie counselor warns there is own council may be attempting to move people back into one safe homes i'm going to have lines u.k. terror a fiction becomes untrue terrifying while tehran blames real terror on washington baltimore coming up with what you have going on the ground.
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the old saying you know we need to go back to invite more foreign force that's not self-sufficient that's also the position of the government that the. song goes in any case even if there is a number of contingency they've got to go back to the to their country. in a world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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welcome back joining me now to look through some of the week stories as a liberal democratic member of parliament. i'm going to ask about trump speech of the u.n. general assembly in the past twenty four hours in a second first of all is a joint meetings inquiry into surveillance of jeremy corbin in his friends know much about it but the intelligence people are doing important things here tweets important tweets about fiction i'm not the terrorist the story says evening standard terror a police chief hopes bodyguard inspires a flood of new recruits bodyguards a program to be told there is not a prison even million audience. show has considerably less in this program internationally probably actually even more than that but it really caught the
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imagination of about a sixth of the british population and the partly has created the spike in interest in working in the anti terror police we've just heard that white helmets from syria are apparently being relocated that's been confirmed by the british going to britain and if any of them do turn out to be jihadists people who watch the bodyguard should should be recruited by the british services to try and fight but this is interesting this is fiction becoming recruitment fact the police services seem to have jumped on this as a way to try and make their work seem glamorous they've even been promoting the pay scales top pay apparently forty three thousand so the lowest salary is lower than the average wage in britain and they're supposed to. save us that's right there and the top salary which i've seen at least as forty three thousand so you could argue for the level of risk involved rather be or not because i'm sure he got paid more than that to to impersonate a police officer in the program but this does indicate that the forces of very very
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keen to use any method to attract people into this very dangerous line of work to look forward to have my six recruitment drive of the back of james bond let's now go to a serious story this is certainly serious that unity tourism is getting that money back for us that was promised by brick city years before the referendum politico reports e.u. warns u.k. again three coup two point seven billion euro china fraud bill we have to pay them two point seven billion brussels the argument here is that this is going against all proper trading practice cause billions and billions of euros worth of chinese goods of. found their way into the british economy anyway why is this suddenly being touted around in the middle of all the breaks in negotiations hundred eighty four days we're leaving and suddenly the european commission wants to make the british taxpayer foot the bill i've been privately assured this is nothing to do with brett said don't believe it for a minute well talk about the trial jenner. assembly speech recall that iran let's go to this from radio free liberty which i think has something to do with the
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american to the other lovers in the night of course a lot of name calling going on here at radio free europe and radio liberty claim pentagon denies ludicrous accusations that u.s. was behind deadly attack in iran dozens got killed in an attack on a military parade and iran has said we think that washington is behind this. as you've already suggested the matter is yet to france actually has furiously deny this is dismissed iran's accusation saying this is a ludicrous claim and also threatened iran not to make these kinds of criticism i mean it would be like the iranians claiming that the united states supported saddam hussein bombing iran and killing loads of iranians it's exactly like that and i'll tell you something else if it was the other way around washington would not as a take to point the finger of blame towards iran if they had half a chance to do so if there'd been an atrocity in some other part of the world interesting also the drays of me has been meeting with the rouhani on the sidelines
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of the u.n. u.k. and russia on the same. about the u.s. violation of the nuclear threat well that's right the u.s. is increasingly isolated on the global stage because everybody else involved in the iranian nuclear deal is still standing by it but washington's quite happy to bully and threaten the companies in the european union saying if you do business with iran you can't do business with us you've got to make your choice ok well ever since we were the labor conference but you've chosen a headline about your leader of the liberal democrats well let's give the dems some jew as well the independent reports what do you call the lib dems climax gone horribly wrong that's right an exotic spread this is the liberal democrats who people still vote for in this country some vote for them their poll ratings common but a little bit but it is finale speech the current leader vince cable tried to use a phrase which was meant to bring the high. stan with humor there he was describing backstairs as having he was trying to say and erotic sponsor
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a static came out as exotics present we began by talking about the state and he b.b.c.'s drama i'm not sure these saw one of their broadcasters telling jeremy corbyn the leader of western europe's largest labor movement to apologize to camera for being an anti c major something like that any chance you can now apologise for your lead and well i'm going to break without tradition and on behalf of vince cable and the lib dems i'd like to apologize for the leader's mistake but we all know of course it was caused by jeremy corbin i'm not sure that was an apology and the labor party deny any of those accusations of it over thank you. now to the gren fell fire tragedy one of the toughest challenges to prime minister juries amaze leadership though she has instituted an inquiry an alleged ultimatum has just been given to survivors joining me is labor councillor from the royal borough of kensington and chelsea patten a councillor thanks for coming back on the program let's start with the letter what
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do you advise grunfeld survivors threatened with losing their council tenancies apparently i've seen text of the letter and i've seen what emma dent called the labor m.p. for kenton to set about it when she wrote to kim taylor smith a climate of fear singing fear and saying it's absolutely disgraceful that these people should be forced to to choose and kim to list with as written but you know he's a deadly different housing and property and he's obviously got the brief for a grand film he said in response to him event code that we will not force anyone to give up their homes against their will and the thirty to the thirtieth of september decision required make a decision by is not a hard deadline so now there's no story or towards a scare tactic by people of the left in your council to make out that there's some lack of humanity here with part of the democratic here that the council of the ridges bar and this is that this is a tale of two realities so you've got the leadership. team making decisions about what will happen and the hope and hope left of different on the ground including
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this it can tell us myth making decisions about when people will move reasonable from the move and all the rest of it but actually i'm on the ground the survivors the m.p.'s the councils for the grenfell area tell us to actually what the leadership team and can tell us smith think they are deciding is not actually happening on the ground what about the prime minister that mrs may said these people should be c. weeks after the fire remember she had no idea what she was talking about we would all like gas or something the government didn't consult the council before telling everyone they would of course not. the leadership of the council told me. the first they had about it was when she said on the in the house of commons that on the t.v. screens they were just making up anything to get past this but get back to this letter the people who are being. forced to move from hotels and so on because it's costing us a lot of money to keep people into into tendencies i talked to a survivor just three days ago who told me that some of the reasons why people can
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actually move when they're being forced to move. he said that repairs needed to properties residents are expected to move back into in one case the house the person was meant to move back into had no floating but they are still expected to move back into it and the other big issue is that this is made of don't forget said that those people and they could endlessly said it housing that was survivors other people will be able to whichever properties they move into they will stay on the. twenty four thousand housing rights should a secure tendencies which gave better rights than the well if you've already got a few more to go on a shoot as your tendency you wouldn't lose unless you signed up on your tendency so now if you survive or are some of the people from the walkway blocks and you as the walkway blocks around the house and others as well if you're going to sign a new tenancy imagine how difficult that is because the incoming landlords and
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housing associations want to sign up affordable rent attendances as per the twenty forty eight housing act but but the people who are going into those i've been assured that that will not happen in the same rents same conditions the same tendencies and that's that's that's a big problem that's holding men in the muck as well the other thing is that many i was told that many of the grenfell walkway blocks the blocks right below the tower are still not decent homes standard some of them are still patrolled by fire warden so that's what it's costing one thousand a month of course which suggests that there's still a fire risk so how would you move people that want to using a letter like this then there's the data that this is best this problem that what we house is still being cleared if it's best by professional companies so that residents think it's unsafe to move in and sort of the legal people and then the whole civil fabric of the lancaster west. and the walkways is about to begin so i'm sure that would have to decant people from that state anyway they want to move people back into an estate or they're going to be the country from anyway so
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there's a whole plethora. yes that's a council phrase because you might call it social cleansing but what they're saying is there's no point in moving people back into those blocks when a man is going to take place where the people have to move out you're going to stay on the council and the present u.s. budget is overspent at the moment by eight hundred million and every week those people are in hotels where they don't move into accommodation it's cost the council more money the eighteen million talked about the governing council of hoping to get some of that back from the from the government but nobody knows from month to month to month they actually said in the in a meeting the other day that he should be meeting with eighteen million some of it may or may not be covered by annex a government grant so they may get it they may not if i asked the heads of department to go back and try and create a budget plan for next year that covers some of that money and i said well i hope you know that a couple frontline services you know in the car rental services the council is effectively bust compared to what it was before twenty seven times it was rich it
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was about how do you operate around about three hundred million. every year of going down to like ten million. eighteen million in the red on the. on this year's budget to create a bottom requirement of six hundred million which we haven't all spent so the councils in a difficult situation and they're reacting day by day to what's happening on the ground we've gone to get them and they said that the lesser is fair and that no one will be homeless without getting into the minutia of the changes in housing acts under the coalition government. do you think there's something ideological at play here with a lot of the talks about a council tenancy is because obviously one of the great tory projects has been reducing the number of houses accountable to local government i mean we've got thirty years of spilling we've now got ten years of cameron government putting back on housing benefit support cutting benefits we've got a stat a t.v.
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. program at work in britain but it's hitting the hardest which. the wage levels are at the same rate they were about two thousand and seven we've got people living from hand to mouth these are some of the poorest people so even if the council wants to house people that they are truncated by this by the system but on the other hand i mean you mention the shortfall in what used to be one of the richest buyers in terms of funding we heard one shot a cabinet minister. saying in liverpool talking about councils boring money to pay for those essential services you don't think the way you are a councillor that should have been a good season jealousy to has. there is the greatest sympathy on what well they did do i mean they spent doing them thirty five million to twenty of the twenty seven files allocated for either buying housing buying out the lease holders of things about fifty six seventeen lease holders and to make deals with housing associations and so on you got no money from westminster additional where did the they did get
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money yeah they did a lot that was covered by by government grants dwindled as time went on and they borrowed the six hundred million bottoming requirement so they have had to borrow without that probably would collapse basically the government made huge promises after the pharmacist may sit up in the commons and said anything that the councils wanted it's a bit like the e.c.m. plotting across the country when they stood up i think it was said to javid stood up some point after everything was asked a check and said you know there was also submit available but of course it didn't still a hundred towns across the country with. clotting either up or i'm going to come down but these councils are being battered senseless by static cuts from central government i wonder where the money will come from so the council has had to bottle that down to almost zero ten million is almost zero for this council there wondering how they can get through the next year of budgeting without government support if they have to fund if they have to fund all of the costs that granville
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has cost the council would have sunk by now like the fountains. but just finally and briefly new me israel youth ambassador for a local theater group in kensington and chelsea told us that it's up to the community to step up to do council jobs i know you are a counselor you know whether you know they have to do your job as well until all of this is sorted out is it really up to the communities of the poorest areas of the richest bar in europe to sort things out for themselves well they did do off the far they did a familiar you know after the fall and some of the still doing it community volunteers who didn't get a penny. and in fact were from the pond by the council not seen as legit by the incumbent workers so they had to do what they shouldn't have to do i mean there's vast amounts of money gets spent on these services they shouldn't have to do it i mean everywhere you look to do what renfield is lines and lines of services whether it's counselling or mental health or community services i mean you only have to go online you'll see that so they shouldn't have to do it why should they have to do
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it of course i shouldn't have to do it by mason thank you thank you that's it for the show we're back on saturday when we exclusively and to be an inmate inside a british prison about the rising suicides drug use and violence by social media as he was a big twenty seven years since president bill clinton the cia back to. one of the most important if not the most important pillars of western society is the rule of law and the equal application of the law this is now being put into down we are told now it is the court of credibility that rules whatever that means is the cabinet nomination again.
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we. will. move. my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration. didn't expect their reaction but that's out. praise for the u.s. and threats against iran and all that.


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