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the. home. in a fiery address to the u.n. general assembly russia's foreign minister rails against the political blackmail economic pressure and brute force western governments are using to maintain. the program this hour after motional the charge committee hearing borders an f.b.i. investigation into claims of sexual assault. his supreme court nominee.
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on facebook faces a backlash in response to the worst security breach in the company's history over fifty million users are being directly affected. saturday morning eight am here in moscow this september the twenty ninth welcome to our team international i mean you know our top story russia's foreign minister concluded his participation at the un general assembly on friday with a blistering attack on western foreign policy. condemned what he called a parochial self serving of a small group of countries and said those states are undermining the organization and its principles. sergey lavrov saved all here in russia had to say to the rest
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of the world for his final day in new york the foreign minister kept himself within the boundaries of diplomatic language however his criticism and told the war. the number of western states the seeking to preserve the proclaimed status of global leaders and prevent a natural transition to a multi-polar world order to that means including political blackmail economic pressure and brute force such activities lead to devaluation of international law the international community has paid dearly for the self-serving ambitions of these countries diplomacy a culture of negotiation and compromise have been replaced by unilateral restrictions like un security council approval such actions are not just illegal but also just ineffective. i like that long serious
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statement the press conference were covered the same global issues happened to be an event where the audience had a giggle a few times so there is a policy new policy of the land express creation in south africa that that they're implementing as a parliamentary process people could lose their farms without compensation and there's talk that russia is trying to take the gap a few well and some of those described. the law in the election it was. no time for this you know and so too far too far but what you're saying stabilize yemen iraq syria and iran it seems as if to bring peace to these countries you have to completely eradicate remain an influence there how realistic is that it's not for me to judge but it seems to me can you. look at country with such history civilization and people inside its
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borders like in the u.k. saying you cannot be idealistic and expecting them to stay within their own borders why would you support such expansionism and particularly the united states as you know that's kind of the. this is what you just said you just said no get on can't i said you can look the limits. i mean you can look around that's own borders and prevent that influence outside its borders saudi arabia has its influence like it's influence that's what those while the most awaited speaker and this building and also at the u.n. security council was still president trump this year his pick for the planet's greatest evil was around but the rest of the world didn't fall for it and even america's allies in europe didn't. pointed that out once again and said that moscow will continue working with china and the major players to do everything to
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preserve the so-called iran nuclear agreement when i spoke to the person in charge of dealing with the media at the russian foreign ministry she couldn't help talking about how it took president twelve months to make a complete u. turn what a call to his take on little rocket man kim according to marie is a harvard there's still loads of room for improvement for the u.s. administration for many years korea was a medieval and this country in. the leaders of this country and the country itself and the people of this country it was mentioned as the world's hugest problem and the evil was the world which was used to describe the country and now yeah and now i think that you heard mr trump thing several times. career so what
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happened to the city in the eyes not enough korea has changed nothing like that happen but united states changed their position then their policy toward it and north korea probably they and they can use this similar approach to iran and the things will go there yeah who knows what kind of twists and turns another year will bring about franco in new york. the former american diplomat jim just what he thought some of the remarks from russia's foreign minister. noticed that mr lover of tends to be very diplomatic very polite very gentlemanly in his expression but i did notice a certain level of impatience today that he i think his patients has been tried one time too many yes we are talking about whether or not we will we will continue down this road of the united states seeking. in a very sterile way and destructive way to hold on to this notion of global hegemony
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or whether there will be a peaceful and national natural transition to a more more multi-polar world so far we don't see the people making policy in washington willing to make that transition and i think that is something extremely dangerous and i think maybe that partly accounts for mr lover of sense of impatience but of course most of the tension of this year's u.n. general assembly was paid to the american leader donald trump's remarks when done with the diplomats in attendance.
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less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america hears so true. i didn't expect that reaction but that so. many will become totally dependent on russian energy if it does not immediately change course. all nations of the world should resist socialism. and the misery. that it brings i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. and its not diplomatic and may find it funny. if they weren't laughing at me they
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were laughing with me we had fun. now iran has a lot is really claims made up the united nations general assembly about a late secret iranian atomic warehouses to say israel is the only country in the region with declared nuclear weapons however picking up the story. the general assembly is never dull the drama threats ultimatums and accusations but few relationships are as heartfelt or as emotional as radioactive as the one between israel and iran and dicks disclosing for the first time that iran has another secret facility in tehran. a secret atomic warehouse
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for storing massive amounts of equipment and material from iran to secret nuclear weapons program with this now traditional back and forth you will never have to wait long for response no arts and crafts show will never of frisky that israel is only regime in our region with the secret undeclared nuclear weapons program including an actual atomic arsenal time for israel to fess up and open its illegal nuclear weapons program to international inspectors fair play to israel has a policy of nuclear ambiguity where it neither confirms nor denies its nuclear weapon program and an arsenal of nukes yes no question for you does israel have nuclear capabilities and nuclear weapons yes or no. we've always that we won't be the first to introduce who we have been introduced so here's what we actually know about israel's nuclear hobby it's one of only five
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nations not to have signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty the cia reported that israel had its first new call most awful a century ago well you know they got one nuclear weapon and israel has what three hundred or more nobody knows exactly how many in one thousand nine hundred eighty six former technician mordechai vanunu spilled the beans revealed the location and details of israel's secrets nuclear complex photographs of the control room and information about how nuclear warheads were assembled in a covert six story deep underground complex there's troubles midst of a new new was kidnapped in room by israeli agents and taken back home charges included treason espionage intent to impair national security he spent eighteen years in jail eleven of them in solitary confinement israel wasn't happy
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but you would know very well after everyone already said i have two hundred. i don't. know you don't know if you want to know does iran have a point should israel come out of the closet with its radioactive little secret perhaps but while no one knows for sure the israeli prime minister can continue to log about thinly veiled threats that would give a geiger counter a seizure while standing in front of his nuclear weapons elaborate research center . whoever threatens us with destruction puts themselves in similar danger and in any case will not achieve his goal. is an absence of the sad and tragic absence of any movement toward a middle east peace. ross says unmissed in it then you know instead o. coming to the un and that does seem dismay g.e.
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should that he is responsible for more than anybody else in the world he just zeroes in and focuses on iran demonizes iran and that's not washing it with anyone in the world community today and we saw that there was a very muted reaction to all of the good reasons. not to vote on donald trump's controversial pick for the supreme court has been postponed once again that's after the senate committee decided to give the f.b.i. one week to investigate the accusations of sexual assault leveled against brett kavanaugh a charge he strongly denies the president himself has ordered an investigation into big claims well it is yet another delay in one of the most divisive confirmation hearings in american political history filler gallus and wonder why on or on here rather than working with us my democratic colleagues chose not to participate in this process and yet again and again their refrain has been the same delay delay
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delay i'm very disappointed that we are here today voting on this nomination this supposed to be an independent equal branch of government we're no longer that we are now in a very we are of the trump white house is the beginning. of a process. that will tear this country apart the u.s. senate judiciary committee has been conducting confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh nominated to be a supreme court justice by donald trump they took a vote to take the nomination of brett cavanagh to the floor of the u.s. senate now as the vote was preparing we saw kind of a last minute proposal from republican senator jeff flake he proposed essentially that a final vote on the floor of the senate wouldn't take place until the f.b.i.
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had been able to do an investigation i do think that we can. have a short pause and make sure that the f.b.i. can investigate and i understand it is that some of us would have to and i'm prepared to do it make a request to the white house to ask the f.b.i. to do that investigation it would be short. and limited in scope to the current allegations that have been made i would like to support the motion for that investigation i've explained many times with mother if. it's not necessary the nomination of brett kavanaugh has certainly divided the united states of america both sides very fired up about it and it appears that next week we will have a final vote in the u.s. senate regarding his confirmation as a supreme court justice in the united states the highest court in the land but it has been quite contentious protests all around capitol hill lots of accusations on
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both sides lots of anger well the scandal surrounding judge calvin o. holmes triggered a severe partisan feud in the u.s. republican senator lindsey graham's comments in front of the senate judiciary committee hearing on thursday where the since the capture of the current level of the most city in washington in a bitter tirade he accused the democrats of a cynical attempt to reel in those nomination. what you want to do is destroy this guy's life hold this seat open this is the most an ethical sham since i've been in politics if you really wanted to know the truth you sure as hell would not done what you've done to this guy however a senator graham staunch defense of brett kavanaugh has drawn criticism to american comedian chelsea handler even claim that graham is being blackmailed by moscow by graham as are known for his anti russian stance in the senate they're trying to
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break the bad of democracies they're doing worse things in other countries they're trying to get us to fight among ourselves and here's what we should do we should tell the russians in no uncertain terms you interfere in our elections we don't care why we're going to hit you in here too hard in russia. it's not a normal country or media legal analyst lionel told us the russia block meal claim against senator graham it's nothing but absurd the idea is so specious. they are suggesting that that the russians have this man through blackmail they blackmail him senator graham one of the most staunch heretofore in some cases the russian one senator to sneak on behalf of the president drums to nominee who is a republican as he is this this is not the way blackmail works as easy as blackmail
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imagine me blackmailing you to say something or do something if you're going to do anyway it doesn't make any sense this is an example of how people in our country here are the so-called elite the intelligentsia the the. hollyweird the the i guess the liberal if you well at your tame and arm of american entertainment factions all of a sudden they feel impelled then compelled and able to comment on issues they know nothing about. are i moving on now to further protests up against the border has seen seven palestinians including two children killed by the israeli military hundreds more demonstrators were injured.
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the rally was part of the great march of return protest campaign which began in march demonstrators are calling for the right to return to territory they claim israel has seized they also want an end to a crippling it's really a gyptian blockade imposed in two thousand and seven after islamist militant group hamas forcefully took over power in the enclave since the protests began over one hundred ninety protesters have been killed more than eighteen thousand wounded one this really soldier has been killed during the demonstrations. which really forces the fender to its actions claiming that. had been thrown up soldiers on friday it sais that it did what was necessary to protect israeli civilians israel alleges that hamas used the protest as cover to breach the border fence. one rough day for silicon valley's tests on facebook as both tech giants see
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a huge drop insurers overnight details after a short break. the u.s. is trying to control the european banking system remember them post back that to every single european bank had a record of every single customer every single transaction especially one through the u.s. dollar and the u.s. it posed their u.s. dollar based germany all over the world now european nation nations are saying no we're not going to be a part of this empire anymore because we need the box we need the money we're not we don't believe in your propaganda we don't think that your sanctions on iran have merit for any reason so we're just going to bypass them because. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be
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president. to going to be pros this is what before three of the more people. interested in the war. twenty one minutes past eight in the morning here in moscow welcome back facebook is facing a lawsuit over its apartment inability to keep its users personal information secure it comes in response to the company's worst security breach in which over fifty million accounts may have been compromised. our engineering team discovered a security issue affecting almost fifty million accounts is clear the attack is
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exploited a vulnerability in facebook's code does allow them to take over people's accounts facebook admitting and choose day that their platform was breached fifty million accounts affected a further forty million also having their passwords changed so that's nineteen million people in total and facebook releasing a statement saying that those accounts could have been used by people with the ferias tensions and that at this early stage of their investigation they don't know who these people are or where they're based who carried out this attack and naturally that's led to anger being expressed on other social media platforms oh my god someone besides through facebook was willing to sell your info to me have you in food herbal time i knew something was up last night when i saw an error has occurred in line at clicked on to up now can logged out of my account of their country mental my passport time to change it again if they refused to protect those
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dimona tice consumers clients should quit in possibly they should be put out of business now it's been a tough year for facebook earlier this year they teamed up with the atlantic council of the american think tank to combat what they said was fake news but that's led to accusations by many that they're only cracking down on certain types of facebook pages and that that is an infringement of free speech also earlier this year facebook coming under attack and under heavy criticism for their links with cambridge the little millions of facebook users data was accessed and used for political purposes by the company and that led to the founder of the company mark zuckerberg releasing a statement conceded that the company must do better we have a responsibility to protect your data and if we can't and we don't deserve to serve you. so it's been a tough year for facebook and what comes next is important if mr zuckerberg and his
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team want to rebuild trust in the social media giant facebook has fix the issue but the company shares fell c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and net worth plunged by some two billion dollars a security researcher we spoke to thinks the hack could in fact have been much worse and that facebook must keep working on bolstering its security because an awful lot of infrastructure an awful lot of users to protect and watch the fifty million users impacted by this plus the additional forty million they've taken extra measures to protect us still only a few percent of facebook's total user base so whilst this is a very large breach it could have been a lot worse i think that any effort they can put into bettering their stance on security is always good in terms of how effective that will be we can only really wait and see what the outcome is as we progress into the future. what another
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tech giant tesla lost around one and a half billion dollars only overnight after funder elon musk was accused of fraud by the u.s. securities and exchange commission. clearly made a mistake is obviously one of the great entrepreneurs of our generation who may call themselves wildly successful but they've never made a profit without even any sort of real knowledge important back so what's probably should get a lot more sleep and probably should be a lot more careful before he tweets i'm just saying this rolling the dice nothing wrong with the automobile and but the business is. mitigated. well in a tweet dated august this seventh ill musk announced he was considering taking test private and proposed the share price of four hundred twenty dollars per share saying that he had secured sufficient funding the s.e.c. plains that this calls significant market confusion and destruction and also picked
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up another possible link. with ledge that must could have arrived at the price of four hundred twenty dollars by assuming a twenty percent premium of tesla's then the existing share price and then rounding up to four hundred twenty because of the significance of that number in marijuana culture and his belief that his go for end would be amused by it all just going through some of the figures as we can see here it's quite evident that tesla stock has been falling since early august when musk posted his tweet shares were three hundred eighty dollars on thursday the company's stock closed at two hundred sixty seven dollars per share off the s.c.c. accused musk of fraud. if the odds are probably in your favor you should make as many decisions as possible within the bounds of what is executable this is like being in the house in vegas probability is the most powerful force in the universe
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which is why the house always wins be the house. stock exchange commission it's going to actually look at whether this was within the rules and regulations around reporting market sensitive information which is strictly not the way it should be done but also i think they're going to be most horrified at the lack of clarity and possibly accuracy because sometime later it was found that they want going to be going private so he's got a lot of questions to answer here in the case of mr musk that he is obviously a very well known charismatic personality but there is some concern that he's a little bit erratic and some of the announcements that he's made either in relation to the firm or a recent tweet that he made about a cave diver. somewhat erratic and not what you would expect from the sort of stable management that most companies require you know to create twenty four hours for silicon valley not certain but time now if more great programs are
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to international i'll be back here in thirty minutes time to have your company. make this manufacture consensus of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round. be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bathroom and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. indonesia's real isn't just a colorful show it has its own unique history and a whole set of rigidly observed traditions and strict rules. the spectacle is organized mainly by a revered character known as
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a waddle. he's sworn to live in austin a life avoiding contact with women not because of a religious valid chastity but for rather different reasons. and at the end he did and. they went and he took their debt and. left he threw up the. food network and i think. when they do i know it's kind of you get the i wish that. the bassy would tighten up the. suburbia back. out on bond.


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