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tv   News  RT  September 30, 2018 9:00pm-9:27pm EDT

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in the stories that shaped the week donald trump takes center stage at the u.n. general assembly in new york making one bold claim there also i. recall saying that the boy who assaulted me that some day be on the u.s. supreme court. has been totally destroyed. after an emotionally charged many. orders an f.b.i. investigation into claims of sexual assault. supreme court nominee. to. their daily lives have been turned into a nightmare after special safe rooms for drug are set up we hear their concerns. this is simply the super. secret police but what.
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does it feel like since it's simply people. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow recounting the week's top stories with our weekly program this is our team international. global issue.
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we are doing great that was a big big problem and you know the interesting when i did it and i was really being tough and so was saying i will go back and forth and then we fell in love ok no really he wrote me beautiful letters and they're great letters to me when going from. the continuing sanctions deep in our mistrust of the u.s. the u.s. heavily relies on coercive measures that are lethal to trust building without any trust in the us we have no confidence in our national security and under such
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circumstances there is no way we will unilaterally disarm ourselves so long ago washington and pyongyang appeared to be on the brink of war now the u.s. secretary of state claims both countries are at the dawn of a new day or two still able trying to go comments on an eventful past twelve months . it's only been a year and then boom donald trump's second u.n. general assembly just listen to it i would like to thank chairman kim for his courage and for the steps he has taken a lot of very positive things are happening with chairman kim he likes me i like him we get along but most importantly i believe that chairman kim jong un wants peace and prosperity for north korea twelve months ago same building same holds same mr trump no one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the wellbeing of their own people then the depraved regime in north korea
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no north korea hasn't undergone any regime change surgery chairman kim is still in his chair but miraculously little rocket man is now an awesome guy rocket man shooting rockets all over the place and with me he's not get nowhere with it he will truly regret it five years. the likes of which nobody has seen before totally destroy north korea rocket men mad men is on a suicide mission for himself that he did it to state that while today kim jong un whom is the president's most admired pen pal i'm sure you've heard about the beautiful letter so i've received two letters from him much personal correspondence magnificent very strong letter form incredible letters letters page one i showed one of the letters just to prime minister a b.
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he said this is actually a groundbreaking letter like any other president donald trump would love to be remembered as a global peace maker it took him a year and a half from his inauguration to zero in on his desired legacy a true br. through in the korean crisis barak obama was having a harder time segmenting his place in history books but then the year when nuclear deal came to the rescue and the mission find your perfect legacy was complete after nearly two years of intensive negotiations backed by strong sanctions become trees represented in this room achieved what decades of animosity and rhetoric did not and thanks to this deal we have seen real progress shortly after mr obama was gone the deal was left in tatters no matter how monumental it had been in the first place the worst sales i've ever seen in
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a good disaster is still one of the dumbest details one of the worst deals ever it was the iran deal i'm all for agreements but that was a bad one donald trump waved good bye to the green minutes he quit unilaterally without paying attention to pretty much what the rest of the world has to say about today's action sends a critical message to the united states no longer makes empty threats when i make promises i keep that donald trump may indeed keep all his promises as president but it does happen that rivals sometimes take over the white house after term one what if and a couple of years someone else will be representing the u.s. behind these new one general assembly walls in new york a million to train from. sanctions against north korea were described as outdated
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by russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov added that it would be better to support korean efforts rather than impose and for the restrictions we spoke to a lawyer and korea peace campaigner who says that despite the obvious progress relations may stall unless there's a compromise. it's time to step back a little bit and not assume that the north koreans are just going to lay down their weapons of trust for the united states because the u.s. has broken promises on numerous occasions over the decades as the north koreans and trust has to be built up one step at a time and so this is a situation in which for the first time we have the two sides really dialogue going and it will be a chance to build trust through exchange of said but there needs to be a give and take i'm neither side. made to mull to us hearing on thursday
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dollar terms of supreme court nominee broad kavanagh and of the woman who has accused him of attempted rape thirty six years ago testified before the u.s. senate judiciary committee it drew a lot of attention across the country with tens of millions of people tuning in. i recall saying that the boy who assaulted me could someday be on the u.s. supreme court i denied the allegation immediately categorically and unequivocal and here today not because i want to be and terrified my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed my family and i have been the target of constant harassment and threats i intend no wheel well to dr ford and her family the other night actually and my daughter lies or said their prayers and little lies all of ten years old.
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said to actually we should pray for the woman. it's a lot of wisdom from a ten year olds. we mean we mean you know we're well. i believe that if i came forward my single voice would be drowned out by a of a chorus of powerful supporters this is a circus. following another round of hearings in the senate judiciary committee a republican senator called for the postponement of the full senate confirmation and a week long investigation this triggered the us president to ask the f.b.i. to look into the claims against kavanaugh trump still insisted though that the judge remains the best choice for the job the divide was evident among committee members during a hearing on thursday fills our gallus from wonderland around here rather than working with us my democratic colleagues chose not to participate in this process
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and yet again and again their refrain has been the same delay delay delay i'm very disappointed that we are here today voting on this nomination this is supposed to be an independent equal branch of government we're no longer that we are now in a very weak arm of the trump white house is the beginning. of a process. that will tear this country apart the u.s. senate judiciary committee has been conducting confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh nominated to be a supreme court justice by donald trump they took a vote to take the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the floor of the u.s. senate now as the vote was preparing we saw kind of a last minute proposal from republican senator jeff flake he proposed essentially
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that a final vote on the floor of the senate wouldn't take place until the f.b.i. had been able to do an investigation i do think that we can. have a short pause and make sure that the f.b.i. can investigate that my understanding is that some of us would have to and i'm prepared to do it make a request to the white house to ask the f.b.i. to do that investigation it would be short. and limited in scope to the current allegations that have been made i would like to support the motion for that investigation i've explained many times the mother if the investigation how close that was to the drugs through that is being set up by the authorities here it's just overhead systems throughway and instead of using the facility that was available they decided to get high. violence and aggressive behavior is now being witnessed he almost daily on the police to sticks to that since the
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drugs room was opened move them one thousand eight hundred offenses have been reported for the possession of narcotics that consumption and theft despite the crowing from locals erm significant evidence showing that it isn't topping the design effect thirty's and now looking up. for drug crimes along with. i think it would be necessary to have four rooms in paris suburbs including one to do was smoking crack to balance treatment that meets house needs but if this pilot project is anything to these musicians just solve the problem in fact they could create even more so what do you can skate. paris. a referendum to change a southern european countries a name appears to have fallen flat with voters this sunday despite those who went
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to cast their ballots largely backing the move a low voter turnout in the former yugoslav republic of macedonia means a decades long dispute with neighboring greece could continue both countries lay claim to the name macedonia with neither side wanting to yield and both saying it threatens their national identity and territorial sovereignty ninety percent of those who went to the polls are in favor of the name change but only thirty six percent of voters turned out in the balkan state well below the fifty percent needed to make the vote valid despite this the macedonian prime minister is pledging to push on. in the school in parliament must be able to put decisive and responsible continuation of the protest over its final accession to the european union and nato and for a better life for our children and doing nancy thousands. you know has also welcomed at the results of the referendum here's
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a look now at the possible changes ahead for macedonia. the republic of macedonia a balkan state in southern europe that could be about to go through a small name change it's a vote that's grabbed the attention of europe's powerhouse and even u.s. officials and it's all down to one word north the change would bring an end to a twenty seven year long to speak with greece it's concerned about historical and territorial claims as it has a province called macedonia previously the territory of the macedonian state until the beginning of the twentieth century simple on paper but is it really. referendum ballots pose just one albeit double barreled question whether the macedonian people want to join nato and the e.u. and in turn support an agreement with greece to change the country's name to north macedonia. so it comes down to some in the country's desire to join the alliances
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after previous attempts have been blocked by greece this time its neighbor seems to have found a bargaining chip for macedonia secession to nato but there are still hurdles to overcome the first sticking point is that the referendums outcome lacks any legal clout and is subject to approval by the states parliament the country's incumbent president. is not on board either and has been urging the public to boycott the referendum. it is violence against our historical memory the aim is to limit the use of the name to macedonians to the smallest possible space and that is the space between the two is all while keeping on miles close to the republican macedonia is now asked to commit legal and historical suicide so the legal abolishment of the macedonian people can be interpreted as its own will. even if all this doesn't get in the way there's still one final step joining nato won't be possible until the next alliance summit set for twenty twenty north macedonia has
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a long way to go before it's even been. created. these were the scenes on sunday evening in the sculpture the capital of the macedonian republic where people who boycotted the vote have been celebrating the low turnout have been very vocal outside the parliament as well cheering and chanting macedonia after the polls close now we talked to the leader of the united macedonia party about the pushback against the name change. and what this is a victim against the most macedonians do not want to join nato or the you essentially with this referendum with protecting macedonia centuries old name and the identity history and traditions of the macedonian people our party is against nato an e.u. membership and this referendum is simply a question of the highest national interest western influence is huge here in the last ten to fifteen days we've been visited by brussels and washington's highest political and diplomatic representatives but we can't be and our will is unbreakable macedonians they want to change the name of the state and they don't
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want to join nato. but across the border to the south protesters have rallied in the greek port city of as well which is in the province of macedonia in greece they were seen waving green flags demonstrating against the referendum a politics professor at the university of macedonia in greece told us the referendum has been a setback for those looking to exert influence over the wider can which. has free. will that be made by the european union and the us should the baby. step but i mean in a way that you ask what they european union. in order to bullshit. the western but we've seen. worse than maybe all
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four. days. they want. bullsh while kind of gone in. the european union and made this a step and already with montenegro they're pushing it forward with the former yugoslav republic of macedonia launched not in vain of the balkan people. hundreds of locals who have previously worked in afghanistan for the german army block the entrance to a military base demanding help from berlin they say their work has put their lives in danger but it seems they have some issues with the government. just. we were just. on the you know.
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just. i was working at the front line with them i was working. together german senior mentors with the german generals when i started my duty day told me. we would help you if you for some problems. now we have this german war in afghanistan an hour or so from german officers. to relook at the safe place.
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we received direct and direct threats. sixty days ago by the militants tortured and. his face smashed on. and on. that show them that we are really in danger we are not here for picnic we are not here for our time we are here to show them that we are really in danger we have really a big problem. with our fans. in a commented to our t. the german defense ministry reiterated that it had found no risk to the majority of applicants and that service with of the german army would be taken into account during asylum request procedures. cream of the
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global motor sport descended again on southern russia this sunday for the latest round of formula one racing and race sixteen sol british driver lewis hamilton reaching of the checkered flag and first place for the mercedes team sports correspondent alexia show was there for us. we here in the black sea resort of sochi in south russia and this place is probably one of the favorite now for lewis hamilton the fastest englishman alive not only it's his third when it's also a clean sweep for them a sadist team five wins out of five here in sochi he was congratulated at the podium by the russian president was given the cop and the biggest intrigue was whether louis tomlinson would repeat his antics of twenty fifteen when he actually soaked the russian president with champagne with witness champagne this time it didn't happen and actually retreated from the podium just before lewis opened his
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champagne now the race itself was absolutely fantastic i'm still recovering from the deafening noise which disrupted you know the city right it's you know this black sea resort it's a fifth time that this event has been held in sochi i've heard people saying that this is probably the most one of the most interesting races so far this when for the fastest english man on the planet lewis hamilton means that he pretty much got one hand on the trophy fifty points at the top of the table with sebastian vettel from ferrari trailing second so it's almost guaranteed that he will win this trophy with three more races to go after that but obviously we'll see whether there's any room for the intrigue left. all right all the action was taking place that formula one's a fourth longest circuit the sochi autodrome let's take a look. it's
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. such. for that does it for me more weekly in let's say thirty two minutes there was this international. thank you you. thank . unfortunately crania governments destroyed that conclave maybe they don't
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understand they say they destroyed the country and they lost not only crimea but they lost their own people in two regions ukrainians and russians they really have is toward a very deep roots and to cuts they say and to try just to show us that you are absolutely separate and different. from russians this is absolutely stupid the way this is a way to know where. previously on the great american pilgrimage by doing real. on the right track. i finally found . you know it took me about half an hour look at all chicago. everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosh i want to ask hollywood guy usual suspects i think every movie proud american first of all i'm dressed as george washington and r.v.
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i'm through so much to uncle steve to me is a good choice the big board because this is my buddy max the famous financial guru and we'll she's a little bit different i want to stay pure abraham lincoln oh i know that they're willing to windows up last but not least my larger than life. the night an aspiring store rio with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road to have some fun. every day americans rolled up all over what's america are. things god. i was make a call between me and my friend or a trip to the store to bridge the gap this is because. american pilgrim.
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today marks the beginning of the final leg of the pilgrimage as a reunited steven the macs are shipping up to boston and boy if he missed max's ramblings as miles davis. asked him about his genius he said it's not actually the notes he's playing but the rest. between.


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