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tv   Sophie Co  RT  October 5, 2018 3:30pm-3:52pm EDT

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human reactions to rape culture performative of the urban dog parks overcoming a tree and a framework for fat bodybuilding. themes of objectification sexual conquest masculine toughness in a sexually objectifying restaurant. i thoroughly enjoyed this article and has an important contribution to make to the feel of. a supporter and noted its potential to generate important social and funding the school has. proven studies does not continue the work of the civil rights it's a corruption and it trades upon their good names to keep pushing a kind of social snakeoil onto a public that keeps getting sicker. less
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and joining me this evening out on to international and now. watching americans work. through the central bank that money transferred into the pockets of a few cartel members trade while the gap social unrest social cohesion arrests and wide scale poverty watched that happen.
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welcome to sophie shevardnadze serbia's course of the e.u. integration is impeded once again by simmering tensions with costs of a possible grade going to go around that is to region in any danger well today i talk about that and more with the president of serbia alex on that which. is no longer an enemy of the world twenty years often. the country is on a path towards the e.u. and co-operating with the transatlantic trade but the question of the breakaway province of kosovo is still the result will it keep the golden country from ever integrating into europe. serbia managed to become a part of the list. still keeping traditional toni's in the. present which is welcome to moscow great to have you on our program it's a first very pleased very pleased to be here. my time.
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so you're here discussing a lot of things with no you see key support and advise on costello you just came from the meeting was president putin what he did why we. discussed whole important issues. on the political scene in the western balkans an entire region of south east southeast europe and also we discussed i discussed or bilateral issues either political and economic and just wasn't as to use to say that. we do have better and better economic relationship and our trade exchange or three traitor and over is growing last year it was twenty three percent bigger than it went to sixteen this year it's going to be once again twenty percent more and we're doing
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we're doing the job in a very proper way regarding or economic cooperation and collaboration in the world . the most important political issues we have always heard that kind of support and . assistance and there to say when indorsement in the most important issues with the most significant issues for serbia i felt very comfortable in bolton's words on further support for serbia's territorial integrity which was not only an issue of serbia which became an issue of minnesota state agreed then recognized social of want to neuter from former yugoslavia from former yugoslavia and my right it happened in two thousand and six if you're a member in two thousand and eight you took and you recognize an independence of course or from syria how did you derive that right what was the way to.
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derive that right. and that was not an opening of pandora's box and no it would be an opening of the last box even though we've serbs and albanians decide making such an arrangement that's the hypocrisy but like you've mentioned in your answer in the beginning there are still against it i mean yes russia supports you america is in saying that it's serbia and kosovo find a mutual agreement will support it but european partners are saying dollars box so how healthy is it to actually try to mend ties with kosovo because you're trying to do that as much as you can while your most important partners because you want to be part of the you are saying no no go on keep on fighting i also use that as a weird situation here divide it in this way i don't define it in a slightly different way i would say it's a very complicated situation but at the same time we have
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a different agenda or some other researchers which is nato membership serbia. most probably very soon will be the only country in the region that is not aspiring nato membership and we don't hide that there are different reasons for that political attitude from serbian side including i was it does happen to our country and to all people that are mad tonight and that's what we have difference between serbian all the others that's another difference that's you know you're in a very very special case and. you see you know the situation in most i don't know. people didn't decide people didn't say yes on the three or four on them where there's a mother who cares about the referendum results they'll go for it you know and they said there was also a great even though less than fifty percent of people showed up they don't mind if i may say we think that whatever was said only angries and greece might agree on
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something that was supported and that would be very important for them but you cannot undermine. people's decision you cannot undermine people's real people in the balkans they expect respect as well as all the others they just expect normal appreciation. they want to be heard one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying. doesn't mean that we even many victims' families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite you know we've been through this this isn't the way.
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you were back with alexander from church serbian leader as you present you just mobilize serbian army because de coster a leader went to visit the area with the majority of the serbs there so because of that why was it it's it's
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a view from outside people would say ok those guys wanted to visit one of course so and then you. know. they remained i understand why they mobilized yes they were coming there with. machine guns well we're of course on everything else and they don't have the right to come up with that kind of a program that was. verbal arrangement although there is a statement done by nato plus o.b. news and serves after brussels agreement we made also in brussels that there were two preconditions if someone would like to bring let's say machine guns to the north of course or one and the most important precondition was still ease the consent of local syrup community they didn't ask him. any single sort of about saying yes to the visit of the
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tree and it's not about his visit it's about weaponry his people were using. and that was another publication and they wanted you know to show that they were in charge that they can do it whenever they want and whatever they want of course to frighten the serbs was again that's what they wanted to do and they didn't and the other precondition was consent of nato we don't know what it was doing but if there was a cause of need there was not fulfilled. and that's a cumulative precondition. number one. which was consent of sore people serbian people and they didn't have it at all that's why we needed to react otherwise they can conquer north of course or they can expel all or people and everyone from western community would say or most of them would say well ok it happens you know
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we should live in peace and now we have borders in a way that we wanted a serbia cannot agree on this so. i mean it was seemed to me our job was just to send a strong message that we would protect our people from the guys that would use. every weapon really against our eyes in the north of course and i think the message was received yes well heard you mentioned in the beginning that you're the only country in the region doesn't aspire to be part of nato but if you want major still enjoy great relations twenty years after the bombings you do mutual exercises they conduct exercises on your territory and then when it comes down to it you just mentioned and we do the same exercises with russia absolutely absolutely but when you tell that i was a major didn't do anything with this incident it's and they took control territory what do you what do you get in return when you copper it with nature this much to get do you feel like you get in return as much as you would have lights to put
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yourself into our shoes. please we are not russia. we are not become true. although we are the biggest of us a boko we are small country we have to protect our country we have to protect our people and we have to maintain peace tranquility and stability within the region we need to boost our economic development we need to attract more of investors we cannot say everything that we think whether one just cannot it's a different position or not as big as russia or another strong as russia. we have to. keep the momentum of asking and trying. to carry on with the same or even bigger and better level of cooperation with all the others but at the same time don't forget. it's not only about nato spiration us
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that we don't have a service the only country to them is an assumption russia. really think that it's an easy decision for serbia there were other thing that we didn't face a lot of pressure from different sides on this issue yes for that mr president i have to ask you i mean you said it so many times that you will never sacrifice your in membership or your relationship with russia you've been showing a great example of how not to do that but the day will come and you know it will come when they'll say alexander. why don't you join the sanctions and your membership to the e.u. purse the process of the ascending ascendancy of serbia to the you will be speeded up this day will come no this sentence may sound differently in different variations but you get the point we're going to got a point you're very well prepared for this interview. but to tell you the truth. listening the same question for
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more than five years first of all we'll see whether that will happen. second we'll see reform but my type of third will see what european union will look like within four five six years those or you know seven eight years i don't know. those debts that's true we are all lost a league ation before we draw any. and whether it's going to happen anyway because . the most important precondition for your membership is to resolve the issue. that's much bigger much more problematic issue for us than any other issues as you can see there are many but or if. none see
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and i hope that will be strong enough i respect you enough. that everyone will always appreciate and respect our relationship towards russian people towards russia we cannot change ourselves on this issue and hopefully people in europe will understand that i'm saying to you once again who knows what will happen several years so then let me ask you about your aspirations to become part of either because i know you are very enthusiastic about it when you came to power well while your prime minister. once you're president you always say that yes serbia wants to be a part of you let's say we live in the ideal world a new un kosovo resolve this issue overnight it happened so that's not an obstacle anymore you right now like you said you never know what is not the case but ok ok but let's do because it's always like what it will have the kosovo issue and then we never talk about serbia becoming part of the let's forget about cost of right
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let's say you resolved it overnight and then you don't have any more obstacles to go to the you are a still isn't easy assoc i'm seeing what's going on there is south that's getting poor north that's getting richer and they're like mr in europe and western europe there are actually bickering about migration and so many more issues and this elections that are coming up they're going to completely change the whole configuration and the paradigm in which you exist i mean it's kind of like a fractured. you need right now why do you want to be part of it so much and so the world rather someone. wants to do something desperately or not it's something about rushnell decisions. so reason it's because of social reasons one of concerns we want to belong to the type of society another one is. one tool we have the. resources of for trading standards and countries and sixty eight percent or trade
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or world trade zone over plus twenty percent of the original countries are within those is russia was trying. out a. small portion of a turk we are situated that a lot of the world are the same time i don't think that that will exclude. not only our friendship what's very close ties with russia who they don't hide it as you know we were because you were insisting from the very first moment of your interview. everything that i was saying about your opinion betrayed all right but you don't mention the fact that even in washington or in brussels today in the english language i'm saying. that we'll keep a very close ties with russia always we don't know what will happen in the future still don't know but. i think that our european partners will always understand serbia on or issue with russia i just have maybe one last question or two about
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president trump because he's a very unconventional american leader i mean he's ves of the world and the way america should be are unlike the ones of his predecessors he's not very sympathetic towards e.u. i mean he's declaring terror wars in china our european union doesn't really like nato because he says like everyone should pay up not only america does that change anything for serbia i say or serbia's stance. you've invited him to come to serbia is that serbia was a different kind of a service or for anybody we serbs. they prefer no doubt trump than obama why. i don't know because serbs have always thought that was democrats' fault. was that aggression and the answer to the over is support its republican party resuming or else and. compass you said is pretty much
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a coalition of them and you know only a few things about his politics almost nothing about his politics of the balkans but at least john bolton he. opened the doors for possible arrangement between bell by them and that's what we appreciate and that's slightly a change. well their politics would have to see what it will have to say i cannot assess a takeout estimated asking is that the russians were also excited about trump winning because well thought that republicans were better than democrats for russia and put in trying to like each other on a personal level but then there's the stablish well that wouldn't let him do anything that's very well there's a rational approach. all excited. about emotional toll of russia as i said to you when he went to see what is really the final result of their stances their position their attitude over serbia or
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western balkans right mr president thank you very much for this insightful interview thank you very much and i was to tell you the truth. pretty much positively surprised by the knowledge that you have shown and there are very few politicians in serbia that was. stunned all the questions and all the issues and sure i'm just a cold thank you i love your country and i wish l. the best of luck well love your country and wish all the best to your country and we hope that. we'll be able to preserve. the best possible relationship between our two countries amen.
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now. i have. india to fall used a threat of us.


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