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by god i. think i. will have a live report from. the
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stories making in the week about the west. exposing alleged pain of cyber attacks around the world on the international chemical weapons. to the negotiating table. with the top stories of the week the main headlines open day welcome to the weekly . so the most anticipated mixed martial arts fight of the year is now with irish superstar mcgregor losing to russia's undefeated my comment off. i was
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in las vegas let's get details now crossing live to walkies sports correspondent electroshock ski who is in the women's hometown in southern russia alexia looked to me like a coma grego seem pretty tired of the on in the fight but michael meadows just kept hammering him to the can post so your thoughts on the much. when it comes to the fight itself it was absolutely incredible how calm and collected. we're going to have had been through that fight and he won absolutely deserve victory in the fourth round after a choke on calling him a great guy but let me just talk about what's happening here in douglas town people are out in the street celebrating for many it has been not only a sleepless night but probably a sleepless week because the broadcast from last august started at five o'clock in the morning and many packed the cinema which was the main venue for broadcasting this event as early as two or three am in the morning but i doubt anybody would sleep in the city today massive party is on and just a little bit earlier i delved right into that crowd have
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a look. at it then. it's important to know that most of these little did not sleep tonight and they were waiting for the slight. do i need to look at you i do the. dance. well i was pretty loud at that i have to say and it will be loud during the day but speaking about the fight itself you rightly mention that it was the most anticipated fight probably in the u.f.c. twenty five year long history and a lot of talk came before the fight particularly from the extravagant irishman connor mcgregor take a look at that clip. beginning
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on the top of this you like chicken what are you thinking about this day. and. we. send a message like location location and then i come for you where you want doesn't matter
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. very. close you. don't get the money that sony pulled the mike and she can join thirty years for me is more than fight for the title more than me even though for me personally. a lot of control to see before the fight a lot of control the see after the fight clearly how deep won it fair and square in the fourth round but apparently there was a scuffle after the after the match and now it's being investigated we are hearing mixed reports coming from las vegas but we'll keep you updated. as to what exactly happened but apparently members of the two teams clashed right the fight. in the hometown all. capital has been sworn in as a u.s.
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supreme court judge by one of the narrowest of margins in the country's history while hundreds of people protested on capitol hill i saw for the f.b.i. failed to find convincing evidence that in all committed sexual assault senators who did take to the floor represented a deep polarization across the whole country. when the history of the senate is written. this chapter will be a flashing warning light what to avoid. truly. judge kavanagh's confirmation is a low moment for the senate. for the court. of the country. i just. don't see how we can put somebody on the supreme court. thinks that the president is a. very least we should expect him for. i do not believe judge cabinet has met the standard he puts the justice in
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always with the bias towards corporate interests i knew him as an honest and dedicated public servant i was proud to. present. the nomination of this exceptionally. i do not see an open mind i do not see fairness i see a partisan ideologues who will do traditional backflips to rule in favor of large corporations powerful. confirming. the supreme court. and undermine the court's legitimacy last four years from a down a given. seven team to the water doping scandal has come back all at once united under a common name and symbol before it was often vague russian hackers agents or just putin but apparently we can now name the entity responsible for everything all along the g r u russian military intelligence even specific names and faces have
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been linked with the alleged crimes seven individuals were indicted by the u.s. with four of them also accused the involvement in the netherlands o.p.c. w hack and three war already featured in robert mueller is continuing russia meddling probe. this group of just sixteen people is certainly kept busy according to the latest allegations how can the malaysia airlines probe the o.p.c. w solsbury poisoning investigation and the dopey agencies from canada to brazil the u.s. election you name it the hand of the g.r.u. is never far away and according to some the allegations are irrefutable proof of russia's guilt in all other incidents here you have evidence of the russian military launching a cyber attack on the very organization the international organization in the netherlands set up to investigate those novacek attacks and why would you do that
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if you were the guilty party and as we've seen before there is no need to meet any real standards of evidence remember when the n.s.a. was accused of spying on charts of the merkel back in twenty fifteen well the german federal prosecutor in the system had a legal burden of proof to be met to prove this low such luxury what rushes in the dock they're almost certain and high confidence from u.k. security services are enough to beat the drum for new sanctions and anyway the soviet era k.g.b. is long gone the image of public enemy number one is long overdue for an overhaul and this is the perfect opportunity to consolidate the perfect storm chemical weapons got a lecture meddling it's got doping it's got every other thing you can think of that the russians are guilty of and i think this cloud of accusations is its own purpose even the normal rational people would say well why would they be saying these things unless they had some purpose in mind i think it by throwing out individual
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names for example this sort of concretized as if somehow it makes it look like there really is evidence behind how hard is it for western intelligence services to get the names and job descriptions of various officials in the g.r.u. or any other government agency so i think that's what they're doing but it makes it sound like there's something behind it we may not know the whole truth all which side is hiding something but it's image a narrative which is important and the russians you know you bogeyman is becoming firmly embedded in public mindset. well it's not just the russian military having accusations. not just around the corner here on the program on r t the u.s. could slap india with sanctions off a new delhi sign that deal with russia more details on that just.
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unfortunately the united nations security council in this approach to yemen is only to listen to the speech and impose it affords many months or two months and then that is introduced when weeks. i mean that imminent it does in terms of the security council would make these statements which would have been to. us a sign of playing to this idea of the u.s. dollar reserve currency empire they've built over post world war two hero for everyone gets the death of america and pays homage to america china russia iran africa good name and they're all saying now we want markets all as a trump wants markopolos up he wanted for it we wanted to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization anymore. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the
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world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. thanks for sharing your sunday with us here at r.t. not satisfied with allegedly disrupting the u.s. elections and twenty sixteen russian trolls have apparently now turned their sights on the hollywood and the star wars franchise in particular trying to take up the story. hey america they stole your election hey britain they stole your dream of a united europe democracy will never be the same because of russian memes thralls boughts well surely there is something still sacred in western culture are off limits to the russians.
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oh no the kremlin folks even got their hands on star wars russian trolls weaponized style was criticism as an instrument for information warfare with the purpose of pushing for political change this was from a real study by a brave jet i call or i mean who claims there's been a force that was fighting to make the last jet i fail wow thirty seven pages remember how the movie got booed at when those need fans couldn't forgive the director for spoiler alert killing luke skywalker and forgive him for going against all the tropes so dearly cherished by the fandom remember how the star wars lovers army even campaign to fund a remake well now you know who did it the sitz sorry the russians had
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a great disturbance in the force as millions of doses suddenly cried out into something besides just to prove it the guy behind the research analyzed almost a thousand on line messages for the director and his result was more than half of the hate tweets came from trolls some of them were russian. the director didn't just pay attention he shared the link to the study with his twitter followers looking forward to reading it but what the top line describes is consistent with my experience online well some vans got even more disgruntled when they said they found their own tweets in the research it was a bad movie highly unlikely that it was a dry run for bots to practice we hated this film too loved rogue one but were totally underwhelmed by the last gen dime so much so that my oldest questioned if
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it is worth going to the cinema to see any more disney star wars so did nothing to make me change my mind. mark a very disturbing it wasn't disney not even the director it was the damn room skinny's. india and russia have signed a five billion dollar arms deal with moscow to deliver five s. four hundred defense systems. the s four hundred is russia's mobile missile defense system it is one of the world's most sophisticated surface to air weapons and the system has
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a range of four hundred kilometers and reportedly shoot down up to eighty targets at the same time and india is not by any stretch the only country that wants the u.s. four hundred for instance china and turkey have also signed a deal for the russian system. qatar saudi arabia and iraq are also expressing interest on a broader scope though the u.s. has threatened sanctions to go against any country buying any weapons in general from russia as an easy going down of reports from new delhi. it's just india expanding its defensive capabilities against its its regional rivals like pakistan or china for example it is also india sending a very strong geopolitical message because every time any country really shows interest or indeed by using a russian weapon an advanced russian weapon washington while it falls flat with washington for example in china both the very same and
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a missile defense system which india has no ports and some fighter jets to go with that. it was slapped with sanctions and now india is defying this potential threat even though washington for example one pentagon general has said that while indeed sanctions are on the table it is ultimately up to donald trump eventually it will be donald trump's cool whether or not to punish india for what it's doing and india is no exception in terms of the pressure being exerted on them and at the end of the day it will all depend on how resilient a colleague in the face of this pressure but they say money to develop. closer to these if this is a central plank support diet filaments kind of problem right now so stop the bad.
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pull in the welcome to worlds apart women's rights have long been at. bargaining chip for all titians but perhaps nowhere with such devastating consequences as in iraq half a century after the constitution granted the iraqi women equal rights they face increasing pressure on how to dress what to do with their lives and when to marry their daughters off has the effort to democratize iraq resulted in the further subjugation of its women well to discuss that i'm now joined by hama at war
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a prominent iraqi human rights activist and founder of the association madam ad words good to talk to you thank you very much for your time well thank you now first of all let me ask you about the latest political development in your country five months after the national elections the major political factions have finally managed to agree on the three main posts in the country is that a positive development as far as you're concerned oh yes thank you you know we were working for this election. we have seen the result of this elections which as you know get you know eighty three a woman being elected this is according to our court not to list them twenty five percent you know eighty three the thought of women in parliament from the whole. three hundred twenty nine seats so this is one of the things.


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