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tv   News  RT  October 7, 2018 11:00am-11:21am EDT

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oh wow. the old ways were right there in the way of the old. the biggest fight in u.f.c. history sees russia's manganiello retain his title against ireland's conor mcgregor for the bout and chaos and a mass brawl we report from could be a hometown. also this hour with angry protests and disruptions of the confirmation vote brett kavanaugh is sworn in as a us supreme court justice laying bare deep divisions not only within the senate but the whole country. confirmation is
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a low moment for the senate. for the court. the country exceptionally close by judge. and among the stories making the week that was the west's hits out at russia's g.r.u. military intelligence service exposing an alleged campaign of global cyber attacks . welcome to the weekly here on r t international where we bring you the top stories from the past week along with the latest news. russia's undefeated m.m.a. fighter not among many others has defended his u.f.c. lightweight title beating arlen's conor mcgregor but the event was marred by a mass brawl at the end r.t. sports correspondent alex he had a chef he reports from the russian champs hometown.
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absolute see. you know the wow this guy says. i'm going to end up is still the champion of u.s.c. and these people are going absolutely bonkers right. it's important to know that most of these legal did not sleep tonight and they were waiting for the flight. it was pretty loud out there have to say out in the streets celebrating for many it has been not only a sleepless night but probably a sleepless week because the broadcast from last vegas started at five o'clock in the morning and many packed the cinema which was the main venue for broadcasting this event as early as two at three am in the morning.
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when it comes to the fight itself it was absolutely incredible how calm and collected. are going to have had been through that fight and he won absolutely deserve victory in the fourth round after a choke on going to mcgregor was the most anticipated fight probably in the u.f.c. twenty five year long history a lot of controversy before the fight a lot of control over see after the fight apparently a scuffle between members of steam and mcgregor's team happened right after the bell right after claimed a clear and just victory but interestingly enough he walked off the ring before even being able to raise the belt about he said as a clean deserved winner that speaks volumes about you know the heat and the control of the cia around that fight.
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leaning on the top and they don't like chicken or do you think in all these they. m.r. carney what we're going to be sure is my area around where we. send the most likely location location i'm going to come with you where you want doesn't matter. i'm very i'm going to respond if you. don't get the money that sony called i'm going to she can join that is for me more than five prototype more than maybe even a little for me personally. the no one slept
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tonight but you can expect that nobody will sleep here even today the party is on right now just on yes. let yourself do the reporting from our tax dollars in dagestan republic. apologized after the fight saying he didn't show his best side by starting the brawl the incident is being investigated and could see disciplinary action with the possibility of the champion being stripped of his title mcgregor though didn't appear to hold a grudge he posted a tweet saying good knock looking forward to the rematch. brett kavanaugh has been sworn in as a u.s. supreme court justice by one of the narrowest margins in the country's history that's as hundreds of people protested on capitol hill at his nomination due to sexual assault allegations against him senators who took to the floor to state
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their feelings demonstrated the clear divide in the country. when the history of the senate is written. this chapter will be a flashing red warning light of what to avoid. truly. judge kavanagh's confirmation is a low moan. for the senate. or the court. of the country. i just. don't see how we can put somebody on the supreme court who thinks that the president is above the law the very least we should expect him nominee for our highest court to be honest. i do not believe judge kavanagh has met this standard he puts his thumb on the scales of justice in all ways with a bias towards corporate interests i knew him as an honest and dedicated public servant i was proud to be at the white house as president trump and nouns the nomination of this exceptionally. i do not see an open mind
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i do not see fairness i see a partisan ideologues who will do traditional backflips to rule in favor of large corporations the powerful and the elite confirming brett kavanaugh to the supreme court before the road and undermined the court's legitimacy and continued to diminish the american people's trust in it. i i. i'm not. talking breaks down the details election interference troll factories this information might hocking we've heard most of it before but the latest charge sheet to get thrushes is all encompassing and endless there were hundreds of victims targeted by these russian criminals if they flout international law in this way russia's indiscriminate campaign of cyber attacks the violations of
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several us criminal laws they will be exposed russia must stock reckless and irresponsible behavior of russian government needs to know by wants to fully condemn this attack it will be exposed and it will be consequences it seems every accusation of malign activity over the last fall. the years from the downing of m.h. seven team to the water doping scandal has come back all at once united under a common name and symbol before it was often vague russian hackers agents or just putin but apparently we can now name the entity responsible for everything all along the g r u russian military intelligence even specific names and faces have been linked with the alleged crimes seven individuals were indicted by the u.s. with four of them also accused the involvement in the netherlands o.p.c. w hack and three war already featured in robert mueller is continuing russia meddling probe. this group of just sixteen people is certainly kept busy according
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to the latest allegations how can the malaysia airlines probe the o.p.c. w solsbury poising investigation and the dopey agencies from canada to brazil the us election you name it the hand of the g o u is never far away and according to some the allegations are irrefutable proof of russia's guilt in all other incidents here you have evidence of the russian military launching a cyber attack on the very organization the international organization in the netherlands set up to investigate those novacek attacks and why would you do that if you were the guilty party and as we've seen before there's no need to me tell you real standards of evidence remember when the n.s.a. was accused of spying on charts in the merkel back in twenty fifteen well the german federal prosecutor in the system had a legal burden of proof to be met to prove this low such luxury what rushes in the
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dock they're almost certain and high confidence from u.k. security services are enough to beat the drum for new sanctions and anyway the soviet era k.g.b. is long gone the image of public enemy number one is long overdue for an overhaul and this is the perfect opportunity to consolidate the perfect storm chemical weapons got a lecture meddling it's got doping it's got every other thing you can think of that the russians are guilty of and i think this cloud of accusations is its own purpose even though a normal rational people would say well why would they be saying these things unless they had some purpose in mind i think it by throwing out individual names for example this sort of concretized as if somehow it makes it look like there really is evidence behind how hard is it for western intelligence services to get the names and job descriptions of various officials in the g.r.u. or any other government agency so i think that's what they're doing but it makes it sound like there's something behind it we may not know the whole truth all which
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side is hiding something but it's image a narrative which is important and the russians you know you bogeyman is becoming firmly embedded in public mindset. and it's not just about alleged malign activities by russia secret services moscow's trolls have apparently now turned their sights on hollywood and the star wars franchise in particular the patrol go picks up the story. hey america they stole your election hey britain they stole your dream of a united europe democracy will never be the same because of russian memes thralls boughts well surely there is something still sacred in western culture are off limits to the russians.
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oh no the kremlin folks even got their hands on star wars russian trolls weaponized style was criticism as an instrument for information warfare with the purpose of pushing for political change this was from a real study by a brave jet i scoll or i mean who claims there has been a force that was fighting to make the last jet i fail wow thirty seven pages remember how the movie got booed at when those need fans couldn't forgive the director for spoiler alert killing luke skywalker and forgive him for going against all the tropes so dearly cherished by the fandom remember how the star wars lovers army even campaign to fund a remake well now you know who did it the since sorry the russians had a great disturbance in the force as millions of doses suddenly cried out into the
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sun this sounds to prove it the guy behind the research analyzed almost a thousand online messages for the director and his result was more than half of the hate tweets came from trolls some of them were russian. the director didn't just pay attention he shared the link to the study with his twitter followers. looking forward to reading it but what the top line describes is consistent with my experience online well some fans got even more disgruntled when they said they found their own tweets in the research it was a bad movie highly unlikely that it was a dry run for bots to practice we hated this film too loved rolled one but were totally underwhelmed by the last gen dime so much so that my oldest questioned if it is worth going to the cinema to see any more disney star wars solo did nothing
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to make me change my mind or will. mark a very disturbing it wasn't disney not even the director it was the damn room. our program continues after this short break. the u.s. is trying to cling to this idea of the us dollar reserve currency empire they've built over a post world war two hero rambling it's the death of america and pays homage to america china russia iran africa. they're all saying now we want markets and as a payment trump wants markopolos up we want to go for it we want to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization anymore. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected
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. so when you want to be president. or some want. to go to the press before you know more people are. interested in the water. it. could be as messy or even worse than bricks it itself. well this has been something that has same of course been cleaned i mean i think no what i would see is that scotland's future relations with the european union i think should be decided by the scottish people and i think these two are separate questions but certainly if scotland votes to meet in say the e.u. and they can for example ends up with
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a new deal sonali then there must be they fit into because that would decrease and probably the deepest constitutional places and more than history and therefore there's a real oneness i think in the to the government to in some widgets this question they're not doing the they're not going to do that and therefore the pressure is going to build the scottish in the scottish question as you mentioned earlier when it comes to independence it is quite neck and neck still opinions. of the scots do you expect tensions within that to escalate as we move forward. i mean i tend not to think that i mean i think that twenty fourteen leave effort in them was hailed it represented probably one of the most successful referendum experiences that that's been hailed certainly far better than the brakes at referendum and there was a huge influx of young people into politics a huge enthusiasm regardless of what state you get on to debate and discuss the
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issues and i think that no matter what stage it on when it comes to the referendum debate the everyone will have it within their own interest to ensure that this debate and discussion is hailed as held in a as mannerly a way as possible jonathan shafi chairman of the radical independence campaign thank you so much for joining us on the program this sunday. that's our global news update for now for further details on those stories and many more head to our website r.t. dot com thanks for joining it. unfortunately the united nations security council and its approach to yemen is only to listen to the spaceship in boise forwards every month or two months and then there it is and the tubes when leaks their own i mean that i mean into present into the security council would make their statements which are always ready to.
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go when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round there's only the one percent. of the time we can all middle of the room sick. go round. i mean real news is. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. this is gaza's current status it's one of the most overpopulated places on earth and on the brink of collapse. with troops forces in two thousand and five but still keep some nation on it with air ground and sea blockades it's also under economic sanctions is often described as an open air prison.
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and the locals elected hamas as their leaders here they don't believe that israel should exist so naturally both saw its regularly bomb each other israel tends to send a warning leaflets before stroy by the locals mostly state puts many countries classify hamas as a terrorist organization and the queues them of putting people at risk either by schools and mosques or by encouraging them to join protests. camargue. know it's not. going. to. be on saturdays there's often
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a funeral here the whole village comes out to pay their respects another kid has died at the protest some of them up with yasser as some are turned on years oh yeah look at the end of the night in the moment when the little or even the minimum amish i mounted on them yes and the cloud on that side of the ship is that no one to touch the water and that's not the bottom of them wouldn't listen to me do you know an awful can never been that before so i knew clodhopper my must you know middle class would be good.


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