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you know straw yes seven percent of priests are thought to have sexually abused minors four percent in the united states. we discovered the clergyman found guilty of better phoebe you are still active often in contact with children. thanks to internal documents will reveal how church leaders protect priests accused of sexually abusing minors. by sending them from country to country notably in africa. the investigation into these international exiles took us to cameroon. to argentina. to the united states. to france to italy. during our travels we established this unprecedented map that regarding the transfers of priests involved in cases of better feeling. yet come m.
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sits in the. up with his off by a few that lost even after it was you are not that into going up six i mean that and the victims number tens of thousands marked with scars for the rest of their lives. our investigations would lead us all the way to pope francis who revealed how when he was archbishop of buenos aires he tried to influence the argentine justice department. to sunday the. list was d.c. and. the theme. investigated the mysteries of the church where on the altar of truth god's law seems to prevail over that of man. our inquiry into the international transfers of priests accused of pedophilia begins in the united states. where in chicago in the shadow of this cathedral two
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would disappear a unique kind of protest. it's. all are victims of pedophile priests. in their hands portraits of venice children when they were abused. in the us sixteen thousand people have already launched complaints for sexual abuse against catholic priests. these victims have joined forces for the annual conference of their support group snap survivors network of those abused by priests. hello everybody. it's great to see you again and i think it looks like you've got
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a bigger group than last year which is even better news so how many of you are here for the first time. thank you. remember that all of us here are survivors of sexual assaults and betrayals during our year so if you're looking for an opportunity to share your experience with people who truly get it this is the place. recently the organization has seen abuse victims from all over the world join its ranks it has become the international of those abused by the church. i mean it will be here because of that whether i use. the child as a profession to focus. on that they gave. the subtle thing. where you're from so yeah we're trying to save them from germany from berlin and
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elicits with a view since. when there was a new song about the from the focus on those of us. just. three three years i was fifteen years old i was abused as a team for a long period of time with an oddly priest agreements jump can in. canada accounts from over fifty countries. at the end of the conference we talked to one of the activists and barrett doyle. facts reports from victims snap is the only group to been able to establish a list of priests worldwide allegedly involved in the cases we only include those priests who have been accused of child sexual abuse in a credible public document it has to be either a court document that's publicly accessible or a mainstream news outlet. she began her work fourteen years ago.
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in the states these activists publish the names and photos of accused priests on the into. net to try to ensure they never come into contact with children again. this is just a and it just keeps. happening the names of. all in the entire database we have forty four hundred names so they have any friends names in the least we do have several father revoir is a very troubling case because he abused this young boy. and mario oid did report the abuse eventuality within statute and. was fled in one thousand nine hundred three it somehow spirited him back to france where he lives safely now that's not the case of his victim who took his own life in december of two thousand and twelve to avoid justice one french priest accused
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of sexual abuse of minors is thought to have fled to canada and be hiding in france . the story barely seems credible. we contacted the sister of one of the priests presumed victims. speak to us from northern canada in a way territory her brother mario committed suicide five years ago he had filed a complaint against the french priest. photos of her and her kid brother and one of . the wow. well it's.
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do you think marty was the only. we get our hands on a warrant issued to the canadian police for father of war's arrest. they've been after the priest since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. on it we discover the name of maher yes but also two other boys made anonymous by the police with
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black lines. a girl of fourteen is also a mom go legit victims. the priest is thought to have abused four children. finally in the top left hand corner of vital piece of information the name of the town where the priest is believed to be hiding in france a small town in the bocuse where there's a monastery belonging to his community. so we catch the train to strasbourg. that's right because in the meantime we've got hold of some internal documents from his community follow revoir has been transferred several times. after up in canada he didn't stay in who was presumed by the canadian police he apparently with next to to run nearly and that's when we lost track of him. but after several months of inquiries during a phone call. a priest from
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a priori were father of war had stayed unwittingly gave us a new lead. which is to say the priest wanted by the canadian police for one thousand years for sexually abusing four children seemingly lives here in strasbourg among his religious community. from now on. we'll film with a hidden camera. no. knowing what we want to show he was motioning to and. it looks like. our information was correct. yes all. the priest is here at the end of the corridor or. no show you know who can imagine the thought of article on the new foulness as well
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very scared little you only then used a vow never to look a screw up on a depressant that's the only the story told in the west only knew every time because it was a said watch idea because he was off on film body to ruin it i wanted to figure it was extra. in the movie live out what happened or the only thing that's risky sample falls you have elevated to struggle with about. sleep and no number of months more. is going to screw norm do not use them good so what it was was a. trick or oh wait i'm here pinocchio here should be him. so this was a no no this one with us was. we sure the photo of the young into it maryse time to lick the racial stuff concerning. in the winters is a number of us in the soup and c.c. c.d.'s i've also got actually was about is you did those you don't feel the same
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maybe i felt it was his excuse you really didn't want to be good to be caesar there is room. to be relinquished there is no room. in the military who said it was it's written there then i have them on a diet and you know it was it's no use of. nasiriyah which community was near the rush hour it's that it. isn't just a place some sort of scoot. was a bit out of his it shimmers off to label me papa arse. a local person who said that they did want the craziness that we knew and. how can a priest accused of the sexual abuse of minors change countries and homes and stay out of the clutches of the police and justice for almost twenty years. and is it true. one man may have an explanation. back in the united
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states marines to meet a former american priest patrick wall. since the one nine hundred ninety s. has been a close up with news of pedophile scandal. the u.s. is trying to cling to this idea of the u.s. dollar reserve currency empire they've built over a post world war two era where everyone gets a debt that america and pays homage to america china russia iran africa can name it they're all saying now we want markets all as a payment for our plots markopolos up we want to go for it we wanted to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the global it has the highest number of priests found guilty as good a feeling in recent years three since two thousand and twelve. and there afonso been more cases of sexual abuse it's all there in black and white.
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as we turn the pages we get a strange feeling the community seems to become a master in the dark of the international displacement of priests suspected of sexually abusing children. among the pile of documents from the community of st john one recent letter draws our attention. and sent. rushing to the airport. here's the letter signed by a high ranking church official this archbishop from cameroon. he wrote to the head of the community of st john having decided to exclude from the jusice several st john priests he explained himself. reverend brother
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some brothers of st john got themselves into situations of big stream gravity the brothers in question were about to be hauled in front of the courts at a risk of dirtying the damage of our church i used all my weight to make sure this did not happen. what have these french priest done to incur the wrath of an archbishop. in cameroon a mostly catholic country the community of st john is an institution. the brothers run one of the biggest high schools in yon big the capital. but invert to uk and east of the country the brothers of state john have left town. until two thousand and fourteen they oversaw this cathedral the biggest in the region. and. we go to see the archbishop the one who asked the same john priest to leave.
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months in your a tango one of the african representatives of the vatican. many will say no. solution about us in closing down at the mills when i came to know about it through the. on the. sit in you know this is just an instant he did it. because it is what up on that and it wanted to be no he's going to die and then he mustn't it is presented to him for pickle and i thought oh. e'squus of easy to guess she. fought back like he said i'm here because i don't was an occasional if a new yankee margin a cashier is always a part of we did do. this one point and it wanted to be knew it was it might. lead to lead. and etc we tried to dig deeper but
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not always did. she need a yes idiot a yeah i did see a lot out of. it was are going to want to go back on this cruise missile. if they want to go to the river but i was at let's see device i said. yes thanks for your precious comments are great but they weren't exactly helpful. at the cathedral but two i will discover the reasons why the st john brothers hurriedly left town another alleged case of pedophilia. the sexual abuse of a number of boys. for three days we try to find these presumed victims. in this city where the catholic church is omnipresent it's hard to broach the subject. finally we find one of the kids who supposedly
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abused by the priest. today he's fifteen. percent yes. did she. see him but. we show him one of the community's internal documents that we managed to procure the mug shots of all the st john brothers across the globe five hundred eight of. this priest had indeed been posted importune. you have these issues coming for that is into your car to some. simplistically so you did more in managing the
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secrecy and see it again this is getting more into india than your school is a c.p.a. really leases it up by its base that is down to the yes name popped in the internet of a good. well after a few weeks the boy finally admitted everything to his parents they immediately went together to the bar to a law courts to file a complaint. but here nobody touches the church. just so. she sees some or. even a pipe. pretty simple. up on the to the point puno of the dung is usually more use surely play she proceeded to pull a knife but of course at the actual bank the twenty was actually it looked as able
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to. the groceries for one. so this is rooted in a very subtle indeed children are manipulated by the archbishop but father a manual offers another explanation. tucked additional note of what was and gets up there to look at some of these it's just a butcher looking you know. seem to be swinging my feet and. looked with a showing at the skeleton is lost when i. don't know his make up shit and you have yet to see thirty. bolts of shipping. yep and most of the book is the work of the person able. to say no i don't know what that.
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was the reason the put us. boys in the right so yeah that's probably. where students are in the story yeah fulfill it. if there is. one i'll show seemed wrong. but old roles just don't hold. any old belief yet to shape our disdain to come get educated and in games from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the
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right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying there was just no really hasn't and that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be a mole and the reason we have to get kelly here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace it's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. it's going. to go to life. each.
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other. or her. you're. the biggest fighter in u.f.c. history sees russia's beef with no mug of middle free tell you his title against on it's called the most regular about chaos and about sprawl we report from town. we thank you protests on this rope sions of the confirmation by brett kavanaugh is
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sworn in as a u.s. supreme court justice lang but deep divisions.


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