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tv   Documentary  RT  October 7, 2018 7:30pm-7:57pm EDT

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only this road that fifty meters in here is the thing between us and between this. oh this feels just a gas canister a gas canister here in the graveyard. he was in full color fifteen times this. morning well this is my post me. as much. as the our. people even think. they should tell you he's all knowing. if it's down.
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to. all the children like you are seeing just going. i don't destroy. a lot of the gun was somebody i know. and this is just that a. lot of a lot of the sad. brutality of the lives of the of those of whom who will.
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believe. this is what palestinians see as theirs technically they only have gaza empire. of the west bank what israelis refer to as judeo in some area palestine has never been independent the land has changed hands and names several times throughout history it was once called the kingdom of israel for example as well as palestrina but fast forward to nine hundred seventeen the brits are in charge and in one nine hundred forty seven the un decides to divide the british mandate for palestine and create two new state and independence home for palestinians and a safe haven for millions of genes scattered all over the world after centuries of persecution arabs were furious they were the majority of the toy and felt that they were losing now to scientism a movement seeking to reestablish the biblical israel. palestinian refugees to give
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up but as for hold on to its independence through war even when other arabic countries join the fight israel kept on winning in a season parts of their alliance. decades on and the international consensus seems to be that the nine hundred sixty seven borders are the most sensible but as it stands withdrew from gaza and gave palestinians autonomy in some parts of the west bank like areas a and b. . with no peace agreements and endless violence is sure i'll put up borders checkpoints fences and walls to protect their citizens from terror attacks. this is part of the israeli west bank security barrier or the apartheid wall as some have called it a while ation of international law that undermines peace talks according to many.
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this place is now it. and the best way to get immersed in the palestinian side of the story. they. were. aware of so how did you go. to ali and you. know how to make a. lot
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you. want to know. the argentinian said it had nothing to do with politics and israel sports minister claimed terror threats were the real reason for the cancellation. this is. a twenty one year old volunteer paramedic from gaza she was shot by israeli soldiers at the demonstrations more on that later. on. oh. i did you know fold out to the middle. ok for a thought on a car that you don't. hear the woman on the. much . more one of. how you could be you could be.
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very close with what they did. to him. to him. was a jihadist you blow them up so. listen we have. to eat he said. good hobby why he said. what he said i did that with the song coming out again and the heavy hand of all. this video went viral around the world what some fail to mention was that this was after the soldiers had shot and injured her fifteen year old cousin in the head. she was sixteen when she was arrested and sent to prison along with her mother who fell in this.
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country. we were heading to me talking heads relatives movements is restricted for palestinians in the west bank most need a permit to cross into a different area and israel has the right to refuse the request or to close the gate sites and security concerns no be solly is a small but in the torrijos palestinian village where most of the residents are related to the tommy the family has been activists for years regularly holding demonstrations against settlements military presence and the confiscation of land but it. doesn't. through. yet nothing else let me. carry everything.
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here china is one of the youngest journalists in the world she was a child when she started recording on what happens here. her. i. was going to you think you think here. let's go in the other villages like the demonstrations are only for men and boys and everything but here and they were usually females are are leaving every. half. hour here yeah we have like nearly three hundred fifty people. god rest like maybe a person got arrested three times four times yeah not only one we have also about
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three hundred fifty people got injured some of these others to get him when he is in the house because they made so much process or something like this is. the first so he just may be going to go yes maybe no hello. i don't know. who he did. so oh. you know. this is why you have to know this twenty blog or book two months. from what's happening in the village we have a little videos. i began to do. in two thousand and two and since
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the beginning. which it was through should we get over the wires it's really what's happening. here so the mood that usually that you're willing to accept the sort of jobs will. you need to be in our village and we're doing more of that they are coming to our wrists or took it in order to give the people. your purse he. goes. wow i. was going through a. two thousand and two throws are going to live in. we were too cold fifteen hundred. in one day well many times it's been many times it's been like for the things. we did kick him to the village the pool is there used. to do more and people. are you coming.
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and when they come here to arrest someone why did they come because someone was throwing something at them and then they go into known person. and the one who is afraid and or the you have information on the over you. was the from when you just phones and it just works hard and with. six months ago. when the wrist my first son. when they came off the midnight to the house this was in the my house for me not to really bring the other side oh i'm sure this there we are deceiving he is. right yes but he had. his house and the girl and since she was going then they come to my house where
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my mother she's sleeping because she is she makes kidney dialysis so she was sleeping everything when they came wake up wake her up way they will die. a there. and then stay put oh over his parents' eyes he read there and the way his younger listeners are in the room. and the pretty things and the six hundred one is through. for the who is coming up from zero to no more than that. unfortunately the united nations security council and its approach to yemen is only to this into the speech of employees it affords as many months or two months and
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then that is introduced when leaks in their own use and i mean that imminent it does in terms of the security council would make these statements which are always if you do. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it mean when the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying there's just no really hasn't been that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished recently after the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want to that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite you know we've been through this this isn't the way.
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us assign it playing to this idea of the u.s. dollar reserves garnsey empire they've built over post world war two here. everyone gets into debt to the america and pays homage to america china russia iran africa you can name it they're all saying no we want markopolos and even trump wants markopolos and we want to go for it we want to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization any more. so this is where i want to print. before two weeks the soldiers come here and the same as the dean he is just like. the soldier near the t.v. news to. the first one he should tell him kid exactly here yes. tim
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another. lived in his. yes and he he fell down exactly he. has the blood my kids and ten men they saw the soldiers when when he heard it was a love like this they had temp after that she. was. on you look. at the the it's very difficult to not know the kurds when they see the blog the star somebody they. didn't you know this is a friend of twenty four hours and you can see how much green is over there because
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they have water here's an israeli down there. here's the grave you know really. what is this. that's a gas canister a gas canister here in the graveyard. here and that so mortar the fred the first more tear the first not the first march of zero nine we saw that just as the first march or from the demonstrations and here is the second. martin he's my uncle he was killed there when he was looking on the demonstration he was coming back from his rescue work as a police man they shoot him with a lie i mean there's chen. so that's great. advise last mortared nineteen years old he was killed the four to six all the children were
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clear were seeing him just getting killed near. the class the food. and. the food dish. and how. most of. the one. hundred. no one had known how was. that. we. do know you didn't. do any of that.
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if you gave. them. some accuse this meanies of use in their children this props to provoke clashes with the i.d.f. to spark another big uprising. but the kids will tell you that their frustration doesn't come from brainwashing rough from the reality they face and live with every day. pass in just that there's another mystery. but on the show in the valley mina then with a whole team behind it is meant. to harden to one whom she had not i was already
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part of the farm. to free us from our. hospital someone i would use or who the support we were planning to i mean. took my heart out with them to how much for. six months of can you build off the roster of. this what in the composer would have. done what i listen for you thought the sort of. the heart was even a woman to be a model and then one of them to the bottom of c.u. with. one of the four here. we were in a. month a career in model free beer the death of the. cider one hundred nor minute has been a see you a while in a certain way and one. one of them at the end of it delilah killed when he and the
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. other man if it's in the. nation what a hell of a swedish wolf as a whole thing in visual. well the fear. with one with about. one of the kind where i. knew with. this is what's been happening every friday. tens of thousands of palestinians gather at various points along the gaza israel border demanding an end to the blockade and the right to return home. as service parts of a six week campaign called the great march of return it became really intense
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around they'd made when israel marked its seventieth independence day it's also one palestinians mark not a day when they were displaced and had to flee. we arrived when the protests were still underway. and you're not. really. going to be much. more serious to me as a. leader allowed. to do with goods. than. to to for. teenagers usually throw fire bombs so burns hired to obscure the view for israeli
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snipers couldn't turn tear gas them and often use rubber bullets as well as live rounds israel claims this is to stop mass infiltration. i'm speaking placed along the border as they can see because of the flames. more recently palestinians started flying incendiary balloons this causes fires on the other side costing a lot of money and scaring israelis who lives nearby. it's a mess you never know what's happening whether they're shooting whether they're it's here. dozens. every time and many have died. trying to you have to try to stop them scaling the fence. husband tried. condoms and. country went on to kill
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many people under saddam. control of hamas. this is cruel. they hate actually physically. he would have well well well well well well well. but a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year. as a. british. here in india. they were all
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sixty dollars a day hard work for the workers not used to work. so they want to relieve the stress of how do they relieve their. these men need that outlet these men need that comfort these men need sex. people have been murdered up here people been raped they're massive drug issues up here you have a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any new world that you get to shape out these days it comes to educate and in games from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. most just as the words of sympathy want to become lost and i won the last post on this but many of them look for refuge in the so called sentries sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the last person asked bank. was you know no. one had a person i get i'm in a lot of class and they want that. they have water they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over for the gravels. the to be got to deal with i said to its troubles of many couples. the puts the buddha and spun both of you up of
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a few of the stuff. i think is find him u.s.c. history sees russia's head be in a comedy of retain his tights and i could silence on the mcgregor but the bounce ends in chaos on the mast role of paul beeps and. there.
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you. are. with angry protests on disruptions of the confirmation of votes where it's common not a sworn in as us to play in court justice playing bad deep divisions and also only within the set.


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