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tv   News  RT  October 8, 2018 9:00am-9:29am EDT

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international bringing you here live news update this hour welcome to the program. mystery surrounds the fate of a prominent saudi journalist who's been highly critical of the kingdom's royal family he's been missing for almost a week now after entering a saudi consulate in turkey there's been conflicting reports over what's happened and the world's media has been whipped into a frenzy over the story i'm joined now live in the studio by go what do we know so far jacqueline this story just doesn't get less mysterious and it could make your blood boil according to turkish investigators a saudi journalist was brutally tortured and murdered and the saudi consulate in stamboul and the story first surfaced in the turkish and american media there are citing the investigators who are saying that a hit quite hit squad story was sent over from the condemned consisting of fifteen people to complete this mission and is shocked that something like this could have
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happened on its territory. to be. prosecuted in istanbul is investigating the issue there is both a security investigation and an intelligence one it's the extremists of the new and this incident took place in no country. for a long time so i still hold out hope god willing we will not find ourselves in a situation we do know. saudi arabia has been dismissing all these claims they're saying all of them are just law. sure the consulate general of the kingdom of saudi arabia in istanbul dismissed a report by reuters which cited turkish officials the saudi citizen jamal khashoggi was killed in the consulate in istanbul he fishel strongly denounce these baseless allegations and express his down to that they came from turkish officials they were
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informed of the investigation or authorized to comment on the issue. the saudi kingdom isn't really transparent to say the least when it deals with journalists and they still invited a reuters journalists to the consulates premises to really show that nothing happened there so what exactly did happen then well first of all let me just give you more background on the man himself to market saudi is as shah a saudi journalist sorry living in the us here arrived in turkey a few weeks ago to get a license to get married and we know that he's actually visited the consulate twice first time that happened on september twenty eighth and the second time was last tuesday and that was when the man disappeared after that it gets mysterious and every day we're finding new details of that but really don't understand what's
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going on while being a critic of the united kingdom jamal khashoggi was apparently worried that something might happen to him so he left his cell phone with his fiance with instructions on what to do if he didn't come out of the consulate soon she claims that after waiting for four hours she called turkish police saudi officials however state that jamal's visit to the consulate was very brief and they believe he disappeared after the visit they're looking for him as well now of course the saudi consulate is one of these diplomatic premises where cameras are just dotted all. over the place but so far neither of the sides released any videos jamal's fiance says that she was accompanying him on the way to the consulate and hopes that he wasn't killed but just kidnapped one of the newspapers where mr jamal one of the
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newspapers mr jamal was writing for was washington post and what they're doing is they're printing a black hole where his article would have been now the most important thing in this story i believe is how it is going to affect us saudi relations i can tell you that the day after the journalist disappeared secretary of state my po talked with the saudi crier crown prince about the war in yemen about iran and about the areas where washington and riyadh might expand their cooperation that's according to the state department's readout of the phone call that was made between the two officials but the readout didn't mention anything about mr shorty's disappearance i can tell you though that this incident and the disappearance of the man is worrying many in the capitol hill one of the senators says that the administration really needs to step up its efforts to protect the journalists and
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the freedom of press he says this is outrageous that somehow this disappearance happened and the administration needs to demand this release this was democratic senator chris van hollen again we don't know what's going on it's been a week since the man disappeared. and we'll be watching closely how this particular incident affects the relations between saudi arabia and washington are there trying to thank you for staying across that rather complicated story for us. moscow has spoke out against dutch allegations that russian spies tried to hack the international chemical weapons watchdog with foreign minister sergei lavrov saying the claims were designed to attract maximum attention. issue there was nothing secret about the a prove is it to the hague by the russian specialists accused of spying by the netherlands they weren't hiding the russians that were expelled from the netherlands when given any explanations they were detained and asked to leave
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it's an example of megaphone diplomacy speaking to the media this monday the russian foreign affairs minister sygate lover of shira he has views over the allegations about the russian attack on the international chemical weapons watchdog now the scandal the whole scandal over these accusations and rubble to last week when the dutch defense minister accused four russian citizens off an attempted cyber attack on the organization for the propagation of chemical weapons now the incident itself to place it back in april when four russian citizens who were detained in the netherlands they were expelled from the country on the very same day their equipment and cash was seized the ministry of sound that back then it all looked like a misunderstanding there was nothing secret about that trip it was a routine trip and now the ministry says that the timing of this scandal is not at all accidental. pneumonias lissett you ation surrounding the so-called russian
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spies in the netherlands is a deceptive maneuver the story was made public specially the head of the nato ministerial council the russian foreign ministry has summoned to the dutch ambassador to russia over the in connection with the netherlands accusations against moscow the meeting is expected to take place later on monday and the minister added that he expects to hear some explanations over this matter. polls for the upcoming elections in the german region above are yet won't be music to uncle merkel's ears the chancellor's key coalition the c.s.u. looks set to lose significant ground for the first time in decades the c.s.u. is projected to garner less than forty percent of the vote the greens are predicted to double their seats in the bavarian parliament all right wingers the f.t. are set to make their debut and as artie's peter all of our explains this could have serious ramifications for the balance of power and berlin. this coming sunday
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angle merkel's coalition partners and sister party the c s u a preparing for a monumental upset in bavaria and state elections they're currently polling at just thirty three percent the party has historically ruled the region and hasn't taken less than forty percent in local elections since the nineteen fifties the blame for the c.s.u. being down in the doldrums is being firmly placed mrs merkel's door these are all numbers that are heavily influenced by burl in politics i do not want to burn incense situation in the bavarian state parliament internal disputes hurt no matter what causes them i admit that things can get better in berlin but if you let your own personal ambition take over it becomes impossible to govern the c.f.c. with been hemorrhaging votes to the left down to the right of the political spectrum the green party looks set to make some big gains while the anti migrant alternative for germany party look almost nailed on to into the bavarian parliament
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for the first time this year series out of touch with the citizens of bavaria and a lot of people from the c.s.u. based thing similar to the way we do in the a.f.d. so many former c.s.u. voters have come over to us the world is changing but our is changing but the c.s.u. reacts with the same ideas people want different answers the bavarian prime minister has been doing his best to distance himself and his party at a state level from angola merkel's federal government going as far as to crack a little bit the only chancellor he would be seen outcome painting with would be said in courts of austria. it took until a merkel six months to call. well together the current ruling coalition they've
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only been in power since march but in the time they seem to have from crisis to crisis it's yes you will have to find a partner or a colleague. and it's most likely that this will be the green party because their great coalition between. will not work they will not score enough but you can see that the c.s.u. has no real is really on the policies aren't glimmer of hope and the people are just fed off of voting always for c.s.u. which has a very conservative profile in their political discourse but in the end they turn out to do just the same as more of more left leaning c.d.u. angela merkel the policy will most likely hold on to its majority vote bookies are taking bets on just how much it will be a row did and it could well be historic peace for all of us.
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a new u.n. report notes an appalling increase in the number of civilian casualties in afghanistan victims from bombings using improvised explosive devices or i e.d.s. have risen twenty one percent in the last year deaths from suicide attacks are even worse up forty six percent the report shares the story of a teenager injured in one such attack. i was taking part in a cricket match at the time after the game some of the guests were to give speeches but before those got underway i heard an explosion and saw a smoke assume my blood and realize i've been injured i started running there was a second explosion and i fell to the ground and lost consciousness it's in human to attack players it's a game monday marks seventeen years since the u.s. announced its invasion an offensive against the taliban despite the war the taliban has only increased its influence in recent years and now controls almost half the country. we now across lives to mark almond director of the u.k.'s crisis research
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institute oxford you're very welcome to the program so there's been a horrific rise in civilian casualties from suicide bomb attacks why do you think that is. where we're seeing the real radicalization of afghanistan on almost the syrian model if you like ironically as the civil war in syria has wound there's been an increase in violence in afghanistan and that's probably the most violent conflict in the world at the moment and. the use of i.e.d. the use of these kinds of attacks is way both spectacular it's also very unsettling because what it does is when these things take place in government buildings and in provincial headquarters it shows that the afghan government and its allies the americans the british and so on can't really control the situation it's intended to create an unsettling sense that there's no hope for the present government and we're beginning to see an erosion of any confidence that you can have a popular base government through elections and the taliban of course is able then
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to say that by by the way not the only people planting these bombs on or able to say we represent as it were a natural native solution to the problems of afghanistan when we took power back at the end of the nine hundred ninety s. we can the situation should be in terribly chaotic and civil war years after the end of the soviet occupation and they in a sense have a probably going to stick because we're going to say if we were back in charge it'll be tough to be disciplinary and but there will be peace whereas sadly the international intervention has not put its. so in your opinion can the u.s. still credibly continue to call the war in afghanistan a success. well no what happened was they were able effectively to suppress the al qaeda organization within afghanistan but they didn't then restore situation you could say britain and america from afghanistan recently through syria and libya and sure have shown we're very good at destroying things and smashing up our opponents but we don't we don't do reconstruction and
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just look at the fate of mosul in iraq or rock or in syria where it's all to the second world war america put western europe back together and that of course meant that a lot of america's former enemy said well actually being defeated by the americans is a good thing the japanese saw that now unfortunately people say why is this enormously rich and powerful country able to destroy its opponents in a few weeks and months but it doesn't put the electricity in the water system back it doesn't build roads by the time the americans got around to doing this almost eight or nine years after the initial invasion in two thousand the war of course hearts and minds have been lost and perhaps lost forever sadly at this point the u.s. has sent mixed signals are talking to the taliban are not what you think their attitude is at this point and towards the upcoming possible talks that will be taking place in moscow. whether divided councils in washington i think probably trump would like to disengage from any of these wars which are costly both money and men for the americans and not particularly successful on the other hand the pentagon doesn't
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want to admit defeat and the taliban of course sensing that perhaps it's getting close to the victory on its turfs doesn't feel the need to talk to the americans but the taliban also may feel that talking to russia talking to the neighbors were afghanistan in moscow will help to create a situation where. the post-war settlement in afghanistan will be acceptable to the neighbors because the tragedy of afghanistan of course for the last forty or more years part two hundred years has been that the powerful neighbors have. often into being to destabilize it and so the taliban may sense victory but they also want to have security if they're going to win and that means big acceptable to pakistan to iran to russia the central asian states hopefully also to america trying to mark aman director of the crisis research institute oxford thank you so much for joining us on the program more news after this short break.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one doesn't show you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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click welcome back over the weekend russian mixed martial arts fighter no my got me out of retained his title against ireland conor mcgregor but his victory was marred by scandal. the most eagerly anticipated contest in the ultimate fighting championship history on mcgregor has returned to the usa has been overshadowed by an ugly post fight brawl largely brawl broke out following the u.f.c. championship match in las vegas the purse fight punch up however didn't stop thousands of fans celebrating in his hometown and many said the violence was about standing up for it no money out of the country and religion by mcgregor the
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brasstown not only fans but sporting heavyweights as well. no tourists no memory versus team should be for it's unimaginable never thought it would go down like this crazy or the my fight riots you know it's bad when mike tyson himself the guy that did his opponent's ear off expresses shock and it was a free for all vengeful brutal star store room fueled mosh pit where knuckles did the talking and a great cliffhanger to set up for a rematch unfortunately it was also incredibly stupid it put people audience members in danger it was also entirely unnecessary i want to say. never other sort of. i know this is not my best side and all this is not my best so
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you know i'm here mobeen he talked about my religion you talk about my country you talk about my father here's where we are now have bieber jumped out of the cage first went for conan's coach who had been goading him for that his pay has been suspended and more penalties could be coming elimination even a number of his teammates who were also arrested for assault but released when coolness corner refused to press charges seems black and white. guilty except thank goodness for phone cameras was. the a boon or was not so innocent either. diving into the milling himself doing hunches that members of his beebs team he may have been the first to take a swing which would certainly put
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a twist on things and the press has picked up on that which would explain why donna white the head of the u.f.c. his tune down his criticism of bieber's corner initially he dressed down had bieber even refusing to give him his title belt bearing in mind that things could escalate but then now quiet a full investigation is underway and fans audience members have been asked to hand over their videos of the commission can reconstruct this whole mess see just how culpable both sides are and fans of following the example set by the heroes. of the old they've been a number of reports and footage of rival fans juking it out with each other in the
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aftermath of this fight but then again what did they expect they both kona and had bieber that teams their fans they cultivated this rivalry this hatred to a level that's out of control but hey conan is offered a rematch now why wouldn't that just sell mixed martial arts commentator robin black believes it was always mcgregor's game plan to go to be one mcgregor tries to go after people and use. words and ideas and go and see. things that try to elevate the temperature of the opponent he does it intentionally with the desire to make them emotional so that perhaps he can take advantage of that emotion this is a byproduct of that because mcgregor is unafraid to go to the dark places you'll say things about family you'll say things about country will say things about about it even make reference to religion he's not afraid of or to do any of those things but once you open that box once you start to open that box and you go into some of
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those those more emotionally triggering powerful things people react and this is an extension of that would be the temperature has raised at the top. a controversial right wing politician dubbed the trump of the tropics has won the first round of brazil's presidential election by a large margin however. failed to secure the fifty percent needed to about a second round off his supporters are crying fraud and have taken to the streets and protest. oh good. things you know i feel pain and anguish because i know we didn't have a truly democratic elections. if there was
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a second round i would feel frustrated and one hundred percent sure that there was fraud ahead of the election there were numerous proton's protests against the candidates see thousands taking part across the country his brush remarks on women and guns for example had exposed and deepened divisions and brazilian society and frequently provoked shock. joy at the way we. were just going. to. the you get. bill goes for the left wing candidate from the former ruling party which has been plagued by corruption scandals came second with twenty nine percent versus bill snarls forty six percent head to head at the end of the month. that's our breakdown of the day's top headlines for now but i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest thanks for tuning in.
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washington's ambassador to nato threatens to take out russian missiles and the u.s. interior secretary threatens a naval blockade of russia is the trump doctrine finally revealed. to us a sign explaining to this idea of the u.s. dollar reserve currency empire they've built over a post world war two era where everyone gets a debt to the america and pays homage to america china russia iran africa name it
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they're all saying now we want markopolos up even trump wants markopolos up we want to go for it we want to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization anymore. this is crude oil. soon they need to actually physically hold it out of the ground you would have well well. there's a lot of money with fuel and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a hundred thousand dollars you're. pretty sure. you're a newbie and. they were told sixty dollars a day hard work will work it's not easy work and so they want to relieve their
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stress and how do they relieve the stress these men that outweigh his men that come for these many. people who've been murdered up here people been raped there are massive drug issues up here you have a boom. everything else that comes along with money. what holds its institutions a little. bit put themselves on the laws. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be rich. have to be right to be cross this is what the four three of them all can't be good but. i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. question.
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some seem wrong all right old roles just don't call. me old yet to say proud disdain comes to educate and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze at the war in yemen is getting more complicated by the day with an imminent humanitarian disaster looming over the
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warring factions can anything be done or is it too late today i talked to former foreign minister of yemen dr. out here be. the war in yemen is taking a new term. strategic borders spread across the south calling for a partition of the country. threatening yemen with full time and any kind of solution be reached at this point is a victory possible for any warring sides and what are the ways out of the current stalemate. dr abu bakar a. former foreign minister of yemen welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us now dr s. the situation in yemen wasn't complicated enough protests have now broken out in the south of the country where the south and transitional council supposedly backed by the united arab emirates calling for a popular uprising to restore independence of south yemen is yemen had it into
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complete collapse. situation is very serious and deteriorating by the day because you know serious action has been taken by either the government of yemen or by the international community and sponsors of the peace in yemen and because of the loss of direction and loss of ability to and that is turned really the basic of all these conflicts and. the many layers and the conflict since the situation is deteriorating and will continue to deteriorate unfortunately the issue.


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