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into the reception center at the church of the sacred heart it's barely five hundred meters. a short journey but loaded with tension. the end of fear unmasks infinite tiredness uncertainty is etched on every face. for this new life that begins today they barely have enough clothes and documents to fill a plastic bag. smiles and applause relaxed and you come us. they'll spend a few hours in this shelter. you know. just to show or eat change their clothing before returning to the station and catching
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a bus. that will take them to a temporary destination in the united states. what . do you have and i. want them. because i've been in long beach. and an american ok long beach. but. i don't ever give up. the second. is that it is because that there. was an impact on the part of the seller last become a part of. their response is always follow the same path and just hours ago they crossed the rio grande by boat after paying the coyote for a fifty dollars per person journey. the border patrols intercepted them and they
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don't have criminal records that's why they're permitted to live at the home of a relative or friend until a judge decides their final destination either within the united states for back in their own country. that supports or you know. i don't know yet you know up with. manuel grew up in the land of drug dealers in honduras he had a banana plantation the one day a neighbor threatened him to hand over his land or end up in castellated along with his son manuel said goodbye to his mother and brothers and just after crossing mexico they boarded la bestia. first.
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simple i want to become a mentor and i wondered. what it but it. was almost i had a growth. in the world he. bet all. along to america. and it. is. going to. put a lot of thought. his name is also man well and he to escape from honduras from a sense of impunity in
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a violent gang from poverty from anything that makes a twenty year old kid take the most dangerous trip of his life alone with a baby. laid it. on the. i want to hold it. and ask him not the. idea. this is going to. saudi i was fed up with being attacked by a children's father and she feared for her oldest boy's life. by you know coming
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out of. the gangs of el salvador treat a child's life as a military with only two options refused to let your son julian and they kill him or agree and all you can do is wait for his funeral and they know you're going to get up a little bit but i don't see those things everybody is not going to some of us about to make up are we to be asked to be. we will soon begin the construction of a great great wall was our southern border. there's a lot here i brownsville and the house and i guess that means. i start sunday ago in california michael phelps he called i did is mean there's tea and toast you don't need to roast different that are going to be done a lot then there's those of us they'll shoot medical news i'm in there and moved or i am difficult to say this and they're all i mean everything doesn't mean they got that oh but all of us here do president of the look at the bill clinton you didn't
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don't see this i thought i said it was three though you know you don't mean to say that he'd want that theo delivery corridor but i'll carry their brown's will i start until you know inner city most close or they're either going to lead us to see the corner to the market i think about a governor yes who stores don't look at them as honest as palace is the idea i looked at a little this is those needles the almost like yes i was and did i know the yup innocent or mental illness idea is the medical stuff and that i didn't feel whole a persona as a community are the cooler get don't know the outdoor gluten and don't know me younger personas galatea eaters the internet they can have their requests set and i mean some communities there's a whole community el sistema i mean in those mean theon me on this there are this idea yourself under this idea or. brownsville it's like they're not that i'm a get it they feed the army and they set out. get that meaning it sort of does mean
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you know me going to. say but out of if there aren't there are thousand of those then if he can. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. the no border between texas and mexico it's a source of life and death. to the bodies of immigrants sprout from its waters. the river is for the moment the last obstacle the salvadorians under ins and guatemalans have to face in their escape. mexicans on the other hand usually pass through border post with a visa and stay in the united states after their permit expires.
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thank you know. they monitor every meter of the border for the americans they are the border patrol's for hispanics they are simply. there are about nine thousand in texas and president donald trump expects many more in the coming months. i just go see i mean i'm. sure you.
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some people of course. see it was. because of the fear. in recent years border control measures have been stepped up. in addition to aerial surveillance with their ships and helicopters there are even sensors hidden away among the bushes and shrubs. many say they're already sufficient measures to make a wall unnecessary. and. that's.
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one of the early. there is that in the u.s. where you. see you know. they need to. get. when the last look is by knowledge if you look korean this by no you know but i got there we know how to keep. women and i mean when i hear one mile equal a lot of well if. i could go through it and i was glad to try rio de leo you know that if i mean. what i want and one of my ruperto escobar belongs to a long line of texas ranches get his farm overlooks the rio grande from there he extracts water to irrigate the crops to provide feed for his cattle you know. i
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said yes but that's. one of the few people. i give a little. wildly with i mean. i know what i said. you know. like you seem to. cease repair so is one of the hundreds of ranches affected by the possible construction of president trumps long and promised wolf. his phone would be split into. products under restart until one year of us. is pussy. not saddam was on the right as a mortal. he carries a president. who i merely here is telling you he's here.
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and when i say what he does yes. or no moral. they don't. get him. but. you know. not good. but. what. is real. roberto's case shows that the possible construction of the law which has yet to appear in any budgetary planning could provoke a trust chain of demands that would delay it indefinitely. he says i mean on the puzzle let me get
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a. number going to. see me from. you know what i was getting on the. does oppose one of the faces gimmicks and that's the. you know one of. our when i. when i when i mean you. know. you know you. i. don't think. the. thank yous to. the mother. i want.
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even though all of. them but i will. get there in the. chemically if. they're shady if. the raiders security depends on not in question. is the democratically elected county sheriff that forces him to be very sensitive to the problems that concern his neighbors and the wall is a big concern. if i want to.
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say. to the border. has launched what he calls a smoked operation. with the health of war veterans they plan to control the border using drones sensis surveillance cameras but. technology instead of concrete the proposal has already been submitted to washington. it couldn't. be the guy most look at the memo. and. i. think it. will modal out of bed and. not going to. be any
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book about said about the. no kid in the. but. you know was there. there was somebody out or moodle. who you know. what i'm getting. rid of is right on the border where the movement of people is at the peak shopping centers prosperous thanks to mexicans buying goods. in fact laredo and. one in the same city divided by a river and by two different flags. from
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one. hundred. at dusk the brownsville border post is filled with young people who study in the united states but live in mexico. some because of family ties others because they find it cheaper despite the toll that must be paid each time they cross the bridge. with all of them i. don't know much of the.
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defending people are always ok i just get the poconos i think and think i mean you know what i mean because i think. that is what. unfortunately the united nations security council in this approach to yemen is going to turn this into the speech of employees it affords as many months or two months and then that is introduce when leaks to the owners and i mean put them into present into the security council would make these statements which are always if you do. you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig
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deeper to hit the stories that midstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the us assign explaining to this idea of the us dollar reserve currency empire they've built over post world war two hero for everyone gets into debt to the america and pays homage to america china russia iran africa and they're all saying now we want markets all as a trump wants markopolos up they wanted for it we wanted to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization anymore.
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this is crude oil. so they need to actually physically hold it out of the grass he would have well well well well. well. there's a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year. for the issue. here in the. they work well sixteen hours a day hard work well work is not easy. and so they want to relieve their stress of how do they relieve their stress. these and then move that out like. that comfort that. people are going to.
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saudi journalist vanishes into the queue with reports that he's been killed inside the saudi. basically denies the allegations. dismissing claims that russia china the you know the chemical weapons watch the piece and w. back in april saying that it was just a routine visit to the hague but that son presents the incident as being a special operation by a russian military intelligence service the g.r.u. . breaking mixed martial law champion. has returned home to a hero's welcome in russia's republic of dagestan a.


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