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tv   Sophie Co  RT  October 12, 2018 10:30pm-10:53pm EDT

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in this environment. the way to the united states is dangerous for moose to the illegal immigrants. from. the simple they want to. put as many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities. franco mom. i've got them in a lot of. water they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all. the. political from both of you out to a few of the most of the. this
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is fire in syria's last rebel stronghold taking root does that mean that the end of the civilian suffering in the country is finally in sight i ask. special advisor to the united nations special envoy for syria. after a ceasefire in serious brings hope for the beleaguered civilians of the country below in the promises to stem the flow or refugees but will the truce hold for much longer with both rebels and government forces trying to have a go at each other again how will the outside powers keep hawks on both sides at bay and who will help those caught in the. cross-hairs yan aggieland have dinner
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wage and refugee council and the special advisor to the united nations special envoy for syria welcome to the show great to have you with us today. good to be with you c.n.n. in syria and in the turkey russian agreement about creating a militarized zone and striking a cease fire is holding russia's foreign minister says that it is going according to plan the turks concur you are pessimistic about twenty eighteen for syrians before do you still not believe in light at the end of the tunnel. well i am really relieved that there was an agreement for it i was very among those who have very very concern for the three million said billions in need and i think what russia and turkey did was was really bringing the glimmer of hope to syria and showing that diplomacy can win. but it's a pity we didn't have the same kind of agreements in aleppo and he's done good and
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that's where but we got it in it to hopefully it will hold it's still not over and it looks so pretty as deals with rebels provide it those who do not wish to reconcile with a chance to be bussed to italy does that mean that it is now home to the most it were concise i will rebels you know i mean some of those be added guyse are a pretty. pretty pretty extreme and indeed it's i'm glad you mentioned this because indeed what russian diplomats and others did was to negotiate. deals with these groups so that they left the south and east england and as well ended up in a dip now i at times here know we don't negotiate with terrorists we never negotiate with terrorists well that was already deals with these groups hopefully that can be also deals to ended peacefully with all of the groups it's not over if
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one is going to fight those. listed terrorist groups it could and gulf a million of the three million people in horrific fighting we have to avoid that so the previous boss deals where they hardliner militants would hop into buses and lived a battlefield given safe passage by asaad it worked ok can anything like that be arranged for italy where could they were concert halls go or we transported. i don't know really it said there is no it lived for the people in it live. and what i hear from from some russian and turkish diplomats is that it's it has to end in in in it live and some pretty. concise liberal in the language they have to be eliminated and
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a lot of that kind of language which makes me nervous if if you give hard line has no option but to fight to the last man a man with a gun which would also mean to fight to the last civilian it's it's it's really bad for four women children civilians there so i hope and pray that the good russian diplomats military and other and turkish ones involved will go the extra mile to try to negotiate a peaceful end with all of the activists in it so last year he had made it that you failed to protect and evacuate civilians from rebel held city as in syria what went wrong what could you have really done anyway. well it's my job to be a humanitarian spokesman i lead the human inherent force of the international syria support group where russia on the united states and iran and turkey and saudi
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arabia and north of the countries involved sit so i've failed to convince those member states of the u.n. who have influence to make egremont student go shit an end to influence the parties on the ground when we see that places like east and aleppo eastern ghouta or for that matter iraq which was attacked by by by a west then led to a coalition they they went up in flames and one thing i think we need to be much having much more frank discussion in the future is that the war on terror as it is done by the united states by russia by iran by turkey this is. too tough on the civilians really so that they can dance of terror are primarily found in places like syria it's the syrian civilians who bleed from
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terrorism and when you end up by liberating a place. or creating a a place by destroying it completely and having that all of the civilians free for their lives i think one should search for another way to winning and can you do anything about it now i mean ethan every battle really breaks out what can you do this time to make sure civilians are ass safe as possible with my my plea now to shoot. the good people in on the both russian and check your site. in the lead to on this agreement is go the extra mile really to find negotiate a solution laying down of a i don't know amnesties. that could be mini agreements with
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these. men. thinking of the children that are next to them several of the militant groups seem already to have. peace fully integrated they have gone over to more peaceful groups they have taken out there have the have the from the so-called demilitarized zone of the buffer zone that was negotiated that has been agreement with with with many groups that can also be with the osce the last ones one can negotiate an end to it with more groups than you would believe i know that it's it's probably impossible to negotiate with the islamic state but with the next rug roups that passed already been in agreement they went bust many of them as you reminded us to have to step into mr i has called for a humanitarian corridor to be established and to that hit civilians in case the battle for it live starts do you think that's
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a realistic plan. you know what the stuff on my my colleague and good friend said was we need to have a chuen it is for civilians to escape the fighting this was before the possible war in in it and before the russian kish deal so what can be done indeed is safe passage. not necessary corridos but those are complicated to establish red negotiate than that to be de-militarized and all of that we just need freedom of movement for civilians and for humanitarians to the civilians in all directions and i think they said billions for example in areas where there would be no fight this way that can still be a lot of fighting they some of them want to go elsewhere in it live some may want to go to the a three in the area or the opposition or turkish controlled areas some
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may want to go to the government controlled areas somewhere may want to go to turkey has south they should have an option to go where it is safe for them so in two thousand and six in lebanon you condemn hezbollah for having among civilians and he said that this tactic leaves their enemies with no choice but to attack civilian infrastructure now talking about syria you say the opposite that the fact that terrorists hide among civilians should not justify urban warfare what made you change your mind. it's that is exactly the same argument then as now i plead to opposition groups including so-called terrorists and those who are listed terrorists to not blend into the civilian population and i've said so many times to the groups in the clip do not go down by taking with you innocent civilians
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do not tight next to civilians next to schools in hospitals and elsewhere young ok so that means that you are basically a pilling to their honor. they are handing honor isn't that kind of naive to appeal to their honor well i don't know whether they have honor or not they talk a lot about on of these groups and the islam acknowledged and all. would say that. ok the nuestra fronts have put trade themselves as a defender of the civilian population in syria that's what they claim their actions have been different really. my appeal to them and those who have supported them is to say do not have your legacy as. grown men. you know hiding behind and shielding yourselves.
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behind children so it's extremists use civilians as cover and deny the civilians departed to flee the violence as was the case in aleppo and what are they soldiers supposed to do with those militants. that to use military means that a knock on discriminants so for example if you have an air force it was exactly the same in iraq that were held by the islamic state one shouldn't use explosive enormous explosive weapons in heavily and then strip populated areas when there are . terrorists so it's you go through with a ground offensive is better much more targeted. warfare if you can the law is pretty clear really and it's not in muting with the terrorists armed men. within the civilian population has been a problem through the time we've had humanitarian law and the responsibility
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to shield to civilian population to think of the civilian population has always been there and a good general knows how to put it to protect civilians right now we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to young adolescent the special advisor to the united nations special envoy for syria discussing those . and then we would like to facilitate it but it's really up to the refugees themselves just to decide when they feel it's safe to return so last are you sad that the united nations on the one hand has managed to reach more civilians in need of help but on the other hand fails to protect them how can the u.n. protect the syrian case should there be divisions of u.n. blue helmets guarding civilians and lift. no i'm talking about humanitarian protection as a humanitarian i've been a humanitarian for too many yes more than thirty s.
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. and we've always had assistance handing out things that keep people alive as part of our mandate the other one is to protect them from abuse women from being raped you know children from being abused and abducted made into child soldiers and men from being betrayed or arrested and tortured how can we do that by being present among the people by being witnesses to what you said it is said to be a witness to the world and have advocacy on on on behalf of these people and indeed in syria i think we've been remarkably successful in order of the areas that was not were not besieged in all of the areas that well it was access with pat. more or less pretty successful assistance program but too many people have have been
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killed too many people have been wounded too many people have been had to flee from violence that's a protection crisis now i know you asked for additional funding for it those displaced in the fighting in it but to countries have helped so far why do you think the countries which are struggling to stem the flow of refugees from syria are stingy when it comes to helping these people at home. well i think in general in general the syria response have been more generous another response it's been many many billions of dollars several billion dollars spent each year the last five or six yes the world has been much more stingy in income goal when in somalia and in mali and in too many other central african republic. where i would visit it's a place that is really forgotten. however it's true that some of these areas where
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there are terrorist groups or with it's been shifting control from. mission control to government control for example that's been suddenly less funding and i find that politically motivated i don't like it at all but it's. and it's now we actually have less funding for it because. they have. and the civilians next one you know end up by being bombed by the russians and not having assistance from the western countries because nostra became then they were really punishing they say poor civilians twice. so the russian turkish dale basically is all about two things state de-militarized stone and the reopening of a highway that runs through rebel held territory so even the d.m.z. itself is basically a stretch of land around the wrote was
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a highway so important as to be mentioned in the greenman then what will reopening it mean for peace. or the highway is very important because it's a place for civilians to travel on their own in their own country and to relatives and to safety and and or return if the need is there and also for commercial life to flourish again even if the it clip. was a was was can still be a very productive area then they need transport but it goes the deal is also very much more it is as i see it way to avoid such a full scale war and where the two most influential. countries tick and russia say let us work together with sitting on a posting sites here actually of the table and deal with this
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a sensible people in the in the negotiation and they did it shows that diplomacy can win i wish we had seen it in more places i'm very glad we saw it and it could they opened become a point of contention that flare up the fight again. it would be if if any groups found out that they wanted to take it for strategic reasons or close it i think now that russia and turkey agrees that it should stay open i think it will stay open but it depends also on the on the on the talks with the local groups so far it's been going well in the mentation i was leading a meeting where both russia and turkey and sent key member states were present and i congratulated the that the local media just for for progress really i am i'm
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hopeful that we can avoid more civilian bloodshed in italy reza nasa has called the russian turkey deal a temporary measure talking to his loyalists he always insists that he wants to whole of the country back on are there i'm in control but with his allies russia and iran not keen on fighting a battle will he be able to do it alone. i think. russia. or so iran are right good. to have had to have the responsibility because the three of them have gone in heavily in this area there was a gulf countries who have been supporting armed opposition groups the western countries have been supporting. groups there really to some extent this has been a proxy war and. the countries have not only
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a lot of influence they have also had the responsibility i hope and pray that iran and turkey would stay the course in make sure that this is a more peaceful corner for the extension and not just as a temporary singing and my impression is that they want this place to have iranians as i have to deter as they have to the americans and the europeans and the gulf countries and of us that's how i can also do my job as a humanitarian humanitarian i have no interest in the political outcome i'm there to to advance the case the course of the civilians in the neutral in posh independent. now thank you very much for the century good luck with everything continue doing that mazen job that you're doing we're talking to you egeland had of the original refugee council this special advisor to the united nations special
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envoy for syria discussing whether the latest cease fire in syria is going to help to finally and the war that's it for this edition of cell phone call so next. hillary clinton says civility can only return when the democrats are back in power former obama a.g. eric holder has coined a new phrase when they go low we kick them without a doubt both statements can be dismissed as political banter as the midterms loom but it would seem no one can claim much virtue and civility in this environment.
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the headlines here an arch international facebook's steps up its fight against fake news axing hundreds of pages and a town. opens its arms and
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a warm welcome to the two astronauts are scared to death on thursday an aborted rocket launch and their journey in midair crash landed in kazakhstan. and a special operation by the crown prince us media reports that riyadh planned the detention of the saudi journalist who disappeared in turkey last week and that american intelligence was aware of the threat. can find those full stories over on our website r.t. dot com.


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