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tv   News  RT  October 13, 2018 6:00am-6:19am EDT

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the u.s. security chief calls on saudi arabia to release details of the investigation into a journalist's disappearance in turkey we've got live reaction on the story coming up this hour. also ahead facebook is investigating which left millions of users days of day after launching a content. hundreds. this is clearly a political move when you have major tech companies pointing themselves as the gatekeepers of political thought we've been experiencing censorship throwing. everything you need and. acting back thirty days. biggest state heads to the polls tomorrow with the right wing party predicted to
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get its first seats there are key party members. are. their agenda. this is very well known. the. kind of. iran the clock across the world this is r t international from the team and myself you know neal hello and welcome our top story this hour the u.s. is finding itself charting a tricky course over the disappearance of a dissident saudi journalist in turkey while president trump speaks about protecting america's multi-billion dollar business with the saudis the u.s. national security adviser is cautiously pushing for riyadh to swiftly share the
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facts. i think the saudis themselves are being damaged because we don't have the facts out there's obviously been historical animosity between turkey and saudi arabia we have our own difficulties with turkey at the moment well jamal khashoggi was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul. the second no one's heard from him since turkey is not officially accuse riyadh of being involved but multiple reports claim its intelligence services have evidence that not only was kidnapped but also killed so if you're mentally in the involvement meanwhile there are several reports emerging that the u.s. reportedly news of alleged plans to capture news outlets are claiming the saudi crown prince ordered an operation to detain him correspondent at the scuffs the allegations on the program earlier bullishly the trumpet ministration was rather
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slow in responding to the disappearance and this really may indicate why earlier in the week reports surface that the u.s. had intercepts of saudi officials discussing a plot to lure him back to saudi arabia and detain him there now he's of course been living in the u.s. for about a year now at this point and he writes for the washington post he's a journalist and a lot of his articles are rather critical of the saudi government now it's unclear when the u.s. may have intercepted this intelligence and if they may have acted on it but it does raise quite a few questions not least of which being whether or not they had a responsibility to warn the journalist that his life might be in danger in some way shape or form now on wednesday a state department official did come out saying that they did not have any prior knowledge of the incident though and again it's gone. i can see the united states had no advanced knowledge of to show his disappearance. so while these reports are based on you know again unnamed sources more than one allen says to have confirmed
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them at this point and then one has to wonder whether or not this is a situation where the left hand just doesn't know what the right is doing then in the u.s. government because at the same time we have a group of almost two dozen senators who are up in arms about the situation if we find out that they were complicit or the rest of the city is way. over the edge of like that is appropriate this is serious and if this did happen it is increasingly likely that something bad happened to this man at the hands of the saudi government has contempt for us. disrespectful to i think it's important in this situation that we we don't overreact around the reactor we need to get the facts and i know that's a startling proposition for the united states congress that we should get the facts before we act let's get some insight go live to beirut and world of furze journalist martin j.
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martin good to have you on the show the us national security chief diets on turkey's claims i'm just reading through his statement really pointing to the long held on the moss the between turkey and saudi arabia saying another operation may have taken place it is quite vague what that means what do you think he is implying here. it's difficult to know this stage but it is central to this entire issue of the relationship that saudi arabia and turkey has together sources of mine in in istanbul have been telling me for the last few days one of the reasons why we've had this sporadic rather illogical outburst of inconsistent statements from the turkish police sometimes some statements restudy even add up which don't even follow one another the reason for this is there was the turks tried to put together a deal for saudi for saudi arabia a way out for the saudis and what i'm hearing i mean in the last couple of days
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things one king summons top aides has been sent to ankara to talk to edward and we're hearing reports of a deal with would you vote five billion dollars whether that's five b. in those investments or some sort of grant to do whatever mr wants to do that we don't know but you know this has had a real effect on the ferocity of a lot of validity of the information that's being bandied about so you know it's i think is still very much early days but it's interesting the relationship now which the americans have with turrets which since yesterday has transformed so much better much more sustainable and viable once channels can be opened now between america and turkey which they couldn't before yeah what you're speaking about i suppose if that is verified that opens up a whole lot more questions doesn't it as best as i can make out martin turkey has been directly accused saudi arabia of involvement but over the past few days officials are being reported saying that there is solid audio video evidence that
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a murder has been committed if that evidence does exist therefore why do you think at this stage it isn't being shared or released. because a i think there's a deal being struck here i mean in the middle east you've got to understand that saudi arabia and turkey for the last few years of been an odds with one another turkey is an investment conference to be held later this month but donald trump is not yielding as of yet kill up and brings us more. if you thought that the disappearance of a saudi journalist in turkey would hurt ties between riyadh and washington wrong military and diplomatic ties are closer than ever and donald trump recently spoke up about why that is i don't like the concept of stopping an investment of one hundred ten billion dollars into the united states. because you don't think it to do they're going to take that money and spend it in russia or china or someplace
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else the media was pretty shaken by his honesty if the saudis are responsible and this is the bully that everyone elected to push around the world leaders said it would not be a good thing at all look at the messages he sent we don't mind dictatorship we have no interest in human rights in your country saudi has been a client of the united states close relationship for a long time the administration and saudi arabia figure that they were so comfortable in their relationship with donald trump that they can give the green light time seems to be admitting that u.s. policy in the middle east is not really about some moral impulse to spread freedom or humanitarian concerns he seems to be admitting that it's about money and selling military hardware the human rights record of saudi arabia has remained the same for decades but that's never stopped u.s. presidents from swooning over the saudi royal family.
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has a way of launching into truth tantrums unloading unspoken realities about international relations for example this is his take on the u.s. invasion of iraq old expression to the victor belong the spoils you remember. he always used to say keep the oil if we kept you and you probably wouldn't have isis because that's where they made the money in the first place so we should keep the oil but ok trump recently acknowledged that south korea is not completely sovereign in its actions like when south korea mulled over the possibility of easing relations with the north well they won't do it without or approve. they do nothing without a roof so to be clear donald trump is not changing u.s. foreign policy he loves the saudis he loves bossing south korea around and he is
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not talking about cutting the huge military budget however he's getting rid of a lot of the smoke and mirrors and telling things as they actually are caleb mop and r.t. new york. facebook is finally revealing some details of the hook in september which compromise millions of its users the social media giant sees it is working closely with the f.b.i. to find who's behind. the attackers already controlled a set of accounts which were connected to facebook friends they used an automated technique to move from account to account so they could steal the axis tokens of those friends and for friends of those friends and so on totaling about four hundred thousand people originally fifty million users were estimated to have been affected but today that number was reduced to about thirty million now the hacker started with a group of about four hundred thousand people and then use those accounts to expand it to about thirty million people so one can imagine how alarmed users must be
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after in trusting their private information to facebook now the hacking resulted in fifteen million users having their names and contact details disclosed and dish and fourteen million had all their personal info disclosed but this isn't the first time this has happened to facebook of course earlier this year millions of users were hacked by cambridge analytic a tech firm it's worth noting that the f.b.i. who is investigating the incident asked facebook not to discuss who could possibly be behind the attacks so it'll be interesting to see who they find responsible hopefully not the usual suspect illegal and media analysts lionel say his facebook should concentrate moral and security policing content. they're the main suspect their negligence the fact that they're paying attention far too much to what somebody is saying then to the internal security of their system they're to
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blame they're the ones here me to tell me that in the year almost twenty nineteen they have not figured out how to protect names yet this also screams out for the internet bill of rights all over the world you see that's what facebook should be paying attention to but instead all no no it's worried about shutting down. and pages that nobody would have even known about had they not done this americans and the world are saying what are you going to do about it why don't you care as much about our personal safety our data our information as you do and our opinions which you may not agree with that's the issue where the news of the hucking investigation comes a day after facebook shut done hundreds of pages on the consulates accuses of being misleading but we spoke to some of those affected by facebook's latest purge they say the tech giant is policing people who speak out against the status quo.
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we've been experiencing self-censorship throttling. everything you need to be going there and you can stand back to back thirty days barron's multiple times so facebook is slowly but surely going trying to push this out. our ideology use the information that we're putting out there even though it's space to use and liberty to try to eradicate it from the platform threatens the status quo. contradicts the mainstream media very slow because kind of blur the lines that. to go from inclusion. as well as pressure from government specialists in the last few months so i don't think it's safe to say that their private entity completely in that sense. you have these major tech companies appointing themselves as the gatekeepers of political thought well that is clearly
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a political move i was told that this was because of spamming. you know we are mass collectively. pushing our information on people or that it was operated from a fake account all of these things are true the information that i post or used to post on facebook was information that i produced on my website which goes against the government it goes against the status quo and i think that's what we are dealing with here today. because a lot of or lack of doing anything about supposedly lection meddling in the two thousand sixteen election but in my opinion this could actually be perceived as facebook itself meddling in elections because we're only a few weeks away from the midterms and they go in target eight hundred politically oriented facebook pages for deletion and and. you know coincidentally or not the a lot of these pages happen to fall into a certain category which is
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a very anti-establishment anti-authoritarian kind of niche of people who maybe have a very different take on the upcoming elections than you would typically see on your liberal or conservative media we're back with more of saturday's big news stories and ninety seconds.
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you cannot operate as united nations this is not just wouldn't but un d.p. world health organization and in fact other international organizations like the international committee of the red cross you cannot work in a place like gaza with pragmatic cooperation with the locals or of jews which are hamas in this case here or has been for most of the last few years. hello again voters in germany's biggest region will elect their next government on sunday the right wing alternative for germany party is expected to enter but various parliament for the first time according to polls looking at how the
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political landscape currently lies here on the society. time is ticking away and the hegemon states if they vary the state's election campaign come to a place that even the polls say it's time for a system party to end the medical c.d.u. c.s.u. . the enterprise conducts a fleet wide inspection of the fuel to within the engine if known good fuel tubes are already. all those aircraft will be returned to flight status. not. kevin's here in half an hour with the latest new dates this saturday afternoon in the meantime let's catch up with some more great programs.
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with make this manufactured consensus public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round. the one percent. going all middle of the room sick. to read you can write i walk
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in to the cell and if you need anything bang all door come see what you want that was earl the whole time he was on the road he was. scared to have it. all as they were for me my mom did it came see a problem a swimsuit. mostly was that i had to see. what i did. two weeks before earl's date of the execution the guards came to transport him to the death house in richmond. a charity mob put him in a way straight handcuffs shackles and then walk him out. to a drug him out and meanwhile everybody's banging on the door or the cross of the guards.


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