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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:27pm EDT

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the headlines u.s. president donald trump vows to punish saudi arabia over its alleged involvement of parents of a distant journalist with business brains on in washington trying to stall on protecting the billions of dollars at stake when it comes to riyadh as to whether or not we should stop one hundred ten billion dollars from being spent in this country knowing that they have four or five alternatives two very good alternatives that would not be acceptable to big. historic results could be about to shake the german state of bavaria as residents prepared to take to the polls on sunday but the alternative for germany party on the verge of breaking new ground in the country. and the recent study finds a third of young americans are too unfit to serve in the army as the battle against
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obesity commences in the ranks of the u.s. military to promote a healthier lifestyle. you can read all about those stories on our t. dot com i'll be back with the headlines again in about an hour in the meantime here on r.t. international coming up next it's going underground if you're watching in the u.k. sputnik coming your way. after eternity and just ahead of the deadline for u.k. backed rebel groups to withdraw from syria we go on the ground with my own prize for journalism finalist for this ability to ask her what she saw firsthand when she interviewed a u.k. funded one child leader allegedly linked to terrorists and does the u.k. fire brigades union joins one hundred we speak with the general secretary about the two. cuts putting his members at risk plus how come climate change on
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a get was three years away last year no it's the first british politicians returned to parliament to question to resume his defacto governing coalition is now in doubt after a threat to vote down this month's u.k. budget for favorite to be next prime minister jeremy corbyn budget of sterett he was on his mind eight years of painful austerity poverty is up homeless person deaths on our street is up living standards down public service is slashed and a million elderly are not getting the care they need wages have been eroded and the oh mr speaker all the while billions were found for tax giveaways to big corporations and. tourism ignored the bank bailouts and said labor spending was the problem we know what would really hurt working people neighbors would cost one trillion. one thousand billion pounds of people's money uncontrolled by
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worrying spiralling taxes working people paying the price of labor yet again labor taking us but to square one ignoring where the country is born by britain into square one at the cost of thousands of millions to resume also celebrated the british military at this week's pm queues given it was world mental health day ensuring that we recognise those physical and mental injuries is important and we should never forget those who have laid down their lives and for our security but our british bombs targeted by british soldiers on syria right now every day really for our freedom and security and a better journalist but as a b. the has been on the ground in syria where the u.k. ministry of defense told this program the u.k. is bombing every single day according to latest figures he joins me via skype from bordeaux in france for his thanks for going back on before we get to your latest revelations from your reporting and. syria your reaction to the resignation of the
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us about so the u.n. nikki haley of see back warn us southerners called a moderate in the new york times for instance well a moderate neo con for sure i mean they clamor of approval from various israeli entities following her shock resignation. i guess all of us thought that after samantha power it couldn't get any worse and then nikki haley arrived and basically justified they israeli aggression against the palestinian protesters. tried to justify falsely they are rainy and involvement in the yemeni war that justified of course the u.s. supply of cluster bombs and other munitions to the saudi kurdish and to effectively korea a genocide against the yemeni people. and of course has supported. they u.s. coalition campaigning for regime change inside syria that is resulted in an eight
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year war and the collective punishment of the majority of the syrian people who support their state and their army in their defense of their homeland against the coalition terrorist forces that haiti has provided cover for if you just say obviously british cluster bombs used against children in yemen have been demonstrated to be prior export in case the british government is watching that you've just come back from syria it's got to the news here in britain for a while suddenly we're getting reports you don't say but they did b.b.c. from the source to camera footage inside lip of life basically being threatened by our side of syria out of the d.m.z. the demilitarized zone in the edge of what's your take on the well yeah i mean i followed jeremy bowens report he actually followed my footsteps into the christian for the just that border. and the terrorist organizations that are ink. in that i
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mean what i find quite extraordinary is that in boeing's written report of course the blame is laid squarely at the fate of the syrian government in the syrian state whilst ignoring the fact that all areas that have been previously liberated by the syrian forces and its allies now are witness to the peace and stability that syria had prior to two thousand and eleven prior to this manufactured our pricing. refugees are returning home in their droves from lebanon from neighboring countries jordan is discussing the opening of trade borders in the south so we're seeing a revival of syria in those liberated areas but also additionally to that of course the terrorist groups that were basically about to ated from the liberated areas have all ended up in adelaide but somehow this fact is basically eradicated by the b.b.c. report the written report by by and lose your defense told us this week that the
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u.k. is bombing syria every day the latest figures they've given us a list dyess motorcyclists and so forth i knew that's a little further away from where you be maybe in the student syria would your understanding of what british taxpayer paid paveway bring certain pelf missiles are doing for british protection we have a history of the us coalition targeting the syrian arab army forces that are battling terrorism inside syria say their target isis. yes of course they say that but in september two thousand and sixteen let's not forget that the r.a.f. with involved with its report your own in the u.s. coalition bombing of syrian arab army forces that massacred seventy two of those forces and enabled the advances of isis interest to teach it positions that threatened civilians in doubt is all let's also not forget that while the british and he is claiming to be targeting isis as is the us coalition there is isis fighters came in. from the east from the direction of u.s.
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military base and massacred two hundred seventy civilians while they lay sleeping in this way the province both in the countryside and in the city itself how did those isis terrorists manage to cross bost areas desert plains and open land without being detected and without being stopped by the u.s. coalition and without being bombed by the british see as they're claiming how did that massacre happen and why also did the b.b.c. not report upon that massacre jeremy bowen was just in syria he visited he did not visit the scene of one of the bloodiest massacres of the eight year war neither did channel four neither did any of the media entities in the u.k. that i'm aware of why was this massacre ignored is it because there is cooley's in between the u.s. coalition and the isis forces in an attempt to destabilize syria in venice again to
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the british media the supporters does the british government support the white helmet along with the joke oxidation here and of course israel i understand you in syria talked to a white helmet leader on the ground what did he tell you yeah i mean basically during part of my trip by and the city of. in fact and men share and they alomari mosque which of course was the scene of the early reports over the so-called uprising in syria that our ballot is an interesting situation this is an area still under control of the armed groups or certain armed groups that have not accepted reconciliation but who are working on the goshi ating with the syrian government with the russian military places garden tools so we entered an area which is still under the control of those armed groups that i mentioned. we entered
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a functioning white helmet center now what was interesting is the presumption by those white helmets was that because i was british i was sympathetic to that course so the conversation immediately turned to that funding the fact that made a rescue. ahead of the white home it said turned off the funding to this group in the last six months funding previously by the way that each individual working for the white home it's received one hundred fifty dollars a month that was information was given to me by these white helmets which slightly negates their claims people and say is it also is probably three times the solder area of a syrian arab army soldier fighting to defend their people in that country inside syria. but moving forward what one of the white helmet in fact the leader of the data center told me was that the white helmets who left with the special expedition by. were led by israel and crossed three they could nature
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security fence into the occupy syrian territory of the golan heights so into israeli occupied territory and then on to jordan is what i was told around fifty percent were actually terrorist leaders know leaders and isis fighters coming in from the yarmouk basin so between eight hundred to one thousand numbers vary depending on who is talking to me laughed by the special evacuation that was initiated by canada or i believe. all of these of course some have been resettled now in the u.k. there is huge secrecy over those that have entered the u.k. and where they are being resettled i would question whether the british government is repeating what it has done in the past giving special resettlement programs to possible terrorist assets who've been operating on their behalf inside syria as of course they did to salmonella bady in two thousand and fourteen from libya who then . it out the manchester bombing in two thousand and seventeen. but what the white
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helmets also told in course in an effort to elicit sympathy a pro of their cause they told me that while they were not affiliated to us or front despite the fact that their center was actually in a nurse or a front complex the nurse for front headquarters were directly next door to the white house center that i visited they told us that while they had no if any ation to us for a front it was very likely that every other white helmick group in syria did have affiliation to us or front were led by you know sort of front militants but of course they had no for the ation and they should be considered for funding and financing by the british government now what is extraordinary also is that this white helmet group was functioning on the syrian government's rican charl let's say if this area which again the gate the mess that was being put out. and the p.r.
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agencies that run the narrative for the white helmets that the syrian government would target the white helmets and was a threat to the white helmets so the fact that this group was able to function despite the syrian government retaking control of much of the area where they were working. contradicts that argument the foreign secretary hans calls them modern here is right some of the head of the white helmets of course told this program the north of really eighty two. when you speak of people being resettled in this country and recalling the area on the ground a concert disaster in manchester what do you think of the fact that child refugees are not being there's a child to a refugee camp of four hundred eighty people i asked juries of may hear about three thousand child or refugees from counting we're living in your implication is people that could cause harm here in britain at the expense of living in. child refugees
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who have real reasons for british protection when you're talking about the british government's giving emergency resettlement to the white how much while ignoring the plight of thousands of children they've also ignored the plight fixes and translated is from basra and iraq who were left to be hunted down by the death squads or an afghanistan fixes and translators who are also later murdered a yemeni translator and fixer has very recently applied for a visa to the british government bailouts or come to the u.k. only for training and that visa has being refused this is sheer hypocrisy from the british government in resettling what basically could potentially be another threat to the british public on british soil while ignoring the humanitarian plight of thousands of children who fled the war that has been incubated from men said and imposed upon syria by the british government in the first place but as a really thank you. after the break why did the british front end up being used by
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al-qaeda linked groups in syria and what is the state of response that britain one hundred years today since the founding of the fire brigades union and is the u.k. troubling alone when it comes to climate change is the world quickens it's all the similar going overboard to going underground. you need to let the audience you need to let people decide what is the relevant to you don't need to filter he's self-centered so john authors censor himself he believes he knew better he believed to do with what the needs were of these folks and that self-censorship which is such a step and this is completely wrong and this is why we have been sleepwalking into the next financial crisis how john author's been a. journalist i've been a property journalist. had he not self centered himself as this next crisis
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unfolds people would be better prepared to deal with it but they won't be because the failure of fake journalists like i was on. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. crossing. the road of sympathy i want to enter another one. but many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities. than. most even more don't have it up on the government on that. they can watch as they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house. a fifth of many couples. deal with the push to put impulse response both
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of you up as opposed to the hope of the. politicians to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go right to the press which is what the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. should. welcome back to the emergency services now to resume says that austerity is over but when reads are laid today to mark the seventeen yuri the five brigades union in london cuts will be on the minds of those who risked their lives for us safety joining me is general secretary all britain's fire brigades you know. match rak
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well matt thanks for coming back on to tell me about today's team yuri in a year where they've been under attack of a grand fail except for further cuts perhaps despite the us territory announcement after the loss of eleven thousand jobs since twenty two yeah it is a very very tough time for the us and for firefighters despite what from ministers is still very much in the fire service we've got cuts taking place as we speak cuts planned for the next few years but it's still being squeezed but this comes in a time of all seventeen years as a hundred years ago firefights is form the first independent trade union for firefighters in the u.k. and that's something celebrate for us you know that we've been around for a hundred years we've fought for the rights of firefighters but we also played a big part in fighting to improve public safety in britain in workplaces in homes in public space and the hundred years takes in kind of the history of this country in a way over that period i mean there there's obviously the blitz the blitz was
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a huge turning point for the fire service because it was when people in vote after the joint spanish civil war were the bombing of going into and people began to wake up the idea that there would be bombing on a large scale from the air in events of any war and the fire would be used as a weapon so the fires it was had to be massively expanded for us as a spree small union at the time we gauged in that discussion and the union grow the union try to as a society as well as defending the rights of firefights is raise issues about public policy and then probably more recently we've come under a lot more attack and i mean i want to get on to more contemporary matters but you mentioned the safety standards fight by the f b you sometimes in the face presumably of opposition from big private interests whether furniture. to fight several phases but one in the in the fifty's and sixty's about safety in the workplace when what people have now for. chained signs
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state fire drills all those things that didn't exist and we had some terrible terrible fires in the fifty's and sixty's in factories and workplaces and then we in the nineteen eighties after a whole series of deaths in particular children in domestic far as we began to look at what was in furniture an issue around from field furniture and demanded regulation around that and face a lot of opposition at that song from then tory government and from plainly commercial interests who didn't want regulation of what they were put into furnish what we we want successes and the. people in their homes are a lot safer as a result of that campaign toll be it that when the head of the police federation comes in this program and talks about creeping privatisation of law enforcement when people from the national health service say the emergency ambulance services they talk about grieving privatisation of your industry your emergency service is not so affected by ideological privatisation i think people would be surprised at
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the sorts of things that happened so we had a world renowned college in the most and gloucestershire that is now privatized and run by capita which i think people would be shocked at the fire service itself hasn't been prophesies but bits of the fossil as have been products on the so that's cleaning provision by increasing the training so we have the training to pollen in the largest foster's in england has been privatized the fleet money will make profit out of training new members yes companies and that's not everywhere but in a number of services of now privatized the training we now have privatized management of the fleet by the fire engines so again in a number of fire services including in london that has been progress even the provision of the firefighters equipment whether it's ladders in some cases being privatized even in some cases the fire kit. but you see people wearing on the
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screens behind us for example some of that has been privatized expect control in government to bring that under democratic control again what we would hope to should be very much part of the some disasters we had the case in relation to the london fire brigade where a firm that run and owned all the fire engines in london that went bankrupt effectively and ended up being sold for two pounds and you think of the risk of that so the people of london all the fire engines in london not owned by the london fog owned by a private company that then subjects a commercial pressures and ends up being sold for two pounds is lunacy ridiculous you know what's it like for your members hearing this ongoing inquiry into the worst bloke fires since since i guess the blitz fire brigade commissioned eddie cotton she said nothing would be changed in response to a grin fell catastrophe today and all procedures were followed on the first point the process has been very difficult i think it's very difficult for everyone
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involved whether it's the fire fights is all the debris to survive as the relatives it's in the local communities a very very painful process firefights is. reliving the worst day of their lives in terms of what clearly are lessons that need to be learned i mean i thought i heard what tony cotton said i think in every emergency incident firefighters will learn and adapt to what they do in the next incident as a result of what they've done the london fire brigade itself is actually altered its plans for responding to harras fires post grenfell so they have made changes post grenfell we think there needs to be a major national discussion we see there have been changes to the fire. has been one of the things the f.b.i. has been campaigning on one thing i wanted to ask. the cuts were made because we had to bail out the banks in the city of london but from our office we can see these tall buildings to all of the ground felt you know members. would be ok in
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saving bankers from fires with equipment and all the rest of the numbers of members that are being cut because arguably the actions of people in the city of london. people very sharply that we're paying the price for bailing out the banks and i think our members pensions have been it's not that pays been a chap the jobs have been it's at so that's i think the point is some can very well with lots and lots of people the city of london i think and you compare that with grenfell what you see in the city of london all very expensive buildings with very modern fire engineering systems in place and clearly with forms of evacuation that . means of evacuation and escape that didn't exist. that says something about the society we live in and policy and regulation and about council housing and how it's treated well just one final question we had this is being on the ground in syria and she's tweeted a picture of a british fire engine and there's a lot of fire as we said would syrians by donating equipment that is used by the
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syrian civil defense the white helmets has helped save over fifty thousand lives in syria the right head of the white helmets that some people are linking do al qaeda linked groups where it is the fire service helping al qaeda in syria i'm not aware of the picture you've just shown it may i mean from the fire brigades union we have done international solidarity we've taken functions to palestine for example. and i think to syria and we would be very careful about the political sensitivities around nothing that's a question for the london fire brigade if indeed that's what they've gone happy one hundred years merak thank you very much. this month minority government needed to raise a maze own environment secretary warned of the new deal bricks it would be disruptive to the environment but even without breaks it was the un intergovernmental panel on climate change telling the truth when it warned the world as twelve years drove us. transform mentions that could spell the end of the
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human species joining me now is greg archer clean vehicles director at the european federation for transport and environment joins me via skype from brussels greg thanks for joining us a time for celebration presumably there that even mainstream media finally awoke to the i.p.c.c. idea that policy needs urgent change if we are to be alive as a species i don't. twelve years say sequoias asian but i think it's very. good response more now and is that there is a really constructive action from governments so much sure that they're followed through made sure that we really do start prosecutions. the i.p.c.c. show the media already some people are saying that why is it the world wildlife fund in twenty zero seven said we had five years the un climate s. to fire and so on. and they were legally entitled to do that because your group is
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making clear all these people are dying we're still talking about action and you're in the belly of the beast arguably in brussels what are these incumbent industries doing taking people out to european politicians of a dinner in michelin starred restaurants i mean how how does this work you know all round you.


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