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tv   News  RT  October 15, 2018 12:00pm-12:25pm EDT

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the headlines an arty angle merkel says voters have lost confidence in politicians a day after the chance for this key ally suffers an upset in the various regional elections. this write is the fire deadline for terror groups from the trolls committing the detroit around series last rebel stronghold and from straight appears to be backfiring with china's trade surplus with the u.s. reaching a record high despite a barrel of punitive measures. but i welcome come to life from moscow you're watching r.t. international just gone seven o'clock at the r.c.a. h.q.
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now both is in the german state of bavaria have inflicted a heavy blow on chancellor merkel's key ally the christian social union suffered its worst election result for decades and the party looks set to lose its absolute majority too in the region's parliament meaning it will need a coalition partner reports suggest this will likely be the third place revoke his party meanwhile the greens almost double their vote share. the parliament for the very first time following a hard fought campaign. today is not an easy day for the c.s.u. we didn't get a good result. was
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. meanwhile the german chancellor angela merkel has blamed a lack of voter confidence the election. talks to form a parliamentary coalition in bavaria get underway but is now explains an early breakthrough is unlikely. it's a day off to the regional elections here and varia which led to a devastating blow and major losses for. the party the c.s.u. the german chancellor said it was an issue of trust between voters and politicians in her party conference and the politicians was missing from this election and confidence is very important my lesson from the election in the very is that this
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chancellor have to do more to ensure the trust they're coming just off to merkel finally managed to piece together a delicate. c.s.u. and reluctant s.p.d. following her own disastrous results last september in the general election the outcome is another blow to yes a fragile three party government the c.s.u. leader has made it clear that the c.s.u. will be able to continue to play a central role in the federal government's seahorse there's also known for criticizing merkel's open door. policy which he thought would translate into votes for the c.s.c. but this proved otherwise the c.s.u. has long dominated varian politics for the last six decades coming away without salute majorities and twelve out of the thirteen last elections but some days results means that they will now have to form a coalition and talks could start as early as next week the bavarian prime minister has said that the party would prefer an alliance with the independence free voters
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let's take a listen to what he said it's certain that at first sight a coalition with the party of three voters is a viable option but we still need to talk with the other parties but the c.s.u. has already ruled out sharing powers with the air day bill tentative germany party made their debut in the region of the actions of they've said they're ready to be an opposition force and the party that recorded a spike in games where the greeks and they've now become the second largest opposition party in southern germany the rising popularity of the greens on the f.t. means that voters are moving away from the centrist parties to the left of the right of the spectrum germany is now looking towards its next states election that will be and has say when voters go to the polls there is the c.d.u. on the c.s.u. face losses that the coalition could really be in trouble and that's elections due to take place on the twenty eighth of october but the next few days and weeks could be a crucial moment in rebuilding stability here for the regional parliament in bavaria
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well in a departure from. the elections munich's man has lashed out for the losses in germany's coalition parties has been eroded. no this isn't because in general it was a bitter evening for the s.p.d. if i was able to tell you the reason we could have avoided those mistakes i presume it's not about the party's policies as polls suggest they are precisely what people care about nowadays homes rental payments social support the environment the s.p.d. in bavaria has researched these issues over and over i think the main problem is we're losing trust people don't think we're able to deliver what we promised with the party's program unfortunately it's all about the party and i will say carefully linda didn't help us any decisions that were taken half heartedly politicians often went back on their words certainly that doesn't help to strengthen faith in the party today we felt that ourselves it's. now
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a deadline for terror groups to pull out of a buffer zone around series last rebel stronghold has expired but many jihadist fighters have decided to stay put but earlier i discussed the latest situation with artie's he goes he does. this is the biggest intrigue is whether or not the rebel factions stationed in the northern province of idlib will will comply with the deal because today this monday is when all those groups all those militants are supposed to make the biggest concession of all within the frameworks of the agreement brokered out by russia and turkey they're supposed to withdraw their fighters from the twenty or so kilometer wide buffer zone in the province of idlib and so it is complicated because there are a lot of factions and all of them have to comply to avoid any violations but for example hours before today's deadline the most for medical force. now known as i.
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said this have a listen we have not abandon our choice of jihad fighting towards implementing our blessed revolution so there you have a day i'm not sure from formally known as al qaeda in syria they didn't openly. denounced the deal like a couple of other groups did but still judging by their statement they want to keep on fighting the assad army and you know withdrawing from the front line doesn't really help that cause now this deadline was only one of the things wasn't agreed on by turkey and russia what with the other key points with another key point it was too for rebels for all the factions in libya to withdraw heavy arms from the buffer zone that was this was like a first step and largely from what we've seen so far we haven't seen too many reports of violations of that but one thing is to withdraw having weapons and another thing is to withdraw your own fighters essentially moving front lines closer to what they see as their home is their last stronghold and for turkey it
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is defacto a go into law of the guarantor of the rebels complying with the deal it is again a very difficult task because not only there is a lot of groups to control that to see them complying with the deal but also sometimes groups say one thing and then do another and but so far russia has been saying that turkey is doing its best to see the deal succeed if you do this doable the agreements are being fulfilled without turkish partners having the main road they're actively fighting to get all groups to cooperate so ultimately today and the next following days will be key to understanding if the deal is on the way to being successful or whether or the groups all those various factions in the whether they will continue fighting. in other news is the chinese ambassador to the u.s. has said that beijing has no choice but to defend itself from a trade war it doesn't want and was started by washington it's important to notice
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who started this trade or we're never going to have a trade war if somebody has ties of the trade the war against us we have to respond and do. interests of those remarks there do come amid heightened tensions over months of billions worth of tit for tat terrorist between the world's two largest economies one of the reasons for the trade wars trumps anger with china's trade surplus with the u.s. but despite all those peanuts of nations that have come forward america's trade deficit with beijing has in fact reached a new record is down bushell explains the supremum of us of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting son's sixth century b.c. applied by his homeland today two different war trade wars protracted trade war believe bling of china as the enemy trade war continues game on here a trade war between the united states and china is here it's real china is accusing
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the white house of a launching the largest trade war in history from slops vicious restrictions on beijing get its sales just grow so the biggest trade surplus with washington ever in other words beijing has never sold so much stuff to the states while buying so relatively little in return american tolls on china in january next month beijing only sells the more same off the fresh us fees in july august and september now panic after this month's record sales by beijing to america is trump's plan working or is he just talking the talk china's market distortions. and the way they deal. cannot be tolerated china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight. election i've done a lot of business which china china china sees route china talking about china from beijing also hold a nuclear option up the sleeve it owns over
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a trillion dollars of u.s. debts because that cash in something washington has a problem there are talks for a g trump summit next month where u.s. way out the chinese finger trap can be hammered out so then who'd a thunk it trump would make china great again. so what this means is that of course china is basically won the trade war in this in the first round and shows that of course the american consumers are the ones that are going to be are paying the highest prices for this and it starts harm china certainly the u.s. has no position of strength going into these talks but china has done is continue to emphasize its exports to the us american importers are rushing in very very fast to the last two quarters to get as much product and as possible before the tariffs hit and china is pursuing other trade relationships to continue to cause her
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economy to grow so this is what this shows is that the u.s. has completely failed. now turkish investigators are searching riyadh's concha litany stamboul west side it isn't journalist you mouth assad she mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago these are the latest pictures from the saudi consulate she said to be carried out by both turkish and saudi officials meanwhile donald trump is spoken to the sag king who told the president that he has no knowledge of what happened to the reporter from padded that he sending the secretary of state to meet the monarch he also speculated t. that rogue killers could be behind the disappearance thing very we didn't know any knowledge of it. really no. i don't want to get it but sounded to me like a baby. killer. we're going to try getting to the bottom of it.
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but it was a flight. to mars o.j. was last seen entering the saudi conscious and he stumble on october the second no one there was heard from him since turkey's not officially kings realit being involved but some reports claim its intelligence services do have evidence of sochi was tortured and then killed saudi arabia since strongly denied the accusations it's been. said in his offer to help in the investigation what is international pressure mounts over his disappearance riyadh is warning countries not to threaten it because sochi suspected murder in the consulate has led to the specter of sanctions sending the kingdom stock market plunging the u.s. is among nations issuing warnings to the saudis however the us president is still trying to keep afloat multi-billion economic signed last year we signed historic agreements with the kingdom that will invest almost four hundred billion dollars in our two countries this landmark agreement includes the announcement of
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a one hundred ten billion dollars saudi funded defense purchase. i believe it's a largest order ever made its four hundred fifty thousand jobs it's the best equipment in the world but if they don't buy it from us they're going to buy it from russia or they're going to buy it from china or they're going to buy it from other countries and i think that would be very foolish for entry but there are other things we can do it will be very severe but we spoke to the saudi analyst but i hate him he thinks that talk of sanctions is premature. does a.b. has many many many many cards to play many cards but the oil is not one of those cards because saudi arabia has believed that oil supplies and oil change and this is what the world want to hear this is all for the benefit of the whole for whole world and the whole economies and the people but definitely saudi arabia has
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a game and has car that's great currently and i don't think really a sanction would be put on saudi arabia if nobody wants to sell us weapon the market to you great and more advance probably if we get. for example. from russia it will be more advanced than the one that actually is released by the congress or saudi arabia or what they allow so it's not for any benefit i think everybody should calm down not to politicize the this this issue and let's get the investigation going but let's solve the issue it's not any more about jamal it's basically people out they can prevent washing out international still had a son just had his internet access in the ecuadorian embassy in london partly restored but have a look at why the details just after the break. you cannot operate as united nations this is not just one run but u.n. d.p.
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world health organization and other international organizations like the international committee of the red cross you cannot work in a place like gaza with pragmatic cooperation with the locals all routines which are in this case your own or has been for most of the last few years. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president if you. want to. get to the right person this is what the three of them want to get. interested in the why is it.
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again i could go on has announced it is partly restoring access to communications for we can expand it you can the son she has been inside the country's embassy in london for six years isn't just connection to the outside world was cut back in march but the details his. communications for a wiki leaks founder julian assange who has in fact been holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy here in london for over six years have been partially restored by the equipe doria government following an entire seven month blackout one of sondre was essentially denied access to the internet to phones as well as to visitors with the exception of his legal team following a series of opinions he. had expressed online on
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a hot political topics including the issue of cattle on independence and back at the time the ecuadorian government had ahead of this decision to cut his communications had cited a commitment he they said had signed up to at the end of twenty seventeen to not express any messages which would interfere with other states however we can leaks as well as julian assange had denied at the time that any such commitment was made by have and throughout this time of seven months when this blackout was taking place we q leagues did appoint a longtime associate of julian a songe as editor in chief of we keenly and now following this latest announcement it comes after a meeting between top senior u.n. officials and the ecuadorian president discussing the matter and this is what we can weeks had to say in reaction to this announcement to partially return his ability to communicate with the outside world it is positive that through un
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intervention ecuador has partly ended the isolation of mr saunders well though it is of great concern that his freedom to express his opinions is still limited the u.n. has already declared mr song victim of arbitrary detention this unacceptable situation must and julian assange just biggest fear of course remains of possible extradition to the united states where he fears being prosecuted for the work that we can leaks have been doing over the years and he and his team want to see guarantees that such a thing would not happen and of course they have not seen any such promises as of yet anderson and his team of course are continuing to work on any possible legal options for him moving forward but the way things stand as we speak the future in the next steps for this massive big case for julian assange continues to be extremely unclear. the marriage of a jewish actor a muslim news anchor sparking outrage in israel but after top israeli politicians
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significantly upped the ante by signaling their opposition to the move. this is their private matter but i as a jew i have to say that i'm against these things because we have to preserve the jewish nation the way we've preserved it for thousands of years i have a problem with intermarriage there are fewer jews in the world that there were during the holocaust and there is good reason in trying to grow i don't blame lucy harish for seducing a jewish soul with the goal of harming our country i do blame saqib the islamist sizing halevi bro stop being delusional but despite questions over whether israel should be condemning their citizens choice of partner washington does claim that all middle eastern countries should actually be as democratic as the jewish state with more on the story his jacket. apparently the trump administration would have the whole middle east be just like israel if they had their way israel is everything we want the entire middle east to look like going forward it is
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democratic and prosperous it desires peace and is a home to a free press and a thriving free market economy so let's just take a moment and picture that the entire middle east will look at donald trump to the same eyes as ben human that you know. everyone in the region would hate to rant with the same fiery passion threat posed by iran whose chief exports are violence bloodshed and chaos iran large iran's path to the ball iran's aggression or danger that iran poses not here british museum is planning a special section called unload it's. not everything it was secure of three objects that were in the loop. and that's how things are looking so fast today here on our table back with more news here in the headlines and just.
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you know world's big partners. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time. i miss now for watching closely watching the hawks. league in the world.
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number one. total. no i mean we didn't. all. go to post because they move for you. join me every thursday on the elec so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i know my deal callin i'll come up loud. time to time john paul enough and my close family know me by my own but i'm in the flow i am tired of my junk i
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love my dad's home but. i'll. meet up all night i took was out my. men to come forth a little like will buy doesn't just. happen to come on us like hold up little. the lot i can tell him about. that. no more like a man. and why he won't be a more young one. world . officially cambodia is getting richer old. trade investment
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and tourism have all increased over the last few years. but this is a country that's still in recovery from the genocide by the camero rouge in the one nine hundred seventy s. . millions live in extreme poverty.


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