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those that were killed in the incident and i hope that will recover as soon as possible we will make sure that everything will be provided for their speedy recovery. we now know it's a crime. might do. the cause of this tragedy being carefully studied. in the process but he's a good. work with the law enforcement. agencies and security services who will brief you on the results of the probe. friends. with the token. memory
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letters a. minute of silence. please be seated. and distinguished the president. ok with that the russian president is giving a statement he's currently in sochi the moment speaking with the egyptian president but he was saying there that he's obviously offers his condolences to the families of those killed and wounded he said the crime of motivation will now be studied and law enforcement agencies will bring us the results of the probe. a moment's silence in memory of those that were killed and wounded today so that's what we've heard from the president president learned. putin let's just bring up to date about what
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we know because been a lot of conflicting information coming in over the last two or three hours or so but this is what we think is happening as it stands at around midday there was an explosion at the technical college of churches in east in crimea it's believed that seventeen people sorry eighteen people i understand have been killed as related as a result of this. and some information just in we're now told that we investigate is being treated not as a terror attack but as a murder that's the latest line we've received previously it was being treated as a terror attack because as i was saying the reports that are coming in. there was an explosion it appeared it happened at the canteen of this technical college where hundreds of students were studying today as a result of that eighteen students have been killed we're told all of them teenagers were also reports of gunfire and it appears the culprit was
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a twenty year old student who was in the fourth year of study and he was civilian in the city of courage but he has since killed himself that information coming from the head of crimea's was very credible source and then just piecing that together with what we've heard now that that line it's not being treated as a terror attack but is a murder it does seem to suggest maybe this was a lone attack by one single student that really in a terror attack as we had initially thought because there were reports coming in from eyewitness accounts that many shooters were involved so that's the latest we should also mention that fifteen people still missing and it's not clear on their status or where they are but the entire building that you can see from these pictures has been evacuated now everybody under the rubble due to this explosion has now been recovered. seventy people injured many of them seriously because the
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actual bomb itself was packed with metal. shrapnel which can cause severe injuries so there is a fear to the genuine concern that the death toll could rise from ninety yeah well we do know that our thirty seven people are now in the hospitals in different hospitals of the city of courage indeed the status of the incident has been changed into a homicide because we're talking about a suspected perpetrator who was the was the student out of that particular college and let me just give you some information on this institution now it is located in the city of catch in the south and part of it happened around midday local time as we said before fifteen people are still reported missing officials say that they're not under the rubble and that is what we know so far.
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now we actually have some new information another report that has just come and we more information on the suspected culprit of the attack and now we're talking about an eighteen year old a we even know he is name his name is vladislav frostily cauthen he's a fourth year student at that technical college where the attack took place now we can also show you some video from the scene and this video shows a witness describing what she saw. what they were who do you really have no you was
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. you know they did no ball you use the video boy that is a very you know what is the ideal to the family going to have to be growing. well attacks on education or facility is committed by students sadly not to be an isolated incident and russia in january at least fourteen students and a teacher were injured in page school and another russian city the city of perm the teenagers who started the war and spiraled by the columbine high school massacre in the united states and i was actually reporting on this earlier from that particular russian city. the news that the school number one twenty seven in the city of perm was under attack first broke around nine in the morning for its claim that the attackers more armed with knives dressed in black and were wearing masks soon after the school began to evacuate the first reporters arrived at the
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scene but many witnesses were unable to describe the events with children screaming . we were scared at first we thought it was a joke but then we realized it was serious with thought there might have been a fire or a bomb we ran i saw three little children covered in blood honestly it was horrible nine forty am local time emergency crews and police around the building of the school pictures of the school floor covered with blood start to appear on social media news begins to filter through from the city's central hospital many children had suffered knife wounds to their hands and. specks and around ten in the morning both were taking to hospital with knife wounds at the same time russia's investigative committee released the parliamentary version of the events a fight between the two teenagers had spilled into a classroom of ten year old student the teacher and children try to separate the
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two and sustained injuries as a result for this encounter challenge by involved in the incident. some guys told me there are two youngsters in mosques run into the classroom. and start to stop being kids then one of them jumped out of the window trying to escape another cat running trying to injure the children and hurt him so eleven am and we're starting to get some information the main suspect is sixteen years old and he's a former student of the school is said to have suffered from depression and abused alcohol as a last accomplice as a korean student at the school was fifteen he was aggressive when he used drugs i saw that he also drink but he never attacked anyone there were no conflicts at school he looked calm at school but outside you know. the suspects alleged just social media accounts revealed more information to the public the former student was also reported subscriber to several pages on the russian social platform. that
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contained information about school shootings and among them was the infamous columbine massacre considered one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. ok but report you were just looking at today's events pictures latest pictures we've received from the college coach but you were pulled from january. again was another school it. appears to be in a student responsible for that but a parallel is the conflicting information you need to get when an event like this happens we've heard from witnesses today about this attack this seems to suggest the two explosions that many men revolved that there was. one explosion and it seems to be. a student who is currently studying the college from your experience to it's very difficult initially to piece together exactly what you do
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get a lot of conflicting information exactly you should be very careful as a reporter not to take everything. as a confirmed report you have to be very careful with the initial information that you get within two or three hours after the attack especially when we talk about any public place we talk about an abdication institution a school. there are usually a lot of eyewitnesses at the scene and information may vary from one explosion to several from gunmen to an army of. people with the rifles attacking attacking that particular building and we had the same. today when first we were reporting on and number multiple people that had rifles and there were shooting at students and there was a lot of chaos and that particular courage but now the situation changed and we
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know that we're only talking about a loner and now what we saw back in jan back in january this year when we were reporting on the. another attack at the russian school and the city of perm the situation was very similar. there were a lot of teenagers who were very scared at the time and of course they were traumatized with the experience that they had and they had a very vivid imagination perhaps that time and we had to deal with conflicting reports with them the first several hours of work there at the scene but a lot of people were saying that there were two strange man attacking the school and then it turned out that there were two teenagers one was a former student of that school and another was an eleven year eleven great
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student so what we know then about this suspect eighteen years old he has been named as need to. know that he was studying at the time. called. the information we've heard from a credible source i think initially the information coming from the head of crimea . this mass killing that took place today. is now being treated as a homicide not just terrorism but nonetheless many people dead eighteen killed all of them teenage students a bomb went off in the canteen and then it appears that this student opened fire on teaches as well as fellow students. seventy people injured many of them seriously i mean a school this bomb went off containing below the shrapnel. this could result in the death toll being a lot higher. might be true we also know that right after the attack the suspected
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culprit committed suicide now we got that reports and these reports are confirmed that is perhaps the number one reason why this state. to get tagged has been changed from terrorist attack to homicide to murder and the investigation is now looking at this incident that took place today in the russian city of catch at this particular angle ok so let's just give you some more information now i know i've just said this chap was eighteen years old the chief suspect frostily of investigative committees now said they believe the attack may have been a twenty two year old student at the college is still unclear about his exact age but he was found dead on the second floor of the building we're told at this technical college after apparently killing himself they say that all of the seventeen. were killed as
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a result of that shooting were no fatalities as a result of the explosion that suggest as well it does tell us that those who were recovered from the rubble survived those people who have been injured to been taken to hospitals in crimea but we also know they've been flown to hospitals in russia too including hospitals here in moscow. now a college student witnessed the shooting and described what she saw. i knew are you. more reasonable who do you grew up with it gives you know the is that of all yours that of all those clothes that you're give you probably hardly. worth the bother.
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i know if you are the boy if you thought. you were. ok let's get reaction now from martin the caller he's the author of russia analyst and he joins us this afternoon pre-show your time martin thanks for coming on. martin we're just hearing within the last few minutes this case is now being treated as murder or not tara normal less normal less martin eighteen people have been killed all of them teenagers today a very grave situation and a tragic situation in crimea today. absolutely astonishing. you have to think about what was in the minds of those who are in fact foreign killing young people and so on and unfortunately this is something you find all around the world now. when you hear about this you think that that's not crimea that can't be crimea it hasn't happened before this must be america but unfortunately it may be copycat
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they may have. been inspired by or been confused by american intervention and so on so therefore they had they decided that they would take the lives of young people. in revenge why it's very very difficult to stand because if they are dead then you can't really find out the reason but. the authorities the police will then have to try and find out their background. and try for a little new division you know to prevent something like this happening in the future. it's all speculation we have to wait i mean let me tell you some are saying himself that we are in force and agencies will bring us the results of their probe but and sense of how this could have happened to have an explosive device an apparently very large one brought in to the school exploding in the canteen and then the student himself having a rifle it does seem quite amazing that he would be able to bring that sort of
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equipment into a school doesn't it. you know will schools you know in fact it's not really surprising at all schools are very soft project targets because lots of students. and if they attackers look like a stranger to be dressed like a student the big carrying things with them all students carry knapsacks another thing. therefore they can in fact integrate come in with the students and therefore presumably you don't have guards because i'm in say the americans. some germans do have guards who are armed guards to protect their students against possible attacks but i presume this case because it's never happened before i've never heard of it an attack like this incredibly before and therefore the authorities were taken completely by surprise so it's very very difficult for the authorities. to protect
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a school. because. there's so many students and it's up to the attackers really to disguise themselves as students and therefore it's extremely difficult one possible if you're not expecting this type of attack from now on which obviously all the schools were guarded to be looking for this type of thing to happen make sure doesn't happen again in the future sure say that martin just a few moments a few months ago in january in the russian city of perm there was another. violent attack in a school nobody died but i think twelve people receive serious stab wounds many people must be concerned particularly if your parents and your students are going to school you see stories like this now in the media again what can the government what can governments to reassure parents and is there anything practically more that they can be done. well it is not a russian problem it's the universal problem from this many countries no. knife
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stabbing even in china there's another thing happens in china where people with knives in a text and so the only thing that the authorities can do is become become more vigilant and perhaps even put guards. around schools and check to check people going in check all the students what are they carrying into the schools and so on but of course the perpetrators they're going to have a threat of attack but they will know that and they will try and circumvent the restrictions so the only thing to do is to warn everyone because obviously parents were terrified of this happening to their their songs and. daughters. and all the students will be very very nervous and in the future i think everybody looking over their shoulder will look be looking around to see if those around them they know them if there is somebody they don't know perhaps they may be wary of them and so on and they have to report suspicious behavior from now onwards you look around
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and if you see somebody in the think is doing something which is not normal then you report them to to the police or some guard to something like that that's the only way you can do it at the end of the day if you look at world experience so extremely difficult to do it and in many ways it's virtually impossible all they can do is to make it more more difficult for this type of attack to to happen and the danger is that some people who are perhaps inclined towards violence there look at this level say well i can do something like this week in december of this and that unfortunately will multiply the violence one has a six impression if you look at america you have the impression that these are many of them a copycat shooting of one school one one state then you find it in another and the americans find it actually impossible to stop it therefore one hopes now that interim era and russia that this does not in fact become an epidemic and therefore
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it is will warn everyone to be on their guard and they'll have to board guards and have checks in the universities and colleges. to prevent this type of thing happening in the future but again there's no such thing as one hundred percent security all they can do is to say to students be only god and report anyone you think is suspect acting in a suspicious manner just an update martin the bomb disposal squad here at the saying there say that they have found another explosive device in a school story in the college how important will it be to establish the motive just think of the street who carried out this attack and how difficult will it be considering that he's now committed suicide. be very very difficult policed presumably even though it's committed they can identify him and then look at his track ground and find out if they can discover what the motivation is he's taken
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bombs and others things that he didn't do that in the job where did they get the bomb from says of authorities would be looking at the background other terrorist cells in crimea. why they have been picked up why is that person was it was he on the radar of the police radar before. is is somebody who. is completely unknown to the authorities and how is that possible. but from now on but zen there be looking at the background and he can take a bomb bob so what did he get the bomb from who made the bomb and so on is there a group which is behind this and go backwards and find out as much as you can because they know how to get body. presumably can identify the person and go into his background the people he could sort of with can you find his mates his friends and so on and was involved with
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a radicalized by some group and so on this is the task of the police which is very difficult. at a time when they may have very little information but if he was on the radio or for that he was under suspicion before then the question would be why did he act did the space just like that he would do something like this because he could not have it acted on his own he must be part of a group the must be a group that must be more than just the simple there and up the police now to discover. that group make sure they don't commit any more atrocities yet it's still a lot of information to piece together isn't martin appreciate on. the call the author of russia analyst thank you. thank you. now a college student witnessed the shooting and describes what she saw. you. know we sort of are not going to open it it is you know those that
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have all those the rallies close you're going to see him publicly palliate not see this through yet bizarrely video but the leap was the father because of the position of go. by the local. i'm i was lucky i know you all the boys you thought. why do you. let me just bring you up to speed on the latest confirmed reports that we received now the investigation of the incident has changed the status of what happened in the city of courage and now treats the attack. the preliminary examination of the bodies of the victims that were found at the building of that particular college indicates that they died of
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gunshot wounds and nobody was killed as a result of the explosion that we reported on earlier. now just recently we received another report. a bomb squad who worked at the scene found another explosive device and now is examining it and now the attacker was identified as an eighteen year old of blood frostily called he was a student of that particular collets and now after he attacked. the students there the teenager says he then committed suicide and his body was found in the library on the second floor in terms of numbers dead seventeen teenage students killed today as a result of this attack seventy people as we understand have been injured many of
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them seriously because the bomb was contained a lot of shrapnel and it's feared that the death penalty could increase as a result at the moment seventeen teenage students were killed as the result of this attack it happened about four hours ago time when the first reports came in a lot of conflicting reports too at the start because some. this is we're saying that they heard two explosions and that they saw several gunmen wearing masks and then were firing students and teachers but it's since transpired it was an attack carried out by a lone student as you said. and he was in this fourth year of study this college that college today would have been packed with students because what it can how a thousand students were olvera every year hundreds would have been there today also fifteen students are also still missing not clear about their status but we hope they could be safe because the building was evacuated and we hope maybe they
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just. get this quickly as they could and perhaps hopefully we we will find out their whereabouts and status like so of course and taking into account all the quite chaotic situation around the building of the college it would have been quite easy to really lose them out of sight to for them to flee the scene of the incident and now thirteen people are reported missing now a member of staff at the college who works at the and trans commented on the incident. and you know what you learn you be i didn't see anyone unusual children were coming in i let everyone in and as soon as they all got through i heard an explosion and a second one then people started coming downstairs single heard shots being fired but no one unusual had entered maybe they use
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a back door there are no cameras there it's easy to get in i heard shots i called an ambulance and press the alarm button. when a man who was initially started to sings this happened but i think about an hour and a half two hours later they then found the body of the student he. clear at least that's what we think at the moment it was a lone student. these attacks we shouldn't forget also this is the second major reason it's mass attack on a school. because in journey of this year in per medina you were to school reporting in a school. think twelve students were seriously injured in stopping attack by a student but i suppose the point we're trying to make is the rule often conflicting reports about exactly what happened is always difficult to piece together. what has it's true especially when such an incident such an incident happens in a public place in educational institution and school it's very difficult to and you
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should every report or should be very careful when reporting on what happened when looking at different. flashes coming in a lot of information is not confirmed and of course you should one should be very careful and patient to lead or at the local authorities for the anti terrorism in this case committee to. to establish what had what exactly happened as you mentioned before i reporter it's very similar a case that took place in another russian city and indeed there are we heard different reports at first a lot of people actually eye witnesses told us that there were two a man in masks and they had rifles and there were shooting incidents but after the personal a preliminary investigation. the attackers were the students of that particular school so one should be very careful when reporting on such incidents.
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he offered his condolences to the families of those killed and wounded today. she also said that the crew the motivation. will now be established and the law enforcement agencies will bring in the public through. probe that's what he said he's currently in sochi at a meeting with the egyptian president. said a little earlier well i think we can go to journalist martin summers from the u.k. joining us this afternoon martin a very tragic afternoon here in russia. a mass killing seventeen students dead what's what was your reaction when you see something like this because it's not just russia i mean we're talking to me. in january we saw a mass attack a disc.


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