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tv   News  RT  October 17, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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thank you the school south one should be very careful when reporting on sex incidents russia vladimir putin gave a statement not that long ago he offered his condolences to the families of those killed and wounded today at the ten college she also said that the crew the motivation. will now be established and the law enforcement agencies will bring in the public the results of their probe that's what he said he's currently in sochi at a meeting with the egyptian president. said that a little earlier well i think we can go to journalists martin summers from the u.k. he's joining us this afternoon martin a very tragic afternoon here in russia. a mass killing seventeen students dead what's what was your reaction when you see something like this because it's not just russia i mean we're talking to me. in january we saw a mass attack at a school in russia too we've seen them in america on
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a regular basis what can be done to stop it. well we don't we haven't really established what's happened here it could be a school shooting boy students from the school as we've seen in the other parts of the world it could be a terrorist a turk. if it was a terrorist attack you have to identify who did it and why it's an obviously we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions until we know all the facts but obviously a very tragic incidents including a bomb or understand not just shootings yeah it's been identified now or it's thought that it was a lone student who carried out this attack and his body was found in the library of the school. but in terms of the motivation i mean that's key now isn't it to establish the reasons why a student like this would want to carry out an attack. indeed i mean obviously the first thing that crosses one's mind is the possibility that there was some political motivation because of the tensions that has been in. the region for the
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last few years and in a way it's a belief is that it isn't a political a turk and it's just something that's being carried out by an individual for their individual reasons and of course it's no consolation whatsoever so any of the victims and their families is it. that's right a in terms of what's happening now. it's a terrible situation isn't it for parents at schools i mean across the world i'm sure when people see an incident like this isn't just think oh it's isolated in russia or it does bring home doesn't it the dangers of i'd hate to say but of sending your children to school there are risks today aren't there in the current climate and they must be very concerned this doesn't thing to be an awful lot that can be said. to allay those fees. well that's true and of course the other thing is that the very media publicity that this incident is no getting could put into the minds of those who are sort of in inclined to carry out copycats or turks i
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mean we've had several incidents like this in the u.k. which would fortunately have been you know in the boat and so on. the only deer that you know the this is some kind of statements of i don't know psychological disorder or whatever it's a real problem but of course also having access to firearms helps you know if you're in a country which got easy access to firearms and that it's quite likely that somebody even if it's only a tiny minority take it into their heads to do something stupid of this sort of this call and. while a lot of reports say now that said that particular attacker was inspired by the columbine high school massacre back in the u.s. but there are there were two at tacker is now here and that russian city are further courage of the number of those killed at the moment stands at seventeen injured over fifty but we're only talking about out one. attacker alone or how is
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that even possible if he was not a professional shooter. well that's an issue and therefore it may transpire that there's more to this than immediately meets the eye but michael moore's film bowling for columbine which is made quite some years ago no troy and the laws of war in the united states for example these incidents seem to be fairly endemic whereas in canada where they have easy access to firearms they're very very rare and this is something to do with the kind of society you live in the kind of attitudes the displayed and in russia these these incidents have been relatively rare if that's what we're talking about but it we all live in a very small world now and everybody copies everybody else everybody's got social media and so on so. you know of i wouldn't want to make any further comments about this unless we can establish the full facts because it's easy to go off the deep end and make. silly remarks about your situation we don't fully understand no you
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certainly right there is. generally speaking though do you think there is a pattern that fits the profile of the paper that carry out attacks like this. well they tend to be young males don't they let's face it that's the reality and young males have courted to be fickle to socializing and being socialized in society it's part of their biology that the got a certain amount of aggression and if they have access to serious weaponry it's possible that they're going to do stupid things which when they were older they might look back and regrets we've all done silly things when we were younger but not as tragic as this. ok martin that will leave it there we appreciate your time this afternoon that was martin some as a journalist based in the u.k. thank you. thank you now a college student witnessed the shooting and described what she saw.
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it as you know those that have all those. girls you're good you're probably. not see this yet bizarrely did you. bother to. go. by the who. most of these largely i don't know if you are the boy if you thought. you know why do you have. a very distressing witness account there of what happened technical college in a little over four hours ago this is what we know so far a bomb went off in the canteen of that college and then a lone student opened fire on fellow pupils and also teaches seventeen people were killed as a result of those shots all of the meting ages as regards the explosion although
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there were affected by that rescued from the rubble they've been rescued alive they weren't killed but fifteen people still remain missing it's unclear on their status but the hope is they fled the school run clear at the moment president putin did speak a little while ago probably within the last forty five minutes offering his condolences to the families of those killed and he also said that no one forced me to be forthcoming with information on the probe. but in let's just talk more about sue this lone student was involved eighteen years old a fourth year student this technical college. and obviously clearly his motivation to this investigation you know and this is exactly what the investigators are at the moment well they're trying to figure out what was his motive of course what was behind this terrible attack that took place just about four hours ago in the
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russian city of courage now we do have some information on the attacker as he just sat he was indeed well that's according to the most recent reports he was indeed a loner he was identified as eighteen year old he was a student of that college and that right after the investigation. the investigative committee now sas that after he attacked the students at the college he committed suicide and his body was found in the library on the second floor but again we need to mention of course how many conflicting reports we continue to receive here in the studio now just right now we see conflicting reports about his age we've received information that he was an eighteen year old student and now there are. other. news flash
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coming in saying that he was twenty two he has been. believed to be in a citizen living in. college. we should also mention a second explosive device. called age. explosive experts. trying disable that. we might also mention the scituate the current situation in the city of course. the news on what happened at the college really shocked the whole city the whole region we cry mia we know that the transportation system around the city has been partly seized and now we know that all lead to other educational
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institutions for close we know that there are police units at a number of. located in different areas of the city and that the parents were asked to take their children back home so the situation remains to be very tense they're still on. the border who suspected has been found doesn't. security forces are pulling out great concern about potentially explosive devices being present when this is everything will have to be. before they finally decide it is safe to return and goodness knows when that will be. greatly sorry for the parents fifteen students still missing. seventeen students all of them to. three days of mourning in crimea it really is a very very tragic day we also know that and other students well our crew
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there working at the scene talked to a number of eyewitnesses and try to gather as much information as they could and they even talked to another student that was at the scene when the incident took place and he told us that the explosion caused panic. but i still want to get in the we have i just didn't. even ask you that are you. talking to. but it wasn't it is the border was it it means that we would have to blow up just a quick look at all. well let me tell you andrew that attacks on advocation all facilities committed by students have sadly not be isolated incidents and russia in january at
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least fourteen students and their teacher were injuries in a knife rampage at a school in the russian city of perm the teenagers who started the assault were inspired by the columbine high school massacre in the united states and i actually reported it on at the time i went to the russian city of perm and we talked to the students there and we try to gather as much information as we could and now i believe that we can now have a look at the report that we made back there. the news that the school number one twenty seven and the city of perm was under attack first broke around nine in the morning and claim that the top course were armed with knives dressed in black and were wearing masks soon after the school began to evacuate the first reporters arrive at the scene but many witnesses were unable to describe the events we heard children screaming very loudly we were scared at first
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we thought it was a joke but then we realized it was serious with thought there might have been a fire or a bomb we ran i saw three little children covered in blood honestly it was horrible nine forty am local time emergency crews and police were around the building of the school pictures of the school floor covered with blood start to appear on social media news begins to filter through from the city's central hospital many children had suffered knife wounds to their heads. specs and around ten in the morning both were taking to hospital with knife wounds at the same time russia's investigative committee released the preliminary version of the events floyd between the two teenagers had spoken to a classroom of ten year olds as a result of this encounter challenge by involved in the incident. some guys told me there are two youngsters in mosques running to the classroom. and
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started stabbing kids then one of them jumped out of the window trying to escape another cat running trying to injure the children and hurt himself eleven am and we're starting to get some information the main suspect is sixteen years old and he is a former student at the school is said to have suffered from depression and abused alcohol as a last accomplice as a korean student at the school was fifteen he was aggressive when he used drugs i saw that he also drink but he never attacked anyone there were no conflicts at school he looked calm at school but outside you know. the suspects elash to social media accounts revealed more information to the public the former student was also reportedly a subscriber to several pages on the russian social platforms contacts that contained information about school shootings and among them was the infamous columbine massacre considered one of the worst mass shootings in u.s.
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history. well let's now cross live to r.t.c. a goodish donna who is and a russian fitty up thought she at the moment and following the meeting between the russian and egyptian presidents there now we just heard the president's address to the nation speaking on what happened in the russian city of church now what has the president sat in particular about the sense of dent. well nadine in fact putin began his speech with talking about this horrific tragedy tragic tragedy in crimea in the city of courage he was brief but it well he talked about how you offered his condolences to the relatives of those all victims of the tragedy he also said that the motives behind towards what happened today are being investigated by the authorities and that was wrapped up by a minute of silence so both delegations of the russian gelug ation and the gyptian
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delegation stood up and stayed in silence to commemorate the lives of those lives that have been lost today in the crimea and now just to give you some background here putin and the gyptian presidents were supposed to meet here long ago but when just being here in the pool of journalists and when we learned about the one as we were learning the about the events encouraged well it seems that the agenda of today's meeting has been completely overshadowed by by what but by tragedy i should say so everybody was on everybody's lips on. everybody's. tongues about lattimer putin could indeed changes shape and leave for crimea right away now i asked his press secretary dmitry peskov whether or not that was the case and he told me that those reports are indeed unconfirmed to so no official clarification no official confirmation of this yet so far lattimer putin is set to continue
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program here. he's press secretary dmitry peskov told me that he is in touch with. the russian the russian secret services essentially which is which is while investigating the tragedy and is investigating what happened in crimea so far this is all we have all right thank you so mind eagerly for bringing us up to speed to what's happening right now in the russian city of size here where you are among the presidential pool of turin liston you just heard the russian president vladimir putin speaking on the tragedy that happened in the russian city of kurtz thank you . what led just bring you up to date on those the events seventeen people have been confirmed killed and up to seventy injured in an explosion and gone attack on a college in crimea russia's investigative committee has reclassified the incident
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from terror attack to murder the main suspect is a student at the college and has been named frostnip cough he is sad to have turned his gun on himself security measures have been intensified on the peninsula and all schools colleges and universities across russia the military are helping to evacuate the interest from the scene of the blast crimea has declared three days of mourning russia's investigative committee says the explosion happened in the collets. canteen and also that device was packed with metal objects that's why so many to apart from being killed seventeen we understand being the death tally at the moment many more been severely injured in the great concern that the death could increase in due course explosive experts are at the scene to a second device was found we were told. maybe about an hour ago and so bomb
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disposal experts are at the scene dealing with that at the moment a full investigation is underway as you would expect and they are now studying c.c.t.v. footage. in the russian presence of him from eagle. committees will be forthcoming of information to the public as to where they get it what we have received plenty of witness accounts of what has happened let's hear from another this is an account from somebody who was working near the college. reinjured children and college store for transfer by public transport and i heard a blog post and shooting people lying with legs about thirty people conscious i was working not far from here and around st to this place everyone hoped ok we can take a closer look at the alleged attacker to the russian investigative committee said that they do believe that he was a student of the college aged between eighteen and twenty two he was found dead on
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the second floor of the building after apparently killing himself with his they say though that before he did that he was able to kill shoot dead seventeen people all of them students all of them teenagers we're told there were no fatalities as a result of the explosion many people students were trapped under rubble of result of that but it does appear they have been taken to safety now although many people have suffered severe injuries. local media post unverified video of who they say is the director of the polytechnic college program that you believe he's been looked at five or ten minutes after i left someone broken all the window glass was shattered after the whole explosion then someone was writing about was shot a gun sort of something opened all the class doors some killed everyone inside i could have been dad now all my coworkers were shot down children my colleagues were
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down. there really giving an idea of the situation that happened in curch just over four hours ago here's another desperate account of what i'm told this time it's a college student. my reason of i'm not going to open it is you know the ones that have all those that are valid. you're good you're probably. nice you just did yeah yeah. but. i must be desired i know you are the boy doesn't even. want to see your. family. and absolutely desperate i can't verify what happened. earlier today dana we've heard lots of witness accounts have
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been initially the reports were coming in that they were explosions that could have been several shades as they were wearing balaclavas it was said but it now transpires it's saying that it was a. student who is in his fourth year of study at this college that carried out this horrific. shortly after that we've been told. the russian investigative committee that this is now being treated as a not a terrorist. reclassified incidence and now. treating the attack as murder and now their preliminary examination of the bodies of the victims indicates that they died of gunshot wounds and nobody was killed by the blast the confirmed information coming from russia's anti terror committee now a bomb was another explosive device was found by the bomb disposal squad that was working at the scene in the college building and now they're examining
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the these to explosive device and now we have. some information on the attacker we know that he was the former he was a student of that particular college we have his name we know his name his name is ladislaw frostily cough and now the. the latest number of those killed as a result of the tragedy at the moment stands at seventeen there are fears that that number can actually rise now the emergency situation has been declared around the region of crimea at the moment forty people over forty people are hospitalized and we do know that six of them are in severe condition so as we said before the situation in the russian city of courage after this attack on one of the
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technicals colleges remains to be quite towns of course. shool ok well i think we can get some reaction from. a former diplomat. to the two we're very grateful for your time. thanks for coming on to our. tragic. i suppose what we do know is that within the last couple of hours this investigation is switched from being a terror investigation to a homicide but i agree that. it's just tragic it is a tragic event and my condolences to the families of the big that i have. it did. me. good it was. a bit of suicide after doing this. act to extract a copycat murder like the one that happened in the united states but the difference this time is that an explosive was huge plus the fact that many witnesses so many
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people many people government and. hence covered right to go away so there is a small confusion there but i hope that it remains just i hope that i condemned this event but at least if they said the framework of these kind of copycat murders of interest back. if this sub saying that we can that that we can. but all this. this. conflict between. the bombs exploding with this a sikh many people. maybe gunman in a way but i'm not at the seeing that i think the police there are doing what spurs are dropped so we just. show i mean just to clarify in it it does appear now they
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are saying that it was one lone gunman and he was a student at this colony and carried out this attack. he was able to bring in a lot of explosives it seems into this county to know sigh a rifle. it's very difficult i was in it for authorities to make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen. well then we will have to make the schools like the american schools are not i mean which. in order to end tonight as your they will have to be examined the students have to be examined searched and it's not like the schools that we used to go school leaders to go when we were younger. think like that never happened but forced measures must be taken up fortunately the students must be checked in the guards. but then then the ramps to that is that we no longer have a school we have
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a sort of an educational. he. does give one student to freedom of being at the school in a must be very different well extremely difficult for parents to remain and i'm just talking about the poor parents that were affected today but all parents generally speaking must see stories like this and be very concerned. yes because for the very. children and this is what's happening they've made a stage when the children go to school and they don't know whether they will come back or not. also the psychological impact to the students worldwide would be this is it grants has a serious impact on their blood as a negative impact which creates the. attacks which are. prevalent in the united states. we're very. sure and it will be key
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to find out the motivation behind this although that could be somewhat difficult given the fact that the main culprit. appears who committed suicide. well it looks is not that there are. still it's still something not to be happy about the tragedy of the day and particularly the grief over the parents of the victims. ok look we appreciate your time today we're going to have to leave it there but thank you very much for coming on to you are saying that was leonardo person for my great diplomat thank you. well i believe that we can now cross live to our tease reporter donna who is at the moment in the russian city. where the russian president has been hosting talks now eager what's the president
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sad about the incident you've heard him talk. of what is doing here with he's meeting with the gyptian president and that was a meeting that was shared a long long long ago but trust me me being here in this pool of journalists and we've been over hearing like locker room talk so to speak here and it seems that the tragedy in a carriage has completely overshadowed whatever agenda was on the table here today between the two presidents journalists and other people here they have been gradually talking more and more and more about what happened in crimea and indeed vladimir putin the one finally he walked out when they both when the two presidents walked out to the media they both began with offering their condolences to the relatives of all those victims of this massacre lattimer putin said that basically he is that all that the investigation is looking into the motives into what into
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what would what the attacker or attackers were driven by in courage today he also promised the public will be the first to learn about any results of that investigation that was wrapped up by a minute's silence in commemoration again of all those lives that have been a lost so we've also heard some rumors here that. changes the. travel to courage but i asked the press secretary for the russian president dmitry peskov and he told me that those reports are unconfirmed that he cannot corroborate them. so for now vladimir putin stays here in sochi and i mean we could only speculate about the reasons there but probably if indeed he stays here this could be glad i'm a putin just allowing all services on the ground encouraged to do their work right
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now to save lives and to investigate without him.


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