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tv   News  RT  October 17, 2018 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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now andrew chris was just telling us how extremely dangerous it might be a troubled hughes has access easy access to firearms or any other means for making an explosive device and we just got this report coming from the russian city of courage where according to investigators the invests geisha in committee knows that a suspect if culprits of the attack received permission to carry a firearm and that happened in october last year so quite recently. a student twenty to give information to carry a firearm under what circumstances it's still unclear how many how will the investigation everyone who has a good information ok all right well let's just if you cheering and let's just bring you up to date on what's happened today in crimea because seventeen people
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have been confirmed killed and up to seventy seventy seven zero injured in the explosion and a gun attack on a college in crimea sixteen of them are reported to be in a serious condition currently undergoing emergency surgery all of the victims were said to be local as we know they were students and teenagers who were studying college in eastern crimea in the city of investigators have now finished searching the college and say no further explosively been found russia's investigative committee has reclassified the incident from a terror attack to murder the memorial events are set to be held tomorrow and three days of mourning have been declared and the region the main suspect is a student at the college and has been named. the cough has to have turned his gun on himself security measures have been in the pinch all schools colleges and universities across. russia the military helping to evacuate the injured from the
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scene of the blast crimea has declared three days of mourning russia's investigative committee says the explosion happened in the college canteen and that the device was packed with metal objects explosive experts are at the scene to investigate is also studying c.c.t.v. footage we've just heard the death toll has gone up to nineteen witnesses reported seeing the suspect carrying a rifle the explosion was first reported as a gas blast and r.t. crew as on its way to the scene. throughout the afternoon we have heard some harrowing accounts from witnesses let's just remind people of firsthand accounts of what happened is a college student who witnessed the shooting. movies of a movie you grew up with it gives you know the is that of all. your good you probably. are there.
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these are the i know you are the boys you thought. why do you think. the attack happened at the technical college which is located in the russian city of curch and the south and part of russia and it happened around midday local time. local media post says and on various sites that they say as they director of the polytechnic college. program that you said you could just be looked at five or ten minutes after i left someone broken all the window glass was shattered after the whole explosion then someone was running to buy it was shot a gun store or something opened all the closed doors some killed everyone inside i
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could have been dead now all my coworkers were shocked out children died my colleagues or dad. ok one college student has only just stepped outside the building when the blast happened. yes i live the first building of the college and went to the second i opened the door and heard an explosion then the shooting started everyone started screaming there was panic everywhere i don't know what happened after that we ran then my friend and i tried to help but we weren't allowed. ok well let's get reaction now from max adams he's a professor of public policy at northeastern university in the u.s. and joins us now thanks for coming on. let's just talk about what we know so far. i mean we understand the u.s. a geisha is just under way but one bomb went off today too it wasn't just. a gunman
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with a rifle does that suggest does that suggest there was extra help a i mean is it difficult for an eighteen or twenty two year old to learn how to build a bomb it does suggest doesn't it perhaps something more sophisticated or does it. your up get is so there is no an indicator there so it may be more sophistication just went right or are open up more. especially into you need seeing the internet out there so much public material on your wall including. or should we just you. know it at all like it was a crew explosive device to hurt someone. or some more honest on. talking to all our guests today i mean the question is what can be done to prevent this from happening but it doesn't seem that an awful lot can be done does it. i don't really i mean you you know i remember giving this interview from past june in
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the united states or in the united states and certainly been struggling with this issue this issue of mental illness for him sometimes juggling art but sometimes. you know or by with a fund or with mental illness are men often times recently or you know increasingly we're seeing shootings at schools. this is not that carmen you know real we in the you know. state there had better turks are big pretty recently. students who went on a shooting rampage in all again in florida are in texas the most well known attack at a school or still is are we the one in columbine colorado in one thousand nine hundred ninety our men so this attack at a premier seems more away those kinds of attacks which we call mass shootings
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of their own a terrorist attack and the big difference is one of motive so when the for an attack to be deemed terrorism there is the presumption that it was politically oriented where is when it's just just scrotal student who goes on to reengage not for political reasons but maybe due to some kind of our personal grievance that's coded as well as a mass shooting other telltale signs and i know we can't talk specifically about this case but we do because we don't know exactly the motive but presumably there are telltale signs signs are there in the students to carry out mass killings and these things that students teachers should be picking up more on or should they be encouraged to or trained. yeah i do think that we should be on the lookout you know given the score of these kinds of incidents one thing to pay attention to
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are social media so oftentimes you know these killers you know whether they are politically motivated or not are they leave some sort of a digital footprint in and looking back over their posts on facebook you know it's easy in retrospect to connect the dots and i think that we need to be proactive to try to identify those who look like they might be suffering personally especially in cases where it looks like they might turn violent. it's medina here in the studio manson i have a question now you mention. this this. problem the mass shootings the school especially when you have them in back in the united states and now it's kind of an international trend that's spreading and maybe there are even some similarities to what we happened to see here happen this day today in
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the russian city of courage to some other incidents and tragedy that happened to back in the united states but i have this question now the das tall is quite high we're talking about seventeen people being killed as a result of this attack now over fifty injured but if we talk about the columbine massacre there were two attackers there and they had rifles they were completely equipped with that but here we're talking about a loner is that possible or we can now fear is that we we can expect to hear news about him having accomplished this. just for doesn't necessarily we're going to any evidence. that he was a company in addition all. i could think of many of trucks were once on hold a truck or who even more than seventeen. powdered for example all of. us
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. in norway timothy mcveigh arguably i'm stoked you don't include cherry nichol so or unfortunately no single individual could inflict a lot of the most true but just in crimean in norway a little bit you know it's now speaking about all these cases is it actually possible that shooters repeat after one another. yeah i mean this is something that we look at sometimes called a copy cat crime. and i'm a believer and you know when there is one kind of going to your moral weight we. are to read out in the syrian what. this is proven to do you know you look at for example global terrorism did abuse and i'm not saying this attack was terrorism
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doesn't look like it but if you look at it in the global terrorism database you'll see there's a lot of repetition in the codes of our tactics that are use own so our you know unfortunately our shootings at schools are pure appear to be part of the state. of fact in many different countries around the world what sparks a copycat attack i mean it sounds like a silly question really doesn't it to start with but. students and i students of obviously through history there must have always been disgruntled children that had just don't like their teacher been jilted by their boyfriends girlfriends but it's a recent trend isn't it we seeing relatively speaking these mass shootings that seem to be getting worse and worse is there another factor here other than just copycat i mean trying to put a finger on why children would decide to do this is is difficult isn't it. it is difficult but i think that the cop out effect is part of it. i know that in the united states increasingly there is concern about you know mental health issues.
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and so i'm not sure i'd have you know look at the actual you know empirically at the rate of you know diagnosed mental health issues but it's possible that they're going up or at least that's something that we might look into another you know all that might appear wise in these kinds of attacks is the media but you know it's so some of these students. oh you know feel like they're going to go down in the muddiest local down in the waves and capture a lot of attention to disseminate their grievances even if they're not political. you know surely we're going to be looking into the identity of this attack and that might be an incentive for some people to carry you know should there be a different light that we have put that we've pulled these crimes in the media to think. you know some people think you are basically
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a mediocre whacko i mean joe you know they don't want to cover these kinds of charts i'm almost always in favor of providing more information to the public and the government so i don't actually really furthermore when you shine a light on these kinds of issues it can often be hoped for example that again you know i don't want to see this attack was terrorism because it was. what i do think that all of the focus on islamics you know or you know i know there are t.v. had a lot of coverage of an islamic state oftentimes i was on one of these programs but i think that it was very helpful in terms of. islamic state because it generated so much international interest at the towards the group of countries all over the world which are and as a consequence we had the largest you know international charter terrorism coalition ever of some point and so sometimes shining a light can incentivize new thoughts on other sides it can be helpful in terms of
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you know reducing the number of perpetrators yeah. i was talking to a security expert from the u.k. and he was talking about prevention one of the things he mentioned we talked about fire drills that we used to experience in school will be get used to prepare for a fire at the school and he said that we really need to start training children also even though they they not be very young and how to respond into an emergent to an emergency situation like a gun attack or. a mass shooting perhaps at the premises what are your thoughts on that. yeah i mean in the united states there's some discussion about parents well personally i find it very sad especially when i see young kids you know training during school time to take defensive measures for their own safety in this case it's a little bit different because my understanding it was a vocational hour but so we're not. talking about you know very small children but
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it is important to you know keep some kind of perspective about why you go to being an actor i mean even though the number of these kinds of incidents mass shootings that's what seems to be on the rise the likelihood of any one school being taught is still extraordinarily small ok max really good to talk she was always we appreciate your time this afternoon that was my exams professor of public policy at northeastern university in boston thank you. for. a college student witnessed the shooting and described what she saw. when we think of i'm not going to open it gives you know the of that of all yours that all the. girls that you're good you probably. see this yet these are legal but the bothered to go over the police you go. by the local.
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these are the i know you are the boys you thought. why do you think. the mass shooting at the college in the city of. the southern part of russia happened around local time well it was packed to college because around one thousand students from role they're studying today would have been hundreds of students there turning up to classrooms and lecture halls to seventy three members of staff a very stylish college to. built in the one hundred thirty s. it's one of the oldest colleges in the city and over the years some twenty thousand students have graduated from it in fact next year four hundred students are due to enroll there well let's just run through what we know about the attack because it's now i thought it was a lone shooter the russian investigative committee said that they believe he was a student of the college and aged eighteen and twenty two he was found dead on the
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second floor of the building after apparently killing him self with his gun after going on a rampage rampage that saw seventeen people shot dead all of them a student all of them teenagers no fatalities as a result of an explosion that explosion as a result of an explosive device we believe it's understood that was planted by that student that caused a lot of damage a lot of people had to be recovered from under the rubble but no one died directly as a result of that the death toll though as we now understand is up to nineteen well we've heard so many eyewitness reports today coming from the russian city of courage and one witness who was working near the college told us what he saw. with the injured children and college staff were transferred by public transport why bus and ambulance i heard
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a blast and shooting and i saw people lying with belts hands and legs about thirty people conscious i was working not far from here and ran straight to this place everyone helped where we sifted video from the scene which captured the moment of the blast. for sure those. who are not. of the worship. did you have to believe. what. to do when the cyclone actually stop and. take video there are probably caught on some of these mobile phone just moments after the attack happened we've also heard from a number of witnesses today. about this college attack in this is what they tell us or if you can just tell what we go if you come on actually oh i would she not go up in unity. needlessly to talk about the really sizable i mean the person would never see the i.p.c.c.
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different that's almost double if listening is extremely yeah i need the money come on what i use is a business start me with the family you christmas it's about to start a new family show you something about that sort of thing summertime you're right the most when the period of time i was in which we have a couple of was when he was in school one really a few that's not good so ice cream kept the nineteen pages of being tales but with the seventy people injured in the incident resident she donating blood for those who may need flood transfusions as. well i believe we can now cross life to our correspondent egotist donaghue is at the moment in the russian city of saatchi where the country's president has been hosting talks with his egyptian counterpart. now edith take us through the president's reaction to what happened earlier and the russian city of kurt.
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well medina so yes indeed vladimir putin was here in his summer residence in sochi meeting his egyptian counterpart there was a meeting that was shuttled way in advance but being here among journalists among all the people among all the workers and you know people from the press service and gradually learning about the horrific events in the city of courage well it was absolutely visible of what was visible is how this tragedy overshadowed whatever was the agenda whatever the agenda was of today's meeting and so people they would kind of begin tailoring their questions to the all the high profile guests who were here to learn more about this tragedy to learn mill more about their reactions and so when finally of the vladimir putin came out in front when both leaders came out to the media they both began their statements with offering their condolences to
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all the relatives of those who lost their loved ones today in that shooting and bombing that in a putin also said that the investigation was ongoing of course and that the public will be the first to learn how to listen. but you know what it is simple is that when you want to express my deepest condolences to the relatives of those who have been killed i hope that all the victims will recover as soon as possible we will do everything we can to help them we already know this is a crime and we are looking deeply into the motives and versions of what's happened all the results of the investigation will be made public. well that was wrapped up by a minute of silence for all guests as they stood up and well stayed in silence to commemorate all those lives lost today now we've also heard some speculation that vladimir putin could wrap up his program here and go to the city of courage but i asked about this the press secretary and he told me that he cannot confirm these
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reports and why vladimir putin is staying is likely to be staying here we can only speculate but my colleague also a journalist from the presidential pool has this version of a listen. the president will not go to courage even a quick visit by the president will disrupt curch crimea and all its services and people need to work there provide help conduct an investigation the president will go so their work is not hindered. so there you have it apparently vladimir putin indeed could just be letting all those people encouraged to focus on what it is crucial right now and that is saving lives and well investigative investigating looking into what drove what what this man what this guy was driven by and whether or not there were people behind him masterminding their town whether or not he was a lone shooter so that's what we know so far we'll bring you the latest as we get it. all right eager thank you so much for bringing us the inside to was happening
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there behind the scenes in the russian city of sochi where the russian president is at the moment ok you're watching r.t. international rolling coverage of the mass killing. at a technical college in crimea today in the eastern city of let's just bring you up to date with what we know nineteen people confirmed killed and up to seventy seven zero injured in the gun attack on that college in crime a sixteen of them are reported to be in a serious condition and they're undergoing emergency surgery to all of the victims were said to be locals students and teenagers. finished searching the college and say that no further explosives have been found although there were reports that a second explosive device was. precious investigative committee has reclassified the incident from a terror attack to murder and morial advancer sad to be held tomorrow and three days of mourning then declare it in the region the main suspect is
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a student at the college and has been named as why this laugh rossley cough he said to have turned his gun on himself security measures have been ramped up on the peninsula and all schools colleges and universities across the country the military helping to evacuate the injured from the scene of the crime in. three days of mourning and russia's investigative committee says the explosion happened in the cold each canteen device was packed with metal objects explosive experts are still out saying investigators so you truly through c.c.t.v. footage that was going from around the building witnesses report seeing the suspect also carrying a rifle explosion was first reported as a gas blast but clearly that wasn't the case and it went off in the canteen there causing a lot of damage but we should point out too that all those that were killed were shot dead by the gunman not a result of that explosion although many of those that were recovered from the
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rubble were also hurt badly hurt too. well the video from this scene captured the exact moment of the blast. those of you go on the. air was she. did yes it was. ok. to talk with six among those six talking about it. while the college as located at and the city of courage which has and the south and part of the country and the incident happened around midday a local time a college student witnessed the shooting and described what she saw. it is you know those that have all your. clothes that you're going.
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to see this through yet bizarrely video was the bothered noise of the resume go. through. i'm of the view was lovely i don't know if you are the boy you thought. why do you know. ok another thing that's. what happened today early on when this explosion. and it was unclear exactly what had happened there were reports coming from witnesses to that there were several shoots is on the loose some with balaclavas throwing explosives but it turned out that wasn't the case and it was an eighteen to twenty year old student who was carrying out this mass killing with his rifle. in terms of motivation we don't know yet but we do know he killed himself in the shortly afterwards and information speculation is starting to appear about what
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could have been behind a wall or what he was thinking at the time well it's too early to talk about his exact moment behind this horrible tragedy that happened in courage but indeed it is believed that he killed himself as his body was found on the second floor in the library where he apparently committed suicide it is a very scary trant that we are observing at the moment it seems that the scale of mass shootings or violence school incidents seem to seems to only increase and it is sort of friend damage at the moment now we we just talked to a number of experts with you that. though say youngster is sorry are inspired by the columbine massacre back in the united states and
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for example in the case that i was reporting on the case of a mass shooting at a school in another russian city it was actually confirmed that the two attackers back there they were fifteen. sixteen years old they were inspired by the columbine massacre and that was just a few months ago and that was this year in january so of course it is early and we're only speculating but it does seem like a trend and international intent trend that's spreading i believe that we can now cross live to charles schumer breach who is a security analyst and former u.k. army officer welcome to the program here on r.t. international now we've just discussed with my colleague that the scale of mass shootings or violence school incidents seem to only increase do you agree with that . well i haven't got that she had a chance of course and no doubt people will be doing is to look at the rates of
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increase sort of rates of these instance occurring but i do agree with what your comment has just mentioned this trend whether it's increasing or nought and certainly it does seem to be without looking at the figures in detail it does seem to be spreading beyond the united states this kind of headline although it would dominate the news it wouldn't be particularly unusual to see a headline that is even with this kind of casualty figures from the united states as we well away but now to see this spreading and as you just mentioned the spin a second instant in only this one year in russia and indeed instance elsewhere around the world i think is concerning and of course we've got to relate this i suspect to the internet the ease of which you can immerse yourself in perhaps some kind of ideology or be some kind of to put it more widely some kind of transitional commentator just mentioned it's too early to say in this case of course we don't know the background of this person can.


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